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iOSEmus is developed to overcome some restrictions of Apple. You all know that Apple AppStore does not allow users to download certain apps and games. So users are shown more interest in jailbreaks, but the thing is, you will lose your iDevice warranty after jailbreaking. That’s why many third-party app developers are developing the iOSEmus For iOS app to benefit the users. With this app, you can also Download Emus4U and Mojo Installer for free.

In this app, the user can access the information in multiple ways by downloading their favourite apps like Spotify, top games like Kodi, Pokemongo++, and also top emulators, tweaked versions of apps like Instagram++, Twitch++, Snapchat++, Facebook++, Youtube++, and other modified apps that too for free of cost.

What is iOSEmus?

iOSEmus is an unofficial app, emulator, and installer, and it is very useful to iPhone/iPod users who can easily access to install games and apps. It is a user-friendly app that does not require any user ID and is easily understandable and flexible. This app is an app store alternative to iOS; using this app improves your device’s UI.


It is a third-party app useful for downloading various apps and games. This app gives much information about the Cydia contents and tweaked apps; you don’t get this information in the Apple App Store. iOSEmus is a Free and Open-source Application, mainly a web-based application.

App Information:

  • App Name: iOSEmus
  • Category: iOS Tweak store
  • Type: Emulator, the installer
  • Compatibility: iOS 12 or above


  1. This app has a User-friendly interface.
  2. It is Legal to use iOSEmus.
  3. There are no Storage issues.
  4. No privacy intrusion; it is a completely safe and authorized app.
  5. No need to Jailbreak iDevices.
  6. It takes up little space on your iPhone/iPad.
  7. Regular updation of apps and games.
  8. Downloading errors are less and easily recovered.
  9. Using limited RAM and other resources.
  10. You can easily install tweaks and unofficial apps for free of cost.
  11. You can also get iDownloads Pro For iOS.

Additional Features:

  • The user can access the app with custom playing options.
  • High speed of downloading apps and games, and that’s why it uses less internet for downloading.
  • No coding knowledge is required to use this app; it is easily understandable.
  • The app store has a wide database of modded, tweaked, and hacked apps.
  • Memory and cache cleaners are available in this app store to delete unwanted files after uninstalling any app.
  • iOSEmus should not break any security bandwidth of the iOS.
  • The user can easily identify the cheats and hacks in the game with the help of the iOSEmus app.
  • It has an inbuilt cleaner that clears unwanted data and saves storage space.


  1. Need to have a strong and active internet connection to download this app.
  2. For downloading purposes, we need some storage space on the device.
  3. We are using only the iOS versions above iOS 12+.
  4. iDevices should work above the iPhone 9.
  5. There is no need for Jailbreaking iDevices.

Download iOSEmus For iPhone [No need to Jailbreak]:

iOSEmus is a third-party AppStore that allows users to get paid and tweaked apps for free. What are you waiting for? Follow the methods to download and install iOSEmus on iPhone and iPad devices for free. iOSEmus is the best third-party premium app compared to premium apps in the Apple app store. It does not require any registration or payment for the subscription to the app, and it is completely free of cost.

How to Install iOSEmus on iOS 16+, iOS 15+, iOS 14+, iOS 13+?

  • Mainly, your device needs to have a strong wifi or internet connection.
  • Close all the background apps except the present one to save the internet data.
  • Now click on the download button, which is provided below.



  • You will get one pop-up after clicking the download button; Tap on Allow.


  • Click on Close when you get another pop-up.


  • Navigate to the downloaded profile page by following the given steps below.
  • First of all, Open Settings and then navigate to General Settings.


  • In the General Settings, search for VPN & Device Management, and click on it.


  • Now you will navigate to the Profile section, search for the iOSEmus app, and click on it.


  • When you click on the iOSEmus profile icon, you will go to the Installation profile page and click the Install option.


  • Here enter your iPhone passcode to start the installation process.


  • Now you will land on the warning page; Tap on the Install option at the top right corner.


  • Here you will get one pop-up; Tap on the Install option again.


  • Tap on Done after completion of the Installation process.


  • iOSEmus app will be successfully installed when you go to the home screen of your iDevices.


  • Now head over to the home screen of your iDevices and open the app and install your favourite games and apps.


How to Download Apps on iOSEmus Without Jailbreaking?

There are some easy steps and instructions for downloading the apps on iOSEmus on iOS:

  • First, navigate to the home screen of your iDevices and open the iOSEmus app.
  • On the iOSEmus app, you can see different categories; there, you can see a rectangular box with an arrow inserted in it.
  • Next, click on the “All Apps and Emulators” option.


  • A list of apps and games is shown after putting a tick on the “All Apps and Emulators” option; it shows vertical lines on the left, and it has several types of colours which will they identify whether the app is signed or revoked.

It has two coloured lines, i.e., green and blue; green lines mean the app is signed and it works well after the installation, the blue colour indicates the app is revoked, and the app is not working properly, and also has another option, i.e., no colour means the apps are not tested.

