Steps To Install ES File Explorer on Firestick 4K?

You can use the ES file Explorer to download any third-party apps. After reading the full article, you will learn how to use ES File Explorer on Firestick, but it is not free now; you have to subscribe to it. Don’t worry; here in this article, I will show you how to get ES File Explorer Pro for free. Then you can download any app or stream any channels using them.

Are you using a firestick? Are you bored seeing the same channels & want to stream something new? So, you have to download the new apps. Do you want to stream international or multi-language channels that are not permitted for you? If your answer is Yes, you must download the third-party apps. But it is impossible through the Amazon Store because it will not provide you with unofficial apps.

What is ES File Explorer?

ES File Explorer is an alternative app downloader & file manager on Firestick. ES File Explorer is used to sideload the third-party app and will manage those files and apps. It will also show or hide images, files, documents, videos, and folders.

It has a monthly subscription starting from $9.99. This will provide you with the Sideloading, File Analyse, Root Explorer, Recycle Bin, etc.; ES File Explorer File linked codes are also used.


You have to use a VPN service like Express VPN. Since it is banned in some countries, it is better not to use the app if it is banned. If you want to use the app, subscribe to the VPN service. VPN will hide your internet activity; avoid Tracing & tracking. This article will show how to download ES File Explorer on Firestick for free.

Features of ES File Explorer

  • ES File Explorer will sideload the third-party apps.
  • It will manage the files on FireStick and delete unnecessary files to provide good performance.
  • You can send files to a PC from Firestick.
  • You can connect it to the Cloud services like Google Drive.
  • It is compatible with Firestick, Android, Linux, and Windows.

ES File Explorer Home Screen Options

Here, you will have a clear explanation of some important features of the ES File Explorer.


  • Messages: Stores the messages of the ES File Explorer.
  • Social Media Buttons: This allows you to access the Social Media apps like Facebook & YouTube.
  • Settings will give users access to the general system, security settings, and tools.
  • Tools: Es File Explorer provides multiple tools like Download Manager, Music Player, Hide List, Space Analyzer, and Cleaner.
  • Library: It will store images, videos, apps, and many more.
  • Favourite: You can mark your favourite content.
  • Root Explorer: You can browse or access the root folder and files on rooted devices.
  • Gesture: Record particular gestures to do the functions with the app.
  • Recycle Bin: Stores the removed content. 

Pros & Cons:

  • No need to pay anything to download the apps from ES File Explorer.
  • Sideload the unofficial apps.
  • Maintain the firestick device.
  • Clean the memory by deleting unnecessary files.
  • The paid version also provides Sideloading, Root Explorer, Recycle Bin, and more.
  • You have to purchase the premium to download any app from it.
  • It is banned in some countries.
  • Ads will disturb you.


  • You must have RAM of 4GB.
  • Must use the devices like Firestick, Android, Linux, and Windows.
  • Need enough space to download the app.

Download ES File Explorer on Firestick

ES File Explorer is an alternative Store to download third-party apps. Amazon will provide a store to download apps. But it will not provide unofficial apps to download. So, you need an external downloading app to download unofficial apps on your Firestick. Do I need ES File Explorer on FireStick to solve this problem? Yes.

A fantastic advantage of this app is that it is an official app. It is available on the Amazon Store and also on Fire Stick. ES File Explorer APK is available on the Amazon Store easily; no need to sideload this app. Please follow the step-by-step process to Download and install ES File Explorer on Firestick without issues.

  • Go to the Fire TV Home Screen; tap on the Search icon at the top left corner of the home screen.


  • Search for the ES File Explorer there, and select ES File Explorer in the search results to download.


  • Click on the Download button to download ES File Explorer File Manager.


  • After downloading the app, it will show the window; click the Install button to start the installation process.


  • Click on the Open button to launch it.


  • Along with that, it will show a message to delete the APK file of the app. Since it will cause, unnecessary file downloads and the memory of our device is wasted. So it will cause buffering problems also.


  • Confirm the deletion to avoid unnecessary files to store.


  • ES File Explorer was Installed successfully. It is ready to use; you can launch it.

Download ES File Explorer using Downloader

Es File Explorer has various features like a browser, root explorer, hidden files, FTP share, and download manager. You can also download the Downloader on the Firestick app from the ES File Explorer. Downloader will sideload the third-party apps on the Firestick. AFTV and TroyPoint develop it, and it will sideload apps using the correct URL or searches for that app.

