How to Fix Facebook Messenger White Screen Bug?

If your Facebook Messenger has a blank white screen, then read more to know How to Fix the Facebook Messenger White Screen Bug. When you face some errors on Android, iPhone, or personal computers, those errors may be encountered for some reason. Without any reason, apps could not stop working at all. The reasons may be some software issues or hardware or some program files may be corrupted.

This article explained fixing methods for Android, iPhone, and personal computer devices. Meanwhile, fixing bugs for software or hardware is easy or not depends upon the program files of the software or some internal problems of the hardware components.

Main Reasons That Cause Facebook Messenger White Screen

  1. The problem may be in network connections; if your device consists of weak wifi or mobile data at that time, social media network apps face some issues opening their pages on the network.
  2. Mobile dark mode settings also may play an important role in causing a white screen because it conflicts with the device OS, and conflicts may happen between browser and device network settings.
  3. If your software application needs to be updated at that time, then “Sorry, This Content Isn’t Available Right Now”: Facebook Errors will be encountered for not maintaining Facebook Messenger up to date.

How to Fix Facebook Messenger White Screen Bug On Smartphone Devices?

Facebook Messenger’s white screen is such an issue faced by many smartphone users. When a Facebook white screen appears on your devices, you cannot chat or do other things from that white screen. To rectify the white screen issue, you need to follow some fixing methods given below.

Facebook Messenger white screen on an Android or Facebook Messenger half screen on Android coming under the same category. This issue not only happens on Android but also on iPhone. iPhone users must clear their Safari browsing history when they get this issue. Facebook White screen safari has belonged to iPhone devices issue.

#1. Press and Go back:

  • The white screen of Facebook Messenger tends to be frustrating for everyone facing such a problem on their Android or personal computer.
  • To overcome such an issue, keep holding your finger anywhere on the white screen for up to 10 seconds, and then your problem will be solved.
  • Remember, this method works temporarily, not constantly. If it does not work, then follow the below method.

#2. Disable Messanger Dark Mode:

As you know, Messenger has already owned dark mode itself. By disabling the dark mode option, you can rectify the current issue. Let’s see how to do that.

  • In this method, we are going to cover the OnePlus device. Let’s launch settings on One Plus.
  • Then select Display and then tap on the dark mode.
  • Now then, select the option called manage apps in dark mode.
  • Turn off Messenger from the list.
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#3. Downgrade Facebook Messenger:

Downgrading Facebook Messenger is nothing but uninstalling Updated Messenger and Installing the older version. It would be best to stop the auto-updates on the Google Play Store. Dark mode will conflict with the custom ROMs in the devices. Let’s take a look at the quick steps for downgrading Facebook Messenger.

  • Let’s launch the Play Store app on your devices.


  • Then tap on the account section at the top right corner.
  • Press the settings option from the drop-down menu.


  • Now tap on the network preferences.


  • Then you can observe the auto-update apps option; tap on it.


  • Now enable Don’t auto-update apps.


  • Launch system settings and go for the apps section.
  • You can see the list of apps installed on your device, then select Messenger.
  • Scroll down your screen, then tap on the uninstall.
  • Now try to download the older version messenger app from third-party sources like APK Mirror or an up-down website and then install it on your devices.

#4. Manage The Network Connection:

As you know, a network connection is important while using any social media network on smart devices. You cannot access media networks properly if the device has a weak network connection. So we must turn off mobile data or Wi-Fi for a few seconds. After that, turn on wifi or mobile data.

  • For Android mobiles, launch settings and then select backup & reset.
  • Then tap on the network settings reset.


  • For iPhone mobiles, go to system settings.
  • Select the General option and then tap on the Reset option.
  • Choose the option called reset network settings.


  • Make sure that you precisely select the options we provided and refrain from performing overaction on other settings options on your devices. If you do anything mistakenly, you should face many issues rather than the current one.

#5. Clear Cache Data:

Most of the messages you have received from others through Messenger will be stored in the cache history. When it is filled up with the bulk of files, Messenger may not work properly as you think and not respond to fasten, so you need to delete the cached data of Facebook Messenger. Let’s see the procedure.

  • Go to Settings on your devices.


  • On the Settings, Navigate to the Apps and Notifications.
  • Now then, move on to the Apps section out there.


  • On the Apps, Section Locate Facebook Messenger and click on it.
  • Now Tap on Storage.


  • Now Click on Cache, then tap on Clear Data.
  • Here you will get one pop-up, Tap on OK.


  • After that, Click on Force Stop and then Tap on OK.


#6. Login to Facebook On the Computer

  • Suppose you failed to execute or all these methods did not work successfully on your Android or iPhone devices. In that case, the best way is to switch to a personal computer and try to log in with your Facebook account on your computer.

#7. Disable Override Force Dark Mode:

This method will help you fix the Messenger white screen issue because Messenger natively supports Dark Mode. Follow the steps

  • First of all, navigate to Settings.
  • There, click on System.
  • Here navigate to Developer options.


  • Finally, Turn off the toggle next to Override Force Dark Mode.


  • Once done, launch Facebook Messenger and verify if it fixes the white screen bug.

How to Fix Facebook Messenger White Screen Bug On Computer

In the above section, we discussed the fixing methods on Android or iPhone devices. What would you do if the Facebook white screen happened on the computer? So in this section, we will introduce fixing methods for Facebook Messenger on computers.

Re-login To Facebook Account

  • When your Facebook messenger is a blank white screen on your computer, you must log out of your account.
  • Then try to log into your Facebook account again. This will resolve the white screen issue somehow.

Clear Browser Cache

  • Let’s launch your browser on the desktop that you are currently working on.
  • Now click on the menu button and select Settings.
  • In the setting, the search bar searches as clear browsing data, and you will receive a popup message.


  • You must enable cached images and files, then hit the clear data option.

Access Facebook From Other Pages

  • If you fail to solve the Facebook messenger white screen, try opening up your Facebook on other pages like business, community, and others.
  • You can open your Facebook as www. and go through this to create your business group.
  • Or go for the help and community on a Facebook page like; likewise, you can come out of the Facebook white screen of death.


1. Why has my Facebook screen gone blank?

The Facebook screen goes blank because of your device has temporary data files or cache.

2. How To fix the Facebook app display problem?

You can fix your Facebook app display problem using the above-mentioned methods. Follow up on all the methods to fix the Facebook app Display problem.

3. How to fix the Facebook game white screen?

To eliminate this issue completely, you have to uninstall and reinstall the Facebook app. Doing this lets you precisely get rid of the Facebook game white screen.

Final Words:

Read the entire article carefully; eventually, you can conclude how simple to get rid of this issue. The main cause of facing the white screen of the Facebook app or Facebook game is that your devices have lots of cached files or temporary data files. By clearing cache data, we can easily rectify the white screen issue.

In this guide, we discussed the reasons that will cause the Facebook white screen issue on various devices and how to resolve them. You can avoid white screen or other issues for your social media networks by being up to date with the apps because nowadays, developers are adding new features to their apps or games, so they need to be up to date with your apps or games.

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