Unbrick Mi 11X via Fastboot Commands [How to] | Flash MIUI ROM

Many Android mobile companies are available worldwide, and Xiaomi is among the most popular. Xiaomi provides a lot of Android mobiles with premium features at a low cost. Mi 11X is also a Xiaomi-branded Android mobile. MI 11X has premium features such as 6/8 GB RAM, 128 ROM, an SD 870 processor, and 4520 mah battery power. Here in this article, I am going to show you How to Unbrick Mi 11X via Fastboot Commands without any further issues.

Xiaomi Mi 11 X runs on Android 11 and has an MIUI 12 interface. MIUI is a Stock UI( User Interface), and we can see additional features in this MIUI 12. Some users are replacing this Stock MIUI with Custom MIUI to add more features and get the latest updates. Unfortunately, sometimes trucks are bricked in this process while applying this custom MIUI to Stock MIUI.

If you are using POCO F3 GT? then here you can also learn How to Unbrick POCO F3 GT via Fastboot Commands? from this article.

Pre-Requirements to Flash Fastboot ROM:

  • First of all, you have to make sure whether you unlock your phone’s bootloader.
  • Don’t forget to set up ADB and Fastboot drivers on your Windows PC/Laptop.
  • Charge the phone for more than 80% battery efficiency.
  • Get the Android platform from here
  • Download Mi Flashtool from the below link and Install it on your PC/Laptop.


Unbricking Mi 11X via Fastboot Commands is a delicate process. Professionals only who can solve it without any errors. Don’t try it on your own; it can destroy your device and data. We are not responsible for any further issues.

How to Unbrick Mi 11X via Fastboot Commands

You must follow the steps below carefully to unbrick your Mi 11x via Fastboot Commands. The unbricking process of Mi 11x takes some time, and you must stay with patients to complete it successfully.

#Step 1. You have to Install the Android SDK

  • To unbrick the Mi 11X via Fastboot Commands, we must first install the Android SDK platform tools on our computers. Google provides it as the official ADB and Fastboot binary. This is the best one and is recommendable. After installing, it must be set to the computer’s home screen.

#Step 2. Download Mi 11X Fastboot ROM

After that, you must download the Fastboot ROM for your device. According to this guide, you can use this ROM file as Mi 11X India Stable Fastboot ROM V12.5.2.0.RKHINXM. You can choose whatever version you wish.

Get Fastboot ROM from here.

  • V12.5.2.0 – Firmware version
  • R – Android version (R-> Android 11).
  • KH – Smartphone model code (KH = MI 11X)
  • IN – Firmware build type (IN for India | MI for Global | EU for Europe)
  • XM – Firmware version code​

Now you can see downloaded firmware in the format of Gz. Then you must right-click on it and change it to TGZ by selecting the Rename option. Give the Yes option when you see a confirmation Dialogue box. After that, extract this TGZ file via WinRAR/7ZIP and go to the next step.

#Step 3. Transfer Mi 11X Fastbot ROM to the ADB folder

  • First, you go to the firmware folder, which is the extracted file.
  • After that, you should go Images folder that is inside of extracted firmware, and you have to find files.
  • Then you have to copy all the files into the platform of tools folder after installing the Android SDK.
  • Once this process is complete, move to the next step.

#Step 4. Move to Fastboot Mode from Boot Bootloop/Soft Bricked Mi 11X

  • First, power off your device to boot to the fast boot mode.
  • By chance your device is not booting, then you have to wait until the remaining battery is drained out.
  • After your device power is off, press and hold the power and volume down buttons for some time (a few seconds).
  • Then connect your charger to the device to boot up to fast boot mode. You can see quick booting of your device.

