10 Best Free Skype Alternatives You Should Try in 2024

Free top Skype alternatives give users a quick and easy option to make video and audio calls over the Internet without using Skype. There are no other competitors to Skype, even though it was one of the early success stories for accessible VoIP. These currently most commonly incorporate video conferencing services in addition to voice calling via the Internet, which is offered by default.

After Microsoft acquired Skye in 2021 and began making modifications, including incorporating it into their office software package, some individuals chose not to utilize it. Not all users were pleased with the acquisition and the adjustments that followed, and as other services expanded, some Skype customers started to switch to them.

While there are many free Skype alternatives accessible today, businesses may also choose from premium providers to guarantee the highest call and video quality. However, many corporate customers will still want to utilize their gear, such as VoIP phones, and have a specific VoIP service for business.

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The finest 10 Skype alternatives are then listed below considering into account their features, customer service, usability, and accessibility. Here in this article, I am going to provide Free Skype alternatives for Android/iPhone/Windows PC.

#1. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is the best app for millions of users. So many multinational companies use this app to conduct conferences with the collaboration of high-quality videos and audio. LogMeln.Inc. developed the GoToMeeting app. This is the best app for Conducting reliable meetings of business or professional online meetings easily and quickly.


GoToMeeting is a free app, where there is no need to sign up to use this app. With this app, you can easily participate in any meeting. Moreover, face-to-face communication with this app is excellent. GoToMeeting is an alternative to Skype for landline calls.

You can do screen sharing by using any medium and sharing any content easily. By dragging and dropping any file or text to the chatbox to send the participants of meetings easily. If you are conducting meetings regularly with this app, you can use your ID for meetings, and participants can join easily with this ID.


  1. Simple and easy interface to understand easily.
  2. You can use this app from any device anywhere with this app’s Cross-platform feature.
  3. No need to sign up to use this app.
  4. Smoothly share your screen.
  5. Schedule Webinars more quickly.
  6. This is the most secure app and provides more privacy.
  7. Participants have to enter the password to join the webinar.
  8. The immediate response from the customer care center.
  9. Schedule meetings by using Google Calendar and Outlook apps.


With this app, you can record the meetings and watch them again to understand them completely or send them to your colleagues or teammates who are missing that Meeting.

You can use this app from any device anywhere with this app’s Cross-platform feature. The persons who received the meeting link can only participate in the Meeting. This is the most secure app and provides more privacy by keeping your confidential data safe.

#2. Webex Meetings

Webex Meetings is the most prominent online meeting app. With this app, you can plan and schedule a meeting or conference with your employees, friends, or business partners with high-quality video and audio calling.

Webex Meetings is the app that conducted 360 plus million meetings in a year and with more than 130 million participants per day. These numbers show you the greatness of the Webex Meetings app.

You can record the meetings, and if any miss this Meeting, you can share this video with the persons who missed the meetings. With this app, you can easily check your attendance; in the case of webinars and training classes, it is very helpful.


  1. An Intuitive user interface.
  2. Send the link to scheduled meetings by Calendar with the Outlook app.
  3. You can invite participants easily by sending the link.
  4. With this app, you can record the meetings shared with your teammates and friends.
  5. Webex Meetings app allows you to attend.
  6. Serves in more than 100 languages and has millions of users around the world.
  7. The app conducted 360 plus a million meetings in a year.
  8. High-quality HD video and undisrupted noise-free audio.


Webex Meetings is an app with several features and tools to provide you with a peaceful environment to conduct meetings and conferences.

Hosting a meeting or participating in a meeting is very easy with this app. You can send a link to invite to your Meeting, and you can also schedule a meeting and convey the meeting details by using the third-party app Outlook to show calendar output. So Webex Meetings got a place in my list of Top Free Skype Alternatives.

#3. Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet is the best alternative to Skype. This is the app for chatting with your friends and family by making voice and video calls. Jitsi Meet app has so many special features and tools among all other meeting apps.

This app provides you unlimited access, and an unlimited number of people can participate in meetings and share their thoughts with this app. This is a free app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices easily.

When you are communicating with your friends via this app, they do not need to download this app, and they can participate in chatting through web browsing. If you want to invite anyone to a conference, just send the conference URL to open and participate in the conference from their web browser.


  1. This is very easy to install and easy to use.
  2. There is no limitation of participants for meetings.
  3. Make voice calls and video calls with high-quality video and audio.
  4. Share your screen while chatting.
  5. More than 100 participants can join at a time for the Meeting.
  6. It is the most secure app with encryption of the data from end to end.
  7. Screen sharing by the number of participants easily at a time.
  8. You can control the participant’s Desktops remotely.
  9. Invite anyone by sending the link to the conference.
  10. Multi-language supportive app with more than 25 languages.
  11. Send photos and videos from your device storage.
  12. There is no need to download this app to participate in video chatting or conferences.


No need to open an account to use this app. You can make a conference with your colleagues, teammates, friends, and family members easily and share your screen with others, and you can manage the conference as the team leader. Jitsi Meet is the most secure app with encrypted end-to-end tasks. You can control the conference by setting the password.

