Does Sprouts Farmers Market Accept Apple Pay?

Sprouts Farmers Market is the best place for people who love natural stores that offer healthy food like vegetables and fruits; Sprouts Farmers Market is the best store that gives healthy natural and organic food. It uses various payment methods; many people doubt their minds, i.e., Does Sprouts Farmers Market Take Apple Pay? In this article, you can get the complete guide to the Sprouts Farmers Market.

Sprouts Farmers Market is the most popular grocery store. It is a farmers market widely used in the United States of America; this Market consists of 370 stores in 23 states, and 35000 workers are working in the stores.

This is 30,000 square feet in size, and the main motto of this Market is to provide only organic food products. It is also called Sprouts. It gives fresh, healthy farm products and supplements; Sprouts accepts various payment methods, including Apple Pay.

Does Sprouts Farmers Market Accept Apple Pay?

The stores are smaller compared to the typical supermarket; the main focus and intention of these stores are to deliver fresh foods, make healthy foods, and vitamins/supplements. It is leading in providing the best vegetables, fruits and fresh food. It stops the usage of plastic or paper, and it receives online payments. Apple Pay is compatible with iOS(iPhone, iPad) or Apple Watch.


The official Sprouts Farmers Market Twitter account will confirm the request delivery option; you can access this on any branch in the country and quickly pay with Apple Pay. It has its brand of products, and those are sold over 2400 ins-tore items among 200 other varieties of organic produce.

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How to Use Apple Pay At Sprouts Grocery Stores?

You can easily use Apple Pay at Sprouts Farmers Market. The user must require an Apple device linked to the payment card and account to pay with Apple Pay. The user can use any Apple device, like iPhone, Mac, or Apple Watch; there are simple instructions to follow for effective use of Apple Pay At Sprouts Grocery Stores.

Initially, the user must go to the Sprouts grocery stores, select the items, move to the checkout lane, and then choose the farm products in the cart. Open the Apple Pay app on your iPhone or Apple Watch; double-click on the side option on Apple Watch. Then you must identify with the help of Face ID or Touch ID.


In iPhone, the user must tap on the Apple Pay app logo on the home screen, choose the payment card and then navigate to the payment terminal, i.e., NFC, which must be enabled, try to scan, and click on it to make the payment.

If the user can pay with the Apple watch, it shows the green checkmark on the user interface, and the user may get a notification related to the payment on iPhone. Not only in this store, but you can also use apple pay in Target Store.

Steps to Create an Apple Pay Account:

  • Turn On Apple Device (It should be either iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch).
  • Then you must download and install Apple Pay.
  • Now, create the Apple Pay account and then sign in with the account.
  • Next, give the Apple Pay credit card details and link or connect the credit card information to the Apple Wallet.
  • Once you sign in or log in with the Apple Wallet, click the + icon at the top of the screen.


  • Type the Card details, and the user can also scan the details to speed up the process.


  • Based on the bank, the identification depends.

How to Use Apple Pay On iDevices?

  • On iPhone, open Apple Pay which is shown on the main screen.
  • On the Apple Watch, you must navigate to Wallets and Apple Pay.
  • The user must log in with the Touch ID on iPad or Mac.

Steps to Use Apple Pay With Apple Watch?

You can also use the Apple Watch to make payments; the process is straightforward. The user must double-tap on the side option, choose the card as you wish, and place the watch nearer to the payment terminal; it takes some time to finish the process. After completion of payment, the watch will make a buzz and beep sound.

How to Use Apple Pay With Touch ID?

Apple Pay supports Touch ID; the user must access the thumbprint to identify the transactions. The user must double-tap on the side option to navigate the Wallet app and then click on the Touch ID option, put the thumbprint, to identify themselves. On the Wallet app, It shows all the cards; select the one you wish to access.


Place the device close to the payment terminal, and it takes some time to complete the process; it displays the green checkmark if the payment is successful.

How to Use Apple Pay With Face ID?

Double-tap on the side option on your iPhone or Apple watch to use the Apple Wallet; you can make payments by accessing the Face ID. Find the device and confirm the payment, select the card you wish to pay and get 2% cashback on every transaction.

Payment Methods Accepted By Sprouts Farmers Market

  • Apple Pay
  • Google/Android Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover card, or American Express.
  • Debit Card
  • Cash
  • ACH
  • Prepaid cards
  • Check
  • Wire
  • ATM card
  • EBT cards/SNA/ Food stamps
  • Sprouts gift cards

Payment Methods That are Not Accepted By Sprouts Farmers Market:

Some of the payment methods that the Sprouts Farmers Market does not accept are

  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Shop Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Cryptocurrency Payments
  • AliPay

Advantages of Apple Pay At Sprouts Farmers Market:

There are a lot of advantages of using Apple Pay at Sprouts Farmers Market are

  • The user can get discounts while adding a debit card to the Apple Pay Account.
  • Highly secure and safe.
  • Not required to carry around cards or wands of cash.
  • Fastly make the payment without any issues or delays.
  • It works speedier on the checkout lines.
  • This is easy, digital, and cashless
  • You can get discounts on products.
  • Less waiting time at checkout stores
  • Contactless payment.

Can I Get a Refund If I Use Apple Pay At Sprouts?

