Vizio TV Won’t Turn On? [How to Fix & Turn ON Vizio TV]

Hello! Vizio TV Users, If your Vizio TV not Turning On and you’re searching for ways to fix the issue, go through this article where you can get the complete guide to fix the Vizio TV Won’t Turn On issue. In the US, Vizio is the largest TV manufacturer. The company provides a huge range of high-quality televisions at reasonable prices. Vizio TV has great picture quality, sleek design, and advanced features and gives a 2-year warranty.

People face common issues with the Vizio TV: flickering screens, dead pixels, and Vizio TV Won’t Turn On. You can do some simple ways to fix the issue, clean the TV back and check whether there are any blown fuses, replace the cables needed, verify all the TV Wires and loose connections, and check the power supply. Please review the article; we are trying our best to give the best ways to fix the Vizio TV Not working issues. Hey, You should try out these 5 best TV Antennas.

Reasons That Cause Vizio TV Won’t Turn On Issue:

  • The Vizio TV firmware is outdated, so the user must update the Vizio TV to its latest firmware; the TV is incompatible with Xbox, so it doesn’t turn on.
  • The Power Mode configuration of the TV is incorrect; usually, the TV has Quick Mode or Eco Mode that is incompatible with the Cable TV, So it doesn’t turn on.
  • The firmware is corrupted, so the Vizio TV cannot turn on due to an unsuitable update.
  • The TV Main Board or Power Board is bad, so you need to reconnect to the TV.

Ways to Fix Vizio TV Won’t Turn On Issue:

Please go through the below section; we clearly explain the best ways to fix the Vizio TV that Won’t Turn On the issue; these are quite simple and easy but very effective in quickly solving the issue. There is no difficulty in the way explaining the concept is simple, and even a new beginner can understand it.

#1. Restart the TV & Device

Initially, the user must restart the TV to fix the Vizio TV Won’t Turn On; the user must reconnect the TV by clicking on the Power button on the remote, which will help fix the issue many times without performing the other tasks.

Before doing this, the user must carry the TV to the minimum position state and make sure you need to remove the unwanted or unnecessary cables of the TV. Reconnecting the TV will help to remove the capacitors that lead to the issue.

#2. Reconnect the Power Cable

Power cycling the TV is the best way to fix the issues and restart everything on the TV. Follow the below simple steps carefully.

  • From the Power source, you must Disconnect the Power Cable in the back of the TV.
  • Then wait for 10 minutes and reconnect the power cable.
  • Check whether the power button or remote powers on the TV.

#3. Power-Cycle Vizio Remote

After power-cycling the Vizio TV, the user has to power-cycle the Vizio remote and follow the below simple steps.

  • First of all, the user must remove the Vizio remote back and then remove the remote’s batteries.
  • After removing the batteries, the user must press and hold down the remote’s power button for 30 seconds.

This will drain the Power in the capacitors and perfectly reset the remote.

  • After 30 seconds, the user must place the batteries in their original position in the remote and Power on the TV.

#4. Choose the Correct Input

Using the wrong input and source channel also leads to Vizio TV Won’t Turn On, so choose the correct Input to fix it. Suppose the user has the cable box connected to the TV back and plugged into HDMI 2, but the TV is set to the HDMI 1 channel and turned off.

Follow the below steps to choose the correct Input

  • The user must tap the input/source button on the Vizio TV remote.
  • Then go to all the different inputs until the user can select the correct one.

In case the Vizio TV remote doesn’t have the input option, or the user can lose the remote and then use the buttons on the TV itself to modify the Input.

#5. Discharge the TV’s Capacitors

In some situations, the Power is left on the TV Capacitors; even if it is down, it fully drains the device and leads to Vizio TV Won’t turning on the issue; follow the steps below to fix the issue.

  • From the TV Power source, disconnect the power cable.
  • The user must press and hold down the Power button for a few seconds.
  • Free up the power button and connect the power cable.
  • You can switch on the Power button and press the Input button for some time.
  • The user must release the buttons and then again connect the power cable.
  • Switch on the TV Power and check whether it is working or not.
  • If not, disconnect the power cable and press all the buttons on the TV for a few seconds.
  • After that, free up the buttons connect them to the power cable again, and verify whether the issue is solved.
  • If not, disconnect the power cable from the TV and power source.