#4. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular app across the world. I think all mobile users use this app to chat with friends and family. With this app, you can make voice calls, video calls, group calls, text messages, photos, videos, emojis, GIFs, and more.

WhatsApp is the best-limited video message and audio message-sending app. You cannot allow large audio and video files to be sent through this app. The size of this file is larger for iOS devices than for Android to download. You can use this app on your Windows OS.

Just open the WhatsApp website on a Windows PC and scan the QR code with your mobile phone’s app. So these two devices sync, and you can chat from the computer, share anything from the PC, and save the received files on a computer.


  1. Available in more than 60 countries with millions of users.
  2. Syncs your contacts.
  3. You can do Video calling, voice calling, text messaging, photos, and video sending.
  4. It will Easily access photos and videos of your gallery.
  5. By scanning QR codes, you can operate this app from your computer.
  6. Export and import images and video from PCs to mobile phones.
  7. High-quality video with a clear voice.
  8. Simple and easily understandable UI.
  9. Send text messages in your regional language.
  10. This is the safest app and provides you with more privacy.


This app automatically syncs with your device contacts and saved contacts for WhatsApp who are using this app on their mobiles. You can invite the remaining persons who have not used the WhatsApp app on their phones. Invited them via text message, email, Messenger, etc.

You can send images and videos easily from your mobile phone’s gallery. You can save the received messages on your device easily and share them on other social media sites.

#5. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a famous social media site across the world. It is the best app for online chatting, video calls, and sending pictures, videos, and documents. 

Facebook Messenger is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can chat with friends from anywhere, and the Facebook app has already built-in Messenger; you can communicate from this Facebook app messenger too.

Voice chats and text messages are sent through this messenger app easily. You can add some Emojis, GIFs, and effects to your text or photos to create funny movements and share them with your friends. It is the lightest app to store and works with lots of features. Facebook Messenger is free for all Android and iOS devices. You can use this app from your Facebook account on Windows with limited features.


  1. Voice calls, Video calls, and Text messages can be sent easily.
  2. You can add up to 50 members to the group chat.
  3. Simple and easy UI.
  4. Share the photos and videos through cross-platform devices.
  5. You can send text messages in your regional language.
  6. Use Facebook Messenger in more than 160 languages.
  7. Millions of users use this world’s most popular app.


Facebook Messenger is the best app that is useful for making voice calls with more than 50 people joining. Only six of them can speak, and the remaining persons can listen to the speaker’s speech.

This is a great place for conducting seminars, gathering parties, celebrations online, and more. Messenger allows you to take photos or videos to send to the receiver. You can attach any file, photo, or video with your friends easily.

#6. FaceTime

FaceTime is an iOS App from Apple.Inc. It is an app that can make audio and video calls to their friends and family numbers easily. The receivers need not be connected to WiFi. FaceTime is the app from great app developers of iOS devices from Apple.Inc, and it will Make high-quality HD calling and also with a clear voice.

You can make voice calls by using the phone number or Apple ID. You can store those contacts on your device. Usually, you cannot make calls from this app to Android devices, but the latest iOS versions allow calling between iOS and Android.

It is an amazing tools app with several features to make short video messages and voice messages, images, photos, and text messages easily. To make video calls, you have to enter your Apple ID and password.


  1. FaceTime is an app from great app iOS developers from Apple.Inc.
  2. You can save those contacts on your device.
  3. The best app to chat with friends or family members when you are in a foreign country.
  4. To make video calls, enter your Apple ID and password.
  5. This is an app with a simple user interface to understand.


You can make group calls from this app, and up to 32 people can communicate to share their feelings with friends and family members. You can send photos, videos, Emojis, GIFs, and more to your friends and family members. This is an app that has a simple user interface to understand easily.

With this app, you can take screenshots while you are on video calling. Share these images with anyone by using any social media site.

#7. Google Duo

Google Duo is an online video chatting app with many features and tools. It is a free app for Android, iOS, tablets, and websites. Google Duo is the most prominent app for online chatting and communication between persons via devices. You can make calls from any type of device to any device like a smartphone, tablet, Android OS or iOS.

With this app, you can create a group calling for planning family events and office meetings, friendly conversation between friends, whatever it may be, all of them together, and discuss with this app’s Group chatting feature. This is a great app with high-quality videos and clear audio.


  1. Simple and easy user interface.
  2. Make group calls with up to 32 members.
  3. You can send short video messages, voice messages, photos, GIFs, Emojis, and more.
  4. Invite your friends by using any media.
  5. It’s a great app with high-quality videos and clear audio.
  6. Saved images shared with anybody by using any social media site.
  7. Google Duo is a free app for Android, iOS, tablets, and websites.
  8. This is the app available in more languages.
  9. Capture images at any time while on video calling.


While you are on video calling, you can capture any movement at any time and save these captured images in the gallery. You can invite your friends who are not using this app via SMS, email, messenger, WhatsApp messages, and more. This is an app with a clean and intuitive special user interface to use this app easily.

