Top & Best Apps To Remotely Control Your Android Device

The post covers certain remote control apps that help you remotely access and securely control your desktop, mobile, or server. Such apps will be helpful in various situations where you can not access your system personally. Generic universal remote for Android TVs providing basic D-pad, touchpad, and gamepad controls for navigating your Android TV interface. Here in this article, I am going to provide you with the best Apps To Remotely Control Your Android Device.

General remote devices are team viewer is a well-respected remote access tool that supports many or multiple mobile or Android apps. This is the most profitable, for it does not control the connections from the quick support app. You can access your TV via the Internet or WiFi connection, providing all the works or functions from the main website.

There are many Best Universal TV Remote Apps For Android available in the market, but people want to remotely control their devices with Android devices.

Download the Best Apps To Remotely Control Your Android Device

After installing these apps, when you first open the app, you will see a few introductory screens; you can access the app properly. Just swipe through them and click in a single click then it comes with the curious way to become the best version.

#1. Amazon Fire TV Remote

Amazon Fire TV Remote app is the best Amazon Firestick control app. This app is free and available on the official Amazon site and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Download and Open this app to operate it like your TVremote. This app has voice and text features to control the Firestick TV easily.



  1. Simple and intuitive app to control Fire TV easily.
  2. This app can work well like your TV remote.
  3. You can type any app or website name with a virtual keyboard.
  4. You can easily open games and video streaming apps.
  5. Voice search is also available within this app.
  6. Best TV remote app compatible with all advanced versions of Android phones.

Due to the above features, Amazon Fire TV Remote App got a place in my list of best Apps To Remotely Control Your Android Device


This is important to use the same Network Wi-Fi on both TV and Android Phones. Then only your TV syncs with Your mobile phone remote. This remote has a virtual keyboard to type to search for any app, enter the website, and more. Amazon Fire TV remote also has voice control; when you tap on the microphone symbol, you can say what you want to play on TV.

#2. Sure Universal

Sure Universal is the best remote control app which is free to download on any OS like Android and iOS smartphones. With this app, you can easily control all the devices in your home. Sure Universal is an IR sensor remote control that can connect more than one device.


The electronic devices to be controlled remotely, but mobile phones and the devices are must be on the same WiFi network. With this app, you can easily control the media center of the device. Speech recognition is also available with this app. Alexa’s voice recognition tool is also available which is a very advanced feature to speak instead of pressing keys.


  1. You can control more devices with the many number of special tools.
  2. Easily controls the video streaming of the TVs.
  3. You can Control the Media center easily.
  4. This is an app with a special keyboard feature.
  5. Speech recognition is also available.
  6. Supports Alexa voice recognition.
  7. Share your mobile streaming with TV apps like Kodi, Chromecast, and Roku.
  8. With this app, you can operate more than one device.
  9. Customizable remote to change all features as you desire.


If you want to control your TV? then simply add the device to this app, and if you want to control another device with this app, tap on add devices sync with devices and operate them like as original remote of that device.

This is an app with a special keyboard feature, and you can type on this Keyboard just like on your mobile Keyboard and share your mobile streaming with streaming apps of TV like Kodi, Chromecast, and Roku.

#3. Peel Smart Remote

Peel Smart Remote is the best control app that can control several devices easily. This is a free app which is developed by Peel Technologies. This app has many features and tools to connect several devices to control them, like Remote.


All remote controls have code that recognizes that recognition IR sensor is located on the TV, so these app developers develop this app from various Codes to control all types of TVs and other appliances.

First of all, launch this app on your Android Phone, and then you have to select the brand of the device. Suppose you are using this app to control your Samsung TV. then Select the Brand of the Device as Samsung. Then you want to add another device, tap on the Add Device option to add an extra device.


  1. Simple and more innovative app to remotely control all types of electronic devices.
  2. Virtual Keyboard helps you to enter any text or website.
  3. Simple and intuitive user interface.
  4. Customizable app with several features.
  5. Voice command to control simply by speech.
  6. With this app, you can control the number of devices at a time.
  7. Available in more languages around the world.
  8. Easy to install and easy to use.
  9. Secured app to install on your mobile phone.


