How To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger?

Nowadays, everyone is obsessed with smart Watches, but wearing a smartwatch is not enough; we must maintain quality, Apple Watch is the best one everyone would like to use. But keeping it alive with charging is a task. Some people feel lazy to charge it, but there is no other way; want to use it, then you need to charge it. So in this article, we will tell some important points like when to charge, when to check, and many other useful tips to know how to charge Apple Watch.

Charge Your Apple Watch in a Common Way

We know that everyone follows a common way to charge Apple watches, we charge Apple watches with a magnetic charger, and we all are familiar with this way.

  1. To charge the Apple watch, take off the watch gently from your wrist.
  2. You need to connect the USB adapter and now connect the dock.
  3. Now connect the USB adapter to the power outlet.
  4. Now check if the magnetic point is properly connected to the Apple Watch.
  5. Then make sure it is on charging or not; if it is on charging, you will notice a green point on the screen inside the battery bar at the top of the right corner.
  6.  Don’t remove the watch from charging; make sure that the watch is fully charged. It will take nearly two and a half hours to a full charge.
  7. Once you notice that your charger is done with full charging, then remove it carefully from the charger, and you are good to go.

How to Charge Apple Watch Without a Charger?

Using Snap-in magnetic charger, charging desk stands, smart charging case, Key chain portable Charger, Wireless Power Bank, and Wall charging Stand, you can charge your Apple Watch.

#1. Snap-in Magnetic Charger


If you are going to travel, what would you do if you don’t find any power source to charge your Apple watch? Then you should know about this amazing one which is a Snap-in magnetic charger. It’s a portable charger that will charge your Apple Watch while you are travelling; so simple you can use this amazing and user-friendly charger.

Hold the charger’s connector now and attach it to the back side of your Apple Watch. That’s it; you can charge your watch from any USB-supported device, power source, laptop, or power bank; it’s cool, right?

#2. Charging Desk Stands


The desk charging Stand is another alternative way to charge your Apple watch without a charger; it is a wireless charger that helps you to charge your Apple watch fully. Not only an Apple watch, but you can charge all of your Apple devices with this wonderful Charging Desk Stand; if you want to feel another way of invention from Apple, then this is the best-happening thing.

It is just like one shot, three birds kind of thing, didn’t you get me? Okay, I’m here to explain; with this desk, you can charge your three favourite Apple devices like, iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPod; at the same time, I found it very helpful and innovative.

#3. Smart Charging Case


You can charge your Apple watch by keeping it in the Smart charging case; it allows the watch to complete the charging process and gives it full charging, this is the best and most stylish way to charge your watch. All you have to do is open the case and place the watch inside the case; it is portable, so you can carry this to the office, college, or wherever the place that you go.

#4. Key Chain Portable Charger


This cute and convenient charger lets the Apple Watch charge completely, there is an inbuilt magnet in this charger, and the power battery is 1000Mah; with this charger, you can charge your Apple Watch up to 3 times per day, to charge your Apple Watch from zero to full then you have to wait two hours patiently.

#5. Wall Charging Stand


By using this amazing Wall charging Stand, you can charge your Apple watch completely; no tool is needed to install this charger. This is the secure and safest way to charge your Apple watch. So this is one of the alternative ways to charge your watch fully; it will be your travel partner.

#6. Wireless Power Bank


This wireless power bank is compatible with charging your watch, giving you 63 hours of battery life; if you are going jungle trip or any adventure trip, this is the best companion for you to charge your watch. User-friendly, and is best for travelling portable; you can carry this wherever you go to charge your Apple watch.

If you are new to the Apple watch, then you need to know a few things about the charing of the Apple watch. Apple Watch cannot be charged without a magnetic charger. We need to be gentle with the charger and the watch as well, and they are very delicate, so we have to be gentle. Ensure you use your charger and don’t charge it with other chargers.

Final Conclusion

Apple Watch can be charged in alternative ways; there are many products available to charge the Apple Watch, there are wireless chargers, USB chargers, or any related iPhone charger can be used to charge it. So I hope you will try the above-mentioned ways to charge your Apple Watch; that’s all for now, and you will be back with another useful blog like this.

By using Apple Pay on the Apple Watch, you can even Do payments at the Store like Petco, Wingstop, Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble, Dutch Bros, and Chili’s Etc… The best part is you can even get cashback with Apple Pay on Apple Watch.

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