Fix Unknown Accessory Detected Near You on iPhone

Unknown Accessory Detected Near You glitch on your iPhone is the problem you are facing now? And looking for the steps to fix it; for that type of person, this is the platform to know, and this article is the best reference to fix it.

Mostly this issue appears to iPhone users who are using AirTags. Yes, I am telling you the right thing. You all know that AirTags is used to detect Airpods and other tracking devices. But when you reach some other smart devices, they also try to connect to the Apple AirTags. Sometimes you may face an AirTag Not Reachable Move Around to Connect Error, so fix it by following our guide.

In that type of situation, you will get this type of Notification on your iPhone, So don’t bother about that; here, I will give you clean methods to fix the Unknown Accessory Detected Near You on iPhone issue; let’s jump into the topic.

What Does Unknown Accessory Detected Near You Mean?

Apple implements so many features; one of the amazing ones is the Find My App, which will track the AirTags, give notifications if you lose any items, and help you find them. In some cases, the user can get a notification even if the items do not belong to him, this is quite a common issue, and it sends a message like Unknown Accessory Detected Near You.


AirTags is a privacy-focused feature that detects AirPods and other tracking devices; the user can also get the AirTag Found Moving With You message while travelling. It states that someone else’s AirTag is with you or placed around you If the device can identify the unknown devices that are closer to you.

Reasons That Cause Unknown Accessory Detected Near You Issue on iPhone:

It occurs whenever the user has or doesn’t have the accessory; as I said earlier, it is a privacy-focused feature. The user can get a notification and alert regarding the unknown accessory. The Apple Accessories have not belonged to the user and those are assigned to the Find My Network or maybe someone else, and it shows the Notification on the device.

AirTags can also give the Unknown Accessory Detected Near You. This is due to the availability of other Apple devices near or around your place.

How to Fix Unknown Accessory Detected Near You

If you are into this article only because you got the error notification like Unknown accessory detected near you, unable to connect to the server, follow the below-given methods to fix it right now.

How to Enable Device Tracking?

If the user cannot receive any alerts, then it is due to disabling device tracking; follow the below simple steps to enable the device tracking. To do this, the user must need an iOS or iPad 14.5.

  • On iOS, launch Settings on the home screen.


  • Then select Privacy and then click on Location Services and enable it.


  • After that, launch Settings, choose the Privacy option, click on Location Services, tap System Services, and turn on Find My iPhone.


To enable the Significant locations;

  • launch Settings.
  • Click on Privacy & Settings.
  • Choose Location Services, navigate to the bottom, and click on System Services.
  • And make sure to enable/turn on the Significant Locations.
  • So after enabling all the locations, you can fix the Airtag Not Updating Location problem if you find any.
  • At last, launch Settings, click on Bluetooth, and enable the Bluetooth option.


These steps are needed so the user can receive the notifications. To enable the notifications follow the below simple steps.

  • Launch Settings and then select Notifications,
  • Navigate to the Tracking Notifications option, click on it, and enable it.
  • Not only enable, but you can also easily disable the Unknown Accessory Detected Near You on iPhone.

Re-Pair AirTags

If the user has an individual pair of AirTags, the user must Find the My app on an iOS device. If it is unavailable, the issue is due to another one. Follow the below simple steps to repair the AirTags

  • On iOS, launch Settings.


  • Then select the Bluetooth option


  • Click on the “i” that precedes the AirTags option


  • Now, select the Forget This Device option.


  • It shows the confirmation; click on the Forget Device option.
  • After removing the AirTags on the device, do the setup process and re-pair them.

Reset the AirTags

Due to the malfunctioning of the AirTags, this issue is raised. To avoid this, the user must reset the AirTags; the process is simple and easy. This will solve so many problems, not only because multiple videos are available online, so check out the Resetting AirTage process.

Re-pair AirPods

The root of the issue and errors is AirPods; it doesn’t mean the user is tracking the specific person. This issue is also due to a weak Bluetooth signal and not working paired devices, leading to an Unknown accessory being detected near your AirPods.