#8. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the best meeting app for live chatting and video calling, file sharing, and all you can do with this app. It is the best app from Microsoft and allows you to communicate with two or more persons online, and conducting meetings with several people is very easy.

Not only do Meetings, but all the special occasional parties are celebrated by all of the friends and family members, participate in live chatting and video calls, and share your photos and videos easily.

High-quality video and clear audio give you a rich experience while you are in a meeting. Your boss can give any instructions and notices simply with this app for all employees.


  1. Simple and best UI to use easily.
  2. You can enjoy a High-quality display and clear voice sound.
  3. Invite anyone by simply sending a link.
  4. Collaboration of teammates to work effectively.
  5. Share your photos and videos easily.
  6. Microsoft Teams has been helpful to my organization for our internal communications.
  7. You can send GiFs, Emojis, and more.


You can invite your friends, teammates, or family members to the Meeting scheduled by you. You can easily invite via Messenger, text messages, emails, WhatsApp messages, and more. While you are in the office, you can easily communicate with your teammates by simply downloading this app on all your teammate’s computers or phones.

Conversation between the teammates is useful to collaborate on their thoughts and implementation to create the best output or project. It is the most secure app to communicate with anyone by encryption of the data. For free users, limited access to time is available, and for premium users, there are no limitations on time for the meetings.

#9. Zoom

Zoom is the best online meeting app. At the time of the COVID-19 lockdown, all heard about this app frequently for their kid’s online classes or personal meetings and simple conversations with partners of the business.

It is a free app to download, and you can plan to schedule a meeting and convey the meeting time, including meeting links to your meeting participants via messages, emails, and more ways.

The host has several responsibilities and duties, including sharing screens, admitting new people, and allowing attendees to share screens, among other things.

Zoom seamlessly does everything; recording audio, video, and even chat conversations is as easy as pie. Plus, Zoom gives you enough tools and features to manage meetings and work activities professionally. Also, the connectivity with Office 365 is excellent.


  1. Simple and easy app for online meetings.
  2. You can schedule meetings and invite the participants by sending a meeting ID and link.
  3. Safest meeting environment with encryption of incoming and outgoing data.
  4.  You can join, schedule, host, and screen-share by using this app.
  5. Simple and user-friendly app.
  6. Screen sharing among participants.
  7. You can record the Meeting for future reference.
  8. Save the recordings to your device or cloud storage.
  9. High-quality videos and clear audio within this app’s meetings.
  10. This is very useful to students who are learning through online classes.
  11. You can even Blur the Background in Zoom Calls.


You add people as contacts on Zoom and message or call them at any time if they’re online. With this, You can create groups for discussions with multiple people simultaneously and calls. You can host meetings with one person or a group of people, depending on your needs.

Zoom meetings are productive sessions through which you can call, discuss, collaborate, and share easily. You can conveniently have presentations and screen-sharing sessions with people with any issues or lag.

#10. Google Meet

Google Meet is the most promoted online video chatting app that is useful for conducting meetings online. This is the meetings app from Google. It is not compulsory to have a Google account to join in Google meetings. You have to download this app on your device, and this app supports all operating systems like Windows, iOS, and Android.

It is the best app to conduct meetings, and hosts can join up to 250 members to participate in the Meeting. This is the audio and video meeting app; you can have a microphone and webcam in case of using your computer. Mobile users not need to connect microphones and cameras; they are already in every mobile phone.


  1. Google Meet is the safest way to conduct meetings.
  2. Invite friends to your Meeting by sending messages, emails, WhatsApp messages, etc.
  3. No time limit for premium users.
  4. High-quality display with audio.
  5. Polls and hand-raising options are available.
  6. Mute and unmute your video and audio.
  7. Know the persons who participated in the Meeting.
  8. Screen sharing is available with this app.


If you want to join anyone at the Meeting, just send the link of your Meeting to the person participating in the Meeting. Everyone can see on the screen and listen to the speech of the person. You can mute your audio to listen to speak clearly. Based on your network, you can see high-quality resolution video and quality audio.

A host can invite by using emails, Whatsapp messages, and text messages. It is easy to participate in the safest meeting environment with encrypted data tools. For free users, you have to buy this app.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the best free Skype substitute?

Google Hangouts, a well-liked Skype substitute, essentially offers the same functionality. You may start a text, voice, or video chat with someone by searching for them using their email address or phone number.

2. What is equivalent to Skype?

Another well-liked Skype substitute that provides many, if not all of the same capabilities is Google Meet. Through HD video conferences, phone conversations, and instant messaging, teams can interact and work together.

3. Is there a time restriction on the free version of Skype?

After 4 hours, all calls will be dropped and require redialing; the redialing connection cost will also apply.

Final Conclusion

I think I have given the best Skype alternatives for business purposes. If you benefited from this article, then feel free to share this article with your friends and family. If you know of any other better alternative to Skype, then please let me know, and I will add it to my list.

In this article, we give the top and best alternatives for Skype. These are more flexible and reliable, and the user can easily access them for various business as well as communication purposes.

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