Does UPS Deliver on Sundays? [2024 Update Guide]

If you have a question like Does UPS Deliver on Sundays? Then you’re in the right place to know Whether UPS delivers on Sunday or Not.

Sometimes people need urgent packages that must be delivered on Sundays. They need their delivery in their presence and are busy on regular days. Sometimes the urgency of the particular package is high, and they wish to get the package on Sunday because they stay at home; for that type of people who go through UPS and place the order, you can get the delivery on Sunday, too, with the help of its UPS service, freely you can get the Sunday delivery option this is only applicable for the limited areas.

UPS is the most popular parcel delivery service, a fast, reliable service with reasonable shipping options applicable for both businesses and consumers. It provides both weekend pick-up and delivery to enhance its business.

So many people wonder whether UPS delivers on Sundays; in this article, we provide a complete guide for Does UPS Deliver on Sundays? Primarily, the mail services like Canada Post and USPS and some shipment carriers will deliver on Saturdays.

The UPS Weekend Home Delivery ideally allows the packages for Saturday delivery to among 100 US metro areas. It has a good partnership with the USPS and can deliver on Sundays.

Does UPS Deliver on Sundays?

UPS delivers on Sundays in chosen areas, but it has exceptions in its policies; it doesn’t deliver on Sundays to residential addresses in some rural areas. The user must check whether the address is eligible for Sunday delivery and contact UPS customer service.

Some exceptions for particular kinds of packages are UPS Express Critical shipments. These are not applicable for Sunday delivery if the package shipping needs special handling; the user must check the UPS official site to see whether it is eligible for Sunday delivery.


Generally, UPS delivers most packages on Sundays. These are scheduled for delivery on that Day; sometimes, the delivery will be delayed due to weather conditions.

If the package is not delivered, then it will be delivered by the next business day. Apart from the UPS Weekend Home Delivery, the user can select Sunday delivery. To get the urgent package required to be delivered on Sunday, the user must contact the UPS service; there are particular terms and conditions and costs.

Do they Open UPS on Sunday?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions to UPS, if you are also one of them then here you can get the answer too, for this question the answer will be a Yes, yup, they open UPS on Sunday too.

But the thing is whether they ship the packages or not, this is also one of the doubts you have, then No, they only open UPS on Sunday but they don’t ship packages if customers want to get their important packages on Sunday then they have to request them.

If you want to get to know the accurate answers to your queries then you could call them by contacting this Customer support at 1-800-742-5877.


Sunday Hours of UPS :

UPS only accepts requests for shipping but it won’t deliver any packages on Sunday,  so this will make the chance for their partner to ship the packages on Sunday which are Airborne Express and FedEx we can see these two open on Sunday for customers to send shipping requests.

But on special requests, they can request shipping services on Sunday if they want their packages to be shipped.

Does UPS Deliver 7 Days a Week?

We can get deliveries seven days a week, but it doesn’t deliver on specific days.

Christmas DayDecember 25th
Christmas BreakDecember 26th
EasterThe first Sunday in April after the first full moon
ThanksgivingThe fourth Thursday of November
Independence DayJuly 4th
Labor DayThe first Monday of September
Mother’s DayThe second Sunday in May
New Year’s DayJanuary 1st
JuneteenthJune 19th
Memorial DayLast Monday in May
New Year’s Day BreakJanuary 2nd

Does UPS Deliver on Sundays During the Holiday Season?

UPS is in the top position for its service to customers during the holiday season, but it doesn’t deliver any packages on Sundays on regular days, you can only get this facility when it’s on holiday season.

For that, you have to select the special feature which is Sunday delivery to get your packages on Sunday, so that it could send your packages through eCommerce websites like Amazon or any other services.

Does UPS Offer Sunday Delivery for Amazon?

As we all know, in the United States  Amazon is the biggest E-commerce retailer, customers can get their deliveries any day of the week, and Amazon made an agreement with UPS to deliver packages of UPS on Sundays to the customers.

Amazon Prime can also deliver packages on Sundays; know more about Does Amazon Prime Deliver On Sunday? We can also explain the article in detail on our site.

So if you are worrying about the Sunday delivery from UPS then you can get through Amazon anytime on Sunday, it is a piece of great news for customers who are excited about their package delivery.

How Much Is Sunday Delivery at UPS?

For residential ground, there will be no additional fee for Sunday delivery, but you need to pay $16 if you choose no-ground residential, however, the cost will depend upon the delivery destination, the weight of your package, and customers will have to pay for this special delivery including all fee like nonground residential, destination delivery, + 16.

Does UPS SurePost Deliver on Sundays?

The UPS SurePost is the best UPS service that perfectly delivers packages to the US Postal Service for the final delivery; it is available in all 50 states, along with Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The UPS SurePost packages are delivered on Sundays if the customer can schedule the delivery on Sundays.

