Get Dark Mode on Snapchat on Android and iOS [How-To Guide]

To get dark mode on Snapchat on Android and iOS in 2024, briefly follow some methods mentioned below with effective images. Follow the methods to help you bring your Snapchat into the dark mode. The best thing about Snapchat is you can Contact Snapchat Customer support easily.

Ensure that dark mode does not drain the device battery, which improves the battery life for a long time. This dark mode will be useful for users who are continuously hanging up with Android or iOS devices throughout the day with social media networks. You can also enable dark mode on Google Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari browsers.

As you know, Dark mode is a built-in setting app that alters the app’s home screen to a dark mode. The dark mode usually prevents contrast resolution and affects the eyes as well. When you set up dark mode in sleep mode, it can automatically turn light mode into dark mode depending upon the time you set it.

Dark Theme Features

  1. Prevent eyesight or eye strain from the light mode.
  2. It improves the device’s battery life for a long time.
  3. The dark theme always keeps you away from disturbing people surrounding you.
  4. Always keep your eyes from eye burning, eye strain, headache, or else.

Get Dark Mode on Snapchat on Android and iOS.

This is the best option when users access social media networks at night to prevent eye burning, headaches, or sleeplessness. Most smartphone users did not know how to set up their app’s home screen or mobile home screen to dark mode. So follow the below methods to set up Dark Mode on Android and iOS Devices to enjoy the Dark theme.

How To Enable Dark Mode In Snapchat On iPhone?

In this section, I will tell you how to turn on dark mode in Snapchat on an iPhone. Make sure that before going to continue this procedure, you should be aware of two things, one is your device must have an active internet connection and the other is to log in to your Snapchat account. If your Snapchat Not Loading Snaps, then you can try enabling Dark Mode on Snapchat to fix it.


  • Navigate to the settings gear icon right away.


  • Tap on the App Appearance option out there.


  • Choose the Always Dark option.


  • Immediately Snapchat app screen turns into dark mode.

Turn On Darkmode In Snapchat Using Smart Invert

In the above method, we turned dark mode in the Snapchat app, but with the help of Apple’s built-in feature, we can turn the whole iPhone screen to dark mode, which can turn all the apps into dark mode. Let’s see how to do that manually.

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone device.
  • Navigate to the Accessibility.


  • Head to the Display & Text Size option.


  • Now turn on the option called Smart Invert.


  • This built-in feature allows all the apps into a dark mode to easily prevent eye strain or eye-burning issues.

How To Enable Dark Mode In Snapchat on Any Android Mobile? (Developer Options)

In Android mobile, Snapchat does not have a dark mode feature yet, but there is a chance to get the dark mode feature in Snapchat through the Developer Options by enabling the forced systemwide dark mode option.

Ensure it is not perfect, so you have to stay on the current light mode on Android. Let’s look at the activation procedure for getting Snapchat dark mode on Android 12/11.

  • Launch the Settings app on your Android device.
  • Please scroll down the screen until you get the About Phone option and click on it.


  • If you did not find the Developer Options and are using this feature for the first time, you must tap on the Build Number option seven times. (Don’t forget to press 7 times on the Build Number option)


  • You can receive a text message that determines you are now a developer.
  • Return to the settings app where you can find Developer Options; tap on it.


  • Scroll down the screen until you get the starting letter O; now activate the option Override-Force Dark.


  • That’s it, now Dark Mode is enabled on your Android devices.
Snapchat’s latest version does not support the Forced to Dark mode to overcome this need to install the older Snapchat version on your Android device.

Snapchat Older Version Download Process

  • Go to the APKMirror link on your Android device and search Snapchat in it.
  • You will find links from the latest to the old select Snapchat and notice that you might be missing out on new patches and features precisely.


  • Now Forced to dark mode activates to manually change Snapchat light mode into the dark mode.
  • To continue your Snapchat in the dark mode, you have to disable Snapchat updates in the Google Play store; then only, you can stay in the dark mode in Snapchat.

How to Enable Snapchat Dark Mode on Oppo, Vivo, or OnePlus Phones?

Instead of turning on Snapchat in dark mode, there is another way to turn not only Snapchat in dark mode but also all the apps. Using the built-in features in the Android device, you can convert all the apps, videos, or images into dark mode for your convenience.

  • Launch the Settings app on your Android device.
  • Scroll down the screen and tap on the Display & Brightness option.


  • Tap on Dark mode for third-party apps option out there.


  • You can see the list of applications installed on your screen toggled on the apps you want to turn into dark mode.


  • So you can easily enjoy SnapChat Dark Mode on your smart devices.

Alter Colors In Android To Browse Snapchat At Night

You can invert colors on your Android device to access the Snapchat app at night. Accessing Snapchat in a low-light environment and inverting the colors is the better way to use Snapchat in the dark theme.

  • Launch the Settings app on your Android device.
  • Head to the system settings out there.


  • Navigate to Accessibility right away.


  • Now turn on color inversion to invert colors.


  • So by enabling Colour Inversion, you can enjoy your Snapchat in dark mode.

Get Snapchat Dark Mode On Android 2024 Using Substratum

Before using the Substratum Theme engine, you should root your Android device; otherwise, it won’t work at all. Using this engine tool, you can use any application in the dark theme, including Snapchat. Swift Black theme is another application that can turn on to a dark theme and will be available in the Google Play Store. Some other applications are available in the Google Play Store to turn on apps into dark theme mode.

When Will Snapchat Officially Get Dark Mode For Android?

Snapchat started with the dark mode feature for iOS devices in 2021. Snapchat dark theme feature is not available on Android devices yet to be. There is no official announcement from the team on Snapchat when the dark theme will arrive. Using the above methods, you can easily change Snapchat light mode to dark mode in several ways.


1. How to get dark mode on Snapchat in Android Samsung?

Through Override force-dark mode under developer options, you can learn how to make Snapchat dark mode on Android.

2. How to get dark mode on Snapchat without app appearance?

Follow the navigation Settings >> about phone >> tap on 7 times on Build Number >> Developer Options >> Override force – dark mode.

3. How to make your Snapchat dark mode on your iPhone?

With the help of app appearance under Snapchat settings, you can turn on the Always Dark option will alter the app screen to dark mode.

Final Conclusion

With the help of forced to the dark mode or override dark mode or developer options, any user can change the Snapchat app into a dark mode to save device battery drain and get rid of eye strain issues easily. There are plenty of third-party apps that will help you to get dark mode on Snapchat on Android and iOS. Third-party apps require the device root to turn from light to dark mode.

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