Top 10 Best CCleaner Alternatives to Clean and Optimize Windows

If you are searching for the best CCleaner Alternatives to Clean and Optimize Windows, try these top ones to CCleaner.

There are many other registries and temp file cleaner apps that you can use instead of a CCleaner—registry cleaner apps such as CCleaner and its alternatives clean more than just the registry. The tools can delete invalid, temporary, and other unwanted files from the system.

These apps provide good anti-virus scanners and clean all unnecessary files like junk and spam messages and Instant messages. Identifying the unused or cached files helps to prioritize specific apps for the CPU(Control processing unit) time. It enhances and controls the privacy of your data by turning off Windows telemetry features and helps you to solve hundreds of the most common personal computer issues. It is also a supported platform for Windows.

Download CCleaner Alternatives For Windows:

Utility software clears your online tracks, frees up space, and helps you manage your machine. Limitations on the updated versions for people of better understanding and gives excellent information from the backgrounds.

Moreover, as CCleaner reviews, it also updates itself without your acknowledgment and runs forcefully in the background. Quick performance issues that might be affecting your personal computer(PC). An advanced system is a simple system and easy-to-use software to clean, speed up, optimize, and protect your system and secure your online privacy.

Here in this article, I am going to provide CCleaner Alternatives for your Windows devices where you can clean the junk files on your Windows for free.

#1. System Mechanic

System Mechanic is a software tool that helps you manage the Microsoft Windows-based computer and the ways system mechanic. It boosts the speed of the system mechanics and uses active care technology to strengthen silently checks and repair your computer.


Repairs the problems of your PC may have a system mechanic to perform and maintain and identify the series of tests to requirements of the updating critical devices drivers. You are eliminating memory leaks and fixing random crashes and restarts, reviving unstartable systems, and preventing the corruption of your personal computer.

Pros & Cons:

  • Mainly, updating fastly critical device drivers.
  • Repairing issues quickly and solving them nicely.
  • Boost the system with the speed of goodness.
  • Removes the bloatware slowing down your personal computer and clutter.
  • Protects your privacy.
  • Free trial of system mechanics.
  • It will help in fixing errors, cleaning your personal computer, and speeding up windows.
  • Windows 10 offers comparable built-in tune-up tools.
  • Internet booster offers nominal enhancements.
  • There are no updates yet to make the new things on PC.
  • Need help to install software updates for the operating system.
  • Having many computer problems at a time.
  • To install something or anything, then you need to remove not-needed apps to increase cloud space.

So System Mechanic got a place in my list of CCleaner Alternatives


System Mechanic has a real-time boost functionality that allows you to consistently adjust all the different Windows settings for enhanced processor, memory, and hard disk stability. Tools also take into consideration the problems that come with slow-running programs. Available at the PC boosting, PC protection, iolo system mechanic pricing, anti-malware, and anti-spyware features.

#2. CleanMyPC

CleanMyPC is an essential personal computer cleaning software that keeps your computer running like new. This CleanMyPC scans your whole computer to clean up junk files, speed up your personal computer, and boost its performance. You are additionally given some more good features for the speed of the system.


It is an essential tool that cares for your good personal computer, keeps the registry on your PC clean, and ensures it will get to speed. It is related, and most installers are required to remove unnecessary apps and then need to access the system or Android phone through the best network.

Pros & Cons:

  • Best trail version for windows.
  • Free to use or operate.
  • Contributes to the free cleaning suite for desktop and paid utility tools.
  • It is easy and provides complete control over simple clicks.
  • Removes Temporary files, disk images, and all types of caches.
  • It maintained and kept the personal computer system neat and clean.
  • There will be no updates yet.
  • Lack of technical support.
  • Not advanced versions.
  • It is only supported by Windows 11, the last operating system version.


CleanMyPC is an excellent cleaning software that gives you maximum control over tidying up your desktop device. It is highly protected by a safety database that can be found within the app.

Removing unnecessary files from the PC and extra precautions in some types, as there are options to select which is the better one the files will need in the future, will be eliminated.

#3. Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is a great system optimizer that provides a one-stop solution for personal computer optimization. Offers the Windows registry cleaner, disk cleaner, memory optimization including the startups, system restores, performance accelerator, and many other excellent multifunctional tools.


Access with the speed and control of the registry, and automated in one PC care services including thorough scan for issues like expired registries, not necessary startup items, temporary files, internet history, and spyware. It is a legendary application for cleaning your computers. This type of software has all kinds of tools, such as a disk defragmenter or disk checking.

Pros & Cons:

  • The base program is free for personal use.
  • Great utilities have so many updates within the file management.
  • Provides an automated, all-in-one PC care service.
  • Offers the safest and most efficient registry.
  • Removes invalid registry entries & temporary files.
  • Free up more space.
  • There are more modules in this version.
  • Carry a lot of hard disks, but give soft cleaners.
  • The new version has a more unlearned interface.
  • Scalability issues and compatibility.
  • It is also compatible with the Mac operating system and Android.
  • Generated the inconveniences in the Windows registry.
  • Not customized with different themes.


