Download + Install XP-Pen Drivers on Windows 10 [How-To]

Would you like to draw using a smartphone? Do you know how to draw on the touchpad screen? after reading the whole article you will know how to draw on your smartphone. The XP-Pen Drivers are the greatest solution for it. This will provide you with the cheapest writing pen to draw the paintings you wish to draw. Here in this article, I am going to give you a direct download link to Download XP-Pen Drivers on Windows 10.

You can sketch, paint, and draw an excellent painting effortlessly using the XP-Pen. You can draw the paintings they look like that an expert may draw them. This allows you to Screen control by pen, storyboards, characters, backgrounds, and more. You can draw them as you wish and change or customize them.

It is compatible with tablets, notebooks, and smartphones. This will deal with e-learning, designing, and graphics which everyone likes to do. This is a simple app to draw the painting. You can feel like drawing with a pencil on white paper. It consists of advanced features like colouring. You need XP-Pen Drivers installed on your device to work with this app.

Basic Information of XP-Pen Drivers

  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches.
  • Connectivity Type: USB.
  • Input Resolution: 5080 LPI.
  • Pressure Levels: 8192.

Features of XP-Pen Drivers:

  1. You should keep these minimum requirements to use the XP-Pen on your Touchpad.
  2. This is compatible with Windows and MAC OS only.
  3. Lots of stylings, colourings, and many advanced features are available in drawing art.
  4. Driver’s software is free to download and use.
  5. Frequently update the driver to get better performance.


  • You need enough space to download the app.
  • The app should be compatible with your Operating System.
  • It requires a stable internet connection.

How to Download & Install XP-Pen Drivers on Windows 10?

You can download it from the official website, and You can do it manually or automatically.

Download and Install XP-Pen Drivers Manually via the Official Site

To install the drivers manually, you must search and download which is compatible with your system requirements and operating system. If you have chosen the wrong one, the app will not be installed. It is better to choose the installation automatically. You can download the driver from the official website. To do this process, you must have some knowledge of your device information, amd you must have some technical knowledge to complete the installation.

Follow the installation method carefully.

  • Launch browsers like Opera, Safari, and Chrome on your device.
  • Search for the XP-Pen Official Site.
  • Visit the official site.
  • There, you can observe the official download of the app.
  • Observe the Support tab from the official website, which will help the user with every question and support you about the proper functioning of an object using a developer.
  • You will observe one context menu at the Support tab when you move the cursor onto it.
  • Choose the product model you need from the list.


  • Click on the Search button to see which product is ready to download. Only you can observe the product if it is compatible with your system requirements. If it is incompatible, it will say and show a message that chooses another product.


  • Then, you click on the download button shown on the website, so now . Zip files are downloaded.


  • Extract those files, and Tap on the .exe file to download.


  • Follow the on-screen instructions, and Then, it will download the driver app onto your device, and you can run it by following the on-screen instructions. The process will take some time.
  • After installing them slowly reboot the device once.
  • After launching the tab, you can use the XP-Pen application.


  • The driver’s app was installed successfully and is ready to launch.

Install XP-Pen Driver Automatically Using Driver Easy

From the above process, it is not easy to search for a compatible driver app. It is time-consuming, and the installation goes wrong if you make errors—no need for expertise. You know how to operate the computer, and the process will be completed with simple button clicks. This process is done automatically by using the Driver Easy App.

  • First, you must download and install the Driver Easy app from your browser.
  • Launch the app and tap the Scan tab on the left side of the home screen.


  • The scan will be done to the complete System. The scan results will show all driver updates or drivers to be installed, and it displays the list of updated apps.


  • You can follow the suggestions and update all of them at a time by using the Update All button at the bottom of the screen. Also, you can skip all updates and do one of the updates, like the XP-Pen driver. Then, you can install or update the XP-Pen Driver only. You can press the button you like.


  • The process will take some time to complete. It will automatically show the driver app needs to be installed for XP-Pen Driver and compatible with the OS. Then, you can tap on the download button to download, and the installation process will follow it—no need to do anything.
  • The installation of the XP-Pen Driver will be done after some time.
  • After completion of the process, it will reboot. Then, you can launch and use the XP-Pen app.


The installation process of the XP-Pen driver was completed successfully. Please select the language and location while opening it. Sharpen your creativity and draw a picture of your own. Enjoy the drawing and get popular.

How to Use XP-Pen Drivers on Windows 10?

After launching the app, you must use a digital pen to draw the sketch or paint. A button is on to select whether you need pen or Eraser mode. You can observe the mode on your screen too. A barrel button can perform a different action in the Pen Tablet button settings. You can customize and choose the pen button from the drop-down menu on that window. They are simply like Scroll wheels or Express Keys. You can do basic mouse functionalities, run and change from Pen/Eraser mode.

How to Update XP-Pen Drivers?

Mainly, you can update the XP-Pen drivers in two ways

  1. Using Device Manager
  2. Using XP-Pen Software.

Update XP-Pen Drivers using Device Manager

With the help of Device Manager on Windows 10, you can easily update the XP-Pen Drivers,

Do not use third-party tools for downloading or updating XP-Pen Drivers because of some security issues you can’t run the third-party tools.

Follow the below simple steps to update the XP-Pen Drivers on Windows 10 using Device Manager

  • Launch Device Manager on Windows 10.


  • Locate XP-Pen Drivers.
  • Now, right-click on it and tap on Update Driver.


  • Next, select Search automatically for the updated driver software. 


  • It takes some time to complete the process.

Update XP-Pen Drivers using XP-Pen Software.

Move to the official website of XP-Pen Software and update the XP-Pen Driver. XP-Pen Software consists of hardware and software and provides excellent features such as Processor, Graphics card, RAM, and storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Xp_PenDriver called with any other name?

XP-Pen Driver is also called the Artist 12. It is the product that uses graphics and fashion to re-design the product. You need to know E-learning.

2. Is XP-Pen working on all devices?

This is compatible with multiple devices like Windows, MAC, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, tablets, notebooks, and Laptops.

3. Is this a Chinese?

XP-Pen was founded by a Japanese-Chinese graphic developing and distributing company. It was launched in 2005, and it has worked for the development of graphic tablets. 

Final Conclusion:

That’s it, Friends. This article mainly teaches you to Download and install XP-Pen Drivers on Windows 10. It is an excellent app for drawing sketches and paintings; you may draw big sketches or paintings without help from others. You can customize it.

Observe every change without disturbing the original sketch. Choose and give a great look to your Sketch or Painting. There is no need for expertise to do this. Simple steps will do the process, so Download and install immediately. Draw your sketches and make them popular, and enjoy your drawing.

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