How to Call In Sick at Walmart?

If you’re a Walmart Employee, and you’re sick and want to know the process of calling in sick? Then read more to know How to Call In Sick at Walmart. Okay, let’s discuss the process and the complete information about calling in sick at Walmart.

This article is very helpful to the people who are working at Walmart (If you want to work at Walmart and don’t know at What age you can work at Walmart?, then know that first) and have no idea regarding the calling in sick at Walmart, Don’t Worry Dude. It is easy, just follow our article, which will help while calling in sick at Walmart.

It is always a challenge for employees to take a day off from work, mainly because they do not have any sick days, but the employee is required to take a day off. If you’re a Walmart employee, then Don’t be confused. Just go through the article; here, we provide every step detail for how to call in sick at Walmart; it gives the information for those who want to report regarding the leave.

Walmart is the largest company in the US by market capitalization; it generates employment to 2 million+ employees worldwide. Depending upon Arkansas, it works in 24 countries from Asia, Europe, Mexico, South Africa, Canada, Central America, and some countries in South America.


Actually, Walmart always wants their employees good and healthy and it offers their employees a safe and healthy work environment; like other companies, Walmart also deals with employees while taking leave and other disruptions, especially when they fall ill.

Walmart Call Out Sick Number:

Walmart has called a sick number; the employee must report the absence at 1-800-775-5944 (toll-free number) on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., On Saturdays, it is 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Walmart’s call-out number is 800-492-5678. Sunday it is closed, you must call in sick at least three hours ahead of the scheduled shift. The number is mainly used to report employees’ absence because of illness or sickness.

Due to any illness or injury, the employee will get intermittent leave and paid sick leave. Make a call to the Walmart attendance line at 1-800-Walmart(1-800-775-5944), then in the prompt, the user must enter the 10-digit Walmart identification number. It shows the list of options that selects the related one for calling out sick.


It asks to give the reason behind the absence from work and select the suitable option from the list; after mentioning all the required information, the call will be sent to the supervisor or the person who will approve or deny the request.

Some people are not doing work on the premises due to illness or injury, so the manager/supervisor must know an employee’s absence; in that type of situation, the user must follow the below steps to prevent the conflict.

  • At least three hours before, the employee must call the manager or supervisor if they didn’t make it to the office.
  • The employee must mention the correct reason for the call; if they are suffering from sickness or injury or it’s an emergency, you must mention the reason for absence.
  • Try to ask for an opinion regarding the lack; you must know if they require any extra information.
  • Give them the date and time when you will return to work.
  • Mention the details of the location, residential address, and contact details.

What Is WIN?

WIN stands for Walmart Identification Number; this is a unique number allocated for every Employee at Walmart, it is used to recognize the employees who are sick, and they call in sick or ill or causing injury or report an absence. To find the WIN, the user must check the recent pay stub or contact the manager.

Remember Some Points Before Reporting An Absence At Walmart:

Before going to report an absence at Walmart, the user must know some things they are;

Walmart Leave of Absence Rules (LOA):

Thoroughly go through the leave of absence policy at Walmart; it gives three kinds of leave of absence to Walmart Employees.

  • FMLA Leave:

Below the Family and Medical Leave Act, the employee can take leave to work due to medical treatment issues or some family sickness; FMLA Leave applies to all Walmart Employees if they work for 12 months or a minimum of 125o hours, then they are allowed to the request to take the leave.

When Can I Use FMLA Leave?

The employee will use the FMLA leave for

  • At severe health conditions.
  • When giving birth to the child.
  • When the child will get an adoption or foster care?
  • It would be best if you cared for family members when they are in a severe health condition that makes the person unable to work or people age 18 or older unable to self-care due to mental or physical disability.
  • Also, care for the family member if the person is bedridden, confined to a wheelchair, or having severe difficulty walking, and the condition starts within three months before the family member requires care.


  • Caring for the family member if the person is homebound and the condition starts within six months before the family needs care.
  • The person in the family who is seriously ill or injured, the illness or injury starts within 12 months, and the family member requires care.
  • Finally, recovering from a severe health condition that the employee cannot work.
  • Personal Leave:

You can use Walmart Personal Leave for specific original reasons.

  • Military Leave:

If the employee is in the military or on active duty, qualified for the Military Leave of LOA.

Intermittent Leave at Walmart (LOA):

The intermittent leave at Walmart is entirely safe; the employee will take periodic breaks if the situation needs medical treatment. You can also navigate to the Sedgwick Automated System and the manager to report the scheduled time for intermittent leave.

