Top 12 Best Notepad++ Alternatives For Mac in 2024

If searching for alternatives to Notepad++ For Mac devices, read more to know the Top and Best Notepad++ Alternatives. Notepad++ comes with a clean UI where you can do coding without any hassles because of those colour codes and indentations.

Most web developers’ primary choice is Notepad++ for coding and web development. Notepad++ helps users find code files easily to debug and write programs quickly. But this all comes only for Windows users, whereas if you are a Mac user, you must search for the NotePad++ Alternatives For Mac Devices for free. On this platform, the user can also Download the Free Typing Software Programs for Mac.

Download Notepad++ Alternatives For Mac:

Everyone knows that Notepad++ is the best text editor for Windows devices. Notepad++ got that name only because of its customizable Syntax highlighting and syntax folding, GUI, multi-view and multi-document, and playback and macro reading features, making it one of the best text editors for Windows.

Due to all the provided features, no user of Notepad++ switches to other text editors. But when it comes to Mac users, they don’t have any other choice; they have to choose the text Editors like Notepad++. Let’s read more to know the Notepad++ Alternative For Mac Free.

#1. Atom

Atom is a text editor for Mac devices, and without touching the tool’s configuration file, you can alter and use it productively as well. You can select from tons of open-source packages that bring new features to Atom. Develop a package from modification and then bring it out for everyone to use. Atom is a Notepad++ Alternative Open Source.

Atom comes up with built-in functions like four user interfaces and eight structured themes for light and dark colors.


The Atom contains several attributes like Language auto-detection, Syntax highlighting, multiple panels, a context auto-complete system, snippets support, a search tool, and arranging projects into folders. It consists of the Git control system version to bring out on the platform of Github.

  • Price: Free
  • Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Plus Point: Receives regular updates

Features of Atom:

  1. It works on different operating systems like Linux, Windows, and macOS.
  2. You can discover, install, or create your packages within that.
  3. It allows you to write Code for any program and upload it onto the board.
  4. You can open up a single file, multiple projects, or a whole project in a single window.
  5. Split the atom screen into multiple panes, compare multiple files, and edit Code for your requirement.
  6. Get a preview, and you can replace the edited file with an existing file for your projects.
  7. It supports working on a 64-bit processor but not 32-bit or fewer processors.
  8. It is compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and macOS.


It allows you to create themes using Code and install them on this community app. You can modify the look of your interface with the help of CSS and HTML features along with Javascript, then check out the preview of the tweaked app done by you.

Atom is a desktop application for Mac devices built with various programs like CSS, HTML, Javascript, and Node.js integration.

#2. Brackets

Brackets is an open-source code editor for Mac devices and works on Javascript, CSS, and HTML languages. This bracket is one of the best Notepad++ Alternatives Online. This Brackets app has a friendly user interface named quick edit UI, where you can place the context-specific Code and edit it with the help of inline tools instead of covering coding territory using different screens or panels and icons.


You can use the preview feature of your coding environment on the code editor, and you can quickly come back and move forward between your coding and preview. As we know, Bracket is a solid editor for Mac, but you need to work with directories and files and create new files. Eventually, it is easy to use and navigate, and you will get various options through the extensions.

  • Price: Free
  • Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Plus Point: Live preview

Features of Brackets:

  1. The bracket is a built-in coding editor of HTML, Javascript, and CSS.
  2. It is a complete open-source community app for Mac devices.
  3. You can bring out layers as images and save them as jpg and other formats.
  4. You will get to work on your Code without the need for popups.
  5. It is easy to handle and easy to navigate.
  6. With a single click, you can prompt the CSS selector very quickly.
  7. It supports the preprocessor that ensures the best code editor always.
  8. Compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.
  9. It allows you to get a preview of the Code as well.


The auto-completion allows assembling apps quickly without the need for exact syntax. The quick edit option provides the code options and assistance code syntax to help along. Brackets also offer a robust extension framework; many extensions can be searched and installed through the extension manager, which is located in the file menu section.

#3. Sublime Text

There are many different things we can do with this sublime text editor on Mac devices and Windows operating systems. Sublime Text is a Notepad++ Online Alternative. Open up the blank HTML and write some sample code on it. Hold the command key and continue to click on the blank lines using the ctrl key on your keyboard and start to give commands on the sublime text editor. This will work on both Windows and Mac operating systems, respectively.