  • From the above, it is noticed that the green vertical line app will effectively work. Here we are discussing the installation of “Bar Magnet” from the above list of apps.


  • Next, search and type the bar magnet app on the list and tap the install button on your device.
  • Here click on the “Install” option at the right of the top corner of the page.


  • Now you can see a little pop-up as shown; pass over it and “Tap on install.”
  • Next, another pop-up will be displayed on the screen asking if you are sure to install the app “bar magnet” and simply on the “install” button.


In the above discussion, it is clearly said that it is very easy and simple to download/install the various apps from iOSEmus, and there is no need for Jailbreak.

How to Use the iOSEmus on iPhone/iPad?

For effective usage of the app, the user must follow some instructions;

  • Start the iOSEmus app from your home screen.
  • On the screen, it displays the list of apps.
  • To get your favourite apps or games, scroll down to find them or search for your favourite game.
  • Follow the given instructions by the device to install your favourite apps or games.
  • Make sure your device has a strong internet connection.
  • After successfully installing the app, check the app on your device.
  • Open the app and choose your favourite categories and enjoy.

Categories of iOSEmus:

  • Top Emulators
  • Favorite App
  • Top Game
  • Most Popular Apps
  • Newest Apps
  • Recently Update Apps
  • All Apps and Emulators

How to Download Tweaked Pokemon Go on iOSEmus?

  • Open the iOSEmus Store on iOS.
  • Then tap on the Library icon on the home.
  • Now click on any tweak or app as you wish; here we are choosing Pokemon Go.
  • It will redirect you to the Tweaked Pokemon Go page, where you can notice two options, #1 and #2, that precede the Tweaked Pokemon Go.


  • If the user selects #2, it downloads the Tweaked Pokemon Go on iOSEmus; suppose you choose #1, then you will go to the TutuHelper app.


  • Click on the selected app.
  • On the next screen, tap on Get option
  • It displays a pop-up; click on the Install option.


Pros & Cons:

  • No need for jailbreak.
  • There is no need to enter the Apple ID and password.
  • Offers a huge range of Emulators, Apps, and Games.
  • It is under the privacy of Apple, so the configuration profile you install is completely safe and secure.
  • Free of cost. Easy to navigate and use.
  • Updated regularly by the developers.
  • Compared to Cydia, it Doesn’t offer the same series of apps, games, and emulators.
  • After one month or two months, the app crashes, so the user again reinstalls the app.
  • To avoid revoking or crashing, you must use a VPN.

iOSEmus Alternatives

Download iPABox to download iPA files on iDevices without sideloading through Cydia Impactor.

AppEven is a Third-party Apple AppStore to download tweaked apps and games.

Download iPA4iOS to install ++ iPA apps on iDevices.

How to Delete iOSEmus on iPhone?

If you want to delete the iOSEmus on iOS, then there are two ways to delete it; here, we briefly discuss the two ways in the below section.

#1. Delete App Profile

  • Open Settings on iOS.
  • Then select the General option and then scroll down the page and search for the Profiles & Device Management option.


  • Now search for the iOSEmus Profile.


  • Next, click on Remove Profile.


  • Here Enter your iPhone passcode for confirmation.


  • Now you will get one pop-up; tap on Remove.


#2. Delete App Icon

  • You must click and long-press the iOSEmus icon on the iOS home screen.
  • Then the icons are in wiggle mode; now click on the x icon shown on the top corner of the iOSEmus icon.
  • It shows a pop-up; click on the Delete option.


  • Finally, the app is successfully removed from the device.

Download iOSEmus APK on Android:

  • Initially, you must download the iOSEmus APK on Android.
  • You must enable the unknown sources to move to Settings, select Security, and then enable the unknown sources option.

Enable- Unknown-Sources

  • Now move to the downloaded APK file location and tap on it.
  • Next, you will go to the installation profile page.
  • Click on Install to begin the installation process.
  • Wait for some time, because the installation process takes a few minutes to finish the installation.
  • Now, head over to the home screen of your Android device and open the app.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. is iOSEmus safe or not?

Yes, it is safe, and there are no privacy issues.

2. Is iOSEmus legal to use?

Yes, we can legally use the app.

3. Is downloading the iOSEmus app on my iPhone/iPod difficult?

It is easy and simple to download the app; you should follow some simple steps there is no difficulty in it.

Final Conclusion:

iOSEmus app is very easy and simple to understand, users can access this app in multiple ways to install their favourite games or apps, and it is a user-friendly app; it is completely free, and the user is completely safe to use the app, it has endless apps and games.

The article mainly concludes with “How to Download iOSEmus For iOS” and “How to Install iOSEmus on iPhone and iPad without jailbreaking iDevices.” For people who are searching for the best Cydia alternative for iOS, for that type of people, iOSEmus is the best choice, and this article is the best reference to know.

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