The downloading speed is very high; OK, Let’s see the Es file explorer installation process from the Downloader.

  • Now move towards the search icon at the top left corner of your Firestick home screen.


  • Now enter ES File Explorer and tap on it.
  • You can see the list of files displayed on your screen, and there, click on the ES File Explorer icon; once you have clicked on it and the Download button appears, tap it.


  • Hit on the download button to download the ES File Explorer.


  • After that, click on the Open button straight away.


  • The ES File Explorer window will launch from the Apps Section. Follow the next section to launch the app.

How to Use ES File Explorer on Firestick?

The process still needs to be completed with the Installation. After installing the ES File Explorer, You can launch it. It would be in the list of installed apps on FireStick. You click on it to launch, and then it will ask permission to access your files, photos, & media.

You grant permission to access your data. After that, it will also offer you a premium package, then only it will display the home page you can use. Mostly you can Install apps on Firestick through ES Files Explorer by Enabling the apps from unknown sources on Firestick.

Make sure that, before using this app, you have to turn on the VPN service while you are using & downloading third-party apps. Otherwise, they could harm your data or device. And also it saves your device from tracing. First, you must find the app icon to go to the home screen.

  • Launch the Fire TV and click on the Apps Tab.


  • Open the Apps tab from the home page and choose the ES File Explorer from there.


  • Es File Explorer Homepage will be loaded and ask permission to access or manage the storage, click on Agree.


  • And it will ask permission to access your device’s photos, images, videos, or media; you have to allow it.


  • Then it will offer the Premium package to purchase & install. You can purchase or use the Free trial initially; afterward, if you like it, you can purchase it.


  • Now, the home page of the ES File Explorer app will be loaded to use.


  • On the Tools tab on the left side menu ribbon, you have to choose & click on the Download Manager tab.


  • Next, click on the New+ tab at the bottom of the right-side panel. Just tap on it or the Add tab on the screen at the left side menu panel.


  • Now, provide the path & download any third-party apps.


  • You can download any app from here; it will also manage your device.
  • Use this app & experience the amazing feeling of its great features.

How to Install File Explorer on Firestick:

Sometimes the free version will cause many problems; in case any issues are raised with File Explorer or if you asked to purchase the premium version, then try free File Explorer for Firestick. You can use File Explorer instead of ES File Explorer.

  • Go to the home screen of Firestick & click on the Magnifier icon to search for File Explorer.


  • You have to click on File Explorer from the search results.


  • Click on the Download button to download the app.


  • It will connect to the server & start downloading.


  • Just click on the Open button to launch it.


  • While launching, the app will show you some changelogs; tap on Got it, and that will be dismissed.


  • It will ask about the storage permissions you have to grant them to use the File Explorer application. This will allow the app to access media files and photos.


  • Tap on Allow.


  • The home page will be opened.


  • Click on the Download directory from the home page, where APK files are stored on Firestick.


  • It will show the apps that you have downloaded already.
  • Just click on one of the apps and installation will be initiated immediately.
  • After completion of the installation process, you can launch the app to use.

It is straightforward to sideload the apps from ES File Explorer or File Explorer. The downloading process is easy. If this also causes Firestick issues like Firestick Not Working, try out the Downloader app to download unofficial apps, the ES File Explorer alternative.

Clean Firestick Storage on ES File Explorer

Many users have asked me about cleaning the Firestick. You can perform the task by using the ES File Explorer. The process will remove unwanted junk files that occupy the most space on the Firestick. Here is the process to know about it.

  • Launch ES File Explorer.


  • Check the Internal Storage option, and click on it.
  • A list of directories will appear on the screen.
  • Hit on the download folder.


  • There you can clear all the deleted files or remove the files you wish to delete so that the memory would be cleared.

Sideloading Apps From Your Computer and Transfer Files

ES File Explorer is used to sideload the apps and stores on the Computer. It will provide a feature that transfers files between Fire TV Stick and PC.

  • Choose the Settings icon (Gear icon) on the Firestick home screen.
  • Please tap on the My Fire TV tab.


  • Hit on the Developer Options tab.


  • Choose the ADB Debugging tab and turn it on.


  • Next, Go back to the home screen & hit on the AppStore tab.


