How to Know If Someone Blocked You in Snapchat?

Warm Welcome, Geeks, If you are looking for a perfect article to clear all your Snapchat problems, here it is. Well, From this point of view, let’s find out if you’re being blocked by a person or not on Snapchat.

Snapchat is the most beautiful application where we can share our snaps and other creative content more effectively. In addition to that, we can use some filters, which is the best part of the design which no one has ever done before. Moreover, Filters are fun-filled and are very interesting to use.

Snapchat is beyond these features, because we can chat with our friends and make new friends by searching their usernames. We can even share Pictures, Videos, and other large files to make your conversation active. In general, we can able to see new filters added to the list day by day.

Apart from that, you can even block the person if you are not interested in chatting further. It seems to hurt you when someone blocks you for the same reason. We can able to get a clear idea of whether the person blocked you or not. In this type of situation, other cases will also include; that is they just deactivated their account. Well, by using the steps mentioned below, we can trace out the problem:

How to Find Someone Blocked in Snapchat?

Moreover, using some simple techniques, we can find whether someone just blocked you or deactivated your account. We can use some basic methods to confirm the issue. In addition, for one of the methods, we need another phone from a relative or your friends to make a move. Therefore without getting late, let’s move to the solutions.

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#1. Check out the Most Recent Conversations

  • First, it will be useful if you have any conversations with the person whom you think might have blocked you.
  • So open your conversation just by clicking on the message icon. Well, it is indeed situated on the left side of the camera.


  • Moreover, you can find your respected conversation if you have chatted with the person previously.
  • On the other hand, if you don’t have any such type of conversation, that means you may delete them due to some privacy issues. Well, you can use other alternative methods to detect the issues.
  • As you are not motivated to delete the chat but still can’t find the conversation. Just consider that the person  is blocked you.
  • Well, there is no such thing that we can bring back the person, so it’s better to move on.

#2. Search The Blocked Person User Name or Full Name

  • The alternate method is to search for the person using the username. It is, in fact, the best idea as we get many suggestions if you try to search by name.


  • If you find the person’s account after searching their username, then we can say we are not yet blocked.
  • Moreover, if the person unfriended you, you may be unable to pop up in their friend list. In addition, you may see an option called add friends to add them to your friend’s list.


  • However, this is not the final solution to clear the issue. If the person deactivated their account, you don’t even find their username on Snapchat. So we can consider this until we follow the next method.

#3. Check Their User Name with the Help of New Account

  • To get a solution, we need to use other accounts to confirm their username, whether it is inactive state or deactivated mode.
  • You can use your friend’s phone or some of your relatives to find their account. You can use your friend account to search for the username. So that you can get a clear-cut idea about them.
  • In addition to that, you can also create a new account to make a move.
  • So you must remove your account first and create a new one using the following details.
  • Generally, Snapchat asks you to enter your phone number, Email address, date of birth, and username.
  • Yes, you may be free to use the new account after completing the step. Now kindly search for the person using the username.
  • This is the end for you if you find their username or account in your newly created one. You can consider the person who blocked you on Snapchat.
  • Moreover, even if you can’t find any account or username, they might deactivate their account because of personal issues.

So by following these methods, you can get a clear-cut idea about the person quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can we able to search for the username?

Well, you can make connections using the search bar at the top of the interface to search for the person.

2. Can we find the username if the person blocks you?

No, we can’t able to find the username if they block you on Snapchat.

3. Can we create Snapchat using our email address?

You can use your email or phone number to activate your account. It’s better to use your mobile number for better feasibility.

4. How to add someone to your friend list?

Just search for them using their username, and you may find an option called to add to friends list. Well, click on it, and you can see the results.

5. Can we share videos using Snapchat?

Yes, you can share photos and other large files in addition to videos.

6. If someone blocked you, can we see the conversation?

No, you can’t able to find the conversation. In case you deleted your conversation, there are some methods mentioned above. Have a look.

7. What happens if you deactivate your account?

Well, if you deactivated your account, then your friends can’t able to find your account using your username.

Final Conclusion:

Finally, these are some methods to know if someone has blocked you on Snapchat or not. Furthermore, if you have any questions about those methods, you can poke us in the comment section below. In addition, if you find the article useful, kindly share it with all your mates for maximum reach. If you find any other interesting methods, you can share them with us without hesitation. Actually, you can even take the Support from Snapchat if you face any problems on your Snapchat.

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