How to Fix Adobe Premiere Pro Crashing on Windows 11 & 10?

It is quite a common issue for every Windows user due to the Adobe Premiere Pro Crashing on Windows 11 & 10; if you’re searching for the solution, you’re at the right place to know. In this article, we want to explain the reasons for the issue and discuss the methods to Fix Adobe Premiere Pro Crashing on Windows 11 & 10.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a popular, powerful, and feature-packed video editing software; it is helpful to make videos applicable for professional and social platforms; for some reason, Adobe Premiere Pro is crashing. With the help of this article, you can quickly fix the Premiere Pro crashing issue in 2024.

System Requirements:

Windows must have the following system requirements to access Adobe Premiere Pro to avoid the crashing issue;

  • Processor: Intel® 6th Gen, or AMD Ryzen™ 1000 Series
  • GPU: Check supported GPUs from
  • Display: 1920 x 1080
  • RAM: The memory of RAM should be 8 GB
  • Sound card: ASIO compatible or Microsoft Windows Driver Model

Reasons That Cause Adobe Premiere Pro Crashing on Windows 11 & 10

Some of the significant reasons behind Adobe Premiere Pro Crashing on Windows 11 & 10 are;

  • Lack of updates on drivers.
  • Outdated OS.
  • Damaged or corrupted GPU Drivers.
  • The Adobe Premiere Pro version is outdated.
  • Insufficient system requirements.
  • Incompatible plug-in.
  • The preferences are wrongly configured.
  • Lack of updates of Windows Visual C ++ Libraries.
  • GPU Overheating.
  • A lot of apps running in the background.
  • Presence of media cache files.
  • The computer is overheated.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro didn’t have administrator permission.

Common Issues with Adobe Premiere Pro:

Below we are mentioning the common issues they are;

  • Premiere Pro crashing on startup.
  • Premiere Pro Windows 11 issues.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro black screen crash.
  • Premiere Pro freezing computer.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro crashes when opening the project.
  • Premiere Pro crashes when importing.

Methods to Fix  Adobe Premiere Pro Crashing on Windows 11 & 10:

This article discusses the methods to fix Adobe Premiere Pro Crashing on Windows 11 & 10; these are straightforward, easy, and simple and effectively solve the crashing issue.

#1. Update Graphics Driver

With the help of Driver updating software, the user must easily download and update the Driver; these are designed to simplify finding and identifying compatible drivers. Users can freely update outdated, corrupted, and missing drivers with a few clicks.

It is a reliable and flexible Driver updating program with a wide range of Driver updating software; here, we use the Bit Driver Updater tool to download and update the Printer Drivers.

This is the best tool that detects the system configuration and finds the correct drivers; there is no need to extract the device details or system configuration, and no security issues or issues with the faulty drivers.

It can back up the existing drivers and add incorrect or incompatible ones. It is available to users in pro and free versions; with the help of the pro version, the user can update all outdated, missing, or corrupted drivers in a few clicks. In the free version, the user must update each device driver, and provide 24/7 technical support and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Features of Bit Driver Updater:

The excellent features of Bit Driver Updater are;

  1. It deeply scans the system.
  2. It comes with a scan scheduler.
  3. A Wide range of Driver Library.
  4. It has a backup and restores the wizard.
  5. Gives 24/7 Customer Support.
  6. In a single click, it updates the drivers.
  7. You can Troubleshoot Audio or Playback Sound Problems in Windows.

Follow the below steps to download and update the Printer Drivers using Bit Driver Updater

  • Initially, download and install the Bit Driver Updater from the official site.


  • Now run the tool and Click on the Scan option that is shown on the menu panel on the left side.
  • Wait for some time to finish the process.
  • The user must scan the results and tap on the Update All option to update so many drivers at a time; suppose the user is using the free version, then it shows the prompt to purchase the pro version, so tap on the Update Now option that is next to the Driver or any other driver as you wish to update.


  • You must wait for a few minutes to finish the process.
  • In the end, reboot/restart the device to apply the changes.

#2. Using Device Manager Update Drivers

Device Manager is one of the best tools for updating the drivers; not only updates, but it also performs many tasks, like uninstall rollback and much more. Due to a lack of updates, you may face many issues and errors. To avoid this, the user must automatically or manually update the Driver.

Here with the help of Device Manager, we are updating the drivers;

  • Launch the Device Manager by pressing the Windows + X keys at a time on the keyboard to launch the power user menu.


  • Then go to the Display Adapters section and expand it.


  • Now, the user must right-tap on the adapter and then click on the Update Driver option.


  • Select the Search Automatically for Drivers option on the prompt.


  • Follow the instructions that are shown on the screen to finish the process.

#3. Reset Preferences

Based upon Adobe, resetting the preferences will help to solve the crashing of Adobe Premiere Pro; follow the below simple steps carefully;

  • Press and hold down the Alt Key to open the Premiere Pro.


