Does Amazon Prime Deliver On Sunday? [Real Answer!]

Hi everyone, welcome back, I hope all are doing well. Today I want to explain all about regarding the question Does Amazon Prime deliver on Sunday; most people have questions, so go through the article and learn more about Deliveries on Sunday. The best part about Amazon is you can even change the language in Amazon to your Native language to enjoy Amazon in your own language.

Most people in the world prefer to take delivery in their presence, and you all know that everyone is busy on normal days, so everyone wishes to get the package on Sunday because that’s the day everyone stays at home; if you are the one who thinks like that then go through Amazon official site and place the order to get the Delivery on Sunday too with the help of its Amazon Prime service. Don’t forget one thing this Sunday delivery option is only applicable to limited areas.

Details About Amazon:

Amazon is the largest company in the world that gives fast shipping nearly everywhere in the country. It also delivers the products on Sunday. It is the world’s largest retailer and launched the brick-and-mortar stores of its individual and Whole Foods Market, and this is the primary online retailer.

Customers can get their orders to homes, offices, or other locations with the help of two-day shipping along with Amazon’s Prime service. But everything is based on your preferences; all you have to do these things while paying through your cards, UPI Transactions, online wallets, and much more. You can choose fast Delivery and your availability on Sundays. Moreover, Amazon Accepts Apple Pay as one of the payment options.

Usually, Amazon delivers packages every day of the week, even Sunday, the Sunday Deliveries apply to all customers where the Amazon service is available along with Amazon Prime membership. If the user can select the package delivery to an Amazon Locker, you will also get the Delivery on Sunday.

Does Amazon Prime Deliver On Sunday?

Absolutely Yes, Amazon Prime will make deliveries on Sunday, but only for some locations, not everywhere in the United States of America. To know the location where Amazon accepts and delivers on Sunday is to view the shipping option when ordering the product.

The user can also directly contact UPS or USPS for more information; they handle Amazon’s Sunday deliveries perfectly. Amazon performs this and partners with UPS and the United States Postal Service; generally, they receive packages from Amazon and make the last-mile Delivery to the customer’s doorstep. Make sure you don’t expect Delivery from any other packages, and Amazon is the only company that delivers on Sunday with some restrictions.

Actually, packages will be delivered by Amazon seven days a week with the US Postal Service. In some situations, the customer can pay the extra charges for quicker Delivery along with USPS Sunday delivery.

How Does Amazon Sunday Delivery Work?

Amazon works with several delivery carriers like UPS, US Postal Service, and independent couriers and carriers. But the worst part is all carriers do not provide a Sunday delivery facility; UPS didn’t give Sunday delivery. It has a Saturday delivery option and well coming to USPS. But the best thing about USPS is few lucky customers get a chance to pick up their delivery on Sundays too.

Use Amazon Prime on Sunday:

With the help of Prime Now, Amazon provides free same-day Delivery or Free Delivery within two hours. Actually, this service is available for specific zip codes in the country for specific items for seven days a week.

Use Amazon Lockers:

When the Amazon package arrives, Amazon will automatically notify you, giving the one-time combination to open the locker. The customer can use the packages delivered to the Amazon locker for at least three days whenever the store launches the lockers on Sunday.

How to Check If Amazon Delivers To The Area On Sunday?

Follow the below steps to check the Amazon delivery to the area on Sunday.

  • You must check the checkout screen.
  • Directly call UPS
  • You can call USPS.
  • Next, the user must sign up for Sunday deliveries.

If Sunday Deliveries Aren’t Available In All Areas?

A few years ago, Only UPS and USPS launched the Sunday delivery facility; it is not available everywhere in the USA, only for particular areas, and Sunday Delivery is unavailable for rural areas.

Amazon didn’t have a public list of areas with Sunday delivery facilities. You can contact the Amazon spokesperson regarding the delivery partner and carrier network that supports the Sunday delivery service. Go through the checkout along with the order and then view the Sunday as an option below the Review items and shipping.

It is better to call UPS and USPS if the user can connect to the representative and then provide the details, like the address. They can tell whether the area is eligible for Sunday Delivery or not.

Is It Possible to Choose Specifically Sunday Delivery?

No need to select specifically the Sunday delivery option; this is based upon several things. It never pops up the Sunday delivery, Amazon will get the packages if the customer can order in the week.

Can I Track the Sunday Delivery?

The customer can track the deliveries on Sunday and get the tracking number if the item ships. If the user can get the tracking information, then track the packages’ progress via Amazon’s shipping partner’s site, To get more information and to clear doubts, contact customer service.


How to Check If Amazon Delivers to the Area?

There are two ways to send the items to the weekend areas: move to the ZIP code on the search bar, which shows the delivery package to the respective area, and send a message, i.e., We Deliver on Sundays. Another way is to contact customer service and reach customer service and talk with them.

