How to Remove Bloatware from Amazon Fire 7/8/10 Tablets in 2024?

If you are facing a problem with Bloatware on your Amazon Fire Tablets and want to Remove Bloatware from Amazon Fire 7/8/10 Tablets, then you are in the right place.

Amazon will provide Fire Tablets with many features at an affordable cost. Actually, Amazon provides some inbuilt apps like the Amazon Shopping app, Amazon Prime, Comics, Weather, Camera, etc… Sometimes, these in-built apps will cause bloating problems. In this article, we are going to tell you all about the Amazon Fire Tab Bloatware problem and solutions to solve it without any further issues. Let’s read more to know How to Remove Bloatware from Amazon Fire 7/8/10 Tablets.

Mostly these in-buil apps will occupy one-fourth of the storage space and slows the system performance. Do you want to remove pre-installed apps from Amazon Fire HD 8 2020? then you have to follow each and every step provided below.

Some of the apps may be necessary for you, and some of them you may not use regularly. These apps will occupy a lot of place on your device, so when you want to store something, you definitely face storage problems within the device; that is called Bloatware. You have a solution to clear this problem, and the solution is just to remove pre-installed apps from Amazon Fire 7/8/10.

How to Remove Pre-Installed Apps on Amazon Fire Tablet?

The company will provide some apps on the device that are unnecessary for the user. Moreover, these unnecessary apps will occupy more space whereas users will not require those apps. Users will need help with many storage problems when storing their files or Photos. The main problem with these unnecessary apps is that the system performance will become slow. So, many users want to Remove Bloatware from Amazon Fire HD 10/8/7.

Method #1. Remove Bloatware in the Amazon Fire Tab using shell script:

Amazon will provide a lot of apps that you may not use, so you can remove those unnecessary apps to save some storage space. There is a wonderful method to remove pre-installed apps from Amazon Fire HD 10 2020. So follow below simple step-by-step process below.

A. Installation of Android SDK Tool:

As the first step, you have to download & install the Andriod SDK Platform Tools on Your Computer. You can also call it ADB(Android Debug Bridge) provided by Google. This will provide you with the fastest booting since it is official. Amazon Fire 7 removes Bloatware; you must install this tool on your PC. Moreover, you can use this tool for the next versions.

B. Enable the ADB in your Amazon Fire Tab:

Next, you have to enable the ADB in the Amazon Fire Tab. There are some simple steps to do; follow them.

  • Open the Setting icon on your Amazon Fire Tab.


  • Just tap on the Device options.


  • Hit on the Serial number many times; nearly seven times.


  • Now you can see Developer options below; Just click on the Developer options.


  • Now tap on Enable ADB( Android Debug Bridge). Within a few seconds, ADB is enabled in your Amazon Fire Tab.


C. Verify the Connection to the PC:

  • Next, You have to connect your Amazon Fire Tab to your PC.
  • Open the Platform Tools folder of the Android SDK platform Tool on your PC.
  • Type CMD in it to open the command prompt in it.
  • Command Prompt window will be opened.


  • Type the command: ADB Devices.
  • If you have Your Device there, your Amazon Fire tab is connected successfully to your PC.


D. Removing Bloatware:

You have to remove the unnecessary apps one by one only. Type the Command “pm list packages“; after that total apps will appear with their package names. You decide yourself which app you want to uninstall & type the below command in the command prompt.

adb shell pm uninstall — user 0 package name

You can type adb shell pm disable-user com. amazon. avod, then the Amazon Prime app will be uninstalled. If you are not using it, you can uninstall it.

Type pm uninstall –user 0, to uninstall the Calendar app.

pm uninstall –user 0, to uninstall the Weather app.

pm uninstall –user 0 galaxy, to uninstall the MyGalaxy app.


  • Now apps whatever you choose are Uninstalled successfully.


Like this, you can remove any unnecessary app from your Amazon Fire Tab. As I have explained, this is the Shell programming, and you can use it easily.

Method #2. Removing Bloatware using Amazon ToolBox:

Many apps like Amazon Prime, Alexa, weather, shopping apps, etc., will occupy much space. As system apps, we can’t delete these apps. These apps are unnecessary, but you have to bear in your Tab because you can’t delete them. Due to these apps, the device’s speed will be slowed down automatically as it has no space in storage.

A. Installation of Amazon Tool Box:

As the first step, you have to download & install the App Amazon Tool Box on Your Device. Since it is an official app, you can download it easily.

  • Open your Chrome, Safari, or any other browser on your PC.
  • Type to get the Download the Toolbox.
  • Scroll down & tap on the Downloading link of the ToolBox.


  • The App will be downloaded; Now open the downloads directory & click on it to Install.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen; Then the installation process will be started.


  • The installation process will take some time, and the App will be Installed.

B. Change the Settings in your Device:

Next, you have to enable the ADB in the Amazon Fire Tab. There are some simple steps to do; follow them.

  • Open the Setting icon in your Amazon Fire Tab.


  • Tap on Device options to open it.


  • Tap on the Serial Number option Again & again. Developer options will appear.


  • Click on the Developer options.


  • Enable the User Debugging or Enable ADB option.


  • It enables the Debugger.

C. Disabling Apps from Amazon Fire Tab using ToolBox:

  • Connect the Amazon Fire Tab to the PC.
  • Launch the Amazon ToolBox.


  • Choose the option Manage Everything Amazon.


  • Tap on the Manual Radio button opposite the Disable Everything Amazon.


  • A new window is opened to Select the apps to Disable. You have to Choose the unwanted or unnecessary apps and click on the check box near the apps. Then, tap the button Disable. The unnecessary apps will be disabled.


  • The Unwanted apps will be turned off successfully. The problem is solved successfully, so follow the above steps to successfully Remove Bloatware from Amazon Fire Tablets.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. I don’t have the option to Enable ADB in my Tab. How can I solve this problem?

You have to enable USB Debugging in this place. ADB & USB Debugging will work as same.

2. Can I Re-install system apps if I have uninstalled them?

Yes, you will install the latest version of them from the official site of the app, or You can do the Reset Factory Settings. This means You have to reset your system to default settings.

3. How can I know the package names of the App to delete?

Open PlayStore on your device & type the name of the App. As the icon appears on the screen, copy the URL. Just paste it into the notepad or anywhere. Erase the data before the symbol ” = “. You will get the package name of the App.


Before typing the uninstall command type the pm list packages command. Then you will get the list of packages on your device so you can uninstall them easily.

4. Can you Restore the apps like Amazon Prime?

Yes, you can get it again from the Amazon app. If your subscription is completed, You have to purchase a subscription.

Final Conclusion:

This is a clear article to remove Bloatware by the step-by-step procedure in Amazon Fire Tablet 7/8/10. If you feel any unnecessary apps, you can remove them & set your system as Administrator. You can Customize your Tablet as you wish, and you can maintain it according to your wish. You can install the apps you need or uninstall them if you are not using them. So that you can save your storage space & you can increase your system performance also.

After reading the whole article, you can easily Remove Bloatware from Amazon Fire 7/8/10 Tablets. You have to follow these steps to resolve your problem completely. Just be careful before uninstalling the App. Uninstall the apps if you feel they are unnecessary.

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