  • Price: Free | $80
  • Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Plus Point: Better file organization, low resource threshold

Features of Sublime Text:

  1. Users won’t need any additional packages.
  2. Supports multi-cursor functionality to speed up the work.
  3. It utilizes the GPU on several operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  4. It has native support for Linux ARM64 and Apple silicon processors.
  5. Sublime was tweaked in the Goto definition, tab bar, sidebar, auto-complete, and more to make coding easier.
  6. The auto-complete engine renders suggestions to generate smart completions for the Code.
  7. It supports an energized user interface to get modified themes and new tab styles as well.
  8. It supports popular programming languages such as TSX, TYPESCRIPT, and JSX.
  9. It has improved syntax definitions like lazy embeds, multi-line constructs, syntax inheritance, etc.
  10. Supports LSP to make work better than ever before.

#4. Textastic

Textastic is a text editor-coded markup editor for iOS and macOS, and you can find these two apps on the individual app stores of the Apple app store and Mac app store. Once you have launched Textastic on your Mac, you will get the new text document on your screen.

If you want to create a new document in the iCloud drive for Textastic, the benefit of doing this process is you can open up the file in the iPad app.

For instance, let’s switch to HTML language from the drop-down menu of your text editor, and you can see the auto-completion on your text editor screen. Just step forward for two paragraphs, and you can observe the auto competition working very well. Either way, you can select any language from the text editor, like C++, Java, etc.

  • Price: Free
  • Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux

Features of Textastic:

  1. Textastic is a suitable desktop companion for Mac devices to the code editor.
  2. It supports more than 80 markup languages and source code.
  3. Textastic also comes up with strong syntax colouring for sublime text and text mate.
  4. It is the code editor for Mac that energies the iOS app.
  5. It uses the API of MacOS to speed up the core editor.
  6. It is easy to handle and easy to navigate to the macOS.
  7. With the help of iCloud, you can concur the files over iOS devices and macOS, respectively.


Textastic is a simple application that will only find a few tool tabs by simply giving commands like T, and you will get as many tabs as you can.

It allows you to select whatever language you want from the text editor; scroll down and up the displayed drop-down menu and choose. You can find text coding editors and many symbols, and at the top, you can see the settings tab menu.

#5. Slick Edit:

Slick Edit is also one of the most popular code editors available in the digital market. This Slick edit Text Editor offers new features for its Mac users free of cost.

It has built-in features such as Syntax expansion, word completion, auto-completion, Beautify while typing, and more. These built-in features allow users to make the Code better and more effective when seen by the readers.


It allows you to create templates for multiple or whole files using design patterns. Aliases can automatically place time, date, cursor placement, or parameters and support multiple selections and cursors simultaneously.

  • Price: Free
  • Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux

Features of Slick Edit:

  1. MDI layout has been modified to support a group of document tabs that allow you to drag and drop files.
  2. Using the surround with option places the existing codes inside the braces automatically.
  3. Formats line sections automatically when pasted.
  4. Dynamic surround allows users to adopt lines and choose the tags or block structure.
  5. Inbuilt beautifier allows users to get control over source programs like C, C++, Jave, and so on.
  6. It offers a beautiful while-typing option that allows it to be more readable by others, and these are more effective.
  7. This editor inserts the parentheses automatically when you type if and leave space.
  8. Symbols can be completed automatically when you type by the auto-completion option.
  9. Involves word completion also, like ctrl+shift+dot, ctrol+shift+comma, etc.


Slick edit places the block structures automatically when you type if or else, etc., inside the braces, and it also inserts the parentheses according to the condition you have given.

It reduces the user keystrokes by using the auto-completion that inserts the various symbols and characters automatically. It can also match the current text at the cursor using the shortcut keys like ctrl+shift+dot, ctrl+shift+space, and ctrl+shift+comma.

#6. MacVim Text Editor

MacVim has several modes; The first mode is the normal mode which can be toggled by pressing the escape button and is used for executing various kinds of commands, for example, compiling and running your programs. The second mode is the insert mode which can be toggled by pressing the I button and is used for writing texture files or Code for your programs.


  • Price: Free
  • Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux

Features of MacVim Text Editor:

  1. Vim is one of the best text editors.
  2. It also runs in three different modes: normal, Inserts, and visual mode.
  3. It helps develop software or write configuration files locally.
  4. You can edit configuration files to test anything.
  5. It works like a sublime text editor.
  6. Supports Mac and personal computer devices.
  7. It is very easy to handle and easy to navigate as well.
  8. Consumes less storage space on your Mac or PC devices.


The final mode is the visual mode which can be toggled by pressing the V button and is used for editing the blocks of text using those modes.

#7. jEdit

jEdit is the most popular text editor based on Cocoa, and it has simplicity in power and strengthens in support of text encoding sniffer, object embedding, customizable key binding, syntax colouring, and Unicode. It has an energetic search engine for auto-indentation, syntax highlighting, and regular expressions working with XML and Java.

