Sling TV Free Trial and Deals – [Get 7 Days Free Trial in 2024]

Sling TV is a live TV streaming network in the US that gives you access to the same type of channels that you would get with a local cable subscription, but the difference is it is over the internet, and you do not need any equipment or any contract to run this. Learn more about Sling TV, how much it costs, and the channels it offers; mainly, we will let you know how to get a Sling TV free trial.

We can get so many channels to stream in this streaming network, so let’s look at its discounts, packages, and free trials with the best channels in this streaming network. You can cancel the subscription whenever you want without any hassle, and it offers many channels to watch all of your favorite shows, series, and many more.

It offers a monthly subscription so that you can cancel the subscription comfortably, and the best thing about this is a free trial. Unfortunately, the company is not good at offering a free trial every time you want, so you must check the best time to get a free trial to enjoy the free streaming of Sling TV.

Sling TV Compatible Devices

This Streaming network offers a wide range of channels to watch on every one of your favorite devices, and you can watch this on the given list of devices.

Apple TViOSRoku
XboxAirTVPlayerAir TV
Android tvAndroidWindows
XfinityGoogle TV.

So you can run this on any of these devices, grab a chilled drink with some spicy chips and watch all your favorite shows in your free time, stream anything you want, everything you want, from everywhere you want in the US. It is such a user-friendly streaming network that provides you with the best channels to entertain you all the time.

Sling TV Price & Plans

When we are going to purchase something, we check out the price, and also we check whether it is worth buying or not. I agree with that because each penny is important.


When it comes to Sling TV, well, it offers packages mainly to subscribe to this Network, which are Sling Orange and Sling Blue; with plenty of add-on packages, we can line up our favorite and required channels. So that we can save money and space on the device by preventing unwanted channels on the Sling TV network.

#1. Sling Orange

Sling Orange is one of the sling TV packages where we can get a basic plan to subscribe to the Sling TV, you can get this package at $40 per month, and you can get the accessibility of over 30 channels; with this package, you can be able to line up channels like ESPN, CNN, Disney.

It allows streaming only on one screen at a time; if you want to stream other favorite shows on other screens at a time, then you should buy another package of this Sling Orange to stream.

#2. Sling Blue

The Sling Blue package is available at an affordable cost; you can buy this plan at $40 Per month, and the best part of this package is that it offers more channels than Sling Orange.

It also offers three screens at a time, and you can watch about 45 channels with this package; it’s cool, right? So now it is possible to watch all your favorite shows on your favorite device in the same place with your family.

Here is the third package you would get if you are looking for a better experience of more channels on more screens to watch with your friends and family to have the best time with Sling TV.

#3. Sling Orange & Blue

This special package offers you a special streaming ability. Yes, it charges $55 Per month; if you ask me what the specialty of this package is, this package offers you more channels while Sling Orange & Sling Blue offers you separately.


Yes, with this package, you can get channels about 55 from Sling Orage & Sling Blue, so do you still think that Sling TV plans are expensive?

Sling TV Channels Lineup

As we already know, this fabulous streaming network offers a couple of packages at affordable costs; why don’t we look at the channels list of both packages? Fair enough, right, so without lagging this, let’s look at the channels list of both packages.

Sling Orange Channels List

BBC AmericaBETBloomberg Television
Charge!CNNCartoon Network
Comedy CentralCometDisney Channel*
ESPN3*Food NetworkFreeform*
FuseHGTVHistory Channel
IFCInvestigation DiscoveryLifetime
Local NowMotorTrend*Nick Jr.
TBSTNTTravel Channel

Sling Blue Channels List

BBC AmericaBETBloomberg Television
Cartoon NetworkComedy CentralComet
Discovery ChannelE!Epix Drive-In
Food NetworkFox* (select markets)Fox News*
Fox Sports 1*FuseFX*
HGTVHLN*History Channel
IFCInvestigation DiscoveryLifetime
Local NowMSNBCNBC (select markets)
NFL NetworkNational GeographicNick Jr.
TNTTravel ChanneltruTV

Does Sling TV Offer A Free Trial?

As mentioned in this article, you can’t get a free trial from the Sling TV network whenever you want; it only offers a free trial at a certain time limit. You have to be lucky enough to get this free trial, I’m just kidding, but you have to keep checking on this if you want to get the free trial on their official website, but you can get the discount.

If you are a new user of Sling TV, then there you go; it offers up to 50% off on your new subscription for the first month, so if you are a new subscriber to Sling TV, then you can use this by paying only half of the monthly subscription fees.

It offers various discounts and Sling trials to entertain the users; sometimes, they offer users Sling TV 3-month free trials, so for these kinds of amazing offers, you have to check Sling TV’s official networks often.

How Can We Get a Sling TV Free Trial?

As per the company terms, Sling TV often changes its plans and subscriptions, so if you are willing to get a free trial, you should keep checking the official website of Sling TV to get details of its subscriptions and discounts. Remember, if you read this article many days after its publishing, you may have to check the Sling TV website for new updates regarding the free trials.

If they offer a free trial and discounts by the time you read this article, I would like to mention some practical and easy steps to get the free trial and discounts.

  • Go to the Sling TV Official Website.
  • Tap on “Try it Free’ on the home page.


  • Create an account on the next page.
  • Fill up your email and password as required.


  • Now select the package that you want and click on “Check Out”.
  • Now Enter all the payment details and click on Proceed. After a successful transaction, you’ll be able to use Sling TV at a discounted rate.

Remember, this Sling TV Free trial offer is only available for new users of Sling TV, but if you are an existing user of this Network, then they are no longer available for you.

What Happens After The First Month Of Sling TV Discount?

As we already mentioned above, they only offer a 50% discount for new users for the first month of the subscription, and I know you are thinking about what after the first month, right?

Here we have a solution; if you are not willing to buy its full-price subscription after completing the discounted subscription, it’s nothing. However, you can cancel the subscription when you notice the monthly subscription expires soon.

Or you can keep checking Sling TV for the best offers to buy another plan to continue the subscription if you don’t want to end up watching Sling TV. By checking their official website for more updates, you can get to know offers like Sling TV Trials, and you will also know how to get a Sling TV free trial of 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Sling TV offer a free trial for subscribers?

Nope, the Sling TV free trial is only for new users, if you are already an existing customer of Sling TV, then it isn’t meant for you, but occasionally sling TV offers some amazing offers to the subscribers, so you can visit the official website often to know the best offers of Sling TV.

2. Is Sling TV globally available?

Sling TV is not available in all countries; unfortunately, you only can use this service if you are living in the US.

3. Does sling tv cost too much?

Sling TV is not an expensive streaming network; even though it is popular with the best offers and free trials, Sling TV will never meet your expectations; it provides the best entertainment to the users, so get it.

Final Conclusion

Sling TV offers great packages and subscription plans to provide the best entertainment channels in multiple genres, and it has created the path to watch all your favorite shows, news, and many more, that are entertaining,

But the thing is Sling TV is it is only available in The US, affordable packages are limited, and they only release the best deals once in a blue moon, so there is no other way than often visiting its official website to get to know the best updates about Sling TV Free Trials and offers, but trust me its worth using, as it offers a massive range of channels to entertain you every time.

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