Suppose the user uses the Apple Pay Card, i.e., VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Americal Express, and more. Whenever you can make the payment, you can get 3 % cashback every time you purchase grocery items. With the Apple Pay card, the user may profit from purchasing groceries, save the amount, and get discounts.

Can I Get Cashback Using Apple Pay At Sprouts Farmers Market?

You can get cashback that is eligible for the Apple device, with no limit to transactions for cashback. After every transaction, you can get cash back; after every transaction and review the terms and conditions.

Sprouts Cashback Limit:

The user can get 2 % cash back on every purchase whenever they pay using the Apple Pay card linked to the Apple Pay app. It gives 2 cents on every dollar spent and gives customers various cashback and coupons. For checks, the limit of cashback is $20.

Grocery Available In Sprouts Farmers Market:

  • Several types of fresh, organic food and produced
  • Fresh produce
  • Choice cuts of meat
  • Grass-fed beef
  • Seafood
  • Deli Goods


  • Baked Goods
  • Frozen Goods
  • Dairy Products
  • Having 7500 vitamins and supplements
  • Natural Body Care
  • Home Supplies

How to Find Sprouts Near Me?

There are two main ways to find the nearest Sprouts store: move to the Sprouts official site and access its store locator. Then enter the ZIP codes, and its map automatically displays the Sprouts stores near you. Another way is to search Sprouts on any other store as you wish; navigate to the official site of Apple Maps and follow the steps below.

How Can I Find a Local Store that Accepts Apple Pay?

Almost all the Sprouts local stores accept Apple Pay. The user can easily find the stores that accept Apple Pay; Apple’s official site provides up-to-date information on retailers, so you can quickly identify the local stores. You can get this on Apple Maps, search the particular location and find the stores near your area that accept Apple Pay.

Follow the below simple steps carefully

  • Launch the Apple Maps app.
  • Then search for the store which accepts Apple Pay.
  • Select the store location.
  • Go through the information related to stores.
  • It shows that the checkmark precedes the store that accepts Apple Pay.

Do Sprouts Take EBT?

The Sprouts Farmers Market takes the EBT; it perfectly runs the program available in a grocery store in the USA. To get the EBT, the user must check eligibility. Using EBT Card, the user can purchase food items like

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Meats and poultry
  • Bread
  • Dairy Products.
  • Snacks.
  • Seeds & Plants.
  • Beverages that are not having alcohol.

The user can also buy the items like alcoholic beverages. Guys, Spend your time on shopping and enjoy the tasty burgers on the Sonic menu. You will get tasty burgers at Sonic stores.

Stores Accept Apple Pay:

  • Albertsons.
  • Aldi.
  • Cub Foods.
  • Farm Fresh.
  • Food Lion.
  • FoodMaxx.
  • Harvey’s Supermarket.
  • Safeway.
  • Save Mart.
  • Shoppers Food.
  • ShopRite.
  • Target.
  • Trader Joe’s.
  • United Supermarkets.
  • Whole Foods.

Policies on Sprouts Farmers Market:

The Sprouts Farmers Market offers various policies that are

  • Check Policy.
  • Return Policy ( Alcohol Returns).
  • Scanning Policy.
  • Coupon Policies include Manufacturer coupons, Sprouts print coupons, Digital Coupons, Combining coupons, and other offers.
  • Case Discount Policy.
  • Raincheck Policy.
  • Website Accessibility Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Does Sprouts take WIC?

No, it doesn’t take the WIC; basically, WIC is a program meant for women, infants, and children; EBT is a more extensive program that gives a broader population; it only works for particular items like baby formula or fortified bread.

2. Does Sprouts take Google Pay?

Yes, it takes Google Pay, has NFC-enabled payment machines and accepts any payment using NFC technology. The user must access the credit or debit cards to Google Pay and use them efficiently.

3. Does Sprouts take Calfresh?

  1. Sprouts take Calfresh.
  2. Based on this program, the government offers a particular card, i.e., an EBT card.
  3. Using this card, you can easily buy various types of items.

4. Does Sprouts take Apple Pay for Instacart?

The user can pay on the Sprouts store with Apple Pay on Instacart. By using this, the user can get deliveries from Sprouts. Shop online, add the items and products to the cart, and then place the order; Instacart will connect the user with the shopper who gathers and delivers the order.

You can make contactless deliveries and also quickly track the orders. Another way to shop is to choose the Sprouts location and time and click the curbside pickup option.

5. Does Sprouts takes Mobile Pay?

The Sprouts comes with a mobile payment app, ideally allowing users to pay for all items like fruits, vegetables, groceries, and others.

It accepts Apple Pay along with Android Pay and other payment apps that are available on the mobile to the contactless reader at the checkout counter. The user must link the credit or debit card to the mobile wallet, and it makes secure payments.

Final Conclusion:

I want to close this article; Sprouts Farmers Market is the best grocery store that only provides natural and organic food items like vegetables, fruits, and fresh, healthy farm products and supplements. Here, we clarify all your doubts, and you can make a secure payment with Apple Pay at Sprouts Farmers Market stores; it is also available in-app with contactless payments.

Thank you, everyone; go and visit the Sprouts Farmers Market store and get healthy food and make your life happier. Remember to share our article.

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