How to Fix Biomutant Crashing Problem on Windows PC?

Biomutant Crashed unexpectedly on your Windows PC/Laptop? then read more to know How to Fix Biomutant Crashing Problems on Windows.

The games of action have a special place in developing the nation, and with all the interest of the total users, we can easily access different types of games and get addicted to those games. Now, we are here to describe that many new games came into existence in the same way Biomutant was developed in the Swedish nation and came into existence in 2022 year.


This Biomutant game can be played on PS 4 and PS 5, and all Xbox series. You can also play games on your Laptop when your system supports things, and you can access all kinds of games on a Laptop if it is supportive to access almost all variations of operations but sometimes you may face overheating issues while playing games on Windows 10 Laptop. Now, we can easily access the game through X-Box, and Here, the main point is not just about the game, it is all about the Biomutant Game crashing, and methods to fix it.


The general things that we use to access the system’s operations need to perform different variations in accessing all those things. So heating the CPU will also make this issue as we run different no of programs at a time.

Reasons Behind the Biomutant Crashing Problem on Windows PC

  • Your device is forced to perform the operations at its limit as it will overcross the speed, raising various issues.
  • When we are using the system continuously, almost all kinds of tasks without rest will also lead to these kinds of issues.
  • Files related to the game Biomutant have to be available totally, and those files are useful in different situations.
  • Crashing the files related to this game will be another reason to raise the Biomutant Crashing Problem on Windows PC.
  • Drives of the graphic related to access in all the situations even can’t access all those matters as outdated version will cause this issue.
  • Overlays in the system are another important thing that you can easily access these issues.
  • Steaming unnecessarily without the permission of the gamer or the operator was another reason.

We can solve the issue with different methods, and all the reasons will help you solve the Biomutant Crashing Problem on a Windows PC.

Minimum System Requirements:

Before trying another, you must first check the system requirements. Most of the issues we face are due to insufficient System Requirements, so you must know the system requirements to run the Biomutant Game on a Windows PC.

Here, we are giving the minimum system requirements to run Biomutant as well as stop the crashing of the game on the PC.

  • It needs a 64-bit Processor system.
  • The Operating System should be 10, 8, 7 64-bit.
  • CPU is Intel Core i5-4690K or AMD FX-8350.
  • The memory RAM must be 8GB and above.
  • The GPU is a 4 GB GeForce GTX 960 or similar.
  • The version of DirectX is 11 and above.
  • Storage Space is 25GB.
  • The sound card is compatible with DirectX 9, and it is fully integrated.

Methods to Fix Biomutant Crashing Problem on Windows PC

We can use the methods below to solve the issue in different ways. As we have seen, overclocking is one of the common reasons to raise this issue. So follow all the steps carefully to Fix the Biomutant Crashing Problem on your Windows PC/Laptop. By Following the below methods you can also fix Gameloop Crashing on Windows 10.

Method #1: Reduce Overclocking

As we know, almost all devices are built for a limited speed to access and connect to the system. Have a clear view of what you are accessing on your device. Some of the software and the apps installed from the outer sources will force the CPU to run faster; in general, that device was not built with those features.


It’s better not to access more apps or sites at a time that will make the system work faster than it builds for. But all we have to access is you accessing the system for all the uses, and later, you can easily slow down the processor work. It will be another reason to suffer all these kinds of things, and the less you access all the utilities in your system.

The most important matter was you need to turn off the overclocking utilities. In that case, you need to slow down the clock by backing up to the default and never access such things, so that will help you to come out of the Biomutant Crashing Problem on your Windows PC.

Method #2: Restart the stream and system

The system needs some rest and will allow you to play different kinds of games. The main thing was if your system is not getting rest for a while, the system will lead you to face issues like this one. It is just a single reason, Also, there are several matters that you need to keep in your brain as all the functions need some rest to run all the operations.

Streaming is nothing but all the users watching and recording the gameplay. So restarting all the systems, as well as the stream, was another way to solve the issue. Now, by restarting the device, you can get rid of all these things; now, we are supposed to have a process to do, so almost all the required things are explained in this method. If you get solved by this method, you can easily solve the issue in all the situations.

This process will help you solve the Biomutant Crashing Problem on your Windows PC issue, and if you are still facing the same issue, kindly go for the next method.

Method #3: Verify Integrity of Game Files

The only important thing of all time was easily accessing the integration process to solve the Biomutant Crashing Problem on Windows PC. The process to verify the integrity of files of the game is mentioned stepwise here;

  • There will be a launcher present in your system as it contains the Library.
  • Open the Library from the launcher of the game and right-click by mouse on Biomutant.
  • Scroll down for the bottom option, and in the last place.
  • That is properties; later, you can see files in local storage.
  • Again, right-click on that thing, and finally, you can also see 3 different options.
  • Select the middle option from those things that Verify the integrity of game files.


  • As it is the lengthiest process, it takes much time and will finally allow you to solve issues.

Method #4: Update the Graphics Drivers

  • Tap on the available link below, and it will help you to download Drive Easy
  • It will solve all kinds of things, and then it will also help you to upgrade different drives in the system.


  • Launch it with all the permissions as soon as you install this software on your device.
  • That was another way to upgrade the files of Unreal Engine 4 Crashing in your system.
  • Then, after that, scan all the devices with the Drive Easy app on your system.
  • Finally, the outdated pending drives will be clearly shown in this app.
  • It shows all the other drives; If you have seen the update required for the driver of the game, then kindly tap on it.
  • So, the updating process will be done automatically with the help of the Drive Easy app.

