What Does SOS Only Mean on iPhone? (11 Ways to Fix SOS Mode)

Have you ever faced SOS Only on your iPhone? Actually, if you are an iPhone user, then you somehow faced this error in your life. The problem SOS Only occurs when users don’t have a strong internet connection, which means they cannot use any cellular services but can make only emergency calls on their iPhone.

But if you are looking for solutions or ways to fix this problem, don’t worry; we’ve got you. Here are some of the best and most helpful ways to help you rectify this issue SOS Only Mode on iPhone. Here in this article, you can also learn How to Block Unwanted Messages on your iPhone.

Difference Between No Service and SOS Only

If you see both No Service and SOS Only, we want to remind you that they are different. You cannot make any phone calls, not even an emergency call when your phone shows No Service, but SOS Only offers the ability to make an emergency call even if it shows SOS Only.

Reasons Behind SOS  Or “SOS Only” On iPhone

Here, you will know the reasons behind the error “SOS Only” or SOS, so I hope these will help you realize the reasons.

  1. SIM Card Problem: If your SIM card is not placed accurately on your mobile, you may see the error SOS Only appear on your mobile status bar.
  2. Network issues: If your mobile doesn’t have enough network signals, consider it one reason for the error. You have to ensure that you have a strong network while using your mobile to avoid the error SOS Only.
  3. Random Errors: Sometimes, we may notice some random errors; they could be issues with our device or many other reasons.
  4. Issue of iOS Software: This problem occurs when the iOS software is not connected to the Cellular Network.

Ways to Fix SOS Only On iPhone

Here we are with the 10 most useful and must-try ways to fix the issues SOS Only, so follow these below-mentioned steps to fix the error.

#1. Check out your network connection

Once you notice the issue SOS Only on the status bar, the first thing you would be checking out is your network connection, and the network issue could be due to a slow connection of network coverage. If you notice that you are dealing with this issue, you must try moving to different locations to change the network coverage from poor to high.

#2. Reset Network Settings

To try this way, you have to follow the given instructions to reset the Network settings.

  • Head to the settings option on your device.
  • Now click on the General settings option.
  • Here head over to the Reset option.
  • Now, you will see the Reset Network Setting option; click that option to restart Network Settings.


#3. Device Restart

Device restarting can be the best way to fix the error SOS Only, so to restart your devices, you have to restart your iPhone.


#4. Search for iOS Update

The issue, which is SOS Only occurs when sometimes we don’t update our old version, so you have to search for any new update of iOS. You can update your iOS by following these simple steps if you are not familiar with updating the device.

  • Go to the Settings option on your device.
  • Now click on the General option.
  • Here choose Software Update to update your iOS Version to the latest version.


#5. Reinserting SIM Card

You are mistaken if you think there is nothing to do with SIM cards. If we don’t insert our SIM Card properly, it will cause the error, so to prevent the problem, you have to remove your SIM Card and re-install it into the slot.

#6. You have to Check if the Aeroplane Mode is ON

Sometimes, we accidentally turn on the Aeroplane mode but don’t realize that it is turned on, so make sure that there is no Aeroplane mode activated on your device.

#7. Checking and Updating Carrier Settings

Even if you haven’t updated your carrier settings, there are chances to face this SOS Only issue, so you have to make sure you updated your Carrier settings as well.

  • Head to the Settings option on your device.
  • Then, the General option >> About.
  • If you find any new update of Carrier settings, click on the update option to prevent the issue.


#8. Factory Reset

You need to run a Factory reset if you are still facing the problem after trying many other ways, but remember that you have to be conscious of resetting your iOS device so that you won’t lose any data.


#9. Try Aeroplane Mode

You can even try switching on the Aeroplane mode to rectify the issue SOS Only on your device status bar; turn on the Aeroplane mode once, wait for a while, and then turn it on; trust me, and it will be the most effective way to grab back your iOS activity to the normal stage.

#10. Contacting a Provider of Service

By contacting the service provider, you can solve the problem of the SOS Only; they will be available to help the users.

#11. Visiting an Apple Store

Finally, as a last try you can visit an Apple store which can be useful in trying to solve the error; make an appointment with the technicians of the Apple Store, and they will surely help you with this SOS Only error.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SOS Only on iPhone meaning?

SOS Only means you cannot get service or are out of the network coverage area.

2. How to fix SOS Only on iPhone?

You can fix this error by trying effective ways like device restarting, turning on aeroplane mode, or resetting the carrier settings.

3. How To Turn off SOS Only on iPhone?

You can solve or Turn Off this problem by contacting the service provider, or you can visit an Apple store to rectify the problem by contacting them.

Final Conclusion

SOS Only is one of the problems that can be solved by following all the methods mentioned above. Sometimes, it may take extra time to fix the problem, but it is not unsolvable. These steps will help you to solve this SOS Only on iPhone issue; keep following our site for more informative and helpful articles. Thanks for spending your valuable time with us friends.

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