How to Remove Ads from the Fire HD 10 Lock Screen?

If you want to get rid of Lock Screen Ads on your Amazon Tablets, then read more to know How to Remove Lock Screen Ads From Amazon Fire Tablets.

Hi friends, are you using Amazon Fire tablets? Then you will get Ads before opening the Amazon Fire Tablet Lock. So that users have to play the ads for some time & have to install gaming applications sometimes. It will not permit us to unlock the device & use it. Sometimes it will irritate the user when want to unlock the screen immediately. Do you want to stop these unnecessary ads? Then this article will help you to remove the Ads on the lock screen.

But Amazon will charge every day for Ads. So to stop the Ads, you have to pay the money. Don’t worry about that; in this article, we are going to suggest solutions to stop ads without payment.

Working Methods to Remove Lock Screen Ads From Amazon Fire Tablets:

Most of the users want to remove the lock screen ads without paying a single penny. Because these ads while opening the lock screen will irritate Amazon Fire Tablet users, so don’t worry simply follow the given methods to Remove Amazon Fire Tablet Lock Screen Ads.

#1. Remove Ads on Amazon Fire

You will get the ads automatically; you have to Block or Remove ads from Fire HD 10 2023. This is the correct process to remove ads; please follow it carefully:

  • Just log in to
  • Choose Account from Account & Lists
  • Select the Content & Devices option in that menu.
  • Open the page Manage Your Content & Devices.
  • Search your Fire HD Tablet and tap on the Actions Button near it.
  • A menu pop-up appears for you; check any Special offers and Ads available for you and “click on the Edit option below it.”


  • Now, choose “Unsubscribe now with 1-Click Button” and tap OK.


Maybe you have a doubt “How much does it cost to remove ads from Amazon Fire tablet?”, It will charge 20 dollars; if you have paid, it will block ads for this month.

The Lock Screen is displayed with a wounder full background screen, and Ads are removed successfully. This method will remove ads perfectly. If you want to know “How to remove ads from Amazon Fire tablet for free?” then follow the next solution.


#2. Set New WallPaper:

You can’t change the background images easily on old versions of the Amazon Fire Tablet. There is no option to change it. Now in the latest versions of Amazon Fire Tablet, you can change the background image, so change the wallpaper.

Follow the Steps to set a wallpaper;

  • Launch your Amazon Fire Tab and open the quick panel from above.
  • Just tap on the Settings window.
  • Choose the Display option.
  • Select the home screen wallpapers that you like.
  • Please choose one of the wallpaper in it or from your device.
  • Click on OK and set it as wallpaper on the home screen.

That’s it the wallpaper setup is completed, and an AD-free home screen appears.

#3. Set a new Lock Screen:

If ads appeared after changing the home screen, then change the lock screen also. Follow these simple steps to set up the lock screen:

  • Launch your device & open the Settings option.
  • Choose the Lock Screen option.
  • It navigates you to search & select the image where you can choose any picture from the gallery, and Add it to the HomeScreen.
  • You can update it & remove it quickly.
  • That’s it, and it is easy to set up the image, so now you changed to a new lock screen.

#4. Restore Amazon Fire Tablet:

If you try to remove Ads, the system needs to restore settings. You should restore your settings, Apps, photos, and Backups; all will be restored to the default. If Ads are removed, then Amazon will not persist on your device. It will force you to restore factory settings. So that it restores the Apps and images and removes the screen lock and a home screen image. It will restore to the default settings. Removing ads from Fire 7 9th gen also raises issues.

#5. Enable Developer options:

To remove the ads, you have to;

  • Open Settings of your Amazon Fire Tab.


  • Choose the Device Options Tab in it.


  • Click on the Serial number multiple times like nearly 10 times.


  • And now, click on the Developer option below the serial number.


  • There, please select Enable ADB and click on the Enable option near it.


  • Now navigate to the home screen of your Amazon Fire Tablet.


  • Next, you must install the ADB(Android Debug Bridge) Drivers. You must connect your Fire Tab to the PC to do this.

