How to Turn Off Auto Enhancements in Photos App on Windows 10?

If you access the Photos App on your Windows 10, then you have to develop the App only if it is mandatory. If you set it to develop Automatically, then you turn off the Auto Enhancements in the Photos App on Windows 10 to solve the issue related to Auto Enhancements.

Also, the users are facing this issue on different kinds of devices. When the issue is related to the photos, you have to solve it to access it in all situations, and unless you solve this issue, you can’t access the photos app for any further use.


What are Auto Enhancements on the Photos App?

Enhancements are defined as the development and adding the best features to the App according to the development of the device. Some of the apps will have the advantage of having this feature, and some of the apps are facing various kinds of issues due to this act. Unless you access this feature on your own, it cannot be accessed this action.

The device and its functions are some of the advantages of some of the apps, and it will create some issues when accessing this feature. The exact point to be noticed here was Auto Enhancements in the Photos App are creating some issues and later, you can’t access it once the app Photos is Auto Enhancement is done.


Most users think that was a major issue as they weren’t logged into the Photos app. So most of the users are asking various kinds of questions like “How to disable auto-enhance in photos on Windows 10 2024?” and “How to turn off auto-enhance on iPhone and Windows devices?” and so on this are some of the queries. That was the most repeated question these days, so now I will guide you through various operations in different situations.

Features of Photos App:

Photos app offers advanced features and it is an official photo viewing and sharing platform on Windows 10.

#1. Creates Personalized Albums

It allows the user to make or create personalized albums of photos, images, or pictures and save them for storing memories.

#2. Video Editor

Using this App, the user can make a Video with 3D touch by adding or inserting 3D effects like Explosions, lasers, butterflies, etc. It has an inbuilt video editor, so you can apply filters, text, music, camera motion, and zoom in or out of the video.

#3. OneDrive Synchronization

This App has a high-level integration with the OneDrive cloud storage; the user can quickly and easily sync the photos to the OneDrive account and can access the photos among various devices.

#4. Auto enhancements

With the help of Auto Enhancements, it automatically applies the enhancements to the pictures launched on the Photos App. It also automatically enhances missing photos on Windows 10.

#5. Browse Stored Pictures

The user can view the stored pictures on the device and also browse the stored pictures on Google Photos.

#6. Basic Editing Mechanisms

You can do the primary editing like cropping, rotates, trims, etc.

Reasons behind the Disable/Turn Off Auto Enhancements in Photos App:

There are a few cautions to turning off Auto Enhancements in the Photos App on Windows devices. Unless you turn off Auto Enhancements, your photos will lead to access different things on the Photos app.

  • The originality of the images or photos will vanish due to Auto Enhancements.
  • This act of Enhancements in the Photos App in Windows will consume the data.
  • Continuous accessing of the device will happen if you if you have enabled Auto Enhancements.
  • Developing and adding the best features to photos and image files will consume much storage in your system.
  • If the space is less in your device, this act will lead you to face several issues, and also, it will be able to interrupt the performance of the device.
  • Most of the apps present in the system will crash Unless you turn off Auto Enhancements in the Photos App on Windows.

All these are some of the reasons and effects that will lead you to face several issues in major situations. Now, you must know how to turn off Auto Enhancements in the Photos App on Windows devices.

How to Turn Off Auto Enhancements in Photos App in Windows 10?

The process is very easy, and you can access it independently. There is no need to have the complete technical knowledge to turn off Auto Enhancements in the Photos App in Windows. Kindly follow the steps below until you are sure all the steps are done correctly.

  • Please turn on your system and refresh it twice or thrice to start the process.
  • Navigate to the search option in the device’s bottom left part.
  • Enter the text Photos in the search box and tap on the enter.


  • Now here you can see different apps related to Photos, so simply choose the official photos App from your device.


  • On the home page of the Photos app screen, kindly select or click on the three dots option in the top right corner of the device.


  • Select the settings option.


  • The 1st option will be “Viewing and Editing.” Below that, you can see the different toggle option. Kindly Turn off to Disable Auto Enhancements in the Photos App.


That’s it, that will disable the Auto Enhancements of Photos, and now all the issues mentioned in the above section will not happen again if you follow the given process perfectly.

All the users don’t need to turn off the Auto Enhancements in the Photos App in Windows. Only the users facing this issue need to follow the above process to meet that user’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is the process to turn off and enhance your iPhone the same as this process?

The process is the same, and you have to follow different procedures as the device is different.

  • 2. Is this process the same and matches the process to disable image setup in Windows 10?

Yes, that was another important thing that offered the best results and followed the procedure somehow, and later, it changed after a while.

  • 3. What issues do we face if we don’t disable Auto Enhancements in the Photos App?

Photos missing and the quality of the original images will be changed, and many other issues will be raised if you don’t turn off Auto Enhancements in the Photos App in the Windows system.

Final Verdict:

This article mainly concludes with turning off Auto Enhancements in the Photos App in Windows, When you face this issue, you can solve the issue on your own, and there is no need to worry about spending money to solve the issue.

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