How to Activate TNT Free Trial in 2024?

Are you guys missing out on watching the best American mystery shows, Action Movies, and Television Dramas, which are sensational and free of cost? Then try the TNT online streaming platform, which you can stream on Direct Stream TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, Fubo TV, Hulu TV, and Roku TV. With the help of these Streaming platforms you can get TNT Free Trial, so read more to know How to Activate 7 Day TNT Free Trial.

As TNT has no particular platform, you should use TNT through some third-party apps. The Turner Network Television (TNT) has attracted many users since 1988. On its roster, you can watch Castle, Bones, Animal Kingdom, Snowpiercer, Law & Order, and Elite Wrestling.

Is TNT Free Trial Available in 2024?

TNT doesn’t offer a free trial anymore. As it is one of the most on-demand streaming platforms and doesn’t have its own platform, you can still get Free TNT Trials from other third-party applications. These apps are given in different ways because they are from different companies. Let us know the TNT Free Trial available services and its Free Trial Period in detail.

ServiceTrial Offer
Sling TV7-Day Free Trial
Hulu30 Day Free Trial
Direct TV Stream14 Day Refund Period
YouTube TV1 Week Free Trial
Roku TV7-Day Free Trial
Fubo TV7-Day Free trial

The structure of the Free Trial varies differently compared to each service TNT; some services add TNT as the main content, and some services should be subscribed to watch the Free Trial. Hulu stands first for the most extended Free Trial Period, whereas Roku gives a refund when you cancel the Free Trial during its given period.

What is Meant By TNT 4 Weeks Free Trial?

The TNT 4 Weeks Free Trial is meant to be a whole addition to all TNT streaming sites. One thing you should never forget about TNT is it doesn’t contain a streaming site. It would be best to get a Free Trial from third-party applications. Some platforms you can access for the 7-day free trial are AT&T TV, FuboTV, Hulu, etc.

List of TNT Services

  1. Direct Stream TV
  2. Sling TV
  3. YouTube TV
  4. Fubo TV
  5. Hulu TV
  6. Roku TV

#1. Direct Stream TV

Direct stream TV is designed as an alternative to satellite services and traditional cable, and it is a level-up live streaming platform. You can get access to the most popular channels from the live feeds, which cost $69.99 a month, and if you pay $120 per month, you can also get a compatible remote service.

  • Navigate to the Direct Stream TV official website.


  • Choose the service which you need to enjoy.
  • Give the details to create an account.
  • Select the plan you need for the subscription.


  • Complete the payment and enjoy the TNT services.


#2. Sling TV

  • Give your details and create a Sling TV account.


  • To enjoy the Free TNT trial, choose a blue or orange pack, and you can add some of the channels to your subscription.


  • Use a Debit card or Credit Card to make payment.


  • Sling TV provides you with more than 12 channels that are premium as an add-on service, and you make TNT a free trial for an add-on service.
  • Entertain for seven days using the free trial.

#3. YouTube TV

  • Visit YouTube’s official website.
  • Hit on Try it Free, which is displayed on the home screen of the YouTube website.


  • Give your details and create an account.


  • Tap on Next for further process.
  • Give your location zip code and click on Arrow.


  • Select Start Free Trial.


  • Select the base plan and hit Next.


  • Choose TNT as your add-on for your subscription plan and tap the Next (Check Out button in the bottom right corner).


  • Select the payment method and give your card details.


  • At last, tap on Start Trial and enjoy TNT Free Trial services.

#4. Fubo TV

  • Visit Fubo TV’s official website and hit on Start Free Trial.
  • Give your email and create a new password for Fubo TV sign-up, or else you can sign up for Fubo TV using your Facebook or Google account.
  • Select one plan that suits you among the three plans ( Pro, Elite, & Latino).


  • Give details of your credit card and finish the payment process.
  • Now enjoy TNT add-on services for free.


#5. Hulu TV

Hulu TV provides more than 75 live channels that cost $65 monthly. A package with 50 hours of DVR is much smaller than its competitors. But as Hulu contained its Library, it is a trade-off for not expecting more.

  • Visit Hulu’s official website and hit on Sign Up on Hulu.


  • Select a Subscription Plan.


  • Give your details and Create an account on Hulu.


  • Finish the payment process.
  • Now you are eligible to use a 30-day free trial.
  • Select TNT as an add-on and enjoy the free trial services.

#6. Roku TV

  • Insert the Roku external player into your TV’s HDMI connector. Enable internet access throughout the connecting process to avoid further issues.


  • Click on the Home Button displayed on the Roku Directional Pad.


  • Scroll down to access the Roku channel and hit on the Streaming Channels.
  • Type TNT in the search bar, which displays on the left panel.