It will identify your device, and it also suggests the Driver install If it does not show you manually, you must install Google USB Driver. Search Through your browser and install it.

Before installing drivers, you have to do two things. They are;

i) Disable driver signature enforcement of window 8 or 10

ii) Stop working of all emulators 

You have to follow these steps.

i) Steps to turn off the driver signature enforcement:

  • Click on Windows Settings by clicking on Windows+ I on the keyboard.


  • You must choose the Update & Security option and tap on it to open it.


  • Choose the option Recovery at the left side menu in the window


  • You must choose the Advanced Startup category and tap the Restart Now button.


  • Before restarting, it will ask you to continue or exit or troubleshoot the system. You have to select & click on the Troubleshoot option.


  • In that, Choose Advanced options.


  • In those advanced options, you have to select Startup Settings.


  • On the Startup Settings window, choose the disable driver signature enforcement option, and then click on the Restart button.


ii) Step-by-step procedure to install ADB USB Driver :

The folder you specified doesn’t contain a compatible software driver for your device. If the folder contains a driver, ensure it is designed to work with Windows for x64-based systems.”

First, you have to connect your PC to the Fire tab. Before installing the Android Debug Bridge driver, you must download a super tool called Root Junky’s Super Tool. Now, it will show a pop-up window to confirm the ADB Debugging mode. Just confirm it & go to the next step.

  • Now, open the Zip file of Super Tool: 1-Amazon-Fire-5h-gen.bat
  • If everything works fine, you can see the Amazon Fire Tablet Tool on your Desktop, which looks like Below.


  • It was opened in the Amazon power kit tool, and Click 1 on the keyboard to install the ADB Driver. Here will be the screen with the two options.


  • Again, press 1 and hit Enter. Another screen will remind you which conditions you must meet before proceeding.


  • Now press any key and continue with the onscreen instructions, do it manually.


  • Press any key to proceed next.

The Device Manager window is opened automatically. Search & find the Fire tab device under the Universal serial bus devices. Next, right-click on the Update driver software option. Select and browse the driver software for my computer and browse the USB drivers folder, which has Super Tool. Open the android_winusb.inf file, that’s it you have succeeded.

Now, open the 1-Amazon-Fire-5h-gen.bat super Tool to work with it. After opening, press 2 on the keyboard & then press Enter. It will install the Google Play Store & stop ads on the screen lock. Follow the instructions & confirm them to get success. Ensure no emulator is working and you should follow the first step properly. Then you indeed get succeeded & ads also stopped on screen locks.

#6. Root & Disable Ads:

Amazon rooted its ads to its device in an inexhaustible manner. We also try to remove these ads. First, connect your Tab to the computer, and run the clean Advertiser in the Tab. This is a third-party app, so you can root it & turn off the ads. But remember that Amazon will not support this app. Clean Advertiser app is an excellent Amazon lock screen ads Remover.

#7. Ask Amazon Customer Care for Help:

Amazon has excellent customer care to support its customers. As I mentioned in the first method, it will suggest you Pay Amazon to remove Lock Screen Ads on Amazon Fire Tablet. That’s it you can Remove ads from Fire HD 10 2020 UK using this method only.

How can I stop Amazon Ads?

Launch Chrome & select the three dots button. Just click on it to open the settings

  1. Now tap on the settings and choose the option Site Settings.
  2. Next, select Amazon, click on Ads & disable it to stop Ads. Turn off Pop-up also like this.

Final Conclusion:

These are the various methods to stop Ads in the Amazon Fire tab screen lock. You can follow any of the methods in this article & you can stop ads on Amazon Fire Tabler. Follow any of it and remove ads, but the first method is official & suggestable to follow because Amazon provided that. So that You can unsubscribe from Ads by paying money, and if you don’t want to pay money, then you can install the Drivers or Root it. These are the suggestable methods to stop ads for an extended period of time.

Stop the Ads using any of these methods & enjoy Amazon Fire Tab, the latest, thinnest, lightweight device provided by Amazon. Enjoy Ad-free browsing or streaming. After reading the article, you can easily Remove Lock Screen Ads From Amazon Fire Tablets.

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