#6. Correctly Connect the Power Cord to the TV

You need to correctly connect the TV Power Cord to avoid issues; loose connections will lead to many issues. So many Vizio models have the wrong faulty power cords, which are loose and lead to issues. Before reconnecting the TV, the user must find the correct power cord and then connect it to the back side of the TV, and then unplug it for 30 seconds.

Whenever the user replugs the power cord, confirm it should be tight and secure, you can forcibly push the power cord and then turn on the Vizio TV with the help of the Power button on the TV, here do not use the remote to power on the Vizio TV.

Remember that you didn’t move or bump the TV; if you move the TV, then the Power Cord will get loose and disconnect, so it won’t turn on.

#7. Update TV Firmware:

Due to outdated firmware, the user can get the Vizio TV Won’t Turn On issue; in that type of situation, the user has to update the TV firmware to its latest firmware which will fix the issues and also avoid the issues, follow the below simple steps to update the firmware of the TV.

  • Open the TV settings and then select the System.
  • Then the user must click on the check for updates, and then the Vizio TV will verify whether there are any updates available or not.
  • If the update is available, Tap on confirm to install the update. The user must switch off the TV while in the update process.
  • After the completion of the update, the user must check the TV whether the Vizio TV is turned on or not.

#8. Turn Off the Sleep Timer on TV Settings

Sometimes, the TV is kept on a sleep timer while setting the time or time interval then the timer will be an obstacle to the TV’s power modules and lead to an issue. To avoid this, the user must turn off the sleep timers in the TV settings.

Follow the below simple steps to do this.

  • Open the Vizio TV Settings and then launch the Timers.
  • Then turn off the Sleep Timer and then Auto Power Off.
  • The user must restart the TV and check whether the issue is solved.

#9. Connect the TV to another Power Outlet

Sometimes the power outlet is not good and unable to take the Power, causing issues constantly. In that situation, the user must connect the TV to another Power Outlet. Initially, Disconnect the TV from the power outlet you’re currently using and then connect the Vizio TV to another power outlet.

You can select any breaker switch shown in the middle of ON and OFF or fully OFF; after that, Disable Enable and keep the Switch ON. If the Vizio TV is turned on when you connect the TV to a New power outlet, then the issue is with the power outlet; if not, then jump to another method which is provided below.

#10. Hardware Issues:

Sometimes the TV has hardware issues that lead to the Vizio TV Won’t Turn On issue. You need to fix and diagnose the hardware issues. Follow the below steps to detect the hardware issues on the TV.

  • In the room, you must switch off all the lights and see the back of the TV to view the light blinking from the holes, and well some Vizio TVs didn’t have a vent.
  • For that model, the user completely removes the TV and then does the test.
  • If the backlights work, but you still see any image on the screen, the problem is in the T-Con or main board.
  • If the TV Backlights are not properly working, then switch off the lights in the room enable the TV to go to the TV menu and turn on the flash on the smartphone, and shine the light on the TV; you much away from the screen maintain a 6 to 12 inches distance.

Flash light on TV Screen

  • Closely see the screen.
  • If the user can see the image on the screen, then the T-Con board and the main board work perfectly; the issue is with the inverter or LED driver.

#11. Check the Mute Screen Feature

The Vizio TVs have a default Mute screen and are loaded in the TV OS. This feature will disable the TV screen if the user is streaming other audio apps like Spotify, iHeart, Pandora, etc.

This is developed to turn the blank display screen on TV whenever they run another app in the background. You must press the Mute option on the remote and hold it for a few seconds to disable the Mute Screen feature.

#12. Disable CEC in the Vizio TV and Device Settings

One of the HDMI features is Consumer Electronics Control CEC which perfectly allows the person to command or manage the other HDMI-connected device, so disable the CEC feature to fix the issue.

  • Go to Vizio TV Settings and then launch the System.
  • Choose CEC and set the feature to disabled.
  • Now, restart the TV and check whether the issue is solved.

#13. Enable ‘Turning on/off of All Devices’ and ‘Set IR Delay to Slow’ in the Device Settings

This issue mainly occurred in the Xbox and cable service, so you need to turn on some options to Fix the Vizio TV Won’t Turn On issue.

  • Open Xbox settings.
  • Then switch to General TV & A/V Power Options in the left panel.
  • The user must turn on the Console and turn off other devices along with turning on other devices options and then return to the Xbox Settings.
  • Next, launch the TV & One Guide Settings.
  • It will redirect the user to the troubleshooting tab.
  • Launch the IR Delay and set it to slow.
  • Finally, restart the Xbox and check whether the issue is fixed.

