How to Fix Gameloop Crashing on Windows 10?

I think many of us played famous games like PUBG. All these games are very well-known online games to play. These games are designed for mobile and these are paid games. Generally, they can be downloaded from the Gameloop free of cost. But sometimes you will face Gameloop Crashing problems, so here in this article, I am going to show you How to Fix Gameloop Crashing on Windows 10.

Gameloop is an Android emulator to download games. It will download PUBG and COD games for free. This is an excellent emulator for downloading games, and you can play a lot of mobile games for free of cost on your PC since it is an Android emulator. Sometimes this Gameloop will keep crashing again and again. If you are facing this problem, read and follow the complete article to resolve your issue. Sometimes you may face Windows 10 PC Restarting While Playing Games, so fix that also.

Methods to Fix Gameloop Crashing Problem on your Windows 10:

This emulator is used to download the most famous and popular games for free. Generally, game lovers download the Gameloop emulator to download the games. So for them, Gameloop Emulator is much needed thing to download games for free, so follow the given methods to Fix the Gameloop Crashing Problem on your Windows 10.

Method #1. Change the Gameloop Settings:

If the Gameloop crashes frequently, then change the Gameloop settings and optimize the settings to your PC capability. It will make Gameloop Stable and stop crashing.

Method #2. RUN as Administrator:

In this method, you can take the admin privileges of the Gameloop, and you can run the app as an administrator.

  • Go to the Gameloop icon on the desktop.
  • Now right-click on the Gameloop and choose the RUN as Administrator option.
  • Then launch the app once, maybe the problem is resolved.

I think with this method, you can quickly fix Gameloop Crashing on Windows 10

Method #3. Reboot the system with a clean startup:

In the background, programs will run automatically on startup and create problems. So that you have to start the system clean. To do the clean boot, you have to follow the below steps:

  • Launch your PC login as an Administrator.
  • Press and hold the Windows button +R to get the RUN Utility.
  • Type msconfig to get the configuration window.


  • Choose the System Configuration option in that window. If your system is connected to any network, then no need to follow the below method.
  • Click on the Services tab from the configuration window.


  • Then you have to choose the option Hide all Microsoft Services. Just tap on the Disable All button present at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then Choose the Startup Tab, and click on the Open Task Manager option.


  • On the Task Manager window, click on the Startup Tab.  Choose each and every startup item and Disable it. This means you are preventing the stating items along with Windows startup. Exit from Task Manager.


  • Now, on the System Configuration window, hit OK on the startup tab.
  • You can reboot your device whenever you need. That’s it the problem may be resolved, so Gameloop Crashing on Windows 10 will be fixed.

Method #4. Stop unnecessary apps:

If many programs run along with the Gameloop, it is better to close all the apps. Though Windows multitask, sometimes it will be struck when many simultaneous tasks occur. So that stops all the apps and works for a small amount of time. You can close all the tasks or stop them in the task manager. This can be done very simply by following the below steps:

  • Press the ctrl+shift+esc buttons on your keyboard.
  • Immediately a window will appear that opens the Task Manager.


  • If the above step is difficult for you, then you can press right-click on the taskbar and choose TaskManager; it also opens the Task Manager window.
  • Observe the window and choose the Process tab in it.
  • In the process menu tap on the task, right-click it, and choose End task.


  • Click on the end task button at the bottom of the window.
  • Exit from the task Manager and relaunch the Gameloop.

Method #5. Reinstall Gameloop:

Just uninstall the Gameloop once if it crashes again and again, because Bugs may cause this problem. Follow the steps to Uninstall the app:

  • Type the Contro Panel in the search bar near the Windows button.


  • Tap on the Add or Remove Programs tab which is on the left panel.


  • A list of apps will appear on the screen that exist in your system.
  • Select and right-click on the Gameloop app; Now Click on the Uninstall option.
  • It will ask for confirmation of removing the app completely; You have to confirm it.
  • The app will be deleted from your PC.

Then try to install Gameloop again. Moreover, try to Download Gameloop from trusted sources since they may also have bugs or viruses, which will crash the app and the device. Use the antivirus program to escape from viruses. Install the latest version of the Gameloop. That may stop the crashes of Gameloop.

Method #6. Update the Gameloop:

If the app is out of date, then it will crash on Windows 10 devices. Verify whether it is out of age. And it is better to check for updates. Update Gameloop with the latest version of Gameloop.

Method #7. Scan the entire system:

If the Gameloop crashes, you must know whether it is happening through the virus or not. Sometimes it happens while or after downloading any app. While downloading, the malicious viruses come with the actual application. Nowadays, viruses come to view with new signature files every time. You have to scan and identify them and get help from the antivirus manufacturers.

If you have not installed any Antivirus software, install it immediately. There are many Antiviruses to install; check which will suit your system. They also offer a trial version to use them.