Is Sunday Delivery Free?

Many people doubt whether paying an extra amount for Sunday delivery on Amazon is necessary. No need to pay an extra amount for the Sunday Delivery option. The option is available for every Amazon customer, with no requirement if the user has a Prime account. Amazon Prime customers didn’t pay any extra for shipping or Sunday delivery.

What Are the Terms & Conditions For Guaranteed Delivery?

The options for guaranteed morning, same-day, and one/two-day Delivery are applicable under some terms and conditions; they are

  • The guaranteed delivery options are available on Prime Eligible items in chosen cities.
  • You must place the order on the product details page within the time frame. The option Order Within countdown timer offers the window on which the user can place the order to receive the Delivery on the shown date. The delivery date is unavailable within the window of time because of inventory or delivery capacity modifications before placing the order. The user must confirm the delivery date along with the order confirmation email.
  • Applicable for only specific PIN Codes that have the eligible options.
  • To get the order within the guaranteed delivery time, the user must choose the particular delivery option during checkout.
  • The items under the category of large appliances and furniture do not qualify for the express shipping options.
  • The delivery guarantee is applicable to attempt the Delivery to the promised date; hence Amazon is not responsible for giving the guaranteed Delivery in case the customer is not live or present at the delivery address to take the Delivery or in case the customer takes the Delivery on a later date. However, the package was delivered at the related pick store on the promised date.


  • It is not guaranteed that deliveries on Saturdays, regional or national holidays because the offices are closed.
  • It shows the store’s operating hours and working days while choosing the pickup store during the order placement.
  • Wants to enlarge the coverage, go through the availability of guaranteed delivery options of the Pincode shown on the detail page or available in the checkout.
  • The package is delivered to the pickup store on the promised delivery date, and the customer can get a notification mail regarding the delivered package.

    We are providing the extra terms and conditions for Guaranteed Morning Delivery.

    • Morning Delivery is unavailable to establishment addresses such as offices and business premises. Only restricted to residential addresses.
    • Morning Delivery attempts start by 11 a.m.

    Below are the cities that have morning delivery; they are


    Here we can also explain the terms and conditions for the Guaranteed Same-Day Delivery. For Same-Day Delivery, the user didn’t guarantee the Delivery attempts to establishments, namely the offices and business premises that will close by 6 p.m. The Same-day Delivery also happens at 9 p.m.

    Following are the list of cities that have same-day delivery facility.

    FaridabadGandhi NagarGhaziabad
    KanchipuramMumbaiNavi Mumbai

    List of One-Day Delivery possible cities:

    FaridabadSalemGandhi Nagar
    NamakkalNavi MumbaiNoida

    Below is the list of cities that are having the Two-Day Delivery

    Agra MargaoAhmedabadMadurai
    NashikDharmapuriNavi Mumbai
    DharwadErodeGandhi Nagar

    Tips to Get a Faster Amazon Package:

    To get the fast Amazon package, the user must follow some tips.

    • You must sign up with Amazon Prime.


    • Select the Weekend or Sunday Shipping.
    • There is no need for signatures.

    Frequently Asked Questions?

    1. Is there any way to check the address for Sunday delivery?

    No, Amazon didn’t show the public list of addresses for Sunday delivery. But there is a common rule that Amazon Prime will deliver on Sunday to most locations with one restriction i.e. If the person lives out of the country that means in rural areas, they didn’t get the Sunday Amazon deliveries.

    2. Is there a way to check the Sunday delivery from the Amazon site?

    Yes, the user can check out the Amazon site and see below and Choose your Prime Delivery option to view if the delivery is available for Sunday or not.

    3. Is it required to be an Amazon Prime member to deliver on Sunday?

    No need, all Amazon customers are allowed to get Sunday delivery, and there is no need to put cash on the annual fee of the prime.

    4. At which time do they Deliver on Sunday?

    The timing is completely based on where the customer lives on the route. Generally, the time is 9 am and 8 pm. For USPS the time is

    5. Is 1-Day Delivery Available on Sunday?

    It is possible if the customer can shop on Amazon on Saturday then it shows the 1-day delivery option. This is only possible when the customer lives in an area that is possible for 1-day shipping and the particular address is contracted for the Sunday deliveries.

    6. Who Handles the Amazon Sunday Deliveries?

    USPS and UPS are partners of Amazon and they will handle the Sunday deliveries. That means UPS Delivers on Sundays.

    Final Conclusion:

    Last, I wanna conclude the topic, with Amazon Prime you can get deliveries on Sunday there is no additional charge for it but only available for limited areas and not everywhere in the United States. Above we clearly discuss the complete information of Amazon Sunday delivery and also explain various delivery options along with terms and conditions, go through it. Keep supporting Us, and Share articles with others.

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