How to See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile (All Methods)

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms, widely used by many people in organizations and big brands. Daily, people search and track their favourite celebrities and so many others. Twitter didn’t come with a Twitter Profile View feature, and there is no direct way to know who viewed your profile because of privacy concerns. Here in this article, I am going to show you How to See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile.

Twitter didn’t reveal the names of the person who viewed your profile. You can view so many things on Twitter, namely retweets, comments, and likes. But there is no direct way to know who sees your Twitter Profile.

Is It Possible to See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile?

Directly, you can’t see who viewed your Twitter Profile; Twitter’s privacy policy is completely different compared to LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, the user can know who sees their profile, But On Twitter, you can’t see people who viewed your profile, and it doesn’t share any Twitter information with anyone.

If you doubt this, can I see who viewed my Twitter Video? Yes, People can see who comments, retweets, and likes your Tweets, and the user can also view the followers list. On Twitter, you can see the profile per month option. This will show how many people will see your profile in a month. Using Analytics on Twitter, you can know the number of people who visit your details and also give some details like tweets, i.e. impressions, and mentions.

How to See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile (Twitter Profile Views)?

Twitter doesn’t give any notification regarding who viewed your profile, but the user can know how many times their profile is viewed monthly. Enable the Analytics option and then go for the profile visits, and you can view the number of people who see your Twitter Profile. It can’t display the names of the persons who viewed your profile.

This is a basic way to see who viewed your Twitter Profile.

  • First of all, you must sign into the Twitter account.


  • Then, navigate to the More section.


  • Select Analytics.


  • In the 28-day summary and the monthly report, you can view the number of profile visits on Twitter.

With the help of Hootsuite and Crowdfire, the user can know several secret admires who have viewed your Twitter profile so many times.

Best Twitter Analytics Tools to See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile

With the help of some third-party apps, Social media monitoring tools, and services, you can see who viewed your Twitter Profile and track the account activity.

#1. Hootsuite Tool

This is the best third-party online tool and is a great choice for managing social media. It comes with great features, and without any problems, the user can manage social media accounts.

It will give accurate data about the retweets, trends of the week, profile visits, followers gained, popular tweets, etc. Using Hootsuite; the user can track Twitter profile’s metrics simply by making and transmitting the custom reports. In Twitter campaign ROI, the user can see insights and benchmarks.

The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, so the user can get a great experience while using and tracking the channels on social media. This is a subscription-based pricing model; the user can select a professional subscription or business depending upon the account’s desire.

It comes with various price plans that are;

  • For Professional purposes, it costs $23.30 per month.
  • It costs $91.75 per month for a team.
  • For Business purposes, you can pay $547.57 per month.
  • Enterprise: Custom


  • Having a Huge content library.
  • Comes with a consistent post-scheduler.
  • Ability to detect other social media channels.
  • Offers quality dashboard.
  • Inbuilt assignment feature.
  • The analytics is powerful.

Follow the below steps to set up the Hootsuite tool.

  • First, the user must visit the official site of and register with the site; if you’re a new user, tap on the big green register option.


  • It shows the Sign Up Now website.
  • Select the Owl shown on the left corner of the dashboard and then tap on it.
  • After that, it shows a drop-down menu with options.
  • Tap on Settings on the options, and it shows a sub-menu on the screen.
  • Select Add Social Networks in the sub-menu.
  • To link with Twitter, tap on Connect with Twitter.
  • Give permission to Hootsuite, give the password and other details like username or email, and tap the Blue button to allow the permission.
  • You can see that Twitter has been added successfully in the dashboard settings.
  • The user can view the number of people who viewed your Twitter profile shown on the Twitter analytics home dashboard.

Pros & Cons:

  • You can use Facebook, Twitter Data, and Instagram in One Place.
  • It gives excellent support and comes with a substantial user base.
  • Cost-effective tool.

#2. Crowdfire Tool

Like Hootsuite, this is the best app for managing social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It comes with different subscription plans they are Free, Plus subscription costs $9.99 per month, Premium $49.99 per month, and VIP subscription is $99.99 per month.

  • First of all, you must download and install the Crowdfire app from official site.


  • Then, launch it on the device.
  • Click on the Profile option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select Add an Account and then choose Twitter on the next page.

In the dashboard, you can see the account information and performance and the number of people who see the profile.

Pros & Cons:

  • For the audience, you can get photos and posts automatically.
  • Quickly share posts among multiple social media platforms.
  • Sometimes, the interface could be easier to navigate.

#3. Twitter Analytics

We need to find out who sees Twitter photos, videos, and much more; with the help of direct engagements, namely retweets, likes, and replies, the user can know if someone viewed their profile.

Everyone can see your direct interactions on Twitter and who interacts with you. If the user didn’t wish others to view comments on your tweets, then hide them.

Follow the below steps to hide the replies on Twitter.

  • Navigate to your Twitter account.
  • Then, open a tweet that you wish to hide the comments from others.
  • Go to the specific target replay and tap the three dots or More option.


  • Choose the Hide reply option on the drop-down menu.
  • Tap on the Hide Reply option.
  • Next, select the three dots shown on the top right corner of the tweet and click View Hidden Replies to view the replies that you’re hidden.
  • Again, go to the three dots menu and click the Unhide reply option to unhide the reply.

#4. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is an online tool that perfectly tracks who views your Twitter profile.