UPS Saturday Delivery

You can get your items on Saturdays as UPS delivers on Saturdays, but not for free, you have to pay an extra fee for getting deliveries on Saturdays, for more details you can stay tuned to the official website, it will cost this service $16.

Or if you want to know more about this service feel free to contact the representative of UPS, so that you will get enough information about this service.

Add Saturday UPS Pickups

Follow the below steps to add the Saturday UPS Pick-ups.

  • On UPS official website users have to log in to their UPS account.


  • Choose the three dots option in the column of actions.
  • Now tap on the view account details.
  • Go to the pickup options.
  • Select the option when you want to come to the driver to pick up packages.

Packages that UPS Deliver on Saturday

UPS only delivers on Saturday common packages and residential packages, so customers only can get their common and residential, commercial packages on Saturdays.

Is It Possible to Send Air or International Packages to be Delivered on a Saturday?

Yes, it is possible to send international deliveries on Saturday, with an extra fee of $16, it provides options like worldwide express, next-day air express, and 2nd-day air.

So these are the international packages that can be delivered on Saturday.

What Other Mail Couriers and Shipping Carriers Deliver on Weekends

There are many other couriers and shipping carriers available to deliver to the customers on weekends, customers can get their packages on weekends by paying an extra fee for weekend delivery.

FedEx and UPS and a few other mail and courier services deliver on weekends.

Does UPS Deliver on Saturday in Canada?

Yes, customers can get the Saturday UPS service in Canada, if you are living in Canada you need to know that UPS is one of the delivery services which offers Saturday delivery service for customers. But not for free, it is a value-added service that is available for customers, UPS mentioned details of this service or you can search for this service on the UPS website.

It costs around per package $23.00 CAD, and it is available in such countries where they consider Saturday as a working day.

Reasons Behind No UPS Sunday Delivery:

Some of the reasons behind the No UPS Sunday delivery are

  • Domestic Shipments
  • Location
  • Holidays

UPS Saturday Delivery Services:

  • UPS Next Day Air® Early
  • UPS Next Day Air®
  • UPS 2nd Day Air®
  • UPS 3 Day Select®
  • UPS® Ground


  • UPS Worldwide Express
  • Plus®
  • UPS Worldwide Express®
  • UPS Worldwide Express Freight®

Which UPS Services Deliver on Weekends?

The UPS services that deliver on weekends are

  • UPS Next Day Air® Early
  • UPS Next Day Air®
  • UPS 2nd Day Air®
  • UPS® Ground and UPS 3 Day Select®

Based on the destination, the user can access the UPS options.

  • UPS Worldwide Express®
  • UPS Worldwide Express
  • Worldwide Express Freight®

UPS Weekend Delivery Cost:

There are no extra fees for ground residential deliveries at UPS; it charges $4 for ground commercial delivery packages. For non-ground residential service, use the UPS 2nd Day Air®, which costs a $16 delivery fee.

Steps to Use UPS Weekend Service:

  • The user must ask the staff at the carrier’s shipping centers regarding the secure packing of the item.
  • Then check whether the UPS ships to the destination.
  • Check the article to see if the items are restricted or prohibited in that location.
  • Select the delivery service.
  • Give the required details of the package.
  • Get the insurance of the package.
  • Get the quote for the shipment.
  • You must print the shipping label and then attach that to the package.
  • Next, schedule the pick-up or take the package nearer the closest drop-off location.
  • Finally, track the shipment in real-time with the help of a tracking number.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Does UPS deliver on weekends and Saturdays and Sundays?

UPS provides Monday-Saturday delivery service for both residential and commercial packages; it even delivers Sunday for residential packages.

2. What is the delivery’s latest time of the Day?

The latest time of the Day for the delivery is 8 pm.

3. Is there are any extra charges for the weekend delivery?

There are no extra fees for the ground residential delivery packages, and for the Saturday ground commercial delivery packages, the package fee is $4. The customer can enroll for commercial delivery services without the delivery charge with a scheduled Saturday pick-up.

4. Does UPS offer pick-up services on the weekend?

It is only a private, US-based carrier that provides the Saturday package car pick-up service; the advantages of Saturday Pick-up are;

  1. This is an extra day to fulfill orders.
  2. It gathers all package services like international, air, ground & economy.
  3. Available Saturday pick-up volume is advanced for Monday delivery. This is one day faster than the competition.

Final Conclusion:

At last, I want to conclude the topic; UPS provides Monday via Saturday delivery service for commercial and residential packages; only for residential parcels, the user must request deliveries for the other services.

I hope you get the topic. To get the latest information and updates: Follow and support our site. Remember to share the article with others; we try our best to give complete information on Does UPS Deliver on Sundays. Have a Great Day all; enjoy the Day.

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