This is a customizable remote app where you change the size and colours of the icons and the colours of the keys, the pattern of the Keyboard, and more. There is a Virtual keyboard like your Mobile Keyboard available within this app. This is useful for entering the app’s name and any site to search on the TV screen. This is important that all the devices, including mobile phones, are on the same WiFi network.

#4. Teamviewer Remote Controller

TeamViewer is the most popular app to remotely operate other devices from Android devices. This is a free app to download on your Android mobile. This app is compatible with Android 4.5 and later versions. Teamviewer.Inc. was developed by TeamViewer.


This great app can be used to control other devices like PCs, smartphones, tablets, and more. With this app, you can easily transfer files from your remote device to other devices. Another good feature of this app is Voice command recognition. This feature lets you speak any word to operate devices like Alexa.


  1. This is a free app to download on your Android mobile.
  2. This app is compatible with Android 4.5 and later versions.
  3. Ream viewer controls other devices like PCs, smartphones, tablets, and more.
  4. File transfer to and from between devices.
  5. Transfer music and video files with high quality like HD.
  6. Easily manages contacts and call history.
  7. The best feature of this app is Voice command recognition.


With this single app, you can remotely control the electronic appliances of your home. This is the most secure and reliable app, with more than a Billion users worldwide.

This is the best app to control the PC or laptop as you operate them like sitting in front of them. TeamViewer has an easily customizable keyboard to type easily any text and numbers. This Keyboard is like a smartphone keyboard, and you can type easily and fastly.

#5. IR Universal Remote

IR Universal Remote was developed by the Wave Speak developers. This is a free app to download on your Android Phones. With this app, you can control several household devices easily and fastly. This app has a simple and intuitive user interface that is easily understandable for new users.

IR Universal Remote Preview

You can use this app and set various remote controllers for various devices, and all are easily accessed by simply swiping the Home screen. With this app, your devices are connected by using codes of devices, connecting them with this app easily and operating them as an original remote.

This is the most popular app that serves in more countries with millions of devices to connect, and this is a multilanguage supportive app.


  1. Set various remote controllers for various devices.
  2. All remotes are easily accessed by simply swiping the Home screen.
  3. Easily customizable.
  4. Create a macro to send a group of commands simultaneously to all devices.
  5. Most popular with millions of users around the world.
  6. Secured and private app.


This app is compatible with devices with an IR blaster that sends signals from the Remote app mobile to the compatible devices, and they do the tasks as per remote app instructions. Most branded companies use this IR blaster.

This is a customizable app with more changes like background colour tools bar, pattern, resize, and more. With this app, you can create a macro to control all devices with a click.

#6. Mi Remote Controller

Mi Remote is the best app for remotely controlling electronic appliances like TVs, Aircoolers, washing machines, ACs, and more with your Android phone. This is a free app to download on your Android mobile phone, which is developed by Xiaomi.Inc.

This is a great app with so many features and tools. With this app, you can feel the richness of advanced and next-level technology in remote controls.


Your original remote does all the operations, and this app does more special operations like changing the volume, changing channels, muting, opening streaming apps, browsing for any site, and more. Mi is the best innovative technology developer with an IR blaster built in to support various devices with these IR signals.


  1. Simple and clean UI.
  2. Single app for controlling various devices remotely.
  3. A customizable app like resizing, colours of icons, and more.
  4. A virtual keyboard is like a smartphone keyboard to type easily.
  5. The best app to watch the streaming apps on your mobile.
  6. Millions of users use this app in several countries.
  7. This is an app with multilanguage support.
  8. Users feel more comfortable with this app.
  9. All devices can be controlled by one app.


This app has a keyboard that works virtually like your mobile Keyboard. You can customize this Keyboard easily by changing the size, colours of keys and dimensions, themes, and more. Most users worldwide use this app to control all their home appliances remotely.

