Do Barnes and Noble Aceept Apple Pay? [A Complete Guide]

If you have a question like Do Barnes and Noble Take Apple Pay? then you’re in the right place to know Whether Barnes and Noble Accepts Apple Pay or Not. Barnes and Noble is located all around the United States; It accepts Apple Pay, which is the best way to pay for books at Barnes. 

Usually, Barnes and Noble accept the Apple Pay payment method at their stores and on the website. Here you can get affordable books, magazines, music, toys & games from all over the United States. It gives books at reasonable prices, with 614 retail stores in the United States. This is a bestseller having the highest number of retail outlets.

Apple Pay is one of the best payment methods with a vibrant ecosystem when compared to other consumer brand product companies. It comes with a default payment app for Apple device users, i.e. Apple Pay app. It is a widely used payment method by many iOS users. Let’s read more to know all of Barnes and Noble’s payment methods.

What Are Barnes and Noble?

Barnes and Noble is usually a bookstore and one of the largest selections worldwide. You can use the iPhone or Apple Watch to purchase by storing all the credit cards in iCloud.


It will turn on contactless payment, allowing users to skip the long checkout lines at restaurants, stores, theme parks, coffee shops, etc.

Questions Related to Barnes and Noble:

Various questions related to Barnes and Noble are; Does support Apple Pay? Can I use my iPhone’s Apple Pay wallet at Barnes & Noble? Can I use Apple Pay on Barnes & Noble’s website or mobile app? Does Barnes & Noble accept Apple Pay at the cash register? Dollar General Has Apple Pay?

Barnes and Noble Accepted Payment Methods:

It accepts the following payment methods, which are;

  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Debit & Prepaid cards
  • VISA
  • Corporate purchasing Cards
  • eGift Cards
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Diners Club
  • JCB
  • Barnes & Noble Gift Cards

Barnes and Noble Not Accepted Payment Methods:

The payment methods that Barnes and Noble do not accept are;

  • Google Pay
  • Money Orders
  • Amazon Pay
  • Cryptocurrency Payments
  • Shop Pay
  • Alipay
  • Checks
  • Store credits
  • Tap Pay
  • Afterpay
  • Venmo

Do Barnes and Noble Accept Apple Pay?

Barnes and Noble didn’t accept Apple Pay the reason behind it is it timed out the payment with the phone option; the store accepted all the mobile wallet options on April 24th, but later it was modified that Barnes and Noble changed their business plan and made the contactless payment using the NFC technology.

Does Barnes and Noble Take Apple Pay On the Website?

Apple Pay is not accepted as a payment method on the Barnes and Noble website, so many popular bookstores don’t accept many payment platforms on their official sites. Actually, on the Barnes and Noble website, users are not allowed to use the Apple Pay app or account for orders. Go through the Barnes and Noble site and then order, and paying with the payment method is impossible. There are so many ways to pay for orders on the site.

How To Pay With PayPal At Barnes And Noble Website?

Follow the below steps to pay with Paypal at the Barnes and Noble site;

  • Go and visit the Barnes and Noble site


  • Then choose the items you wish to shop for and tap the Add to Cart option.
  • Select the View Shopping Cart option.
  • In the Shopping cart page, navigate to the bottom and tap the PayPal Checkout option.
  • The user navigates to PayPal and signs in with the PayPal account details.

How to Pay With Apple Pay At Barnes and Noble?

  • Select the items you wish to purchase.
  • Take the items to the counter to scan.
  • Open the Apple Pay app and then scan the QR Code provided by the cashier.
  • Authenticate the device by using the Face ID/Touch ID.


  • Select the card from the list of cards.
  • Then pay with the card, and enter the amount.

How to Use Apple Pay at Barnes and Noble?

The process is simple and easy, and you must follow the steps below.

  • Move to the checkout counter and get the products as you wish,
  • On an Apple device, you must access the Face ID/Touch ID to authenticate the device.


  • Choose the card you wish to make the payment at the checkout counter.
  • On the store, it has a contactless reader, and it will automatically scan the purchase.

Can I get Cashback While Using Apple Pay at Barnes and Noble?

The user can get 3% cash back on every transaction, and you need to verify the terms and conditions on the Apple website. Apple Pay Card customers can get cashback on daily purchases of products through the card; check the eligibility criteria on the Apple website. If the user is a daily shopper and then uses Apple Pay, you can get more cashback and save money.

The user can get cashback at Little Caesars stores by using Apple Pay; use Apple Pay to make the payment at stores, then you’re eligible for the cashback, there is no transaction limit, and you can get more cashback on so many transactions.

Advantages of Using Apple Pay At Barnes and Noble:

The user must use both Apple and Barnes and Noble at a time to get the benefits,

  • It is highly safe and secure.
  • No need to carry cards and cash.
  • This will speed up the checkout lines.
  • It is a single-click payment.
  • It provides discounts, and the user must add a debit card to Apple Pay and save more.
  • You can be easy to use and more convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Does Barnes and Noble Take PayPal on the website?

Barnes and Noble accepts PayPal online; you can easily pay for orders through the Barnes and Noble site.

2. Can you use PayPal on Barnes and Noble?

It accepts PayPal at Barnes and Noble and pays in-store at Barnes and Noble.

3. Can I use Apple Pay at Dollar Tree?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay at Dollar Tree.

4. Does Barnes and Noble Take Google Pay?

Barnes and Noble accept Google Pay at all store locations.

5. Is There a Barnes and Noble Membership?

The user can get cashback for Apple Pay; you can get the money’s worth of its subscription.

  • It gives the 10% off the lowest price for items like books and magazines.
  • For online orders, you can get discounts.
  • Give birthday offers.
  • You can use it for in-store events and sales.
  • Get 40% off on hardcover books.

Final Conclusion:

I wish to conclude the topic, Yes, Barnes and Noble will accept Apple Pay, The restaurant that uses NFC technology will accept Apple Pay. Moreover, we are provided with complete information related to Barnes and Noble, go through the article and clarify your doubts, and you can easily understand the concept.

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