Download TweakBox on iPhone Without Jailbreak [Direct Link]

TweakBox is a famous third-party AppStore that offers tweaked, hacked apps and games, emulators, and screen recorders to iOS devices for free of cost, and that too without Jailbreaking iDevices. If you are eagerly searching for an app like TweakBox, you are in the right place to get the TweakBox on iPhone and iPad.

In this article, we discuss the basic information of TweakBox and briefly explain its features, downloading, and installation steps. TweakBox is a third-party AppStore that allows users to download premium applications and gaming applications for free. Moreover, in the TweakBox app, you can get revoked apps from the Apple AppStore. With this app, you can download TweakBox V2 and Cyrus V2 Installer for free.

What is Tweakbox?

TweakBox is one of the best and most excellent unofficial third-party app stores, it provides a lot of apps and games in various categories that are not available on the official AppStore and comes with unique features, and it is entirely free of cost, legal, and secure AppStore to get tweaked, hacked apps and games, Not only apps and games, it also gives emulators and screen recorders.


The interface is intuitive, easy to navigate, and use without any difficulty; you can download this third-party AppStore on your iOS device from this website.

App Information:

  • App Name: TweakBox
  • Size: 12MB
  • Version: v2.0
  • Cost: Free
  • Developed By: TweakBox team
  • Compatibility: iOS 12 or Above


TweakBox has excellent features that mesmerize you with the free modified and tweaked apps and games, so check out the below features.

#1. AppStore Apps:

It has many iOS apps and games, so users can freely download them.

#2. Exclusive Apps:

TweakBox gives the apps, games, and tweaks that are not available on the official app store and also has emulators, screen recorders, streaming apps, tweaks, and much more.

#3. Tweaked Apps:

It has stock apps having additional features.

#4. Modified Games:

TweakBox contains stock games and unlocked extra features and gives in-game bonuses free of cost.

#5. Free Apps:

It gives various categories of apps like entertainment, productivity, social media, business, health and fitness games, and sports

#6. Free Games:

The user can play various latest games and classics on their device without requiring payment; it is updated weekly with the latest games.

#7. Free Music & Movies:

In this, you can download or stream any mp3 or video on the internet for free with the help of Cydia or iTunes Store; this is the best online streaming app that offers unlimited music and films so that the user can enjoy their favorite one in TweakBox Apps. The user can also get the famous dramas, documentaries, and hit songs available on the device; if you’re interested in watching the latest movies and TV shows, this category is best for you.

#8. Free TV Shows & Movies:

In this TweakBox, users can download and watch their favorite movies and TV shows for free.

#9. Free Radio Stations:

Here you can listen to your favorite radio stations as well as download them on the device with the help of TweakBox Apps; for relaxing or for outside vacations, it offers a wide range of excellent DJ mixes as well as podcasts so you can enjoy your day

#10. Notification Center:

It has a notification center widget that gives notifications regarding the latest updates.

#11. Tweak Installer:

There is no need for Jailbreaking iDevices. The user can easily install the apps and tweaks. The Tweak Installer lets you quickly get everything.

#12. Metas:

It also gives enormous metadata information regarding apps and tweaks on the TweakBox Apps.

Additional Features:

  1. The developers regularly update it.
  2. Offers high performance.
  3. The interface is attractive and user-friendly.
  4. It sends notifications regarding the latest updates. Users can also postpone or instantly update based on their mood and time.
  5. Completely free of cost, no hidden or extra charges are included.
  6. It enhances the performance of all apps and games and forces them to work correctly.
  7. In this, the available apps and games are perfectly categorized and optimized.
  8. This is entirely safe and secure. There are no legal issues; the developers of this AppStore will continuously monitor the app to avoid threats, viruses, and malware.
  9. There is no need for Jailbreak and Apple ID and Password.
  10. It provides various apps and games.
  11. You can also get iQPhone For iOS.

Download TweakBox on iPhone/iPad

You can easily download the TweakBox on iOS; the process is simple and easy. This is one of the best third-party AppStores. There is no need for Jailbreak and payment, and it offers various categories of apps, games, emulators, and screen recorders.

This is the best place to get the Cydia store tweaks and apps and is also suitable for non-jailbreak iDevice, here without having the Cydia store, you can get the apps; it offers a lot of tweaked apps, namely WhatsApp++, Instagram++, Facebook++, and much more.

Working Steps to Install TweakBox on iOS 16+, iOS 15+, and iOS 14+:

  • Tap on the download button provided below.



  • Now you will get one pop-up; Tap on the Allow option.


  • Here Tap on Close when one more pop-up appears.
  • The Profile is already downloaded on your iDevices, but you have to permit to install it successfully. Follow the below steps to Install the TweakBox App on iPhone, or iPad.
  • First of all, navigate to the settings option from the iDevice home screen.


  • In the settings option again, move to General settings.


  • There, click on VPN & Device Management.


  • Here click on the TweakBox profile.


  • Now click the Install option.


  • Now you have to enter your iDevice passcode to start the installation process.
Enter your iDevice Passcode
  • Here click on Next.