Method #5: Disable Overlays

The overlays are some of the additional things that you need to disable the overlays. Those overlays will oppose the performance of the app Biomutant. So, to disable those Overlays, follow the below process, as the complete process will be explained clearly.

  • Turn on the game’s launcher and navigate to the Library.
  • In that Library, you can find the game Biomutant. Here, you tap on the properties of the game.
  • Click or tap on the general option in the 1st place on that page.
  • There, you can see Enable the steam overlays while in-game.


  • Un-tick that option later; disabling the overlays has been done until now.
  • It will help you to solve the issue of the Biomutant Crashing Problem in the final process.

That was the last reason for the issue, so by accessing this process, you can solve the issue of the Biomutant Crashing Problem. I hope you got the point.

Don’t get nervous when you face issues like this, as they are common, and you can easily access various ways to solve the issue. In the same way, you can solve the issue of the Biomutant Crashing Problem.

Not only on PC, but the user can also face the Biomutant Keeps Crashing issue on Xbox One.

Method #6. Check the Virus & Malware

Most of the issues, errors, and game crashes are due to viruses and malware on the device, so you must check and scan the virus and malware and clean the device to fix the issue.

You can notice the following symptoms when the device has the virus and malware.

  • The system operation will become slow.
  • Display of pop-ups.
  • The system crashes and hands and rise of BSOD and much more.
  • The storage space in the hard drive is full.
  • You can notice some modifications on the Device or Browser settings.
  • Access to encrypted files may be lost.

So, to avoid viruses and malware, you must run any antivirus software program on your device to get rid of the issue.

Method #7. Run SFC

One of the effective methods to solve the Biomutant Crashing Problem on a Windows PC is just to run the SFC tool on your device. It is a useful tool that perfectly checks all the disks and faulty or damaged registry errors.

To use the System File Checker tool to fix the issue, the user must follow some simple steps

  • Launch the Command Prompt.


  • Choose Run as administrator.
  • Then type sfc/sannow and hit Enter.


  • After completion of the process, the windows will display the errors as messages.

If you didn’t find any integrity issues and no damaged and missing system files, then you must do the SFC in the safe mode.

  • Move to the Start Menu.


  • Then select Run.


  • In that, enter regedit and press OK.


  • It launches the Registry Editor windows, in that type takedown /f Path_And_File_Name – Enter

Here, Path_And_File_Name is the path and name of the respective corrupted Biomutant Crash File; if you want to fix the issue, then navigate to the administrator access and then enter Path_And_File_Name /GRANT ADMINISTRATORS: F – Enter, and it shows the Command-line along with administrator privileges.

Method #8. Run the Disk Check CHKDSK

Not only with SFC, you can also try the CHKDSK tool to fix the Biomutant Crashing issue on Windows PC; we are performing the task with the help of Windows PowerShell and administrator privileges.

To run the CHKDSK the user must follow the below instructions.

  • On Windows, move to the Start Menu.


  • Then, choose Windows PowerShell and run it as administrator.


  • The New User Account Control Windows asks the user to grant permission to run the Window Command Prompt; tap Yes to grant the permission.
  • Now, type chkdsk c: /x /r  to unplug the driver and check the errors.

Type-chkdsk c: /x /r

Method #9. Run the Startup Repair

Using Startup Repair on Windows will help to solve the issue; it is a flexible window inbuilt repair tool, and it perfectly stops the Biomutant Crashing issue on Windows PC from starting and scans the issues and problems on the device.

Generally, the address of the Startup Repair log file is C:\Windows\System32\Logfiles\Srt\SrtTrail.txt.

To run the startup repair tool on Windows, the user must follow some simple steps carefully.

  • Navigate to Advanced Startup Options.
  • Then select Troubleshoot.


  • Now, move to Advanced Options.


  • Next, choose Startup Repair.
  • It asks the pop-up, i.e. choose the OS that requires to be restored to startup.
  • You must run the administrator account, give the user credentials to grant permission, enter the respective password, and tap Continue.
  • The startup Repair tool will start scanning and easily rectify the issue.

Method #10. Uninstall Windows Updates

Sometimes, the Biomutant Crashing issue occurs is due to the launch of the latest Windows update, so uninstall it and then run the process via Safe mode.

Steps to Uninstall the Windows Updates.

  • Move to the Start Menu.


  • Then select the Power button on the left side bottom of the screen.


  • In that, choose the Restart option to open the Windows Restore Menu.


  • It shows some options; choose Troubleshoot and then Advanced Options.
  • Next, go for Startup Options and the Reboot.
  • Then, the Windows PC reboots so the user can select number 3 to enter into Safe Mode.
  • On Safe Mode, move to Settings and then select Update and Security.


  • Next, select View Update History and then tap on Remove Updates.


  • Depending upon the installation date, you must choose the update and tap Uninstall.

Method #11. Install Windows Update

Once you uninstall the Windows update, still you’re still facing the Biomutant Crashing Issue on your PC, then you must try to install the Windows Update.

  • On Windows, Open Settings.
  • Then select the Update & Security tab.


  • Now, move to the Windows Update option.


  • Tap on Check for Updates, and it automatically downloads the available updates.
  • After that, you must restart Windows.

How to Turn off/Disable the motion blur in Biomutant?

It is a little difficult to turn off the motion blur in Biomutant; you can launch the Settings menu, move to the Camera section, search for the motion blur that is shown under the Field of View, and finally turn it off the option and drag the value to 0.

Final Verdict:

Here, with the help of the methods mentioned above ways, you can easily solve the Biomutant Crashing Problems on a Windows PC/Laptop.  So it is easy, and you can handle all these kinds of issues. But the users facing this issue will have all these kinds of matters. If you benefit from this article, then feel free to share this article with your friends and family.

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