Does Chili’s Accept Apple Pay in 2024? [Things you Need to Know]

So many people have doubts regarding Whether Chili Accepts Apple Pay or Not. This article briefly explains Chilis and Apple Pay’s acceptance. If your question is Does Chili’s Take Apple Pay? Then you are in the right place to know the exact answer.

Chili is the best family restaurant & casual dining & Chilli Grill & Bar. It offers many delicious food items like burgers, desserts, sandwiches, chicken & seafood, Lunch specials, and much more. In this article, you can know Does Chili’s Take Apple Pay for 2024.

Apple Pay is one of the best and most secure mobile payment apps which is developed by Apple.Inc. This app is meant for Apple devices and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, and Mac devices. You can securely and conveniently use this to make the payment.

Apple Pay is just like Google Pay and Samsung Pay, and the user can easily use this to make secure and contactless payments. It is a completely safe and secure payment method without security or legal issues. Hey, Doordash is one of the fast food restaurants, Does Doordash Takes Apple Pay?, follow the link to know more details about Doordash Payment methods.

What Is Chili?

Chili’s serves food which is a Grill & Bar is an American restaurant founded by Larry Lavine, a Texas Entrepreneur in 1975. Chili has a great menu of Tex-Mex food, and so many locations are located over the United States of America.


Danny Lavine, the developer of Chilis, decided to open an inexpensive full-service restaurant with several burgers at reasonable prices. It is popular and has 28 Chilis restaurants in the region with the same southwestern motifs. It is a leading casual dining industry in restaurant technology.

Chilis Grill & Bar is a flagship brand of Dallas-based Brinker International, Inc it gives several fresh taxes and fresh mix favourites. It has 1660 locations in over 30 countries and two territories. It accepts so many payment methods along with Apple Pay.

Chili’s Accepted Payment Methods:

  • Android Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Chip and Pin Cards
  • Debit or Credit Cards
  • Google Pay
  • Cash
  • Apple Pay
  • Chip and Signature
  • Pin Debit

You can use this payment method through the Presto app.

Chili’s Not Accepted Payment Methods:

  • Amazon Pay
  • AliPay
  • Shop Pay
  • Cryptocurrency Payments

Does Chili Take Apple Pay?

Chili accepts Apple Pay, which allows customers to pay at the table at a particular payment method and access the Presto system. It also requires the user to pay for the meal at the table, and the user must scan the QR code using a phone. Zaxby’s is an alternative fast food store to Chili’s, so do you have questions like Zaxby’s Has Apple Pay? then follow the link to know all about it.

How to Use Apple Pay at Chili?

The user can contact the restaurant’s representative; before using Apple Pay, the user must set up the Apple Pay Wallet.

Steps to Set up the Apple Pay at Chili’s:

  • Open Apple Wallet on your device.
  • Then the user must click on the + icon shown in the right corner of the screen.


  • Now, choose the debit or credit card.
  • Next, Click on the Continue option.
  • The user must follow the instructions shown on the screen to add a new credit or debit card.
  • Check with the bank or card to confirm the credit or debit card linked to the iOS device.
  • The user can use Apple Pay with the Presto app and scan the table’s QR Code.

Steps to Pay at Chili Using Apple Pay:

  • Launch the Apple Device at the store counter.
  • Then add the card details to the Apple Wallet.


  • Now, scan the code to make the contactless payment.
  • It gives the information on the payment amount shown on the screen.

Can I Get Cashback While Using Apple Pay at Chili?

Apple Pay user is eligible to get cashback from Apple when the user uses their Apple Pay Card at stores or restaurants. Without any transactional limits, you can get the cashback; check the eligibility criteria on Apple’s official site. The best thing is you can get 3% cash back on every transaction when you use Apple Pay at stores. But make sure to verify the terms and conditions on Apple’s official site.

It is the best option for Apple Card customers who are daily shoppers; they will get more cashback on more transactions, so they can save money.