Preview of jEdit
Preview of jEdit [PC:]
Suppose you would not get anything you want from jEdit, which has many database plugins within the jEdit. In that case, you can get them directly from the plugin editor or the developer’s site. But spell checker has yet to be that influential and has reported some users.

  • Price: Free
  • Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux

Features of jEdit:

  1. It supported Mac OS X, Windows, VMS, Unix, and OS/2 and was written in Java.
  2. Tons of plugins and macros are available.
  3. It has extendible plugin architecture and inbuilt macro language as well.
  4. Comprises auto-completion and syntax colouring for almost 200 languages.
  5. Supports a tremendous amount of character encodings together with Unicode and UTF8.
  6. Double up the discriminating hiding regions of text.
  7. Word wrap is also available.
  8. Highly customizable as well as configurable.
  9. Limitless undo or redo.
  10. You can copy and paste with the unlimited registers or clipboards as well.
  11. Manipulate the entire words with the help of an advanced set of keyboard commands.
  12. Marker places are saved while editing sessions.
  13. You can open up any number of editing windows and split them into many areas.


Unlimited editor’s windows may be open, which may be split into different areas, and each area will be viewed in various files and comprises a set of independent buffers and several selections for manipulating several blocks of text at once.

#8. BBEdit

BBEdit is the most popular professional text editor and HTML for Mac devices, respectively. This named BBEdit text editor brings all the needs or requirements of the code writers to develop or enhance the program skills. BBEdit is the advanced version of Bare Bones software and is implemented with new features and released in the market for free for Mac devices.


It also shows and inserts parentheses, conditions, structures, and more automatically when you use if, else, when, and then structures, and it also shows the arrow marks where you have to put the block structures as well. Installing this BBEdit text editor will give you a better experience in implementing the programming code.

  • Price: 30-day free trial | $49.99
  • Plus Point: Built-in FTP client, elegant interface

Features of BBEdit:

  1. BBEdit is the best text editor from bare-bones software.
  2. It is an essential tool for writers as well as coders.
  3. It allows users to drag and drop selections & delete and add text and offers redo & undo.
  4. Auto-completion is also available to place the block structures inside the braces when you use various conditions in coding.
  5. Supports syntax colouring for various languages like HTML, Java, and C to recognize and for more readability.
  6. Word completion is also available by inserting the parentheses automatically at the end of the block structure.
  7. Multiple templates that support users to drag and drop or modify easily.
  8. You will get a free trial version. A month later, it would be best if you went with subscription plans.


Using BBEdit text editor, writers can do wonders with the help of built-in features like Word completion, Auto-completion, Syntax colouring, and much more for easy readability and easy to recognize the parameters, functions, and conditions of various popular programs like Java, HTML, and objective C as well. It gives different text colors according to your language.

#9. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a lightweight application for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems because of its file size and powerful source code editor, and it has built-in support for several languages like Javascript, Node, and Typescript.

VS Code has an advanced extensions environment for various languages such as Objective C, Java, C++, Python, Go, PHP, and runtimes.


To run the Code you wrote, you will need to install Node.js, and if you want to check whether you have installed Node.js or not, open up the terminal or command prompt enter like node version, and press the enter button.

  • Price: Free
  • Plus Point: Updated frequently, thousands of extensions are available

Features of Visual Studio Code:

  1. It has auto-completion and syntax highlighting that provides the auto-completion depending upon the imported modules, function definition, and variable types.
  2. It supports auto-update when new versions are released and invite new updates as well.
  3. You can build VS code via settings.
  4. It has a powerful touch bar that adds the actions to the VS editor and controls the debugger.
  5. You can quickly delete the old Code and install the new Code very easily by using the shell command.
  6. It supports built-in git commands to immediately get reviews and something else from the editor.
  7. It comprises high-end extensions that also let you add debuggers, languages, and tools.
  8. By pressing the extension’s icon, you will discover and install extensions.
  9. VS Code runs on Mac OS, Linux, and Windows operating systems.


The best way to use VS Code is to create a folder for your project and open it in the editor. We can create a new file under the folder and write some Code. We can use Node.js, and VS Code supports Javascript, Typescript, and Node.

#10. Emacs

Emacs helps you learn about copying and pasting & the essential functions of the Emac text editor. To know the features and their functions, you should go through the Emacs text editor; if you have a specific document you want to work with, the rename Emacs space name of the document.

Preview of EMacs [PC:]
If you are troubled with small-size text words, you can easily zoom out or zoom in for this using shortcuts like ctrl+x, ctrl+, or ctrl- as well. In the file manager under Emacs, you can see D, which indicates the directory editor and allows you to open up the specific document on Emacs.

You can use the shortcut keys for cutting or pasting the same ones you use in the Word document, like ctrl+x and ctrl+v.