On-Going Medical Treatment:

Some medical conditions that require the employee to work frequently for ongoing medical treatment, these conditions are known as ongoing medical conditions, they are

  • Cancer
  • Chronic (long-term) physical or mental health conditions
  • Chronic (long-term) substance abuse.

If the employee is eligible for FMLA to Leave only if the employee has a severe health condition, and it is necessary to consult a doctor or other health care provider at least once every 30 days along with ongoing medical conditions like a chronic disease that needs ongoing treatment by the health care provider.

Suppose the person is treated by a nurse practitioner or physician assistant on behalf of a doctor. The leave is counted as FMLA leave, and the services offered by the nurse practitioner or physician assistant are the same as those provided by the doctor. Know about the Walmart Pharmacy’s opening and closing Times if you want to take medicine for your sickness.

Requirements to Submit While Reporting Absence:

The employee can report the call off/work shift to the manager or the Sedgwick automated system at 1-800-492-5678; the employee must give the following information when reporting the absence.

  • Employee Name
  • Date of Birth of Employee
  • Employee WIN Number
  • The store number where the employee’s job is.
  • The reason behind the calling sick.

Ways to Report An Absence At Walmart

#1. Without WIN Number

If you need help with how to call in sick at Walmart without a WIN Number, The Employees who work in Walmart should make a call or contact the manager or supervisor at the location where they’re working and must request a sick day.

Without requiring the WIN Number, you can call Walmart; with the WIN Number, the employee can quickly contact their call-out sick number at 1-800-775-5944.

Before making the call, you must be ready with the Walmart Identification Number, date of birth, and store number you’re working with. Transfer the details to the manager and mention the reason behind the sick leave.

#2. Make a Call to the Store Manager

Initially, the employee will report the sickness or day shift to the store manager; it is essential to know the absence so they can fill the position.

#3. Contact The Sedgwick

Using the Walmart call-out number is the easiest way to inform the sickness; by contacting Sedgwick at 800-492-5678, you can report your issue any time regarding the absence; it experiences the automatic voice response system that will ask to give the WIN number, date of birth, name, store number and reason for calling the sick. The automated call system will provide the confirmation number, so it is helpful to make a note.

#4. Using OneWalmart Account

Generally, all Walmart associates have a OneWalmart account; it is mandatory to register with OneWalmart to report the absence via the mobile app; launch the app, move to Report an Absence, and you need to follow the instructions that are shown on the screen.

How to Call In Sick at Walmart?

Initially, if the employee is feeling sick, it is better to stay at home and rest; and must be required to take a day off from work; if you’re a new employee at Walmart and don’t know the process of calling in sick at Walmart then follow this article, this is the best guide to help you in calling in sick at Walmart.


The employees at Walmart should call in sick three hours in advance; they must give their birthdate, store number, and WIN by calling 1-800-775-5944 (Walmart call-out number).

When Do I Have to Call In Sick at Walmart?

The user must call in sick at Walmart 3 hours before the shift starts; if the user wishes to begin work, the employee is scheduled to begin the job at 11 a.m. and must call in by 8 a.m. If you suddenly get an illness or injury, immediately contact the store regarding the absence.

How to Call In Sick at Walmart Out-Of-Hours?

In some situations, the user must call in sick outside business hours, i.e., 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The user can log the absence through OneWalmart if the shift begins during the day starting; it is better to call the manager ASAP regarding the absence.

Does Walmart Pay Sick Leave?

Of Course, Walmart pays for sick leave; it follows the Paid Sick Leave law that changes from state to state; this law is presently used in Connecticut, Texas, New York, California, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Oregon, Arizona, Rhode Island, Vermont, Michigan, and Massachusetts.

Pay Sick Leave is applicable not for full-time and part-time but for temporary associates on both salaried and hourly contracts.

Walmart provides many advantages to its employees; sick leave is one of them. This will entirely depend upon how many years the employee is working with their company along with their work performance and sincerity, so many states of the United States will follow the Paid Sick Law, and Walmart will follow it.

States that follow the Paid Sick Law in PSL are New Jersey, Connecticut, Michigan, Washington, and New York. It applies to all kinds of workers: hourly, temporary, part-time, and full-time workers. Walmart contains various categories below the Paid Time Off section that provide paid leave based on the work type and how long the employee will be in the company.

How Many Sick Days Can I Have as a Walmart Employee?

If the employee lives in a state where the Paid Sick Leave law is applicable, then the user is qualified to get the paid sick leave; based upon the state they work, the number of sick days the employee will depend.

Usually, in Connecticut, the employees earn up to 56 hours of paid sick leave per year, and coming to California, the employees will make up to 24 hours of paid sick leave per year. To get more information on how many sick days the user can take as a Walmart employee in the state, contact the HR department or check the Walmart PSL Policy.