Advantages of Using Apple Pay at Chilis:

You will get the benefits of combined use of Apple and Chili’s; the advantages of using Apple Pay are

  • It gives discounts just by adding a debit card to Apple Pay.
  • Highly safe and secure, it stops the unwanted hassle of carrying cards.
  • It speeds up the check-out lines
  • And also it helps you to decrease the usage of cash.
  • It is a single-tap payment.
  • More convenient and secure payment.
  • Faster than other mobile payment apps.
  • No need to carry cards and wallets.

Does Chili’s Online Restaurant Accept Apple Pay?

The user must see the Chili’s online menu at the Chilli website of Chili, i.e., which doesn’t accept Apple Pay; you can only use the credit or debit card options.

Does Chili’s Kerb Side Service Accept Apple Pay?

Go to the kerbside service that is not currently accepting Apple Pay; the service is usually operated by placing the order via the chilli website and is not accepting Apple Pay at its present standards.

How to Pay With Apple Pay at Chili?

The user is required to download the Presto app and then use it to scan the QR Code at the table, and it gives the menu and options to pay along with Apple Pay. Only use Apple Pay in the restaurant.

Can I Use Apple Pay in Chili’s App?

No, the user cannot use Apple Pay in Chili’s app; maybe in the future, Chili’s app will begin to accept Apple Pay. At present, Chili’s doesn’t take Apple Pay on its website. To get more information, go and visit the chilis and know the required information.

Does Chili Take Apple Pay for Drive-Through?

It does not take the Apple Pay on drive-through; the drive protocols are easy and simple; follow the steps below carefully.

  • Initially, order online and choose the curbside on the Chili app or the chili website, i.e. chili’


  • You can drive to the designated curbside pickup spot near the local Chilli.
  • It notifies the location and then confirms the order.
  • The chilli team member will give the order and deliver the hot and fresh to the car.

Customers can also order online, and the user can make the orders to get contactless and effortless payments. The Chilli app doesn’t support Apple Pay, and you can get rewards for online orders or through the app.

Chili comes with a self-service touchscreen kiosk that will offer a contactless payment system, and you need to go through the subsequent section to identify if Apple Pay is taken or not.

Chili’s Menu:

The food items that are available at Chili’s are

  • To-Go-Alcohol
  • Salads, Soups & Chili
  • Smokehouse combos
  • Appetizers
  • Ribs & Steaks
  • Fajitas
  • Tacos & Quesadillas
  • 3 for me
  • Chicken & Seafood
  • Guiltless Grill
  • Sandwiches
  • Big Month Burgers
  • Chicken crispers
  • Tacos & Quesadillas
  • Party Platters
  • Lunch specials
  • Desserts
  • Sides & Sauces
  • Beverages
  • Kids Menu
  • Party Platter Addons

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Does Chili accept Checks?

Chili doesn’t accept the checks.

2. Can I Use Apple Pay at KFC?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay at KFC.

3. What Stores offer cashback with Apple Pay?

The user can get extra cashback rewards based on the store; you can purchase with the chosen card, and the card provides additional rewards when you pay via Apple Pay.

The stores that offer cashback are

  1. Uber Eats
  2. Nike
  3. T-Mobile
  4. Walgreens
  5. Panera Bread
  6. Exxon
  7. Duane Reade
  8. Mobil

4. What Is the Apple Card Credit Limit?

The limit of Apple Card credit is as low as $50 and high as $15000.

5. Can I Use Apple Pay For Chili’s Touch Screen Kiosk?

Usually, the self-service touchscreen kiosk appears on the car’s GPS, the guest uses this to order the meal or add a dessert, and the user can use the card. It is not a contactless payment and doesn’t take Apple Pay.

6. Can I Pay for Chili With Apple Pay on Delivery?

Chili uses DoorDash for deliveries, and they don’t accept Apple Pay. You can make the preorder online and access the Chili’s rewards if the user is a My Chili’s Reward member. It has the integration to make digital payments.

Final Conclusion:

At last, I want to conclude the topic; Chili accepts Apple Pay at the restaurant and does not take online orders at the website and the app. Guys, taste the mouth-watering burgers and chicken specials at Chili’s and make the payment with Apple Pay; keep Supporting Us, and Share the article with others to clear their doubts and questions.

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