  • Price: Free
  • Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux

Features of Emacs:

  1. It supports built-in arbitrary integers.
  2. Supports the HarfBuzz for text shaping as well.
  3. Standard support for Javascript object notation parsing.
  4. Native support for open-source graphic libraries like Cairo.
  5. Supports built-in tools such as tab lines as well as tab bars.
  6. Emacs does not access your device’s hard drive at all.
  7. You can build Emacs using Cocoa GUI or X11 GUI.


If you want to switch from the current buffer to the other buffer, press ctrl X+B, and it will ask you which buffer you want to switch to. Then name the configuration file. This is the simplest way to switch from one buffer to another quickly. You can adjust the letters in lowercase and uppercase for your convenience.

#11. Coda 2

Coda 2 has a rich user interface that contains visual tabs that allow you to find out the files faster than ever before and see multiple tabs at a glance; Customizable sidebars allow placing your favourite coda tools in the dock of sidebars.

If you don’t want to look at the sidebars on your screen, then you can hide them or go for the big screen as far as you are concerned.


It is easy to handle and named lightweight text editor for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems, respectively, and easy to navigate. Code 2 is the advanced version of the official Code and comes with additional features that make it easy for the coders.

  • Price: Free | $99
  • Plus Point: Vertical indentation guides, visual tabs

Features of Coda 2:

  1. It has the best user interface and comprises customizable sidebars, visual tabs, code focus, and streamlined workflow.
  2. Supports best text editing like auto-indentation, code folding, auto-completion, smart auto-closing tags, Word wrapping, and tab key text.
  3. It also supports several file management like SFTP, FTP, S3, and WebDAV.
  4. Customizable GIT support for coding to enhance your project workflow.
  5. You can place the cursor in the correct place with the help of insertion points.
  6. It automatically fills the text, functions, and others dynamically.
  7. You can see more sites at a time.
  8. Notice the total CSS popups to see the real-time changes to your page.
  9. It has an inbuilt MySQL editor to administrate your site’s database efficiently.
  10. You have advanced live hints when you type JS, HTML, or else.


It has the best text editor and allows you to code folding, Auto-completion, Auto-indentation, and syntax highlight; all these work to get customizable variables & functions and font colouring for various languages that users use to develop their projects. Users will always know what they are looking for while developing coding and editing for the existing ones.

#12. Kite

Are you a programmer developer and want the best coding editor for your Macbook? Nowadays, there are several coding editors available in the digital market, and Kite is one of them, it has lightning-speed completions in coding, and this feature is beneficial for developers. Kite is available for free of cost and has lots of features better than other coding editors.


It supports approximately sixteen languages and sixteen code editors such as Java, C-based, TypeScript, Kotlin, PHP, Less, Atom, Sublime, Python, and more. Allows its users to view the documentation of Python very quickly using a single click. Besides that, Kite reduces the keystrokes from the program writers by almost 47% and quickly improves the code completions.

  • Price: Free
  • Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux

Features of Kite

  1. It gives power to the developers by adding AI code completions to the code editor.
  2. Kite supports almost 16 various languages and 16 code editors as well.
  3. It has lightning-speed completions in the code editor for a better experience.
  4. It supports ML models to get predictions over your coding.
  5. Reduces your keystrokes while writing Code in the kite code editor and improves the programming performance.
  6. With a single click, you can view the Python documentation as well.
  7. It quickly detects your files in the codebase and delivers the present coding file you seek.
  8. Improves the performance of the developers productively as well.


When a programmer writes Code in any language and comes to adding the parameters or something else to the coding, by that time, Kite automatically displays the related coding on the screen, reducing the time-consuming process and helping in code completion with lightning speed. Kite is also compatible with not only Mac but also supporting Windows.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I need to pay to download Notepad++ alternatives?

Yes, you must pay some amount to download and use these Notepad++ alternatives.

2. Which are the best alternatives to Notepad++?

The following are the best alternatives to Notepad++.

  1. UltraEdit
  2. Atom
  3. Emacs
  4. NetBeans

3. What is a Code editor?

Code Editor is a specially designed program that helps you edit the source code and computer code.

4. How to choose the best text editor tool for your needs?

  • Multiple Language Support
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Autocomplete
  • In-built compiler
  • Built-in Debugging
  • Drag and Drop GUI features
  • Multiple OS support
  • Extra Features offered
  • Ease of using

You should consider the above factors while choosing the best text editor tool you need.

Final Conclusion

That’s it, friends; the list will definitely help you. Among all the Notepad++ alternatives, UltraEdit, Atom, Emacs, and NetBeans are the best. This article mainly concludes with the Top and Best Notepad++ Alternatives For Mac. If you benefit from this article, feel free to share this article with your friends and family.

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