Top 10 Best Kodi Add-Ons For Movies (No Buffering)

If you are searching for the Best Kodi Addons For Movies Without Buffering, try these Top Kodi Addons to Watch Movies. Kodi is a terrific way to view movies, unlike Netflix or Hulu, and it isn’t completely secure in terms of privacy, given that it provides free movies, TV series, and other content. You can view fantastic material for free by simply installing numerous add-ons. However, Some add-ons may not be accessible in your country.

You’ll need a VPN to access geo-restricted addons to enjoy Kodi’s free content. A VPN may modify your geolocation and hide your IP address, making you appear anywhere on the globe. Actually, a VPN will cost you money, it will also remove ISP throttling, allowing you to watch more smoothly. Hey buddy, you can even Install Kodi on Amazon Firestick for free.

What are Kodi Addons?

Kodi is a free, open-source home theatre software which compatible with various devices, including the Amazon Firestick and the Nvidia Shield. You may use Kodi to stream media from a wide variety of sources. However, because they aren’t pre-installed, you must install a few Kodi movie addons before binge-watching your favourite movies and TV series.

When looking for movie and TV streaming addons, there are two sorts to choose from: official Kodi addons that can be found in the Official Kodi Addon Repository and addons that can be found in a variety of third-party repositories like Exodus or Covenant.

Third-party add-ons pose a greater danger than add-ons from the official Kodi Addon Repository. Hackers can take advantage of third-party add-ons to monitor user streaming activity.

They can also contain various types of malware that can be secretly placed on users, even if the addon came from a seemingly trustworthy source. Third-party add-ons pose substantial privacy and security risks because they haven’t been thoroughly verified.

How to Watch Movies on Kodi?

  • From the website, download the most recent Kodi app.
  • Go to the Addons section of Kodi.


  • Then, in the top left, click on the Package symbol and then on Install from the repository.


  • Locate and choose the Kodi Addon Repository.
  • Locate and install the add-ons you choose.
  • To keep your browsing private, make sure you use a VPN.

That’s all; Any freshly loaded add-ons may be launched from your home screen. However, before you watch any of those add-ons, ensure you’re connected to the internet over a VPN. When you stream movies on Kodi, your ISP may try to limit your internet connection. Furthermore, every Kodi plugin, including legitimate ones, has some danger, as these extensions have been hacked.

Best Kodi Add-Ons For Movies

Our tutorial will show you how to view movies on Kodi and install the finest TV and movie add-ons on Kodi. We also discuss the privacy risks raised by popular third-party movie and TV streaming add-ons.

A handy summary of the most popular third-party Kodi movies and TV program addons that you may see suggested elsewhere may be found at the bottom of our guide. We describe those add-ons, how they stream material, and what content they deliver.

Because laws and guidelines differ from nation to country, we urge anybody interested in streaming material through third-party add-ons that offer “free” content to double-check if the content can be offered and viewed in their country. Okay, before going to Install Kodi Add-Ons to watch Movies first Fix Kodi Buffering and stuttering Issues.

#1. Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux is an add-on for Firestick devices that allows you to stream top-rated, new, popular movies and TV shows with the help of scrapers and Real-Debrid.


If you fail to select which movie or TV show is the best to watch, go with the most voted or most popular, and then you will get popular or hit movies and TV shows. Once you have selected the movie or TV show, it fetches the link from various sources, and you can see the fetching status on your screen.

Pros & Cons

  • Exodus Redux is an online streaming application for free on Firestick.
  • Stream various genres of movies like action, drama, comedy, horror, and much more.
  • It has categories including most voted, popular, in theatres, new movies, certificated, etc.
  • It supports high-quality resolution with 720p, 1080p, and 4K, respectively.
  • Exodus has a connection with several servers using them; it fetches the user-required streaming content with lightning speed.
  • It also provides TV shows to stream on your Firestick; you can find every episode.
  • Updates are not available for 2 years.
  • Requires lots of scraper add-ons to get the streaming content.
  • Takes too much time to fetch the streaming content.
  • It needs to load up too many scraper addons and is not easy to understand by everyone.


For the last 2 years, I could not find any updates of Exodus Redux. Getting the streaming content of any movie or TV show takes the help of many scraper add-ons, and it is a time-consuming process, but still, you will get high-quality resolution streaming content anyhow.

It would be best if you had to give the scraper links and be required to subscribe with Real-Debrid as well. So Exodus Redux was in my Best Kodi Addons For Movies list.