  • Tap on the Get Started Free button and create an account.
  • Select any plan as you wish and buy it.
  • Move to the Settings on the home page.
  • Tap on the Social Profiles tab.
  • Select the + Connect Social Profiles.
  • It would be best if you linked the Twitter profile.
  • Afterwards, go to the Analytics section and find out who viewed your Twitter profiles.

#5. Twitter Profile Insights

Twitter comes with a Twitter Profile Insights option, which helps increase insights into who viewed the Twitter Profile.

Below are the steps to set up the Twitter Profile Insights

  • You must log in to the Twitter account with the required credentials.
  • Go to the profile and tap on the profile picture or username.
  • Select the More option, i.e. three dots, and switch to the Analytics section.
  • Click on the Audiences tab to get all the information related to followers.

It doesn’t give you a particular list of visitors; it depends upon the data you can get the insights.

#6. Buffer

Buffer is the best tool to track who sees your Twitter profile, and this is a third-party app. Below, we discuss the steps to set up the Buffer app on your device.

  • Navigate to any web browser on your device and visit the official site of Buffer tool.


  • Tap on Start My Free Plan to create the account.
  • Choose the plan and buy the plan.
  • It will redirect the user to the home interface.
  • Preceding to the Accounts, tap on the + icon.
  • After that, add the respective Twitter account on Buffer.
  • Move to the Analytics tab to view who sees your Twitter profile.

#7. Sprout Social Tool

You can easily see retweets, impressions, number of clicks, and profile visits with the help of Sprout Social’s Twitter Analytics.

You can identify the follower’s growth, content performance, and engagement using this. It comes with Social’s Trend Report feature, where users can view popular hashtags and topic trends.

This is the cheapest tool and best tool to find stalkers; it is available in three different plans and also gives a 30-day free trial.


  • Tap on Start Your Free Trial.
  • Select the plan.
  • Create an account.
  • In the dashboard, go to the Account and Settings option.
  • Tap on Connect a Profile.
  • Connect the Twitter Profile to Sprout Social. Go to its analytics section and find out who viewed your Twitter profile.


  1. Comes with a task assignment feature.
  2. The integrations are logical.
  3. Offers advanced post scheduler and content calendar.
  4. Provides multi-profile publishing.
  5. Having Message drafting.
  6. Supports review management.

#8. Tweepsmap (

At present, Tweepsmap is renamed Fedica. This is a great alternative to Sprout Social and Hootsuite; using this tool, the user can detect various details, namely Total post impressions, engagement, Twitter followers, and profile visits.

The dashboard is easy to use; users can set insights about the best time to tweet, trending topics, sentiments, and followers’ interests.


Via keyboards and filters, the user can know the details of Twitter followers and is also allowed to export the data to track the profile’s performance. It gives free as well as premium plans.


  • Offers great multi-account management and customer segmentation.
  • You can make post-scheduling and automated publishing.
  • Comes with Robust reporting and keyword filtering features.

How to Make a Twitter Account Private?

Making the Twitter account private is the best way to hide the Twitter tweetups; in the private account, only followed people can see the tweets, and others can’t see your tweets. Follow the below steps to make a Twitter account private on various devices.

On Mobile Devices:

  • First of all, on Android, launch the Twitter app.
  • Then, go to the profile icon next to the search bar.
  • After that, select the Settings and Privacy option.
  • You must tap on Privacy and Safety.
  • Next, turn on Protect Your Tweets.

On Desktop:

  • Initially, the user must sign in to the Twitter account.


  • Navigate to the More section on the home feed.


  • Then select Settings and Privacy.


  • Below Settings, click on Privacy and Safety.


  • Next, select the Audience, Media, and Tagging options.


  • After that, you must go to the Protect Your Tweets box and tick it.


  • It gives a confirmation pop-up that taps on the Protect button.


Finally, you must remember one thing: i.e. Social Media sites, namely Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, protect user’s privacy and don’t track or notice who viewed your profile and posts, and they don’t allow any third-party apps or websites to track who viewed your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter profile.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How do you notice how many people viewed your Twitter?

On Twitter, the user didn’t notice the names of the people who viewed your profile but saw how many people viewed your Twitter Profile.

  • On the device, launch the Twitter app.
  • Then tap on the More option, i.e. three dots.
  • Select the Turn Analytics On Button.
  • Go to Profile Visits.
  • In there, you can notice several people who viewed your Twitter profile.

2. How do you stop people from viewing your content on Twitter?

If you want to stop people from viewing the content on your Twitter account, then switch your account to a private account so people can’t view your profile. Only followers can see your profile. This is the best way to protect your content on Twitter. Or else turn on the Protect Your Tweets option to protect your profile.

3. Is using third-party apps and services to know Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile safe?

Accessing third-party apps and services is not legal to know who sees the Twitter Profile. They ask for money to know the details, but they can’t show the exact details of your search; they are suspicious apps.

Like third-party apps, few browser extensions declared that they display the profile visitors. They are not true; they are fake, and you can’t trust them unquestioningly. They can collect the profile information and lead to malware, so don’t use those extensions.

Final Conclusion:

In this article, we mentioned How to See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile and discussed the best third-party tools that help view profile information like likes, tweets, comments, impressions, and mentions.

There is no direct way or option to See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile, and Twitter doesn’t have an inbuilt Twitter Profile Views feature or Twitter profile checker. Using Analytics, you can see how many times someone views the profile, but it can’t show the name of the person who views your Twitter Profile.

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