#Step 5. Unbrick Mi 11X via Fastboot Commands

  • Let’s start with Fastboot commands and flash every partition file to your device.
  • You should go to the platform folder that Fastboot ROM extracts for that.
  • After that, to launch the command prompt window, we must type CMD, which is available in the address bar and hit Enter.
  • Now we have to execute the below commands individually in the CMD window. Copying and Pasting will lead to different problems, so execute one command at a time.
fastboot erase boot_ab
fastboot flash xbl_ab xbl.elf
fastboot flash xbl_config_ab xbl_config.elf
fastboot flash abl_ab abl.elf
fastboot flash tz_ab tz.mbn
fastboot flash hyp_ab hyp.mbn
fastboot flash devcfg_ab devcfg.mbn
fastboot flash storsec storsec.mbn
fastboot flash bluetooth_ab BTFM.bin
fastboot flash cmnlib_ab cmnlib.mbn
fastboot flash cmnlib64_ab cmnlib64.mbn
fastboot flash modem_ab NON-HLOS.bin
fastboot flash dsp_ab dspso.bin
fastboot flash keymaster_ab km41.mbn
fastboot flash logo logo.img
fastboot flash featenabler_ab featenabler.mbn
fastboot flash aop_ab aop.mbn
fastboot flash qupfw_ab qupv3fw.elf
fastboot flash uefisecapp_ab uefi_sec.mbn
fastboot flash multiimgoem_ab multi_image.mbn
fastboot flash multiimgoem_ab multi_image.mbn
fastboot flash super super.img
fastboot flash misc misc.img
fastboot flash vbmeta_ab vbmeta.img
fastboot flash dtbo_ab dtbo.img
fastboot flash vbmeta_system_ab vbmeta_system.img
fastboot erase metadata
fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
fastboot flash cust cust.img
fastboot erase imagefv_ab
fastboot flash imagefv_ab imagefv.elf
fastboot flash rescue rescue.img
fastboot flash spunvm spunvm.bin
fastboot flash vendor_boot_ab vendor_boot.img
fastboot flash logfs logfs_ufs_8mb.bin
fastboot flash boot_ab boot.img
fastboot set_active a
fastboot reboot
  • After executing the above commands successfully, your device will automatically be rebooted to the OS.

All the steps are completed successfully, and your device will be normal. Now your Mi 11X mobile is ready to use without any fears.

How to Unbrick Xiaomi Phones & Flash MIUI ROM

When it comes to Xiaomi or Redmi Phones, it is straightforward to flash MIUI Fastboot ROM. After reading the whole article, you can quickly Fix Bricked Red and Xiaomi phones. Simply follow the below steps to Unbrick Xiaomi phones & Flash MIUI ROM.

Read the steps below to learn how to Flash Firmware on Xiaomi Phones & How to Unbrick Xiaomi Phones. Maybe you have doubts like can I get OTA updates in the future? Don’t worry; many methods are available to fix the brick Xiaomi phone, but this is unique and a much-used official method. So future OTA updates will also be available for you.

Follow the Steps to Unbrick Xiaomi Phones & Flash MIUI ROM:

So follow the below steps to flash the fast boot ROM and fix the bricked Xiaomi phone.

  • First, open your Xiaomi phone and Download the latest version of MIUI Fastboot ROM.
  • Now Unzip the folder on your Windows PC/Laptop.
  • Here, navigate the links above to Download ADB Drivers and Mi Flash tool on your PC/Laptop.
  • Now you have to open the Mi Flash Tool on your PC and unlock your Xiaomi phone to boot it in Fast Boot Mode.
  • You may doubt how to boot your Xiaomi phone to Fastboot mode. Hold the Down Volume button + Power button for a few seconds after turning off your phone.
  • You can see Mi Bunny on your Mi screen when you boot Your Xiaomi phone in fastboot mode.


  • Don’t forget to connect your phone to the PC with the original USB Cable when your phone is in fastboot mode. Remember to use the USB 2.0 port while connecting the cable.
  • Go to the Mi Flash tool on your windows to see the connected devices and click the Refresh button.


  • Check your Xiaomi device model on the Flash tool.


  • Copy the path of the folder when you move to the extracted MIUI Fastboot folder.


  • Here navigate back to the Flash tool on your Desktop, locate the select option, and paste the path of the folder.


  • In the Flash tool at the bottom right corner, you can see three different options “clean all,” “save user data,” and “clean all and lock.”
  • Click on “Clean all” to clean data from your device.
  • Select “Save User Data,” If you don’t want to delete data from your device,
  • Now choose the “Clean all and lock option.”; if you want to lock your phone’s boot folder.
  • Here it’s time to click on the Flash option at the top right corner.


  • When you click on the Flash option on your phone, It will automatically flash boot your MIUI ROM.
  • Now this will spark the Fastboot MIUI ROM on your phone.
  • After completing the process, you can see the “Success” message on the screen; that means your phone will reboot now.


That’s it; kudos, don’t skip any step. Follow each step to Unbrick Xiaomi Phones & Flash MIUI ROM.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this process safe for our device?

This process is safe, but mobile charging must be above 60%.

2. Can I try this process in my home?

Yes, but you must know the complete process to unbrick your device successfully.

3. How to secure my data through this process?

Before you start this process, you have to back up your data from the device to restore that device.

Final Conclusion

So, guys, I hope you all understand the information about the Unbricking Mi 11x via Fastboot Commands. Fastboot Commands can unbrick the Bricked phones, but this process takes time to rectify the problem. Unbricking the device is not impossible, and If you want to unbrick your Mi 11X via Fastboot Commands, you can Unbrick your device by following the steps mentioned above.

Furthermore, we didn’t need to use the Mi Flash Tool either. If you benefit from this article, feel free to share this article with your friends and family. If you face any problems while following the steps, let me know through the comments section, and I will try my best to give you a better solution.

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