What Does Urge Delivery Mean on Shein?

When you go shopping online from famous online websites like Shein, which is a popular online store, when you see the option urge delivery in their options or features list, you want to unfold the story behind it; in that case, if you wonder what does urge delivery means on Shein, how would it be helpful to you when you select it, then here is the complete guide about how you do it and another more interesting fact that you must know about Shein lets open the book.

What Does Urge Delivery Mean on Shein?

So, if you want to know what urge means on Shein, then here is the answer. The urge delivery option is one of the finest features that you can use; it fasts your delivery if you want to get your delivery quickly, once you select this option they will make your order fast and will delivery fastly to make you satisfied with their services.

But using the urge delivery option, we can’t get all of our orders fast; they only work on it according to the orders you placed and the location distance, so you need to concentrate on your circumstances when selecting the Urge delivery option.

How to Do Urge Dispatch on SHEIN?

There are two ways to select urge dispatch on Shein. If you are going to purchase items, if you want to use them through an app and website, you can do it according to your comfort, so we are mentioning different ways that you must follow to perform the urge dispatch in Shein.

On App

The Shein mobile app is available for iOS and Android users, so if you want to know how to request urgent delivery, you can follow these simple steps on the Shein mobile application for Android and iOS mobile users.

  • Launch the Shein mobile app on your smartphone.


  • Login to your account; if you don’t have then create a new account.


  • Then go to my orders section in your Shein account, and the orders sections show all the details of your orders, like previous and current orders.


  • Search for the order that you are willing to Urge dispatch.
  • Now click on the tracking page and find the Urging dispatch option near the shipping details, or you can find it near the order status.

Once you request Shein for urgent dispatch, they will consider your request and make your order fast to deliver.

On Website 

You can follow these simple steps if you want to request urging dispatch on the Shein website.

  • Open any of your favorite browsers and then go to the Shein website.


  • Login to the account with your account details.
  • Go to the tracking page to track the real-time tracking details of your ordered items.
  • If you have difficulty delaying your orders, ensure you have not entered the wrong address.
  • Now go to the urging dispatch option to get your order quickly.

When you need to select the Urge Delivery option

Many factors depend upon when you consider the urge delivery option, and we are here to help you when you need to consider this option and how to select it. Here are some situations you must remember when considering the urge delivery option; here we go.

  • When you purchase an item for an event

Suppose you want to purchase something for a special event like a birthday, wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or any other special and important occasion; in that case, you can consider Urge delivery to get your order on time to celebrate a special event. Urge delivery will be helpful for this kind of special event.

  • When your order is not being dispatched

You can consider the urge delivery option when your order is taking too much time to dispatch or not delivering in time; then you can request the service; they will consider your order and will work on it to deliver in time; it is quite important when you are facing the issue with long processing period or prolonged period.

  • When you are purchasing limited stock

When you realize that your favorite items are in limited stock and you want to get them in time, you can select the Urge delivery option before you lose your favorite items in limited stock.

  • When you are going to travel

When you are planning to travel soon but don’t have much time to order your favorite travel things, then you can order anything on Shein by using the Urge delivery option; friendly gadgets that will play a key role in your traveling, like luggage bags, drone cameras or any other things to reach you on time before you step out from your home to start your journey urge delivery option will be one of the finest options that can help you to fill your traveling without any regrets full.

  • When you are making an urgent purchase 

What will you do if you want to make an urgent purchase for something big or something vital to your requirements? In that situation, you can purchase Shien using the Urge delivery option.

Do they Charge Extra for Urging Dispatch?

When you request urge dispatch, you surely think about what it costs extra to request urge delivery or if urge delivery on Shien is free; the lesser-known fact is they won’t charge extra for this service. Shein works completely according to the customer’s needs.

It truly respects the urgency of users, so when you request the urge dispatch, the Shien team will consider it and make your delivery process fast.

Benefits of shopping at Shein 

Well, there will be some benefits that every online platform offers when we shop. Still, some online shopping experiences will remind us of shopping satisfaction, so Shein has never gone far from them and stood in the better way of satisfying customers with its best features and most elegant collections for shopping lovers. Let’s have a look at Shein’s features and benefits before we go to shop at it.

  1. Offering an urge dispatch feature to make your delivery fast.
  2. Provides faster refunds.
  3. Wide range of collections of each item that people like.
  4. Various collections are available for fashion lovers.
  5. Affordable.
  6. There is no extra charge for urge dispatch requests.
  7. Offers its services in many countries.
  8. Stylish packing.
  9. Provides every detail of any product that you purchase at Shien.
  10. Initiated echo-friendly products are delivering on demand.
  11. Get free shipping on orders of a certain amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Shien charge extra for requesting urgent dispatch?

Well, Shein is different when it comes to extra charges for requesting fast delivery, and the good news about Shien is it doesn’t cost extra for urgent dispatch for your ordered items.

2. What does urge delivery mean on Shein?

Urge delivery stands for requesting faster deliveries on Shein. You can get your orders faster than the regular delivery expectation date.

Final Conclusion 

So now you have concluded what urge means on Shein, right? It specifically stands for requesting the Shein team to consider your order to get it faster than before the expected delivery date.

However, Shein international orders may be delayed and face difficulty with return processing. The customer support team will take time to reach out to you to listen to you, but still, people go crazy shopping at Shein since it is the most popular online shopping and provides each item you wish for.

This full blog will be helpful for your question: What does urge mean to Shein? That’s all for now. Do follow us for more interesting guides like this.

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