#7. Google Home

Google released a new app called Google Home which is the modified version of Google Cast. This is a free app to download on your Android device and remotely control all your home appliances.

With this app, you can control Google Nest, Google Cromcat, WiFi, and Home easily, like their original remote control, and this app also controls lights, thermostats, ACs, Fans, and more. All these devices are connected by this single app called Google Home.


Google Home is the most popular app connecting over a billion users worldwide. Google Home is available in several countries and can be translated into any language of 100 supported languages. This is the most secure app with more secure tools and features and gives you more data privacy.


  1. The simple user interfaces with intuitive and easily understandable.
  2. This is a free app with the controlling capability of more devices.
  3. High-resolution display and voice command for quick operations.
  4. Create a tag of repeated activities and access them with a click.
  5. Provides more security and privacy.
  6. Ability to control all your compatible devices.
  7. Available in several countries with millions of users.
  8. Customization of some operations is done automatically.
  9. Syncs with cloud storage.


With this app, you can stream audio and videos with all devices in your home that are compatible with this, and you can also stream Netflix, Chromecast, Roku, and more.

This app is one controller of all your home appliances. This app performs some actions automatically, like when starting a movie, streaming lights are shifted to dim mode, and you can easily control the volume. With this app, you see all recent events of your Home-based events, and if any missed events find you can re-play them.

#8. Android TV Remote

Android TV remote is the best app for Android mobile users to use their phones for controlling devices like TVs, PCs, and more. You can download this app from the Google Play Store, and this app is developed by Google.Inc. The best part about this app is it supports various features like Gamepad, Touchpad, and D-pad.

In this modern mobile world, you do not need to search for remote control of your TV to turn it on or off, change the channel, and customize the volume, All these tasks are done under a single app that is Android TV Remote.

Actually, this Android TV Remote has a smartphone keyboard which which help you to type the channel names and number. Moreover, you can easily operate your TV with this app.


  1. You can use and control your TV easily and simply.
  2. You can get touchpad, gamepad, and D-pad features within this app.
  3. We need to synchronize both devices in the same Network WiFi.
  4. You can control your TV by connecting to Bluetooth also.
  5. The smartphone keyboard in this app will help you to type whatever you want.
  6. You can control it with your TV remote.
  7. The black-and-white Theme of this app is very attractive.


Both devices must be on the same WiFi Network to connect the Android TV remote to your TV, and you can also connect them with Bluetooth. Turn on your Android TV, and then these two devices sync with one another, now operate your TV by using the Android TV remote, this will work like your TV remote. You can make all changes like your original remote control.

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#9. Anymote Universal Remote

AnyMote Universal remote will be helpful to operate all types of Smart TVs. This is a free app for downloading and using on your Android phone. ColorTiger developed AnyMote Universal remote app. With this app, you can control all TVs from different manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Toshiba, and more.

AnyMote Universal remote has a Remote control keyboard that can be useful for typing anything, and the Voice command feature is also available within this app.

With this app, you can easily access any video streaming sites and connect more TVs at a time. No need to use several apps to control different types of TVs; this app can work on all TVs from any manufacturer.


  1. Simple and intuitive app.
  2. Easy to install and easy to operate on Your Mobile phone.
  3. Customizable features are included with this app.
  4. Best Keyboard with customizable features.
  5. Voice commands to control just by speaking.
  6. Using Macros instead of repetitive operations.
  7. High-quality resolution of the Home screen.
  8. Easily understandable app icons.
  9. No need to buy several remotes; just install this app.


This app has many features and tools for connecting any TV with WiFi connectivity. This is important that your TV and Mobile are on the same WiFi network. This app has customizable remotes, easy-to-change icons, colours, themes, the position of buttons, and more.

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Final Conclusion:

Use these apps to control other devices remotely. Also, fast and secure remote access is already used on millions of people of the devices worldwide and controls computers for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. This article mainly gives you the Best Apps To Remotely Control Your Android Device.

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