Haimawan Download on iPhone No Jailbreak [English Version]

Are you looking for a different enterprise third-party app store, and do you dislike the current running third-party app stores on your iOS devices? If yes, then you are in the right destination to know all about Haimawan For iOS devices. With this app, you can also Download vShare and vShareSE for free.

You can easily retrieve your hacked or modified apps and games to install on iOS devices. This application supports iDevices, Android devices, and iPads for free. If you want this app store, your iOS device must consist of any third-party app store such as the Tutu helper app, Pokemon Go, GBA4iOS, etc.

As we know, Apple does not allow third-party apps or enterprise applications; you could not find them in the Apple app store either.

What is Haimawan?

Haimawan is like a third-party app store for iOS devices for free, and it also hosts all tweaked or hacked applications and games to install for free on iOS 9.3 or later versions. This is an alternative to the remaining third-party apps available right now. This free iOS app store application is fully safe and secure for your iOS devices; jailbreaking does not require it.

It also allows users to customize the various categories of applications and games required for your essentials. It is easy to navigate, and you will get this application in the Chinese language before installing it; after installing it, you can use it in other languages.


  1. Does not require jailbreaking for iOS devices to have Haimawan.
  2. It has a user-friendly interface, and users can smoothly navigate.
  3. It also went with a huge icon for easy grabbing and for searching.
  4. Consisting of lots of iOS applications for free to install on your iPhone or iPad.
  5. It allows users to install all hacked or tweaked apps and games for free on iOS devices.
  6. This application was available in both Chinese and English languages.
  7. Supports iOS 9 or later versions, including all Android latest versions.
  8. You can also get an iPA Library For iOS.

Download Haimawan on iPhone No Jailbreak:

It will be hard to find the download link of Haimawan because people would not guess the link, but you don’t have to worry when you enter the official website of Haimawan, an orange box will appear on your screen without thinking anything. Just tap on it because that is the download link you want.

Haimawan is a third-party app store in Chinese, so people are getting scared to install this application on their iOS devices.

How to Install Haimawan on iOS 16+, iOS 15+, iOS 14+?

As we know, this is a third-party app store, so to install any third-party application on your iOS devices; your device must have a third-party app store like the Tutu helper app and others, but coming to this application, you will be allowed to download.

  • Launch the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad straight away.
  • Now click on the Download link below.


  • Now Tap on Allow.


  • Here one more pop-up will appear; click on Close.


  • Now navigate to the downloaded profile section.
  • Head over to Settings and navigate to General Settings.


  • Here search for VPN & Device Management; if you find it, click on it.


  • Now click on the profile, which looks in the Chinese language. (check the below image)


  • You will automatically navigate to the Haimawan profile page; there click the Install option which is at the top right corner.


  • Now enter your Device passcode to start the installation steps.


  • Click the Install option on the warning page.


  • Tap on Install when the pop-up appears from the bottom.


  • Click on the Done option to complete the installation process.


  • That’s it, buddies; now navigate to the home screen to see the Haimawan and start using it.
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Download miOS Haimawan on Android:

You can also download the macOS Haimawan on Android by following the below simple steps; newly, Haimawan reveals the Android app, which is only available on its official site. Here we are providing the Haimawan APK Download link.

  • First, the user must click the Haimawan APK Download link.
  • Then you must begin the installation of the APK file on any browser.
  • Now the user must click on the Red Haimawan icon along with a different type of platform option.


  • Next, click on the Android symbol option. After clicking on it, you will automatically be redirected to the installation page.
  • You notice a Red Color Chinese words along with the Haimawan icon and tap on it.
  • You must tap on tap on Red Color Words tab, and it displays the warning message; you must again tap on the OK button.
  • It takes some time to download the app on Android.
  • Once you finish downloading, navigate to the File Manager, go to the Downloader folder, and launch it.
  • Now search for the Haimawan APK and click on it; it displays a pop-up; click on the Install option for confirmation.
  • It successfully installs the app on Android.


How to Use Haimawan on iOS Devices?

Up to this, we covered how to download and install this Haimawan for iPhone devices; now, we will show you how to use it on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Launch Haimawan on your iPhone to install any paid app or game.
  • Go to the search bar, type your required app or game, and then click the search button.
  • You can see your app or game displayed on your screen.
  • You can identify the image icon, and you can realize that it is yours.


  • Now tap on the blue button that indicates the install option.
  • As usual, the rest of the process is the same. This is how you can use the Haimawan app store on your iPhone.

How to Download Paid Apps on Haimawan?

If you doubt how to download paid apps free on Haimawan, follow the below simple steps to download unofficial apps and games;

  • Move to its search bar in Haimawan, shown at the top of the screen.
  • Now you must enter the name of your favorite app, and here we are giving the Minecraft PE; you can give any app you wish.
  • Enter the Minecraft PE on the search bar, and it displays the list of Minecraft Named apps. Just choose the one and click on the Blue Color to get the macOS.Taiwan Minecraft.


  • It shows a pop-up; tap on the Install button.


  • It takes some time to complete the installation.
  • After that, move to the home screen and open the app.

How to Delete Haimawan Profile from iPhone/iPad?

  • First of all, navigate to Settings >> General Settings.
  • Now search for VPN & Device Management and click on it.
  • Click on the Haimawan Profile.
  • Here Tap on Remove Profile.


  • Now you have to enter your iPhone passcode for confirmation.


  • Here one pop-up will appear; Tap on Remove.


  • That’s it; your Haimawan Profile is removed now.

Pros & Cons:

  • Paid applications and games are free of cost.
  • Jailbreaking is not required at all.
  • No issues will be raised.
  • Only available in the Chinese language.
  • Up-to-date is not available.
  • Chances are having to be revoked.

Haimawan Alternatives

iDownlods Pro is a Download Manager For iDevices.

Download Hack Market which is the Cydia Alternative app.

Hackz4iOS is the app store that provides hacked and tweaked apps and games for free.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How can I download Haimawan on my iPhone?

The Haimawan app store is unavailable on any third-party app store on iOS devices. This app belongs to Chinese, and the entire data will also appear in Chinese. This application will be available on the official website of Haimawan. Just tap on the orange box immediately, which will prompt you to the Profile on your iOS device.

2. Are there any English language games on Haimawan?

The Haimawan app will be available in Chinese, so it isn’t easy to handle on iOS devices. But don’t worry about the app; you will easily identify all the apps and game apps because apps and game icons will appear in English.

Final Words:

The Haimawan app sounds different when you hear it; it is a free iOS app store application. Downloading and installing this app on your iOS devices is not easy because its language version comes in the Chinese language.

This article mainly concludes with How to Download and Install Haimawan App on iPhone and iPad for iOS Devices. People around the world will understand English more than other languages. When it comes to the Chinese language, Chinese people only understand it. Thanks for choosing us.

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