Great utilities have a great system optimizer that provides a one-stop solution for personal computers’ performance optimization, and it offers a good performance accelerator and multiple functions. The interface is simple, and it is the perfect solution, and the company wants to implement it by using it as a self-service tool designed for end users.

#4. Clean Master for PC

Clean Master for PC is one of the best alternatives to clear unnecessary or junk files from personal computers and then gradually strengthen or boost to PC where the issues occurred in the particular addresses. Junk clean is nothing but the advanced systems scan thousands of programs within a single click, and you can clean superfluous system oddments files to free up your computer storage completely.


Privacy Clean eliminates or removes the six types of privacy risks. The advanced feature of the privacy clean terminated the risky browsing records with the anti-tracking feature and blocked out invaders.

Pros & Cons:

  • Fast booster and fix faster the devices.
  • You can quickly get back your lost files.
  • Exclusive features clean driver residual junks.
  • Auto-clean junk files regularly.
  • Browser auto cleans and wipes privacy traces automatically.
  • Wisely optimize system and network settings to preserve lagging.
  • It provided real-time notifications and cleaned junk files automatically.
  • It is often the most irritating.
  • Due to providing some fake anti-virus scanners, they lost their privacy.
  • Most of the time, it does not accurately work on viruses or junk files.


Clean Master PC is the famous Android version to terminate dangerous files from the PC smartphone, or tablet. It contributes to good services for the anti-virus scanner and acts as the five functional ways or multimedia moderators.

It gives you a pretty good idea about where essential files are if you do not need to be stored. Also, this version of Android is good.

#5. WinZip System Utilities Suite

Winzip system utility suite will offer an all-inclusive set of personal computer tools and optimizers to keep computers robust or stable and running their performance at peak stage.


Immediately open the Winzip utility suite with the provided to optimize your system—a safe and effective way to review your PC back to like-new performance and stability. Giving a boost to personal computers and dependability also recovers valuable disk space, an in-one maintenance solution.

It is easy to use a personal computer and keep it running at peak performance with the easy design to help you clean, protect, and optimize your system. The best software program developed by Winzip computing starts with the reboot continuously in the background.

Pros & Cons:

  • User-friendly presentation.
  • The broad range of tools.
  • All-inclusive in scope.
  • Increased the continuous installation by 98%.
  • Speed up your system.
  • Automatically start each time.
  • Rebooted services.
  • Costly and potentially
  • No free trial.
  • Make sure it’s expensive.
  • Given the functionality of the duplicate windows and subscription-based components.
  • The main software program is developed automatically but does not guarantee that the particular data will not be returned.


Winzip system utility suite is a special software developed by WinZip computing. The system is the mainly occupied number of installations currently in reposted versions. Designed to run continuously in the real background for Windows, it fixes personal computer problems, restores the speed, and improves startup time. It minimizes your PC’s issues by safely repairing, optimizing, and maintaining it.

#6. Puran Utilities

Puran Utilities is stacked with many programs that will improve the performance of your computer, fastness, and organization. Many of them push the agenda for a reasonable recovery rate, and it is separated all over an incredibly valuable path.


The twenty performance boosters are provided in one organized package and file recovery rate system: startup managers, registry cleaners, and file utilities like a duplicate finder and the permanent deleter.

Pros & Cons:

  • Improves the good performance of computers.
  • Charged with the programs regularly
  • Very well organized.
  • High-aimed utilities.
  • Provided the free software to editors rating.
  • Data recovery.
  • Contributes to the twenty valuable utilities.
  • Installed in the size of 8.8 megabytes.
  • Advanced features.
  • Not much attractive user interface and an expired one.
  • The regular scan is better than the deep scanning.
  • Does not detect the data at a high level.
  • It is available for Windows computer users.
  • It recovers the unwanted files.
  • Ineffective and expired recovery technology.


Puran Utilities also has a couple of speed boosters inside of the program. Every program sports the same uniform layout, which is easier on the eyes than other programs aimed at the gear heads.

Puran Utilities is compatible with over fifty file formats, and search the scan results to check if a specific lost recovery file was found. The individual hard drives were selected to scan for lost files rather than all hard drives.

#7. Advanced System Care

Advanced system care-generated features are to speed up the computer, clean your personal computer, and protect your private data; artificial intelligence makes everything easier and extraordinary. Intelligent to clean your personal computer with artificial intelligence.


It is a very advanced system care that can make a personalized plan for you to scan and clean up tons of junk files, unnecessary logs, and caches.

It finds out your PC problems and errors and then fixes all issues, and a regular click brings you a fresh personal computer. Speed up your computer due to the many programs run at system startup. Advanced system care can always be fixed within one shot, and optimize the PC with the thirty-plus troubleshooter’s speed-up.

