Does Five Guys Accept Apple Pay in 2024?

If you are questioning yourself, Does Five Guys Take Apple Pay? Then read the full article to know the perfect answer. Hey guys, are you looking for the best restaurants to enjoy fresh burgers? Five Guys are the best choice.

Today we are here to answer your questions; many Apple device users are confused about whether Five Guys Take Apple Pay. Then here you go and get out of such doubts and happily read the whole article to now Five Guys accepts Apple Pay or Not to get Fresh burgers and fries. Starbucks is an alternative store to Five Guys, so check out Does Stacucks Take Apple Pay? If you have Apple Pay as your only payment option.

Some locations of Five Guys restaurants accept Apple Pay, and some locations don’t accept Apple Pay. The reason behind this is the devices accessing the latest technology, so the user must go through the Five Guys payment policy.

Basic Info About Five Guys?

Five Guys is a popular restaurant chain that serves fresh burgers and fries, has a franchise model, and has 1500+ stores in the United States of America. It will give fresh burgers compared to frozen ones,


It accepts Apple Pay to make payments for Apple devices, and the user can quickly and conveniently make the payment. At Five Guys, you can make payments in-restaurant, online and in-app. You can order online; the items are available on the Five Guys menu.

Q&A Related to Five Guys

Five Guys doesn’t accept Apple Pay, so many people doubt whether the questions are related to whether support Apple Pay. Family Dollar Have Apple Pay? Can I use Apple Pay on the Five Guys’ website or mobile app? Can I use my iPhone’s Apple Pay wallet at Five Guys? Do Five Guys accept Apple Pay at the cash register?

Five Guys Technical Specification:

  • Name: Five Guys
  • Size: 55.6 MB
  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac devices
  • Developed By: Five Guys Franchisor, LLC

Features of Five Guys:

  1. Ease to order and place the items on your favourite list.
  2. Order Ahead: With this, the user can place the order via the app and pay; you may choose the location for the delivery.
  3. It is a fully customized app.
  4. This is faster.
  5. It has a quick checkout.
  6. Offers details and complete information about restaurants close to you, and gives directions, Five Guys working hours.
  7. Provides discounts, coupons, and offers.

On this site, you can get the Sonic app that can also accept Apple Pay, and this app is the best for food, shopping, and various foods.

Advantages of Using Apple Pay at Five Guys:

  • It gives discounts by adding a debit card to Apple Pay.
  • Easy and secure, you make effortless payments.
  • No need to carry cards and cash.
  • It speeds up the checkout lines and decreases the usage of cash.
  • The user can make a single-click payment.
  • Provides coupons and discount codes.

Do Five Guys Take Apple Pay?

Some customer service representatives said that Five Guys accepts Apple Pay, but the official list of Apple Pay retailers doesn’t list Five Guys. Some Five Guys locations accept Apple Pay, and some don’t.

Locations That Five Guys Accept Apple Pay:

  • Myrtle Beach
  • S.C.


  • Another in Austin
  • Texas

Due to broken registers and software upgrades, some locations didn’t accept Apple Pay.

How to Use Apple Pay At Five Guys?

  • Launch the iPhone Wallet.
  • Then you must add a debit or credit card.
  • Switch to an Apple Pay Credit card to make the payment.


  • On the Shop, you must activate the NFC function.
  • Place the device close to the checkout counter.


  • It activates and shows the prompt, i.e., you finish the payment.
  • After clicking on it, the money is deducted from the card.

Based on the store, the version of PoS software is dependent, and the user must give the card’s PIN for further processing. By using the Touch ID button for the authentication, It uses the single PoS system.

Payment Methods Accepted At Five Guys:

  • Cash
  • Major credit/debit cards
  • Five Guys Gift cards
  • VISA
  • Mastercard


  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Coupons
  • Google Pay

Call the closest Five Guys and ask for the accepted secondary payment.

Payment Methods That are Not Accepted By Five Guys:

Five Guys does not accept some payment methods are

  • PayPal
  • Shop Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Cryptocurrency payments
  • Alipay

Can I Get Cashback While Using Apple Pay at Five Guys?

If the stores can accept Apple Pay, then the user will be eligible for cashback from Apple. There is no transaction limit for cashback; the user can get cashback for every purchase. You need to go through the terms and conditions on the Apple website.

Do Five Guys Take Apple Pay In-store?

The answer is Yes, it accepts Apple Pay In-store, and you can pay at any Five Guys restaurant nationwide; Five Guys is a franchise-based company.


It has so many stores the user can go through Apple Pay through Apple Maps, find out the restaurant, click on the detailed information to know whether it accepts Apple Pay and show the Apple Pay logo, then it means the restaurant accepts Apple Pay.

How to Add Card & Set Up Apple Wallet?

Follow the below simple steps to add a card and set up the Apple Wallet.

  • On your iPhone, navigate to Settings.


  • Then move to the Wallet & Apple Pay option.
  • Now click on the Add Card option and tap on the Continue option.
  • Add card details or scan the card; it automatically adds the details.


  • Verify the card and finally set up the Apple Wallet.

How to Use Apple Pay At Five Guys Physical Restaurant?

  • Initially, go to the restaurant’s checkout point.
  • On iPhone and iPad, it gives the prompt, i.e., finish the payment method, and choose the payment mode.
  • Launch the Wallet and select the card.
  • Verify the authentication of the card through Face ID or Touch ID.


  • Finally, finish the contactless transaction.

How to Use Apple Pay At Five Guys Physical Store on Apple Watch?

  • Launch the Apple Wallet on the Apple Watch.
  • Double-tap on the side button on the Apple Watch to start the payment.
  • Select the card and add it to Apple Pay.


  • Hold the watch close to the contactless reader until it gives a beep sound; it means the payment is successful.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. List of Restaurants that accept Apple Pay.

Below, we are giving the list of restaurants that accept Apple Pay; they are

WingstopWhite CastleOutback Steakhouse
FuddruckersBaskin-RobbinsTaco Bell
McDonald’sBurger KingStarbucks
SubwayPanera BreadWingstop
Buffalo Wild WingsChick-fil-AWhite Castle
Chili’sEl Pollo Loco

2. Does Five Guys have a default app or not?

Yes, Five Guys has an app; so launch the app, the user can search for the closest Five Guys Burgers & Fries location, place the order, make the online payment, and get the food at home.

3. List of stores that accept Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is accepted by many stores like

Dunkin DonutsKohl’sLucky
Office DepotBloomingdalesPetco
Trader Joe’sGameStopB&H Photo
Jamba JuiceChevronBest Buy

Final Conclusion:

Last, I wish to conclude the article, Based upon the technology and software upgrades, some locations of Five Guys will accept Apple Pay, and you must check it out on Apple’s official site.

Five Guys is the best place for fresh burgers and fries, there are so many restaurants in the country, and it is a PoS software system. You may contact the Five Guys Restaurant team and then make the secondary payment if Apple Pay doesn’t accept it; in some cases, this Restaurant team is not on the list of stores that accept Apple Pay.

Enjoy Your day with Fresh Burgers and Fries, Don’t forget to share this article with others; thank you, Guys, and Have a Great Day to all.

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