  • It shows the pop-up regarding the reset of preferences.
  • You must reset the preferences in Premiere Pro.
  • Tap on OK to confirm.
  • Check whether the Premiere Pro crashing issue is solved or not.

#4. Disable GPU Acceleration

Enable GPU Acceleration is one of the reasons behind the crashing of Premiere Pro, so you must temporarily turn off/disable the GPU acceleration to solve the issue; for that, we are explaining some steps.

  • Open the Adobe Premiere Pro on Windows.
  • Then move to the File and then click on Project Settings.
  • Now, click on the General option.


  • Next, disable/turn off the GPU Acceleration.
  • On the Video Rendering and Playback section, you must set the Renderer option to mercury playback engine software only.


  • Tap on OK to save the changes.
  • Once you select the GPU acceleration to software only.
  • It takes some time to complete the rendering process after turning off the GPU Acceleration.

#5. Delete Media Cache Files

Due to the presence of corrupted media cache files, you may face the crashing of Adobe Premiere Pro, so delete/remove the media cache files, follow the below simple steps carefully;

  • On Windows, open Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Move to the Edit section and click on Preferences.
  • In that, select the Media Cache option.


  • Tap on the Delete option to remove/delete the media cache files.


#6. Close CPU/Memory Hogging Applications

One of the resource-consuming apps is Adobe Premiere Pro; if the user is running so many apps at a time in the background, then it consumes more RAM and CPU and leads to the crashing of Adobe Premiere Pro, so try to close the CPU/Memory consuming apps, to do this the user must follow some simple steps carefully.

  • Press the Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys at a time on the keyboard to launch the Task Manager; it shows the prompt, in tap on Yes to launch the Task Manager.


  • Choose the apps and programs that are consuming the CPU or memory, then tap on End Task to close the apps and programs.


  • After closing the apps, you must check whether the issue is fixed.

Due to insufficient memory, you may face the crashing of Adobe Premiere Pro, so maintain enough memory to avoid issues; upgrade the RAM.

#7. Check the Overheating Components

Adobe Premiere Pro accesses both CPU and GPU to do the problematic computing; if the Premiere Pro runs for a long time on the computer, then it gets overheated, mainly if the cooling system is not correctly working; if the computer is overheated, then without giving any warning, the Adobe Premiere Pro crash, so the user must cool down the computer.

To do this, the user must follow some simple steps;

  • Clean the dust present on the fans and vents of the computer.
  • Try to put the computer in a cooling environment.
  • Use a better cooling system.

#8. Update/Reinstall Adobe Premiere Pro

If the above methods don’t solve the crashing of Adobe Premiere Pro, then update the Premiere Pro or uninstall and reinstall it.

  • On Windows, launch the Windows Settings.


  • Then select the Apps tab.


  • Now, click on the Apps & Features option.
  • Find out Adobe Premiere Pro and tap on it.
  • Click on the Uninstall option.
  • Follow the instructions that are shown on the screen.

You must go to the official site of Afobe Premiere Pro and then reinstall the latest version on Windows.

#9. Troubleshoot In Clean Boot

Due to interference of a third-party app with the video editing tool, you may face a crashing issue. To avoid doing the clean boot, this will help to remove all the issues.

#10. Run as Administrator

It is mandatory to give administrator privileges to Adobe Premiere Pro, to prevent the crashing issue. To do this, the user must follow some simple steps;

  • You must right-tap on the software and then select Properties.
  • Then click on the Compatibility in the Adobe Premiere Pro parties and tick the Run this program as an administrator.


  • Finally, tap on the OK option and restart the computer.

#11. Reset Workspace to Saved Layout

If you face the crashing of Adobe Premiere Pro while doing the tasks, especially in the import and export of the media, and you’re not interested in resetting preferences, then try to rest the workspace, below are the steps.

  • Launch the Premiere Pro.
  • Then move to Window >> Workspaces >> Reset to Saved Layout.

#12. Update Visual C ++ Libraries

If you’re still facing the crashing of Adobe Premiere Pro, then update the Visual C++ Libraries; Microsoft is the default tool to update the libraries on Windows.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What is the difference between precise data and cache?

Generally, clearing the data will forget everything you do, but the cache holds the information and files.

2. Is it safe to delete the Adobe Cache files?

Deleting the cache files is the best thing; it saves storage space.

3. Where is the Adobe Preferences folder?

The location of the Adobe Preferences folder is C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe.

Final Conclusion:

This article discusses the reasons behind the Adobe Premiere Pro Crashing on Windows 11 & 10 and briefly tells the methods to fix the issue. For people facing the crashing of Adobe Premiere Pro Crashing on Windows 11 & 10 and looking for methods to fix the issue, this article is the best reference to know. If you benefit from this article, feel free to share this article with your friends and family. Thanks for choosing us.

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