Pros & Cons:

  • Very advanced system care.
  • Free for the Android versions.
  • Acting as a good converter.
  • Easily hack the problems and find solutions.
  • Provide the fifteen free speed-up computers.
  • Available for PCs and smartphones always.
  • Recommended ads in the pro version.
  • Certain extras need to be installed separately.
  • It does not give the chance to scan the external files.
  • No free trial.
  • Cost-effective or expensive.


Advanced system care provides many handy tools for a good and famous modern, easy interface. Finds out or detects trainee, spyware, and other infections and enhances the buffering by cleaning the browser’s clutters. Protects privacy by terminating the tracking data within the single click cleaning, contributes speed to run for fast updates, and removes unwanted entries.

#8. BleachBit

BleachBit is nothing but cleaning your system and freeing disk space quickly. Information is only your business, and it is free to change, delete cookies, clear internet history, share temporary files, delete logs, and Firebox, Adobe Flash, Google Chrome, and Opera.


Simple deleting files bleach bit includes the freest and open source cleaner and maintenance privacy manager. Bleach bit is available in sixty-four languages as a disk cleaner. Optimize and command line interface for scripting automation and headless operation.

Deletes the unnecessary files to free valuable disk space, maintain privacy, and remove junk. Old clutter includes cache, cookies, internet history, localisations, logs, temporary file information, and broken shortcuts.

Pros & Cons:

  • It contained all information under one path, including top features.
  • It runs accurate results in all sites of the data.
  • Terminates the unnecessary files from the system.
  • It shares arbitrary and secure files.
  • It clears the internet history.
  • The limited number of built-in features.
  • Thin privacy protection.
  • Does not include threat monitoring.
  • Does not have a start-up optimizer.


Bleach bit has the CCleaner, a very easy-to-use cleaning tool, but there is a difference in the number of features. Both tools are made to provide effortless use. Additional options will pop up as you select the main feature, which has a great maritime experience.

Easily scan your computer, get recommended tips, and take action according to the advice to enhance your computer’s performance.

#9. Wise Care 365

Wise Care 365 is an all-in-one maintenance program charged with the following operations: clean the system registry. Free up space for general performance improvement. It is protected from the main unrelated software during setup.


Terminating the personal information can be traced or detected, recovering the files you had lost, and hiding the data files or folders, program the computer to block out at a specific time.

A simple interface always has the tools and is important for general performance improvement. It is very smooth and protects your privacy by eliminating unnecessary information. It is designed for always maintaining your computer and will be ready to use as it was structured.

Pros & Cons:

  • Positive feedback.
  • Got high benefits and high ratings
  • Free ware system.
  • Windows registry.
  • Portable program without installation.
  • Certain tools can be automated.
  • Includes a lot of free and useful tools.
  • A Few tools are marked pro and require a paid upgrade.
  • Loaded information.
  • System memory is automatically lost.
  • A free version is very limited.
  • There is no use in processes heavy on random access memory.
  • Pointing to older versions of Windows.
  • It is not very useful for the latest machines.
  • Many of the tools are only solutions to some of your computer solutions.


Wise Care 365 is the auto system clean in silent mode, with a sleek user interface that is easy to negative. Fast scan and defragmentation or access the speed comes with a portable app version. However, it was not a protected email, and the free version has limited capabilities.

#10. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo Win Optimizer is an effective tune-up utility that gives Windows computers a new life. Windows 10’s built-in options offer the system cleaning performance boosts.

A system optimization tool cleans your disk and keeps your machine running constantly. It preserves our privacy and allows you to customize windows individually. And you are giving the best single-click optimization easy to the user interface and the thirty-day trails.


These are the three different cleaning modules, and the application offers about thirty-eight tools that cover all tasks around maintenance. It increases the boosting of the performance of file processing.

Pros & Cons:

  • Contributes to the thirty-day trails.
  • Single click optimization.
  • Game booster and live tuner.
  • It is the best choice to clean, optimize, and protect your computer.
  • It has given free disk space and fixed errors.
  • Enhanced steady performance.
  • Targeted the shortcomings of windows.
  • Provides a cleaner, faster, and leaner system.
  • Access the instant features and regular updates always.
  • Not much prior knowledge is required.
  • Inactive user interface.
  • It is not free; you need to purchase the license.


Ashampoo Win Optimizer is the best leaner to junk in all the sites’ corners. But it has the merge free disk space with defrag and brand new defrag without noticeable performance drain. Extensive drive analysis and hardware review with defrag and handy benchmark center for better clarity and faster test access.

Final Conclusion:

Ccleaner is the best collection of cleaning software developed by Piriform and the parent company. It got the majority of reviews and positive feedback in history and is a better anti-virus scanner.

Prioritize the main log-in information from the contacts and emails, block untrusted programs and local email information. Available network for any CCleaner and refresh your web browsing. This article concludes you with the top and best CCleaner Alternatives to Clean and Optimize Windows.

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