  • Now you will navigate to the Warning page; click on Install.


  • Now Tap on the Install option when you get a pop-up.


  • So the installation process is started and click on Done after completion of the installation process.


  • That’s it: navigate to your iDevice’s home screen and launch the TweakBox app to download and install tweaked, modified, ++ apps and games for free.


How to Install TweakBox APK on Android?

Not only on iOS, but the TweakBox can also be available to Android users. To download and install the TweakBox on Android, the user must follow some simple steps

  • On Android, launch Settings.
  • Then select a Security option.
  • Now you must enable the unknown sources option on Android devices.


  • Next, the user must download the TweakBox Mod APK and install it by following the on-screen steps.
  • Finally, after installing, launch the TweakBox app and start using it.
  • Move to your favorite category and get the apps and enjoy.

How to Use TweakBox on iDevices?

If you have no idea how to use the TweakBox on iOS, then follow the below simple steps

  • Open the TweakBox on the iOS home screen.
  • Then move to its search bar, or you can notice the app icon on the home screen and click on it.
  • Now it shows the menu bar, in that select the Apps button and click on it.


  • The user can see the list of categories and move to the type where you want to download apps.
  • Click on Install and follow the instructions that are displayed on the screen.

How to Jailbreak iPhone with TweakBox?

No need to Jailbreak iDevices to access the TweakBox, but with the help of Tweakbox, you can easily jailbreak your iDevice, so for that, the user must search for the uncovered Jailbreak and install it through TweakBox.

Download Uncover Jailbreak:

  • Initially, you must download and install the TweakBox on iOS.
  • Then open it and click on the search bar.
  • In that, enter Uncover Jailbreak and click on the search result.
  • Click on Install.
  • Finally, use it.

Common Errors on TweakBox:

In this article, we can also explain the standard errors on TweakBox, which you may encounter while downloading, installing, and usage of unofficial apps; so you have an idea to get rid of them, follow the below-fixing steps carefully

#1. Fix TweakBox White Screen-Blank Screen Error

  1. Launch Settings on iOS.
  2. Then move to Safari and then click on the Clear Website Data option.
  3. Now rerun the app and check whether the issue is fixed or not.

#2. TweakBox Stopped Working? Fix It

The error occurred due to non-verification of the app source

  1. You must delete/ uninstall the TweakBox on iOS.
  2. Then again, reinstall it on the device.
  3. Now navigate to Settings, select General, and click on the Profile and Device Management option.
  4. Next, you must locate the app certificate.
  5. Finally, tap on Trust or Verify to fix it.

#3. Fix TweakBox Unable to Download or Unable to Install

  1. Uninstall/Delete the Tweakbox.
  2. Restart/Reboot the device.
  3. Again download the TweakBox on iOS.

#4. Fix for Update CMP Issue

  1. First of all move to Settings on iDevices.
  2. Here select Safari and then click on the Clear Website Data option.
  3. Next, again launch the TweakBox Apps section.

#5. Fix TweakBox Profile Installation Failed Error

Whenever the Apple servers are overloaded with traffic, it will lead to the profile installation failed error, so you must clear the traffic to solve the issue; follow the below simple steps carefully;

  1. Initially, put the device on Airplane Mode.
  2. Here navigate to Settings and then select Safari.
  3. Click on the Clear History and Website Data option.
  4. Now select the Clear History and Data option.
  5. Finally, disable/ turn off the Airplane Mode.

How to Delete TweakBox From iPhone/iPad?

Follow the below steps, if you want to delete/uninstall the TweakBox on your device;

  • On iOS, launch the Settings app.
  • Then click on General and then select Profile.
  • Please search for the TweakBox profile and click on it.
  • Now click on Remove Profile and exit from the settings.


  • Finally, the TweakBox will be removed

Pros & Cons:

  • The user can freely download premium apps and games.
  • Not require Jailbreaking iDevices.
  • The best alternative to AppStore.
  • The app may revoke or crash after seven days of installation.
  • You may face issues like a white or blank screen or untrusted enterprise developer issues.
  • Compared to other third-party AppStores, it is a little bit slow.

TweakBox Alternatives

Panda Helper is a third-party Cydia Alternative for iDevices to download paid apps and games for free.

Panda Helper VIP is an advanced version of the Panda Helper app where you can get all premium features.

HipStore is a Cydia-like app where you can install premium apps and games without jailbreaking iDevices.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Is TweakBox safe or not?

It is a safe and secure app.

2. Is TweakBox free or not?

TweajBox is entirely free, and no hidden or extra charges are included.

3. Does it contain any virus or malware?

No, it is regularly monitored by the developers to avoid viruses and threats of affection.

Final Conclusion:

This article gives complete information about TweakBox and provides the download link for Tweakbox. If you’re fascinated by downloading tweaked apps and modded games on iOS devices, TweakBox is the best choice. Without Jailbreak and payment, you can get whatever you want, follow the article, download and install the TweakBox on your device, and enjoy its features and favorite apps and games.

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