#2. Tempest

Tempest is the most popular Kodi addon to stream various genres of movies and TV shows, along with Oscar-winning movies on your Firestick. When you hover over any movie or TV show, you can see the movie or TV show description on the left-hand side panel on your Firestick screen.


If you are looking for hit movies or people who most voted and watched movies or TV shows, you can stream them to go with the most popular, Oscar-winning options. You can easily find out or discover your favourite movie or TV show and get the latest newly released movies and TV shows.

Pros & Cons

  • It allows you to stream the latest movies, TV shows, and live TV.
  • You can get missed episodes of your favourite TV shows anytime you want.
  • Get the latest updated versions every time.
  • Get movies and TV shows according to year.
  • Stream the most popular, award-winning box office, most-voted movies, and shows.
  • You will get various language movies and TV shows around the world.
  • It is incompatible with the new matrix.
  • You could not find the Tempest Kodi addon in the official repository of Kodi.
  • It is not as safe as you think.
  • Must require a VPN service to access the content from the tempest addon.
  • This does not configure a portion of the Kodi media centre.


Tempest provides a high-quality resolution for videos, and people can watch them with full clarity. You can also notice the movie description or overview, including the time duration of streaming.

Once you have installed the Tempest Kodi addon on your Firestick; immediately you can stream your favourite movies or TV shows. On the home page, you can see many options like movies, TV shows, most voted, Oscar-winning, most popular, certified, and more.

#3. Covenant

Covenant Kodi addon has the same properties that other addons produce, and You will find unlimited streaming content like movies, TV shows, documentaries, IMDB, IPTV, and tools. If you want to discover your favourite movie or TV show you didn’t find on the movies list, you can search for it through the search option.


Pros & Cons

  • It takes the media content from other sources and brings quality data for users through Kodi.
  • Allows you to watch your favourite video or TV show content with high-quality resolution.
  • Easy to install Covenant on your Firestick TV and other Firestick-related devices.
  • With lightning speed, it can fetch the user-required data in a few seconds.
  • Every streaming content description is available, and the time duration will be displayed.
  • You could not face annoying ads at all.
  • It supports IMDB and IPTV streaming content.
  • You can stream various categories of streaming content, including documentaries, new episodes, movies, and more.
  • You can not find it in the official repository of Kodi.
  • Data breaches on this Covenant are not legal.
  • The time-consuming process is high while fetching data from other sources.


Installing any Kodi addon is quite a complicated task because it requires more steps to follow to accomplish the task. Once you have installed Covenant, you can see the list of movies under the movies tab. Want to be interesting to watch IMDB movies? You can stream them through the IMDB tab, but with all the streaming data, you can find it in high-quality resolution.

#4. The Crew

The Crew addon has a talented, skilled team that produces the best content you can ever expect. When you select the movies tab, you will get the list of available movies and find your favourite movie through the search option.


If you are using addons on your Firestick TV, you need VPN protection to hide your unwanted activities from others. Notice that the content you are streaming on addons is not legal, and you should be careful with the streaming links.

Pros & Cons

  • It does not consist of any malware or suspicious files and is entirely safe and secure.
  • The Crew is a third-party addon that allows users to stream unlimited content.
  • The fetching stream content time is too fast and reliable as well.
  • Allows you to stream various categories of streaming content, including movies, documentaries, TV shows, and more.
  • Get all the episodes of your favourite TV show without missing even a single episode.
  • Supports lots of scraper links to get the streaming content.
  • It does not respond to your data loss or any damage to your device.
  • You did not find it in Kodi’s official repository at all.
  • The content loading time is too much.
  • The content available in it is not legal.


Most Firestick users recommend add-ons because add-ons produce high-quality and unlimited streaming content overall; that is why users always like to use add-ons under their Firestick belt. After completing your installation process successfully, you will find the list of categories straight away on the home page of Crew.

The Crew is compatible with Firestick and Android devices; if you want to use this addon on your Android, subscribe to Real-Debrid and use scraper links.

#5. The Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon is another best Kodi add-on that provides unlimited streaming content of movies, TV shows, documentaries, Real Debrid movies, kid’s channels, kid’s movies, and much more for free. This addon is upgraded from the popular The Dogs Botches addon, and later, it was named The Magic Dragon. This Magic Dragon produces high-quality streaming entertainment, which you can enjoy much more.


If you want to install this addon on your Firestick, you need to precisely enable unknown sources for addons. Once you have installed Magic Dragon, it will be available in the addons list, and to get this link, you will have to use the third-party addon link.