Remove the AirPods and re-pair them by following the below simple steps

  • Launch Settings on iOS.
  • Then select the Bluetooth icon.
  • Click on the “i” icon that precedes the AirPods.

Click-on- i-icon

  • Select the Forget This Device option.


  • Finally, click on the Forget Device option.

Tracker Detect App

AirTags is an Apple Accessory; it is only accessible for iOS, not Android; Apple introduces the app for Android users, too; this is useful for scanning the AirTags nearby.


How to Find the Unknown AirTag, AirPods, and Find My Network Accessory?

If the user can get the Alert for the AirTags, AirPods, or other Find My Network Accessory if you’re travelling with it, the user must follow some simple steps. You must check the Find My App to play the Sound for the unknown accessory

  • Initially, click on the Alert.
  • Then click on Continue and then Play Sound.
  • You must listen to the Sound and play it again.

If the play sound is not available, then the user cannot hear the Sound. The Sound is heard only for a certain period. To receive the tracking notifications, the user must disable the airplane mode if enabled.

Suppose the unknown accessory is AirTag, and you have supported the iPhone model with the ultra-wideband; then you must Tap on Find Nearby to locate the unknown AirTag.

  • First of all, click on Alert.
  • Click on the Near By option to continue.
  • Now move around the space to detect unknown AirTag and follow the onscreen steps.
  • Here you have to check your iPhone to check the distance and direction to find the precise location of the unknown AirTag. So use the information available on iPhone and Find out unknown AirTag.
  • When the AirTag is within the range of Bluetooth, you can play sound on the AirTag by tapping the Play Sound button .
  • Now you have to Turn ON the Flash Light on your iPhone if you say you need more light .
  • When the process is fully completed, you must click on Done.

Some Things You Must Know

If the user can see the unknown AirTag, you must know some information and disable/turn it off.

  • The AirTag is shown on the top of the iPhone, or it is an NFC-capable smartphone close to the white side of the AirTag.
  • Click on the Notification; it launches the website and offers information related to the AirTag, along with the serial number and last four digits of a phone number.
  • This is helpful to know the owner of the person. For further use, you must take a screenshot.
  • If the owner marked the AirTag as lost, you must notify the message and the information.

How to Check the NearBy AirTag or Find My Network Accessories on Android?

If the user is using an Android device, try to download the Tracker Detect app available on the Google Play Store; this app perfectly tracks the items while using the Bluetooth range divided by the owner, which is usually compatible with Apple’s Find My Network.

It also comes with AirTag and compatible item trackers that access the Find My Network. If the user uses someone AirTag or another item tracker to track the location, the user must scan the items. It gives the notification message for one of the following.

  • AirTag found moving with you.
  • AirPods( or AirPods Pro) Detected.
  • Product Name Detected The product was replaced by the Find My Accessory option.
  • Unknown Accessory Detected.

Why AirTag Makes Sound?

Whenever the AirTags is divided by its owner for more than three days, it makes the alarm sound and rings repeatedly after a few hours. The duration it rings is 15 seconds. The Sound is inaudible, i.e., a low alarm sound; Apple didn’t reveal the long AirTags; it stops making a sound whenever the owner re-pairs it.

If the user is coming out of the Bluetooth range, it will reset the AirTag’s countdown timer; there is no possibility that the user can unpair the iPhone and disable the AirTag.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How Can I Know If I Tracked?

You can quickly know if someone is tracking your device

  1. Unknown apps
  2. Battery is drained
  3. Abnormal restart
  4. Mismatch of browser history
  5. Usage of excessive background

2. What is the meaning of AirTag found moving with you?

It is shown at specific times and if the AirTag is out of range and the owner travels close to the user for some time.

3. How long if the AirTag track you?

It depends upon Bluetooth; it uses Bluetooth 5.0 and tracks at least 800 feet.

Final Conclusion:

This article introduces the reasons for getting the Unknown Accessory Detected Near You on iPhone and discusses the various ways or steps to fix the issue. After reading the full article, you can quickly fix your iPhone’s Unknown Accessory Detected Near You Issue.

If you benefit from this article, feel free to share this article with your friends and family. Thanks for reading this article, and mainly thanks for your patience.

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