Does Publix Take Apple Pay? [Answer Updated For 2023]

Publix is the best grocery chain that provides a huge range of groceries, fresh products, meat, seafood, baked goods, etc., and makes secure payments with Apple Pay and gets cashback and rewards. Please review the article; we provide almost all the information related to Publix.

In this article, we want to clarify whether Publix accepts Apple Pay or not. Good to hear that Publix Takes Apple Pay at stores, online, at checkouts, and for pickup and deliveries. Apple Pay is one of the best mobile payments that allows Apple users to send money to others. Almost all Publix stores and restaurants will accept Apple Pay.


Publix is a more convenient and secure payment option; Apple is developing it. It is the largest consumer brand, specially designed for Apple users, and is almost compatible with All Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, and Apple Watch.

What Is Publix?

Publix is the largest employee-owned grocery chain in the US; it provides the best customer service and has community involvement; this is the best place to work and shop. It is the best go-to grocery store.

It provides many groceries, fresh products, meat, seafood, dairy items, baked goods, etc. Publix is also available in a Pharmacy that provides home delivery and catering services. Publix has 1200 locations in the US and is the largest grocery chain in the country.


It is the first supermarket in the US, expanding its stores globally daily; it doesn’t provide the service to customers outside of the United States, and the site hasn’t become available internationally. You can get grocery trips, find weekly savings, choose products, and order them online through the official site of Publix, i.e., Along with Apple Pay, it has its mobile wallet, i.e., Publix Mobile Pay.

What is Publix Mobile Pay?

Publix has its mobile wallet, i.e., Publix Mobile Pay, used to pay for purchases at Publix Stores. To access Publix Mobile Pay, the user must download the Publix app and add the credit or debit card to the mobile wallet. Then access Publix Mobile Pay simply by scanning the QR Code at the register. Like Kroger, Walmart Publix develops its mobile wallet that users can use in Publix stores.

This app is fully integrated; by using this, you can use digital coupons and make all the payments in a single place. To access Publix Mobile Pay, the user must tap the Pay tab on the Publix app at checkout and enter the PIN created when setting up Mobile Pay. The camera is displayed, and the user can scan the QR code on the computer screen to finish the transaction.

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Publix Accepted Payment Methods:

  • Apple Pay
  • Credit cards (American Express, Visa, Master Card, and Discover)
  • Debit cards
  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Gift cards
  • EBT/SNAP benefits
  • Contactless Pay through the Publix App using both iPhone and Android
  • WIC vouchers
  • Google Pay
  • Android Pay
  • Samsung Pay

Payment Methods That Publix Does not Accept:

  • Amazon Pay
  • Shop pay
  • Ali Pay
  • Cryptocurrency Payments

Does Publix Take Apple Pay?

At present, it is quite common to use contactless payment, and people are not interested in carrying so many cards and cash; they want a convenient way to make purchases at stores and restaurants.

Almost all stores accept Apple Pay, but few do not accept Apple Pay; some people doubt whether Publix accepts Apple Pay or not, Don’t Worry; Publix takes Apple Pay at their stores, during checkout, and also online via the Instacart mobile app or website and also in delivery and pickup orders via Instacart.

Apple Pay is the simplest payment option, and you can use it for Publix delivery. It also accepts other mobile payment options like Samsung Pay and Google Pay. It would be best to use an iPhone or Apple Watch; the user can get the items home via Instacart and enjoy the cashback with Apple Pay Card.

How to Use Apple Pay at Publix?

For effective usage of Apple Pay at Publix, you must initially inform the cashier regarding the payment with Apple Pay, Place the device close to the contactless reader, and follow the below steps carefully to use Apple Pay at Publix.

  • If the user uses the iPhone, you must authenticate the device using the Face ID or Touch ID or enter the passcode.


Double-tap on the side button

  • To access the Touch ID, the user must double-tap the side button, keep the finger on the Touch ID sensor, and hold it until you notice the Done option and checkmark on display.
  • After the completion of payment, the user can get a confirmation message.

How to Use Apple Pay During Self-Checkout at Publix?

After checking the bill amount, keep the iPhone close to the NFC reader and then choose the particular card, and then you can view the confirmation message after the completion of a transaction.

How to Use Apple Pay to Pay For Online Orders?