Pros & Cons

  • It allows you to stream unlimited and reliable streaming content.
  • Producing various categories of streaming content, including movies, TV shows, Real-Debrid Movies, Kids channels, music, radio, sport, and much more.
  • Allows you to watch the live telecasts of shows, events, or sports for free.
  • It fetches the streaming links from various sources and brings them with lightning speed.
  • Select whatever video quality you wish manually while streaming the content.
  • It supports and is compatible with Android and Firestick TV in all versions.
  • Cannot precisely find Magic Dragon in the official repository of Kodi’s.
  • You will find suspicious files and viruses often.
  • Must require a VPN to protect your data and device.


Selecting any movie, TV show, or others will bring your required content quickly and with high quality. Only a few add-ons provide kids-oriented streaming content, music, radio, and others, but you can find all streaming content. No other addon will produce this type of all categories to stream on Firestick TV devices but Magic Dragon produces.

#6. The Oath

The Oath is another popular and famous Kodi Addon, among others. Choose the better download link path and get to install it on your Firestick TV; several steps are required to install this Kodi addon.


If you want to stream flawless video content, Oath is the best Kodi addon that will bring you movies, TV shows, most voted, highly rated, certificates, most popular, and so on. Besides that, it supports all language content around the world.

Pros & Cons

  • It offers additional add-ons to install on your Firestick TV.
  • This addon has native Orion integration.
  • Oath allows you to stream flawless content on your Firestick.
  • Auto-update for Oath is available to switch from the old to the latest upgrade.
  • Preferable latest versions or previous versions are available.
  • Stream your favourite movies and TV shows of the latest freely as well.
  • It offers various movies and TV show genres, including most voted, highly rated, most popular, most people watching, and much more.
  • The developer does not host any streaming content on Oath.
  • It does not take responsibility for streaming content found.
  • You may get harmful malware during a data breach.
  • You could not find it in the official repository of Kodi.


Once you have installed this add-0n, you will be ready to access it when you head to the most popular category tab on the Oath, which will display the list of the most popular movies and TV shows.

Once you have selected any TV show, it will display all the episodes on the next page. Just tap on the required episode, and it will try to fetch the content from various sources, and you can see that on your screen. This is how you can choose your streaming content on the Oath Kodi addon for free of cost.

#7. Seren

Seren is a modular application based on the cloud service integrated with the Trakt sync tools. You can find many features within this Seren Kodi addon, including enabling search history, hiding watched items and un-aired items, flattening season episodes, etc.


Enabling these settings lets you easily discover whatever content you want to stream. You have to require lots of scraper links, and you must have a Real-Debrid account. Once you have installed this Kodi addon, you should have enabled the premium, All Debrid, and Real-Debrid under your accounts.

Pros & Cons

  • Seren is a cloud service streaming software application that is integrated with Trakt.
  • It provides the entertainment to view media streaming content from its services with a single menu.
  • It is compatible with the cloud service mechanisms used.
  • Offering additional add-ons to install on your Kodi’s repository.
  • You can discover your favourite movies and TV shows.
  • You can modify or adjust this Seren addon using tools, including clear cache, clear history, Trakt sync tools, and much more.
  • A real-debrid account must be required to stream the content.
  • It is not available in the official repository of Kodi as well.
  • It couldn’t pay any responsibility for your streaming content on this addon.
  • Seren does not host the streaming content.


You will get the Real-Debrid account and auto-generated code, and this code will be copied to your clipboard. Coming to the Seren Kodi addon allows you to stream unlimited and flawless movies and TV shows, the content of various genres in various languages worldwide.

You can cover all the episodes of your favourite TV show and get the newly released movies, including upcoming movies and TV shows, for free.

#8. Venom

Venom is another popular Kodi addon and will bring you required content from various sources, and it does not pay any responsibility for your streaming content either.


The latest version of Venom fixes some bugs, including playback, skin changes, infinity loop, local bookmarks, and much more, and this information you can see on the latest version. You can not get this download link from the official repository of Kodi. Make sure that Venom does not take the responsibility for your content.

Pros & Cons

  • It can produce additional add-ons to use on your Kodi repository.
  • You can get the latest updated version to be installed.
  • Discover your favourite movies, TV shows, and YouTube videos on the Kodi addon.
  • Search your required content, and it brings the content with lightning speed.
  • The content available on this Venom is a high-quality resolution with 4K.
  • You can stream movies, TV shows, news, and info.
  • Get all supported languages streaming content worldwide.
  • Easy to install and is easy to navigate as well.
  • The content does not form a portion of the media center of Kodi.
  • It does not ask for any help from the official Kodi-related channels either.
  • It couldn’t pay any responsibility for your streaming content on this addon.
  • Must sign in with a Real-Debrid account.