Follow these Tips For Calling In Sick at Walmart:

The user must know the process of calling in sick at Walmart, and then follow the below-mentioned tips. they are

  • You must check the symptoms with the doctor or nurse before calling the Walmart sick number or office.
  • The user must keep the Walmart Identification in hand; this is used to log the absence.
  • Try to give your name and number of yours, so this will be helpful for the Walmart employers to call back to you.
  • Always call the office when they open only to get the hours of operation, then they will call back when they are open, and the staff will provide the correct information regarding the store’s schedule.
  • Make a call in sick at least three hours before the shift is scheduled to start.
  • You’re always ready to explain the symptoms or injury briefly.
  • Please ensure the employee will only call in sick when they are sick; simply calling in sick when they are not ill is considered fraud and leads to disciplinary action. The employee must be honest with the employer.
  • If the employee is living in the Paid Sick Leave law applicable, then they have an idea regarding the number of sick days.

Follow the above tips carefully. These are helpful in that the absence is reported correctly so that the employee doesn’t face disciplinary action from Walmart.

What If I Going to Be Gone for Several Days?

Walmart provides Intermittent Leave to its associates, this leave is for illnesses, injuries, or other eligible reasons, and qualified candidates can take up to two days per month.

Ensure the employee will require a doctor’s note if the leave will last more than three days. For requesting intermittent leave, the user must report it via my Sedgwick portal or keep in touch with the team, but the employees will do this at least two days in advance.

Is It Possible to Call In Sick At Walmart Though Online?

The user can report the absence online at Walmart with the help of the OneWalmart site. To do this, the user must log into the account and choose the report absence option; the employee must enter the date of birth, WIN, and store number. After that, explain the reason behind the absence and not attending the shift and the symptoms or injury in detail.

What Happened If The Person Calls In Sick Late?

Walmart will punish the employees for calling in sick late; if the employee calls in late ill, then the manager will ask the employee to attend the meeting to explain the attendance or to earn the warning points; having 5 to 9 warning points means the employee will lose the Myshare bonus or sometimes they fire out from the company.

So only call in sick when the employee is sick, not sick, but calling in sick leads to fraud, and the company will take disciplinary action.

How Many Times Can I Call In Sick?

Every time the employee calls in sick will get one penalty point against attendance; if the employee receives five penalty points, they may face termination, and the penalty points drop off after the six months they received. Practically, the employee will call in sick four times every six months; make sure you can get four penalty points.

Note attendance penalty points; these are double on holidays; if the employee is called in sick on Labor Day, Memorial Day, or any other major holiday, they can get two penalty points on behalf of 1. If the employee works at Walmart for longer than 90 days and can get PTO, i.e., paid time off, the employee can use this towards the sick days to pay for the absence.

What Happens If I Don’t Call In Sick?

Suppose, for any reason, the employee forgets to call to report the absence and doesn’t show up for the shift; then the employee is considered a no-call, or no-show, then they can get two attendance points or penalty points against the work.

After receiving the five penalty points, Walmart will fire you, and the employee is ineligible to get the annual raise. It is good to hear that the penalty points will expire after six months.

Good Reasons to Call Out Sick At Walmart:

There are some professional, safe, and good reasons to call in sick at Walmart; they are

  • You’re feeling sick or ill or causing injury.
  • Family Emergency or family member needs your presence.
  • Family member feeling unwell or ill.
  • Possible disclosure of fast-spreading illness.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Will Walmart Give Me Points for Calling Sick?

Yes, Walmart will give the points to the employees only if they report an absence due to sickness and didn’t report it in time or at least after the shift begins.

2. Will Walmart Fire me at Five Points?

If the employee is working with Walmart for less than six months, then this is decreased to four points leads to termination; if the employee is working at Walmart for six months or longer, then they are granted five points before the job is terminated.

3. Is it Possible to call in sick using the Walmart app?

Absolutely Yes, with the help of the WalmartOne app, the employee can report the absence.

Final Conclusion:

At last, I want to give the last words on this topic, Come On Guys, feeling sick or ill or causing injury is quite common for everyone, and we also have the responsibility to take care of ourselves and our family, being genuine, polite and honesty while taking leave from the company you must take sick leave when you’re actually in sick, or your family member is sick, and they need your presence with them.

Walmart is a friendly company that gives many benefits to its employees. They don’t force their employees to work if they are sick or ill; Employees’ health is the main for Walmart company, so don’t panic about sickness or illness; take care of yourself, Don’t forget this word, i.e., Health Is Wealth and Happiness are lies firstly in good health, Be Healthy and Enjoy your Work.

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