Microphone icon Missing in Gboard Keyboard? [Fix It Right Now]

In the beginning, the devices are used to type with the help of keys in the Keyboard. But now most people are using Microphone for typing. But the main issue here is many people are facing a Microphone icon Missing in their GBoardd Keyboard, so here in this article, I will show you how I get the Microphone icon back on my Keyboard by fixing the Microphone icon missing in the Gboard keyboard.

Tap on the Microphone icon, and you can search or type the words by giving voice commands; That sounds great, right? You don’t need to type everything you need to enter in the text with your hands. Just tap on the Microphone of the keypad and give voice commands of words that you are willing to type.

This will make your work easier and save you precious time. Isn’t that amazing? But coming to the topic Microphone icon is missing in the GBoard, where you cannot see it and use it to give voice commands. After following all the methods provided below you can easily find your missing Microphone icon from the Android GBoard keyboard.

What is Voice Typing?

The word itself describes the scenario of voice typing, meaning you do not need to touch the Keyboard physically or virtually. You all know this concept is not new; you may have heard about this concept early in the 2000s.

Voice typing is nothing but pressing the Microphone icon on your Google Keyboard giving the voice commands to the Microphone, and letting Google Keyboard type for you. This voice typing method mainly depends on speech recognition. Voice typing technology is integrated into almost all Virtual keyboards on Google PlayStore.

Why is the Microphone icon Missing From the Google Keyboard?

The Microphone icon is the latest invention that allows users to find all the things by voice commands that users are willing to type. Hold the key, speak what you want to type, and tap the enter key, so this will make your task easier.


Suppose it Microphone icon misses the place where it has to be on the keypad, then you need to follow several methods to solve the Microphone icon missing in the GBoard Keyboard issue. Before that, you are supposed to know the reason that causing this issue.

The Reasons that Cause Microphone Icon Missing in Gboard Keyboard

  • The cache that built in different apps of the mobile.
  • Auto-update of the system will disable this kind of tool.
  • By mistake, the Toggle will be turned off by you.
  • Rooting the Device can also remove the microphone icon missing from the Gboard keyboard.

And also, there are many hidden reasons behind it. Now let’s see the methods to solve the Microphone icon missing in the Gboard keyboard issue.

How to Solve the Microphone icon Missing in the Gboard Keyboard?

In this article, I will explain different working methods to fix Microphones missing from GBoard Keyboard.

#1. Delete Cache & Data:

  • To start the procedure, turn on the Device and head over to the Settings.
  • Now Navigate to the Apps & Notifications.


  • Now select the app manager.
  • Now you can see all the apps that you have installed and inbuilt apps that are present on your mobile.
  • Here search for the Gboard keyboard app.


  • Here click on Gboard.


  • After selecting the app, navigate to the storage and cache option.
  • Now click on the Delete the cache and Data from the app.
  • Here you will get one pop-up; Tap on OK.


  • That’s it, now the Microphone missing icon will display on the screen.

#2. Allow Permission to Microphone:

Suppose the permission of the Microphone icon is turned off. Then the same thing can make the issue a major reason to raise the Microphone icon missing in the Gboard keyboard issue.

  • Open the Keyboard on your mobile or any other device.


  • Navigate to the settings of the Device.


  • Tap on the Microphone option available on the screen.
  • There check whether the permission is turned off.

Tap-on-I- agree-option-to-allow-permission

  • If permission is Turned off, then turn on the permission to enable the Microphone.
  • That’s it, now you can see the Microphone icon on your Gboard keyboard on your devices.

#3. Turn the Toggle OFF the Microphone icon:

The Toggle is to allow the Microphone icon. It is not the app, but it is one of the tools or special icons to make typing easier.

  • Open the Gboard keyboard on your Device.
  • Navigate to the settings of the Gboard keyboard.


  • Navigate to the voice typing icon or option.


  • Check if it is in the off position, then you need to turn it on.


  • To do so, turn the Toggle on.
  • Now come back to the previous page, there you can see the Microphone icon on the screen.


#4. Disable Faster Voice Typing:

Recently Google rolled out the Faster Voice typing feature on Pixel devices. The main motto is to reduce the latency between speech recognition and transcription. Whatever it may be, most users are getting good results After disabling this function on their respective devices. If you have Faster Voice typing on your devices, follow the steps below to Disable fast Voice typing.

  • First of all, open the settings on your Device.
  • Now navigate to General Management.
  • In the General Management section, tap on Language and input >> on-screen Keyboard >> Gboard.

Now below the Voice typing, toggle Faster voice typing off. That’s it, let’s Restart your phone and check your Keyboard.

#5. Reboot the Device:

Sometimes you have to change the settings based on your wish. Some of the settings can change many times, whereas some settings take a lot of work and time. So you have to reboot the Device by turning the Device off, moreover, you have to reboot the Device in the safest mode.

  • Close all the apps that you are using right now on the Device.
  • Come to the home page of the Device after closing all the apps.
  • Then long-press the Device, and later, some options come from the right side of the screen.
  • Select the Power off option from the available options.


  • Now select the reboot option.
  • Here one more pop-up will appear, then select the Yes option.
  • Then the Device will automatically reboot the Device in the safe mode.

After applying this method, all the settings will be changed to default settings.

#6. Reinstall Gboard Keyboard:

If the above 5 Fixing methods didn’t work on your end, then this method will help you because you are going to uninstall the Gboard from where you are facing the Microphone icon Missing issue. Before going to Reinstall the Gboard, uninstall the Gboard on your Devices.

Follow the steps to Reinstall the Gboard:

  • First of all, open the PlayStore on your Devices.
  • Now search for the Gboard app.
  • Here Uninstall the Gboard app. {This action automatically deletes all the Gboard data which is stored on your Device}
  • Now Restart your Device and update or reinstall Gboard from the Play Store.

#7. Rollback to a Gboard Older Version:

Sometimes you will face a Microphone icon Missing the Gboard Keyword when updating your Gboard to a new version. So, Rollback to an Older version may help you to fix the Gboard Microphone iCon Missing issue.

Follow the Below steps to Rollback to an Older version of Gboard:

  • First of all, Uninstall the Gboard on your Device.
  • Now navigate to the below-given link. [Copy and paste that link on your browser]


Here, Don’t choose the Beta version of Gboard because of the stability, and choosing the Beta version is also one option. Still, it will not solve your issue because so many people face the Microphone icon Missing issue only because of these beta versions.
  • There, choose the Older version of the Gboard APK file and Install it on your Devices.
  • Enable the Unknown Sources option before going to the Install Gboard APK file.
  • Now Sign in to Gboard, and look for improvements.

#8. Leave the Gboard Beta Version:

As I said earlier, many users complain about facing a Microphone icon Missing issue on Gboard after using the beta version. Yeah, you will get new features, but it doesn’t have stability. So follow the below steps to leave the Gboard Beta version.

Go to Play Store >> Gboard, scroll down, and tap Leave under the Beta program section.

Never install the apps related to the Keyboard, because that will lead to the Microphone icon missing issue in the Gboard keyboard.

Final Verdict:

Finally, the conclusion is after following the above-given methods, you can easily Fix The Microphone icon in the Gboard keyboard which is a common issue in all devices. Mostly You can fix this issue by following the above methods, but if you still facing this issue, then simply uninstall the GBoard Keyboard app and Reinstall it again on your Devices. That’s it, friends, if you benefited from this article, then feel free to share this article with your friends and family.

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