  • To get the TNT description channel select one favorite channel.
  • Click on Add Channel to download TNT.


  • Now give your cable credentials to connect with the TNT channel.

Get TNT Free Trial Using Virtual Credit Card

You must use the DoNotPay website to utilize a TNT Free Trial through Virtual Credit Card. Follow the steps given below for the TNT Free Trial:

  • Visit DoNotPay’s official website.
  • Give the details and sign up for the virtual card.
  • Next, hit on continue.
  • Give the credentials of your credit card and begin the membership.
  • After you take the membership, you can freely enjoy other streaming services like Netflix, etc., and you can cancel at any time without getting charged.

TNT Pricing, Plans & Discounts

TNT depends on the different sites that you take from. It does not have a specific price because you have to get TNT from third-party websites. Let us know some plans according to their sites.

If you get TNT from Sling TV, then the monthly cost of TNT is $30. Get TNT from Fubo TV; its monthly cost is $64.99. If you get TNT from Hulu, the monthly cost is $6.99. If you get TNT from YouTube TV, the monthly cost is  $64.99. Get TNT from Direct TV Stream; its monthly cost is $69.99.

So enjoy the TNT Free Trial from different third-party sites, and you can choose the plan according to your mind and money preferences.

What are the Methods to Pay for TNT?

TNT can be accessed through online payments. Given below are the payment methods accepted by TNT.

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card

Is TNT Valuable?

TNT is one of the best streaming platforms in America, which gives the best Movies, American TV Shows, Dramas, and Web Series. Even though TNT does not contain its platform, you can get it from other third-party websites to benefit from enjoying two platforms at a time. TNT also contains a vast library that makes searching for what you need to watch easy. So, TNT is worth utilizing.

Does TNT Provide any Coupon Codes or Discounts?

TNT gives offers to users during the period of Christmas and Black Friday. You can utilize the coupon codes and stream the services. But be careful while accepting the coupons and offers provided by external websites other than those mentioned above. Those sites do not have the original coupons. You can not trust the other websites to enjoy TNT with discounts.

Is the TNT Free Trial a Paid Subscription that Renewals Automatically?

Yes. Most platforms hosting TNT offer free trials set up to convert users into monthly subscribers. Automatic Renewal can be helpful if you start paying for the service after the expired free trial.

Yet, it is also a way of exploitation that turns free trials into paid ones for most customers who miss the cancellation cutoff.

Whenever your Free Trial period is completed, keep in mind and observe how much you are charged. But if, unexpectedly, the live, on-demand subscription and live got hit with increased charges, then you might face a drop shock.

Use a Virtual Card From DoNotPay to Prevent Automatic Renewal

Here we will discuss three methods to use a virtual card from DoNotPay to prevent automatic Renewal.

  1. Cancel Account
  2. Virtual Credit Cards
  3. Refunds and Reimbursement

It’s tricky to have a TNT Free Trial, and you should try to understand whether it is core content on the platform you have selected when a free trial gets started and check how the free trial is working. You will get charged if you forget to cancel the free trial on the last day. There is a way to prevent this problem; DoNotPay can solve this problem.

Cancel Account

DoNotPay is the only solution to fix your problem. No need to worry if you forget to cancel the free trial even on the last day. You must cancel the account immediately to prevent payment for the first month’s subscription. This is more important for Direct TV users; you can get a refund other than a free trial.

Virtual Credit Card

Another option is here if you forget to cancel the free trial. You should give a Virtual Credit Card so that you will not get charged as it is the same thing. When the free trial is completed, it will automatically get charged from the card you have given. Now if the card is a virtual credit card, then the money will not be debited from this card, and you can enjoy the free trial.

Refunds and Reimbursement

At last, if you get charged unfairly, DoNotPay can help you with the first month’s subscription. If you cancel the free trial before one day, but the cancellation process is delayed, and you get charged, then complete action to prevent this problem will be taken by DoNotpay.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is TNT available for a Free Trial?

TNT is available on YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, and Direct TV Stream for a Free Trial.

2. Is there a cheapest way to get TNT?

The first and best option to get TNT most cheaply is from the Sling TV.

3. Is the TNT app available?

No, It would be best to utilize TNT from third-party sites as it has no particular platform.

Final Conclusion

So, as we mentioned above, the methods to stream movies, shows, and live TV from TNT; enjoy the free trial services. You can use the DoNotPay method if you forget to cancel the free trial so that you will not get charged for the first month’s subscription.

You can cancel the free trial before the month ends at any time. TNT accepts payment methods of Paypal, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards. I hope this article is helpful to you, and enjoy the free trial in 2023.

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