How to Find Instagram URL? [What is My Instagram URL?]

If you want to know Instagram URLs for Profiles, Photos, Videos, etc…? Then check out the working methods on How to Find Instagram URLs.

Find the Instagram URL of any user or Client URL under your agency over an Android mobile iPhone or desktop web page by following the entire article. Lots of information has been provided by us in the below description with recommended images so that you can easily recognize them as well. You can easily find your Instagram URL throughout this entire article.

Instagram URL is an Instagram online address that refers to the user profile page or posts precisely. If you use the Instagram website on your desktop, you can also find the Instagram links on the desktop website easily. You can find other Instagram users’ URLs on your Instagram account using the methods below.

Do you know what Instagram URL looks like? We will show you how the Instagram URL looks to as “”; this is an example of your Instagram URL.

What Is My Instagram URL?

Before going to know Instagram URL, you should know what URL is. URL stands for uniform resource locator, an online address given to a post or page, which can be referred to as links or hyperlinks. Instagram URLs are the links assigned to different profiles as well as posts. Instagram URL is the combination of the Instagram website and your username.

Log in to your Instagram account(Fix “There Was a Problem Logging You into Instagram Please Try Again Soon”), head to the profile section, and see your Instagram URL in the address path. Your page is loaded with feed content, and the page can be embedded in buttons, texts, images, videos, or else. The best part is you can even mute someone’s Stores, Posts, Videos, and Notes on Instagram.

How To Find Your Instagram URL On Desktop?

The instant way to find your Instagram profile on the web browser on your desktop is to add your Instagram username to the official site link that is the Instagram site.

For Instance, If your friend or Client is Dundi with something else at the end of the tale name, go to the web browser enter the of the Client, and then click enter. You will get into the client profile straight away.


If you are not perfect about the Client’s name, then check out others’ URLs, and copy them from the Instagram web browser. To do this, go to your regular web browser, launch an Instagram website, discover the name you are looking for now, and tap on the current Profile.

Once you enter this particular profile page, notice that the website browser address along with the profile username is inserted into the URL path called Instagram URL.

Organizations that manage multiple Instagram profiles mean there is no username next to impossible. You can get Instagram URLs through your dashboard and head to social profile panels by logging into your Instagram account.


Head to your Instagram account profile, where you can see the list of Instagram account users; pick up any Instagram account profile name from the list and add it to the official website URL on the browser URL path. “The username next to the Instagram link is the Instagram URL”.

How To Get Instagram URL On Android?

If you have an Instagram account on your mobile device and want to find your Instagram URL, follow the steps below.

  • Launch the Instagram app on your mobile and log in immediately.
  • Your profile photo will appear at the bottom of the screen; tap on it.
  • Your profile photo and user name will immediately appear at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Ensure all Instagram profile URLs are structured, or Instagram URL examples like


  • Once you have a profile username on Instagram, copy it and add it next to an Instagram link; as a result, you will also get an Instagram URL.

How To Find Your Instagram URL On iPhone?

You can find your Instagram URL on your iPhone also; let’s see the below steps.

  • Launch the Instagram app on your iPhone and log in to your account.
  • Tap on the profile photo as you did on your Android app.
  • As you can see, your Instagram profile photo appears at the top of the screen. Here you can even try the Ways To Check Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile.


  • Your Instagram URL is the combination of two components: your Instagram domain name and your username.

How To Change An Instagram URL?

To alter anyone’s Instagram profile link completely, you should update their Profile if they want to rebrand completely or use a temporary name for their Profile on Instagram. The Username of Instagram can be changed with the official app only.

  • Let’s open up the Instagram App on your Android or other devices.
  • Now log in to your Instagram account.
  • Tap on the Instagram Profile photo at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • You can see edit profile and ad button options at the top of the screen; select the edit profile option.
  • In place of a username enter a new username.
  • You can also see an updated Instagram URL instead of the previous Instagram link.
  • Over changing usernames, You have 14 days left in your hand to revert the changes that you have made. During that period of time, no other users can get a chance to use that username when creating a new Instagram account.
  • A newly changed username must be approved by popular accounts; once approved, the original account owner and followers of that account will receive a notification ensuring the new username.
  • If your Client likes to access an Instagram URL that does not appear on the Instagram website Address, Use a URL shortener online website to track and share Instagram short URLs using the official customs website name.
  • Now go to the rebrandly link and immediately sign up for the rebrandly account.