  • Please tap on the ES File Explorer icon & launch it.


  • Scroll down & search for the View on PC option carefully. Click on it to turn it on.
  • You will observe the FTP address, for example,
  • Launch your PC and open any folder you want; you have to enter the FTP that appeared here.
  • On PC, all Firestick folders appear on your screen. So that the apps, files, images, video, or any file will be shared or transferred between PC & Firestick.
  • Also, you can sideload the Apps to the Firestick.
  • Hit on the Home tab from the left side menu bar.
  • Choose the download folder where the apps would be copied from the PC.


  • Just click the file and tap on Install.
  • Installation of the app would be initiated.

This is installing apps to Firesticks from a PC or transferring files from the Firestick to a PC.

Connect to Cloud Devices

The most advanced feature of ES File Explorer is to connect with the online Cloud drivers. Cloud drives will save videos, images, and APK files and access them. Since the Firestick has limited storage, you can save vast data to the cloud drive and access it from anywhere and whenever you wish to use it.

Cloud Drive provides you with a large amount of memory that is free of cost. It is synchronized with the PC; you must save the apk files on the Cloud and access them on Fire Stick from ES File Explorer. It Means Sideloading apps on Firestick by Cloud Drive.

ES File Explorer is compatible with all popular cloud services like Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, Sugar Sync, S3, Media Fire, Yandex, Baidu NetDisk, and Box. You can use two or more cloud drives above. No need to worry about it; you can use two accounts for one drive.

Follow these steps to connect to your Cloud Drive

  • Launch ES File Explorer.


  • Tap on the Cloud Drive option on the right side or hit on the Network tap and next choose Cloud Drive in the left side menu ribbon.


  • Select your Cloud drive and sign in to it, for example, on Google Drive.
  • You can add another cloud drive by tapping on the + tab that appears there.
  • Now, you can access files & folders on your cloud drive.

Delete Floating Widgets

After the Installation of the app, Es File Explorer users will naturally use a floating widget on their devices. You can observe an emblem on Fire TV, or your device is removed. A widget is nothing but a familiar Android icon. Usually, a streaming user can identify it. Generally, it irritates the user, and it will not be removed. You can resolve the issue by following the simple solution.

  • Open ES File Explorer from the Firestick home screen or Apps Section.


  • Go to the Settings tab from the left side menu bar.


  • Choose the General Settings tab.
  • Next, select Logger floating widget settings and disable it. Ensure that the check box in that column should not be ticked & not in blue colour. That’s it; the widget is removed.

Use VPN on Firestick

ES File Explorer is an excellent downloader for third-party apps. You can sideload the apps, but before downloading these apps from the ES File Explorer, you must use a VPN service like Express VPN.

VPN services will hide your internet activity from the government, so you can use any banned or unofficial apps on your device. This will not be tracked, and your identity will not be traced. This will provide excellent security to your device. You can download & access the worldwide content.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is ES File Explorer available on the Amazon store?

Yes, as it is the most popular app. It is available on the Amazon Store of your Firestick device.

2. Can I Install any third-party or unofficial app on Firestick? How can I do it?

You must download the ES File Explorer, available on the Amazon store directly. This app will allow you to sideload third-party apps on your device. You can do it quickly. Follow the article from the first; you can do that easily.

3. Is ES File Explorer available for free?

ES File Explorer is partially free. It has a trial version to access some features. This provides a premium version, which is a paid version.

4. Is there an alternative app for ES File Explorer?

Downloader is the best alternative for the ES File Explorer. Since it downloads third-party apps, if you don’t have a URL to download the app, it has a built-in library to search for it. You can choose the correct one & download it from the search result.

5. Is it possible to transfer files to the Computer from Firestick?

You can do it with the help of ES File Explorer. You create an FTP connection on your Firestick device and connect it to the PC to manage files directly from your Computer. This option is available on both free trial & premium also. This is the best file manager for Firestick 2024.

Final Conclusion:

There is no problem downloading the ES File Explorer since it is an official app to download and is available on the Amazon Store. You can download it easily. It provides many features like File Analyse, Root Explorer, and Recycle Bin, along with sideloading of third-party apps. It will manage your memory & clean unnecessary files.

ES File Explorer is the best File Manager for Firestick 2024. Use the app & install fantastic apps to change your day’s most beautiful.

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