How to Tell If Your Blocked on iPhone Without Calling [11 Ways]

Generally, there is no straight path to knowing if someone is blocked on an iPhone without calling; the person doesn’t get any notification or a message if the number is blocked. Using some tips, you can know who blocked your number; there are single ticks for the delivered messages, and the number is busy message will show the number is blocked. Follow the below troubleshooting ways to see if people blocked your phone number. Here in this article, I am going to show you How to Tell If Your Blocked on an iPhone Without Calling.

How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number on iPhone?

Sometimes some people block your Number, but you don’t know whether they blocked you or not. So if you want to know How to Tell If your blocked on your iPhone without calling; I have given the ways below, just follow them.

#1. Make a Call

If you doubt You’re Blocked, call that person; if the call directly goes to voicemail or rings only once and goes to voicemail, then it means your number is blocked. Here you can also learn How To Fix Call Failed on iPhone if anything wrong occurs while making calls from the iPhone.

#2. View the Phone’s Contact App

You can use this on Android too; this process helps you to know the person who blocked you.

  • On the device, launch the Contacts app.
  • Then click on the number you wish to know whether they blocked you.
  • Select the three vertical dots shown on the top and click Delete to delete the number.
  • Launch the contacts app.
  • Then, go to the phone’s search bar and enter the person’s name.
  • The users are not blocked if they can see the deleted contact name.
  • If you are unable to see it, it means you’re blocked.

#3. Send an iMessage

  • Launch the iMessage app on your iPhone.
  • Then click on the box icon on the screen’s right side top.
  • Select the + icon to enter the phone number or Apple ID of the contact who blocked you.
  • After that, you must text that person and click the blue arrow to send the iMessage.

#4. Send an SMS

  • Open the iMessage app on your iPhone.
  • Then click on the box icon on the screen’s right side top.
  • Select the + icon to enter the phone number or Apple ID of the contact who blocked you.
  • Enter a message and click on the green arrow to send the SMS message.


#5. Check the Text Color

  • On iPhone, open Settings.


  • Then select Messages.


  • You must enable the Send as SMS.


  • If you send the message on the device and the message bubble turns blue to green, the person doesn’t block you.

#6. Disable Caller ID

  • Move to Settings app.


  • Then choose the Phone option.
  • Below the Calls section, click on the Show My Caller ID.


  • Enable the option.

Remember, the outgoing calls didn’t show the phone number; the person only viewed the placeholder text or number.

#7. Mask the Number

  • Launch the Phone app.

Open Phone app

  • Then, enter 67 in the dial and type the person’s phone number.
  • It would help if you dialled the typed digits.

#8. Switch to Other Apps

If you’re still facing the issue, use other apps to contact the person; use Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, or another messaging app to contact the person.

Here, we explain how to text the person who blocked you. You can easily text the person by modifying the iMessage email address or trying an unknown texting service. The user can also use third-party apps to know if someone blocked the number.

The third-party apps can verify the call history and send test messages; try the famous apps, namely Hiya, Truecaller, and TrapCall.

#9. Try Unknown Texting Services

Accessing the unknown texting service does not require a new phone number to text someone who blocked you, and the user must use the sites for the services. Below, we are mentioning the unknown texting services.

  • TextforFree
  • SendAnonymousSMS

While accessing the unknown texting services, You must respect the other recipient’s privacy and boundaries.

#10. Use a Different Number or Device

Try to use another number or device if you’re getting the same issue, i.e. call goes to voicemail or rings once and you’re unable to contact the person, then it means there is a technical issue with the other person you are calling.

#11. Wait For Some Time

If you’re still unable to contact the person, wait for some time because the receiver phone is going to Airplane mode or do not disturb mode or the battery is drained out, so you must be patient and wait for some time.

Signs That Indicate You’re Blocked

Some signs easily indicate if someone blocks you, they are

  • A call goes to voicemail.
  • No answer from the receiver.
  • Unable to get the delivered notification of the text message.
  • You can’t send the iMessages.
  • There is no profile picture or status update.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What can I do if someone blocks my number?

Don’t worry; you must respect their decision; if there is an emergency, then take the help of another person to contact that person who blocked you. If not, then you must accept the block and wait for some time until they change their decision.

2. Can you send a voicemail if the person blocks the number?

Yes, you can send the voicemail; the message is shown below the blocked messages so the person can see it.

3. How to make a call to someone who blocked my number?

To make a call, type *67 before dialling the number and mask the number or try to use another device or number to make the call.

4. How to Modify the iMessage Address?

  1. It would be best if you had a different mail, using it to create a new Apple ID.
  2. Then, on the iPhone, launch the Settings app.
  3. Choose the Messages option.
  4. Click on Send and Receive.
  5. Select the Apple ID and click on the Sign Out option.
  6. After that, click on the Use Your Apple ID for iMessage.
  7. Choose Use Other Apple ID.
  8. Now, use the new Apple ID email and log in.
  9. Below the Start New Conversations From, you must choose the new email.
  10. Launch the iMessage and send the message.

Final Conclusion:

Here, I wish to conclude the topic. You can easily know if someone blocked your number; there are some ways to know it, and we clearly explained those ways. Due to technical issues, sometimes your call goes to voicemail, and you cannot contact that person; in this situation, you must be patient and wait for some time.

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