  • Now sign in to the Rebradly account with your Gmail and Facebook account or simply fill up all the details and click on Create an Account.


  • Here you will receive Enter your dashboard on the screen, simply Tap on it.


  • Now you will get options like business or personal to choose whatever you like and follow the on-screen instructions to move forward.


  • Enter Mandatory fields and click on Done.


  • Here you will get different options, click on Create a New link to create a new Rebrandly link.
  • Now paste the copied link in the destination path field and press the create link button at the bottom of the screen.


  • On the next page, you can see the newly created link that is, check out the link whether that is redirecting to the destination URL or Not.


  • Ensure that if someone else has already used the link slash tag and you can not see the newly created link on the screen, you can easily rectify the issue using the original domain.
  • Once the new link is created using the options, you can share, delete, copy, visit the URL, and more. Using the custom QR code option, you can generate a custom QR code.

How To Find An Instagram URL To A Photo or Video?

To get Instagram Photo URLs, you should use the desktop website which is the best method for it, now go to your Instagram website on your desktop, head to your profile section, and then select the photo or video you want to share. Automatically Instagram photo or video URL will appear on the Instagram Website address. This method also works for the mobile app; follow the above steps on your Android mobile app browser.

If you are looking for an Instagram URL for a Photo or Video for marketing purposes, then follow Actionable Instagram Tips and Tricks For Marketing [Maybe useful for you].

How To Find Instagram URLs to Posts?

To get the Instagram URL to Posts, go to the Instagram app on your mobile and login to the account. Now head to your Instagram profile page.

  • To visit feed posts, click on the Instagram profile photo at the bottom right corner of the screen. To look for the post, tap on the three dots aligned horizontally at the top of the screen.


  • You can see several options at the top menu bar; select the Link button.


  • Now you can share this link to your online networks, which include blogs, other social media networks, email, and more. By sharing your Instagram post URLs, you will get many views on your Instagram stories. Moreover, You can also See Who Views Your Instagram Highlights.


How To Create A Desktop Shortcut With Your Instagram URL?

If you are managing multiple Instagram accounts and want to access them instantly, then use the URL shortcut on your Desktop. Let’s see how to create a desktop shortcut with your Instagram URL.

On Mac

  • Log in to your Instagram account and move on to your Profile.
  • Copy the Instagram profile link in the Instagram browser address bar and drag it onto your desktop.
  • Rename it to the dragged Instagram link like Client “X” INS Profile.

How To Find An Instagram URL Of Another User?

You can find out the Instagram URLs of other users by using Multiple methods, that are through a mobile app and the mobile browser itself.

Mobile Instagram App

  • Launch the Instagram app on your mobile and log into your account.
  • Head to your Instagram profile and search for the user you are looking for.
  • Once your desired Profile is opened, tap on the three-dot lines aligned.
  • A pop-down menu will be opened; select copy profile URL from the list.
PC: TechWiser
  • Now it is ready for sharing online.

Mobile Browser

  • Launch the Instagram app on your mobile browser and log into your account.
  • Head to your Instagram profile and search for the user you are looking for.
  • Once your desired Profile is opened, you can see another user’s Instagram URL on the domain address bar immediately.


1. How to get an Instagram URL on your Android?

Log in to your Instagram on your Android or iPhone device; tap on your profile photo at the bottom of the screen. Instagram username is located on the profile page.

2. How do I put an Instagram Link on my website?

Just click on the Publish Feed option copy the HTML code and paste it onto the clipboard to where it to go. Using WordPress attach the custom HTML widget to your website and copy the code in the box.

3. What is my Instagram URL?

It is easy to find your Instagram URL on Instagram; the URL is located at Make sure that you replace “your username” with your actual name. Another method is to go to your Instagram profile on your web browser, go to the address bar, and copy the URL.

Final Words

To find out how to copy my Instagram Profile link, go to the official website of Instagram log into your account, and head to your profile section. You can see a note on the domain page address bar called Your Instagram profile link; copy it onto the Instagram Posts or your YouTube Profile as well.

I think this article clears your doubt about How to Find Instagram URLs and What is My Instagram URL. Keep supporting us for more content and Thanks for choosing us.

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