#14. Check Whether the System Menu Is Shown on the Vizio TV

Vizio TV comes with various features like a mute screen, system menu, and many others. If you see the system menu on Vizio TV, then there is no problem; if not, the device has the issue. To do this, follow the steps below to check whether the system menu is visible on the Vizio TV to fix the issue.

  • You need to take the Vizio TV remote and click the Power button.
  • Then on the remote, see the Menu button.
  • Click on it and notice whether it pops up the system menu on the screen.
  • If not, then the issue is in Vizio TV.
  • Try to check the external device and then correct the input source.

#15. Perform Factory Reset

This will fix the software issues of the Vizio TV and take the device to its default settings. If the issue still persists after following the above methods, then factory reset the TV; make sure you carefully reset the TV. Follow the below steps to perform the Factory reset.

  • Move to the TV menu.
  • Then select Settings and then System.
  • Click on Reset & Admin and then Reset the TV.
  • It shows the prompt, in that enter the PIN Code; if the user doesn’t have the PIN Code, go to the menu, select Settings and then click on System, next Reset & Admin, and tap on the Reset PIN section on the menu.
  • After tying the PIN Code, choose Factory Reset and tap on Yes to confirm.

#16. Check Vizio TV Warranty

You must check the Vizio TV Warranty, go to the official site of the Vizio TV, and then activate the Warranty of the TV. The user must repair or replace the TV below the warranty line. Vizio TV provides in-home services and sometimes replaces the internal components of the TV when the TV is old or damaged.

#17. Contact Vizio’s Customer Support Team

If the above ways didn’t solve the issue, still you’re still facing the Vizio TV Won’t Turn On issue, then finally, you need to contact Vizio’s customer support team and make a call. They ask about the issue, and all you need to give all the information related to it and details of Vizio TV like model number, serial number, and much more. Wait for some time, and they can solve your issues.

Contact Vizio Customer Support

Tips to Avoid Vizio TV Won’t Turn On Issue & Other Vizio TV Issues

Follow the below tips to avoid Vizio TV issues; these are quite simple and effectively solve the issue.

  • Disconnect the TV and press and hold down the Power button for a few seconds.
  • Take out the batteries of the remote and then press the power button for a few seconds.
  • Reset the Power cord of the TV.
  • Update the TV Firmware.
  • Try another power outlet and then connect the TV.
  • Replace the T-Con board.
  • Place the TV in the correct source.
  • Replace the main board.
  • Replace the power supply board.
  • You need to check the Vizio TV’s Warranty before purchasing it.

These tips are helpful to fix the common Vizio TV issues like Vizio TV not turning on, power light fading off, Vizio TV Not Turning On But the Light is On, Vizio TV Turning ON and OFF, Vizio TV Not turning off and Vizio TV Turning on but no picture.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How to increase the picture quality of the Vizio TV?

It would be best if you changed the backlight to switch to the Settings menu on the TV and then choose the backlight option. In the TV menu, the user can use both contrast and brightness to increase the picture quality of the Vizio TV.

2. How to get the Vizio TV menu without a Remote?

Vizio TVs don’t have a specific menu button; hold the Input and volume down keys on the TV side to get the Vizio TV menu.

3. How to reset Vizio TV when the screen is black?

If the Vizio TV screen turns black, disconnect the TV, connect it, and fix the issue. If not, press and hold the power button for a few seconds, then plug the power cord and restart the TV.

4. What Is Vizio’s Black Screen of Death?

Usually, the screen partially turns to black due to some reasons and TV features, namely Sleep Timer and Screen Mute, sometimes due to faulty connections and lack of update of the device’s firmware.

5. How to Fix Vizio TV has Power but won’t turn on.

You can switch off the TV and then disconnect the power socket for a few seconds, connect it, and turn it on; this is a soft reset and fixes the issue.

Final Conclusion:

Due to some reasons, you may face the Vizio TV Won’t Turn On issue, the issue is with the power connection, power cord, Remote and outdated TV firmware, and so many others. We are giving almost maximum information on the How to Fix Vizio TV Won’t Turn On? article, Read the article completely to get a better view of the issue and also the best solution to fix it.

Thank you for spending you’re valuable time with us; I Hope this article helps fix all Vizio TV Turning On issues, Don’t forget to share this article with others; keep supporting Us.

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