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Hi, friends; now I am back with the best third-party app store, nothing but HipStore For iOS. It is the best store for all third-party apps, tweaks, hacks, paid apps, and games. Most users want to download paid premium apps on their iPhones and iPads. HipStore is the best choice for that type of person among all the third-party app stores.

HipStore is an excellent app store that allows users to get all paid and premium apps for free. Through this app, you can get all paid and premium apps for free on your iPhone/iPod without jailbreaking. With this app, you can also Download TutuApp and TutuApp VIP for free.

Most users download third-party apps from third-party app stores like PandaHelper, TweakBox, Altstore, Appvalley, etc. It is the platform where all the tweaks, Hacked apps, modified apps, paid apps, and premium apps are under one app store called HipStore.

What is HipStore?

Hipstore is a free app that works without jailbreak and Apple ID. Most iPhone and iPod users search for the third-party app store, which comes without jailbreaking. Apple Store is the app store of all paid apps and free apps. You have to buy some apps to download from AppStore. App Store allows you to install only paid apps; there is no way to get paid apps for free from AppStore.


HipStore is the best alternative to AppStore, and this is the store of all these party apps, tweaks, and paid apps. You can download paid and premium apps without any payment. This app can also provide Cydia store tweaks to download on your iPhone/iPod. It is an AppStore like iApps4u, Appvalley, TweakBox, etc…

HipStore is a free app to download and install on your iPhone.There is no need to create an account or register to get tweaked apps and games through this Appstore. It is the best alternative to the Cydia store, and this cannot ask you about your Apple ID and Password to install any app.

App information:

  • Name of App: HipStore
  • App By: HipStore Technology Co, Ltd.
  • Size: 20.5 MB
  • Type: Third-party app store.
  • License: free app.
  • Version: V3.3.7.
  • Compatibility: iOS 14 or below.


  • Active internet connection.
  • Non-jailbreaking iOS device.
  • Supports iOS 12 or above.
  • Supports iPhone 9 or more.
  • Sufficient storage space to download up to 21MB.
  • Cydia Impactor.
  • Windows PC/Laptop or Mac Devices.


It is the best alternative to the App Store, which brings you all the latest tweaks, Hacks, games, and third-party paid apps for free of cost.

  1. It is the app store of All paid apps on the Apple Store for free.
  2. Cydia App Store apps and paid tweaked apps are also available to download.
  3. HipStore is a free app; you can download paid apps from this store for free.
  4. No need to mention your Apple ID and Password.
  5. It is an app store that is easy to use and navigate.
  6. Friendly user interface.
  7. No need to jailbreak your iDevice to install this app.
  8. There are many paid apps and games available.
  9. Many tweaks and hacked games can be downloaded easily through this app.
  10. It supports almost all iPhone Versions.
  11. It works on all iOS Devices.
  12. Coding knowledge is not required.
  13. You can also get TutuBox For iOS.

Advanced Features:

  • Free Paid Tweaks and Cydia Apps: It is free for users without jailbreaking or paying money.
  • Online Store: It is the best online store, and there is no need to download an app. You can easily access it through Safari.
  • No Apple ID & password: There is no need for an ID and Password for paid adjustable apps. You can download them on “HipStore” for free.
  • User-Friendly Interface: It’s a user-friendly interface. Hipstore is simple and easy to know all that you want.
  • Minimum to Crashes: No need to worry about Hipstore because minimum to no crashes are expected.
  • No Anti-Virus Needed: It is considered a free bug and clear. You don’t need to worry about anti-virus on Hipstore.
  • Huge Collection of Apps: There is an ocean of collections of apps and games.
  • Others: It doesn’t require any coding knowledge, skills, etc.

Download HipStore For iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak:

It is not supported by the official AppStore to download onto your non-jailbroken devices. HipStore is very easy to download on your iPhone/iPod.

Downloading and installing this type of third-party app is not a typical task; you can easily download and install it through the link below. HipStore is the best alternative to the App Store, like TutuApp, PandaHelper, Appvalley, Altstore, etc.

How to Install HipStore on iOS 16+, 15+, 14+?

  • First, you must browse the given address to download HipStore for iOS.



  • Click on the above link to download HipStore.
  • Now you will get one popup; Tap on Allow.


  • Again, you will get one more popup; click on Close.


  • Navigate to the downloaded profile section by following the below steps.
  • Head over to the Settings >> General Settings.


  • In the General Settings option, search for the VPN & Device Management section; if you find it, click on it.


  • There, click on the HipStore Plus profile.


  • Click on the Install option which is on the Installation profile page.


  • Now you will be asked for your iPhone passcode; enter your iPhone passcode and start the installation process.


  • Click on the Next option on the Consent page.


  • Here click on the Install option, which is on the warning page.


  • Now one popup will appear at the bottom of the screen; Tap on the Install option to start the installation process.


  • Tap on Done after completion of the installation process.


  • After completion of installation, It will appear on the Home screen of your iPhone/iPod.


What are you waiting for? Move to the home screen of your iPhone and open the HipStore app to get most of the premium apps and games for free.

  • What are you waiting for if the app is successfully installed on your end? Use the HipStore to download tweaked and modified apps and games for free.
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How to Delete Hipstore From iPhone?

Deleting it can be easier. We have 2 methods:

  • Delete HipStore Profile
  • Delete HipStore iCon

#1. Delete HipStore Profile

  • Firstly, we have to go to settings, and then some options are displayed; you can tap “General.”


  • Press on your profiles and double-tap on the Hipstore profile.


  • Now click on Remove profile.


  • Enter your iDevice passcode.


  • Here Tap on Remove.


  • Finally, you have to delete your profile. Then close your settings, and you will see it in a fraction of a second might be gone.

#2. Delete HipStore iCon

  • Firstly long-press on the HipStore icon.
  • It will be a wiggle mode; tap the “X” on its right side top corner.
  • Tap to delete, and the app is gone.

Pros & Cons:

  • Free paid apps and games.
  • Available for any iOS and Android.
  • Aware of malware and viruses.
  • It is the best app store for cracked apps.
  • HipStore works on all iOS devices.
  • You must use separate VPN software to stop revoking.
  • It will be revoked every 7 days.

HipStore Alternatives

If you want to get tweaked apps and games for iDevices, then Download iPA Library For iOS.

Download IPA Library 2.0 which is an advanced version of iPA Library 2.0 to get tweaked apps and games.

iOSEmus is a third-party Cydia Store where you can enjoy all Cydia apps and games without jailbreaking iDevices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is This free to download on your iOS device?

Yes, This is a free app to download and install. You can get this app for free of cost for your iOS device.

2. Is this app safe to use?

Yes, this is a free app to download and the safest app to use on your iPhone/iPod. It is a 100% free app, and you can install it without any doubt.

3. Can I download paid apps for free?

Yes, you can download all paid apps for free. Apps from the App Store are downloaded for free of cost by using this app store HipStore.

4. Why Hipstore?

Hipstore is a third-party app that provides you with apps and games free of cost. It is a user interface and a secured app; it is easy to use

5. Do I need to give my Apple ID?

No, there is no need to give your Apple ID.

Final Conclusion:

This article mainly concludes with How to Download HipStore on iPhone/iPad and How to Install HipStore For iOS 16+, iOS 15+, iOS 14+, iOS 13+, and iOS 12+ without jailbreaking. I hope this article helps you know about the Hip store for iOS, and if you like this article, please share this article with others. HipStore is the best alternative to the App Store, like Cydia Impactor, PandaHelper, Appvalley, Altstore, and Sideloadly.

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