The user can place online orders at Publix via Instacart, a delivery service specialising in groceries. Publix is partnered with Instacart for online delivery and curbside pickup orders. Download the Instacrt mobile app or navigate to the site to make the order and create the Instacart account.

  • Launch the Instacart app or site.
  • Then log into the account.
  • Choose Publix as a particular store for shopping, and then add the items you wish to the cart.
  • Select the option at checkout and pick the suitable delivery method.
  • Move to the Payment page and then click on Apple Pay.
  • You must authenticate the device to make the payment.
  • It takes some time to finish the payment.

Ensure there are some delivery charges with the orders through Instacart. For public delivery orders over $10, the delivery fee is $3.99, and for one-hour deliveries and orders less than $35, it has the higher delivery fees. The user can order online at Publix for curbside pickup, free for orders over $35.

Advantages of Using Apple Pay at Publix:

  • It is safer, more secure, and perfectly hides the debit or credit card number.
  • For offers & discounts, you must add a debit card to Apple Pay.
  • You can make a single-click payment.
  • Ease to use and more convenient.
  • The user must keep track of all the payments.
  • No need to stand in long queues at checkouts.
  • It prevents the usage of cash and also avoids carrying too many cards.
  • Enhance the faster checkout.
  • It can set up recurring payments to merchants.

Do I Get Cashback While Using Apple Pay at Publix?

The user can get cashback while using the Apple Pay Card; they can get it on every purchase. Just link the credit or debit card to Apple Pay and then purchase at Publix.

The user can earn cashback and rewards on every Apple Pay purchase. There is a cashout limit, i.e., $100 per transaction. Some smaller Publix stores have a lower limit. If you’re a daily shopper, try using the Apple Pay Card to enjoy transaction cashback.

How to Get Publix Cashback with Apple Pay?

You can get the extra cash while purchasing groceries at Publix; it usually gives a cashback service on every transaction you make with Apple Pay; try to link the debit card to get the cashback. There is no need to pay extra to get the Publix Cash Back facility. Based on the Publix store, the user can get between $50 and $100 cashback daily, which is only available at the Publix outlets. If you really want to get cashback with Apple Pay, then Follow the given link to get Cash Back.

Follow the below steps carefully.

  • Visit the Publix outlet, buy the items as you wish, and move to the payment counter.
  • Now keep the iPhone close to the POS machine and choose the debit card linked to Apple Pay.
  • Click Yes on the shown prompts; choose the amount to get the cashback.

The user can get the cashback from the cashier at the counter or the outside of the vending machine if using the self-checkout.

Does Publix Accept Apple Pay In-Store?

Absolutely Yes, Publix will accept Apple Pay in-store, and the user can use Apple Pay at groceries, gas, and Publix to get the items. You must inform the cashier about Apple Pay and keep the device close to the payment terminal; it takes some time to finish the payment.

Does Publix Accept Apple Pay for Instacart?

Publix Accepts Apple Pay as a payment method for Instacart orders; the user adds Apple Pay to the Instacart app and moves to the Payment section available on the Account Settings. If the user faces any issues while using Apple Pay, contact Instacart support.

Are There Any Fees For Using Apple Pay At Publix?

There are no hidden or extra charges for using Apple Pay, it is free of cost, and the user can only pay for the items they purchase at stores.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Does Publix Liquor Accept Apple Pay?

Publix liquor accepts Apple Pay; the user must pay for the booze at Publix.

2. Does Publix Pharmacy Take Apple Pay?

Publix Pharmacy accepts Apple Pay; this is the best and most convenient payment option at Publix pharmacies.

3. Is it safe to use Apple Pay at Publix Outlets?

It is completely safe and secure to use Apple Pay at Publix stores, Apple devices come with a default security system.

4. Does it require Instacart for online Publix orders?

Usually, Instacart manages the online orders of Publix; the user must access the Instacart mobile app or website to order products at Publix online

Final Conclusion:

At last, I wish to conclude the topic, Publix accepts Apple Pay. You can use it in stores, checkouts, online, and pick-up deliveries; it also has its mobile payment app, i.e., Publix Mobile Pay. Get fresh groceries, produce, meat, seafood, deli items, baked goods, etc. and pay with Apple Pay and get cashback and save your money, Don’t forget to share the article with others, Have a Colorful day all.

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