Method #8. Remove viruses:

While installing the apps, sometimes viruses will enter the device, and they may crash the apps and also cause harm to your data. So it is better to use any AntiVirus program. Check which will suit your system configuration and install it. Now, Scan for the viruses in the overall system.

  • Press on the Start Button, and tap on All Programs.
  • Choose and click on Windows Defender.
  • Tap the Scan option and choose Full Scan to clean unnecessary programs and malicious applications.
  • If any app is error-prone or has a virus, remove it and try to use Gameloop.
  • If the Game Loop app has a virus, remove it first. Next, install the updated version of the app.

Method #9. Change the firewall settings:

The Antivirus program also blocks the game loop. That’s why it will going to crash. You must add the Game loop to the list of apps the Antivirus allows. If the problem persists, disable the AntiVirus briefly and try to use the app. If it is worked, it may be error-prone. Uninstall it and Install it from trusted resources.

Method #10.  Allow Virtualization:

Suppose you are operating two or more operating systems simultaneously on one system. Then enable the virtualization app to resolve the crashing issues. Check if it is already turned on in your PC; then, you must turn it on in BIOS. Just follow the simple method to do it:

Check if the Visualization is enabled already:

  • Press the Ctrl+Shift+esc buttons on your keyboard.
  • Immediately a window will appear that opens the Task Manager.


  • Observe the window and choose the Performance tab from the Performance dropdown menu.


  • If Hyper-V is enabled, Visualization is also enabled; if it is enabled, there is no need to set it up in the BIOS.

Enable Visualization on BIOS Settings:

  • Press the Windows button, then go with the power tab, keep the shift key on hold, and tap the Restart option at a time.
  • Then the system will restart.
  • While restarting the system, it will show the manufacturer logo first. Then immediately, you have to press and hold the Bios Hotkey( F1, F2, F12, Del based on the model) until it starts the BIOS Settings.
  • In the BIOS settings, you have to go to the Visualization Settings.
  • Enable the Visualization, then save the changes done and exit from it.

Disable Hyper-V:

Suppose the problem is not resolved after enabling the Visualization, then You have to disable the Hyper-V. Hyper-V is a hardware visualization. You can do the process by following the below procedure:

  • Tap the Windows button + R at a time to get the RUN Utility.
  • Type appwiz.cpl and click on OK.


  • The Programs and Features window will appear on the screen.


  • In the left side panel on that window, you will observe the Turn Windows features off or on option.


  • Uncheck the checkbox near to Hyper-V option in that pop-up; Click on OK.


  • Exit from it and launch the Gameloop. If it is crashing, then try for the next solution.

Method #11. Update Graphics Driver:

Usually, crashes will occur due to the expiry of the Graphics Driver. So, you have to keep the graphics card up to date constantly, either manually or automatically. But updating is preferred automatically to manually since manual updating will take much time.

The Bit Driver updater does Automatic Updates. You can even stop automatic driver updates on Windows if you don’t want automatic updates. This will repair your PC well. The process is also very simple to do with a few simple clicks. Follow the simple procedure to update the graphics driver using the Bit Driver Updater.

  • First, you have to download the Bit Driver Updater.
  • Run the app and follow the instructions on the screen; the app will be installed on your PC.
  • Launch the app, and use the driver updater utility to scan your system to search for the drivers to update.
  • Verify the list of outdated drivers after scanning.
  • If there is any problem in the software that needs an update, then update immediately by pressing the Update Now Button near the driver.
  • Otherwise, you can tap the Update All button to update all drivers.

This app will clear all the unnecessary junk files from the device and improve the performance of the device.

Method #12. Update Windows:

If the OS is outdated, then there are many bugs in the system, then the Gameloop crashes. So, update the windows to escape from the crashes. Follow the step-by-step procedure:

  • Click on the Windows button + I to get the Windows Settings.


  • Choose the Update & Security tab in it.


  • Tap on the Check for Updates on the right-side panel.


  • This process will take time. But after completing the process, You have to test whether the Gameloop is crashing.
  • The problem may be resolved.

Method #13. Create a new user account:

Create and log in with a new user account, then the problem will be resolved.

Method #14. Modify Compatibility:

  • Tap and right-click on the Gameloop icon and choose the option compatibility tab.
  • Now select the tab Run this program in compatibility mode, and check on the check box near it.
  • Then select the operating system from the list and click on OK.
  • The issue will be resolved.

Method #15. Consult the Solution Center:

You can get support from the Microsoft Solution Center. Check the product issues and troubleshooting tips, and you can find product help from a support professional.

Final Conclusion:

Gameloop is the best emulator for downloading games. You can stop crashing by using any one of the above methods. Apply the above methods one after another and resolve the problem easily. After reading the whole article, you can quickly fix Gameloop Crashing on Windows 10.

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