When you use this Venom Kodi addon, you must have a VPN to protect your data and hide your activities on the internet.

It even pays attention to viruses or malware while fetching the streaming links from various sources. You can stream your favourite movies, TV shows, and news for free of cost and get to stream various genres of videos like action, drama, comedy, thriller, and much more in various languages around the world.

#9. Uranus

Are you a movie or TV show lover and want to stream countless movie or TV show collections for free on your Firestick TV? Then you are at the right spot; Uranus is the best addon that allows you to stream unlimited movie or TV show content for free of cost.


It does not only bring movies and TV shows, but it also brings you IMDB movies. You can easily discover the movies or TV shows according to year, actor, and genre.

Pros & Cons

  • It allows you to stream movies, TV shows, and IMDB movies for free of cost.
  • It provides high-quality resolution videos with 4K.
  • The content fetching time is very fast and quality as well.
  • It displays the movie or TV show description to get an overview of them.
  • It covers all the episodes of your favourite TV shows precisely.
  • Get the latest and old movies in various languages worldwide with lightning speed.
  • Supports various tools to adjust or fix the bugs.
  • Producing various streaming genres such as action, adventure, comedy, history, biography, etc.
  • The streaming content is not from the part of the Kodi central system.
  • The Uranus authors would pay no responsibility during the data breach.
  • Need to have a Real-Debrid account.
  • It takes too much time to get the streaming content from various sources.


If you are a favourite of a particular actor, you can search for movies of him, and if you want to find the movies running in theatres, you can discover them.

If you are looking at movies released in a particular year, then you can search for them, and the Uranus addon will bring you the latest movies list on your screen; choose the movie you want to stream, and you can see the fetching status bar that means it is searching for the links in various sources eventually it displays the streaming link as well.

#10. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is the best entertainment source that has gained huge popularity worldwide. In addition to that, we can have a check on new arrivals and even be able to watch the trailers. Another major set in using Popcornflix is Movie Info. Yes, we get a lot of stuff about the movie, including the Rated Content.


Moreover, if you are interested in stand-up comedy stuff, Popcornflix is the best platform. Please have a look at it. In addition to Comedy shows, you can even surf for other popular talk shows. These enhanced features make the site more preferable to the users.


  • The best part is we can look at the movie description.
  • The synopsis usually includes cast and Crew, duration, and major storyline for better access.
  • Moreover, if you want to stream family stuff, popcornflix brings you the ultimate experience.
  • Some of the Popcornflix original movies are made available in it. Indeed, it’s top-notch in performances.
  • In addition to that, we can use a search bar that works at its best.
  • Standard comedies and other popular Talk shows are available in it; have a look.
  • If your action movies are cult, then popcornflix is best for you. You can even able to stream some of the best Asian action movies.


The ratings of the site are increasing rapidly because of the content. Apart from that, you cannot notice any Commercial stuff. Well, this is the best part of making a move. Some of the mystery movies are made available in it, which is indeed the best part. Here’s the quick link to access the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the risks associated with utilizing a Kodi addon?

You may face legal issues using a third-party addon to stream copyrighted or licensed content. As a result, we urge our users to watch freely available content in the public domain. We also advocate utilizing a VPN to disguise your IP address and provide a safe viewing experience when using Kodi addons.

2. Is it legal and secure to use Kodi?

Yes, as long as you’re streaming stuff from the public domain, Kodi is legal and safe. If you utilize a streaming VPN with Kodi, you will have a safer experience. Kodi is now available for download through the Microsoft and Google Play stores. This demonstrates its genuineness, safety, and legality.

3. With Kodi addons, what can you watch?

With Kodi add-ons, you can view almost anything you want. It all comes down to choosing the correct addon for the material you want to watch. Kodi addons for Movies, Shows, Live TV, Sports, Fitness, Anime, and more may be found in this list.

Final Conclusion

With the right add-ons, Kodi can stream practically anything you want. However, most add-ons are ineffective or might infect your devices with malware. Fortunately, the Kodi addons listed above, including those from third-party sources, operate well and are safe.

However, we recommend using a VPN to secure your connections from online threats. It will also allow you to circumvent geographical limitations and stream material from anywhere. Express VPN is our #1 VPN selection for Kodi since it has strong security features and unblocks practically all geo-blocks.

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