How to Redeem Amazon Gift Card? [2024 Updated]

We have experienced that moment to ask for other’s help in redeeming Amazon gift cards. Still, this guide will give you complete guidance to redeem Amazon gift cards yourself without anyone’s help, so let’s jump into the article. How many of us know how to redeem an Amazon gift card? I know many people are still working on it, but no more worries. In this article, we will guide you on how to that, its benefits, and many other things about Amazon.

Amazon gift card is nothing but it is already a pre-loaded card with a set amount of money that can be used to send to anyone as a gift card; you can gift it to your friends and family. Generally, amazon gift cards can be used to shop at, or you can also shop in the mobile app; you can gift on your partner’s birthdays or your family members.

You can make purchases whenever you need to buy any other products from other stores or online shopping apps by selling them to them, or you can buy anything like any product using gift cards from Amazon. Moreover, you can even change the Language in Amazon.

How to Redeem Amazon Gift Cards 

Here, we will mention some effective ways to redeem Amazon gift cards. Let’s see what we got.

#1. Balance Checking of Gift Card

First, before you redeem a gift card, you need to check how much balance you have on your Amazon gift card.

  • Log in to your Amazon account.


  • Now, head to the Gift Cards Section.


  • Enter the gift card code details to know the available money.

Other than this method, there is another way to know the actual balance of your Amazon Gift Card by just contracting the Amazon customer support team.

#2. Redeem Gift Card Through the Amazon Website

You can redeem Amazon gift cards in other ways through Amazon Gift cards. To redeem the gift card, you need to follow these steps accurately.

  • You need to create an Amazon account if you don’t have one and log in.


  • Head to the Gift cards section.


  • Enter the gift card code.

And that’s it. Once you enter the code, you can see the applied balance to your account, which can be later used to buy products on Amazon.

#3. Redeem Gift Cards Through the Amazon Mobile App

You can also redeem Amazon gift cards through the mobile app by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • First, go to the Play Store or App Store on your mobile.
  • Download the Amazon app, then create an account or log in to the account if you have the account already.
  • Now go to the Gift Cards & Registry section.
  • Mention the gift card code.
  • Now apply the gift card balance.

Some Tips to Redeem Amazon Gift Cards

Besides the steps mentioned above, you can also try these tips to redeem Amazon gift cards conveniently.

You need to check the expiry date before using the Amazon gift card.

  • You can use it for handling and shipping.
  • You can buy event tickets.
  • You can make purchases from Amazon’s other services such as Amazon Music, Amazonunlimited Kindles, and Amazon Prime.
  • You can use it for purchasing other stores’ gift cards.
  • You can use it to make donations.
  • You can exchange or sell it on Amazon gift cards to purchase other gift cards.
  • You can make purchases from third-party sellers from Amazon associates.
  • Make purchases of digital products such as e-books, TV shows, audiobooks, music, and games.


1. What are Amazon gift cards used for?

Amazon gift cards are mostly used to gift friends and family members on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, or you can use them to purchase other store gift cards.

2. How do I get Amazon gift cards on Amazon?

You can get gift cards on Amazon by adding money to the gift cards on Amazon, and later, you can use it to gift someone or to purchase any item on Amazon.

3. How can I redeem Amazon Gift Cards?

You can redeem gift cards to make purchases, and you can donate to the charity or purchase any other digital products on the Amazon app using the Amazon gift cards.

Final Conclusion

Amazon gift cards are really useful to customers. If you add money to it, you can make purchases or use it to send gift cards to your friends or family members’ birthdays. If you are running out of money, try to use it once, and then you will get to know the benefits of Amazon gift cards you can redeem in a good way with provided helpful information in this article.

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