Temporarily Root an Android Device via Magisk [How-To Guide]

Well, we all use smartphones, which provide many facilities in our daily routine life. Smartphones replaced all the extra equipment with their additional features. Smartphones come with a basic Operating system which the company provides, but you can change it’s nature by Rooting it. So here in this article, I am going to show you How to Temporarily Root an Android Device via Magisk.

However, some users would like their limited access that is a company-provided Operating System. Users are used to rooting their Android devices to access extra Administrative controls. Once they have Rooted their Android Devices, they will get Superuser Administrative controls on their Devices, and a user can uninstall system apps and modify apps as per user requirements. If you want to Root your Android device temporarily? then you must follow this guide carefully until the end.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is a process that allows users to access the administrative control of the Android device. Once you root your Android device like a mobile or tablet etc., you can access all the control of it and modify your device as per your requirements. After rooting your device, you can uninstall your system apps. You will adjust your operating system to Custom OS if rooted in your Android mobile.


Before you temporarily Root your Android Device via Magisk, you must get some requirements. The requirements are listed below as follows.

  • First, you must back up your complete data from your Android device; otherwise, your data can be wiped off while rooting.
  • After that, Check whether mobile charging is at least 70%. I don’t have minimum sharing; please connect the charger to the mobile.
  • Next, you must Download Android SDK Platform tools on your PC. Then Extract Platform tools in your comfortable area on your PC in the fame platform tolls Folder.
  • Here, you have to Enable USB Debugging; follow the steps below.

Go to settings >> About Phone >> Tap 7 times on Build Number

It will provide you Developer option on your Device Setting, open it, and Enable USB Debugging from there.

  • Lastly, Unlock the Device Bootloader on your device.
When you unlock the Bootloader of your device, your device data will be wiped off. So make sure to take a backup of your device.

How to Temporarily Root an Android Device via Magisk?

The process of temporarily rooting Android Devices via Magisk must be bigger and simpler. This process will be divided into steps to understand easily and access quickly. These steps are given below.

Step 1#: Unlock the Bootloader of Device

First, you must unlock your device’s Bootloader; it can wipe all the data and your device warranty well. That means your device can lose its warranty and data stored internally. If you agree with these conditions, you can Unlock the Bootloader and go for further steps; otherwise, you can quit.

Step 2#: Get Stock Boot.img file

After that, you must download the stock firmware file already installed on your Android device. Make sure it must be matched to the already installed one. After downloading, extract it to a comfortable place on your PC. If you have a Pixel device, then you can see the boot.img file on your device. On the other hand, you can see the payload.bin file for One Plus users directly.

Similarly, Oppo and Realme mobile have their OZIP file and boot.sin file came under the Sony devices. Whatever it may be, it has its stock boot.img file while rooting.


Step 3#: Patch Stock Boot.img file via Magisk

Here, you will have to patch to extracted file. For that, follow the below steps.

  • First and foremost, move the boot.img file to your Android device.
  • After that, you must install the Magisk app on your Android device.
  • Now open the Magisk app on your device and tap on Install.


  • On the next screen, tap Select and Patch file in the Method section.


  • Then find the extracted boot.img file and choose it.


  • After that, you will see the boot.img file in Magisk will load, and it will patch it accordingly. Then you will see Download completed on your screen.


  • Wait for some more to Root your Android device with the help of Magisk.


  • In the internal storage, the patched boot.img file will be saved in the Download section. The name of it is saved as magisk_patched.img and random numbers at the end. After that, go to another step to continue the process.


Step 4#: Boot Device to Fastboot Mode

  • First, install the Andriod SDK platform tools and extract them to any convenient area on your PC; if you are done with it already, ignore it.
  • Then you have to connect the Android device to your PC through the USB cable, and before that, make sure your USB Debugging is enabled.
  • Go to the Platform-tools folder, write CMD in the Platform-tools Address bar, and press Enter.
  • It will launch the command prompt and write the command to boot the device to Fastboot commands. Here in this article, you can also learn How to Unbrick POCO F3 GT via Fastboot Commands.
adb reboot bootloader

Step 5#: Boot Magisk Patched Boot. img

Here, we will take the most important step in temporarily rooting Android Devices via Magisk. Then we will temporarily boot your device through the Magisk patched boot.img. You have remembered it; this is a temporary rooting process. If you reboot the device, it will turn to the non-rooted device.

  • First and foremost, check whether your device is booted or not to Fastboot mode.
  • After that, If you have entered CMD on the platform tolls address bar, the command prompt window will open.
  • Then you also have to move the magisk_patched.img file on the platform tools folder.
  • Once that is done well, you have to execute the following commands to boot the device to Rooted OS through Magisk patched boot.img file:
fastboot boot magisk_patched.img
  • After flashing the file, execute the following command to boot the device to the OS.
fastboot reboot
  • The bootup process will take some time; boot up your device.
  • After all, the steps are completed successfully, reboot your device.

This is the total process of the temporary Root Android Device via Magisk. Now you can enjoy it with your rooted device and access all the rooted permissions.

Final Conclusion

Temporarily rooting Android Devices via Magisk is not a dangerous process but a delicate thing. Whenever you root your Android device through this process, ensure some prerequisites play a big role while rooting. But you must follow some important instructions while rooting Android devices via Magisk. If you want to root your Android device via Magisk temporarily, follow the guide mentioned above.

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