How to Rent Movies on iTunes and Watch Them Offline on my iDevices?

If you want to watch rented movies on your iPhone, or iPad, then read more to know How to Rent Movies on iTunes and Watch Them Offline on your iPhone, or iPad.

In Apple Devices, you can watch movies online. But if you want to watch the latest movies or just released movies without any subscription to OTTs like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc., then it is also possible to stream released movies without any OTT apps. Instead of subscribing to them, you can rent movies. Moreover, you can rent a single picture. There is a great facility to stream those movies offline, which means you can download it & watch it later.

Can I rent movies on Apple TV? Yes, You can take movies on rent and watch them when you have leisure. If you have very little time you have rented only one movie, so you have to pay for that movie only. You can download & watch these movies using iTunes.

Everyone has a question in their mind like How to rent movies with Apple. The solution is explained in the article, so let’s get into the article, because here in this article, I am going to show you How to Rent Movies on iTunes and Watch Them Offline on your iPhone, or iPad. Here in this article, you can also try iTunes Alternatives For Apple Devices.

Reasons Why You Use Rental Movies:

Nowadays, most movies are released on OTT, because many people are not showing interest in going to theaters. They just want to subscribe to any OTT channel. If you are the one who has no time to watch the TV or you want to see newly released movies only, then you can take the movies on rent. You can download, watch & also delete it after watching it. It automatically erases movies after their time period ends to stream. The cost of renting a movie is much less than purchasing a movie or subscribing to any OTT app.

Methods to Rent Movies on iTunes to Stream on iPad or iPhone:

The latest movies are released first on OTT like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc, People do not like to go to theaters, because they want to watch movies in their homes only. If you have not subscribed to any OTT, but want to watch the movie, then you can watch the movie by taking it for rent. It is easy to take a movie on rent on iTunes, the process is as explained below.

How do I Watch a Movie I Rented on iTunes on my iPad Using the iTunes app?

  • Launch the iTunes app on your iDevice.
  • Then tap on the Movies tab which is near the top-most left corner.


  • Choose the Rented option from the iTunes window. If you don’t have a rented option, you can observe the current rental option. Just tap on it and provide your Apple User ID and password.
  • Now Search for any movie.


  • To watch your rental movie, click on the title & download it.


  • Now you can watch the movie in your leisure time.

If you have a question like How to watch purchased movies on Apple TV on a computer? The process is nearly the same because you can use iTunes on your PC too.

How to Download Movies on iPhone or iPad Using iTunes Store?

  • Open the iTunes app, Tap on the movies tab in the left corner.
  • Next, tap on the Store.
  • Now Search for the movie you want to stream. Just observe that, if you are selected the Store before accepting search results. This means you should search for the movies in the iTunes Store only.
  • Hit on the Enter button to watch the search results.


  • Choose the movie which you want to take rent & hit on the RENT button.


  • It will show the payment price to rent a movie.


  • After paying the amount, the movie will be downloaded from the iTunes library.


  • That’s it, so now you can watch rented movies on your Windows PC or Mac devices with the help of the iTunes Store.

Where Are My iTunes Movies?

If you have rented a movie successfully, and want to watch it? then follow these steps to open it.

  • You have to open the Apple TV from your iPhone or iPad.


  • After opening, the homepage of the Apple TV, simply observe; that there are rental movies just below the webpage.


  • Otherwise, you can get it from the library button; Just click on the Library button.
  • In the library, you will observe the Rental movies which are next to the Apple TV new release movies & TV programs.
  • Now you can click on it to stream.

Transferring a Movie from the iTunes Library to any Device Like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Apple TV:

Once you have rented & downloaded the movie, you can share it with any of the iDevices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Apple TV. Before transferring the movie, remember that the device has the capability to stream rental movies. Normally iOS devices only have this capability. So that you have to transfer it on iDevices only. Moreover, you can watch it offline. These simple steps to transfer movies from the iTunes library on PC to other iDevices.

  • Connect your iDevices to your PC.
  • Open the iTunes app on your PC.
  • Just tap on the Devices icon present on the left side of the window.


  • Identify your device with the information provided over there.


  • Choose the movies tab & click on it.


  • Then you will observe the rented movies there, Select the rented movie & tap on the option Move.


  • You can move it to any device from there.


  • Click on Move & Apply to Download Movie.


  • Stop watching on your other device, you can watch movies on your iPhone, or iPad.

Time Duration to Watch the Rented Movie:

There is a special offer by Apple, you can watch that movie for 30 days. Once you have started to watch it, it will be erased after 48 hours. Remember that after starting streaming the movie, watch it within 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I watch the rental movies on the smart TV?

No, Rentals are only streamed on devices that have the Apple TV app and are signed in with Apple ID and password.

2. Can I stream rented films without Wi-Fi?

Yes, You have to download the movie using Wi-Fi on the iTunes library. Moreover, you can watch them offline means without Wi-Fi or the Internet.

3. Can I download the rented movie on two iDevices at a time?

No, You just download it to only one of your iDevices, but you can stream it on multiple iDevices at a time. While downloading movies to one device, you have to disable the other device’s Rentals.

4. How many times can I watch iTunes rented movies?

You can watch as many times as you wish within the rental time limit. If you have downloaded an SD movie, it only streamed on one device at a time. Whereas HD movies can only be streamed on iPad, MAC, and Apple TV.

Final Conclusion:

The latest movies are also released on OTTs, but we can’t subscribe to all of them to watch released movies. So that you can watch movies on a rental basis by simply using the rental option on your devices. After reading the whole article, you can easily know the process to Rent Movies on iTunes and Watch Them Offline. You can select, and download the movie you wish, so it can be downloaded on your iTunes Library.

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