How to Delete Your POF (Plenty of Fish) Account? [Easy Steps]

Hello! Readers, How are you all? If you’re searching for the steps to Delete a Plenty of Fish Account (POF) dating service due to a lack of connections, responses, and dissimilar matches or due to any other reasons, then this article will help to delete the Plenty of Fish account. Go through the article to get a better view of deletion and also steps to avoid deletion, tips to get more connections, and more potential matches.

POF stands for Plenty of Fish, and this is the most popular dating site available for both paid and free membership. There are various reasons for deleting a Plenty of Fish account; one is whether the user can find the perfect match and wish to break the dating game and get more matches, and the other is whether they wish to go to other dating websites.

Using My Profile on the Plenty of Fish account, the user can delete the account. If the user wishes to stop the Plenty of Fish dating service temporarily, then hide the Profile with the help of Profile Visibility Settings; before deleting the account, the user must cancel the paid subscription to the Plenty of Fish service.

Tips For Using POF Profile

These tips completely depend upon the dating site’s internal data; they are

  • Keep Photos Looking Real

So many singles access free online photo editing platforms such as Colorcinch or Pixlr to give an extra makeover to their profile pictures. Most POF users are always interested in the natural Profile; they show less interest in unedited images.

People can edit their profiles by removing the dark circles on their eyes and lightening their skin using editing platforms. People show interest in profiles that look natural and wish to date those profiles.

Some dating services, namely VIDA Select, use raw image editing; if the user is not a pro, then you must hire the pro from a freelance site such as Fiverr to make the dating pics natural.

  • Take Negativity Away from the Profile & Messages

Plenty of Fish gives the best profiles for dating, so try to avoid Negativity in message exchange and calling. So, follow the below steps to prevent Negativity in the POF profiles.

  1. Don’t use the lines “I’ll come back to this” or “Will fill this out later”. These words reflect you’re not interested in the match.
  2. Keep positive words on the Profile to attract more matches.
  3. Please don’t put the headline like an Afterthought; usually, so many singles believe the headline in POFs is a throwaway, so don’t use it on the Profile. The headlines on the profiles modify the match rate, these are similar to the news story, and it does not attract the reader, so you don’t get the clicks.

How to Delete a POF Account?

For any reason, if the user wishes to delete the POF account, then follow the below steps to do so. The deletion process of the POF account is simple and easy. The user didn’t need to reactivate the account to delete all the messages, conversations, matches, and more. Here on this site, you can also learn How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android.

Removing or deleting the Plenty of Fish account didn’t cancel the premium subscription, and it does not refund if the user can create a new POF profile.

  • First, visit the official site of pof, i.e., pof.comon the web browser. You can also use the POF app on your iOS or Android devices, to delete the POF account on the browser.
  • Then you must log into the POF account.

Log into POF account

  • Tap on Settings; based on the device, the user can see the settings on the left or right.
  • Next, tap on Delete Account, and you must go through the options at the bottom of the screen; you can see the Delete Account button.

Delete Account

  • Follow the instructions and prompts given by the POF, i.e., reasons for deleting or reasons for leaving the POF.
  • Finally, it deletes the POF account and makes sure it is permanently removed from the account, and all the data, i.e., messages, conversations, or matches do not recover.

Remember, if the user is using the premium subscription, then before going to delete the POF account, the user must cancel the subscription.


  • First of all, you must log in to
  • Then tap on the My Profile button.
  • Select My Profile.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Navigate to the Delete Account button.
  • It would be best if you gave answers to some questions that are asked by Plenty of Fish.
  • Finally, tap on the Delete Account option.

On the POF Mobile app:

  • Initially, the user signs into the POF app.

POF account login

  • Then click on the Profile icon.
  • Navigate to Manage Account.
  • Choose Delete My Account in the Application section.
  • It would be best if you gave answers to some questions that are asked by Plenty of Fish.
  • At last, click on the Delete My Account button.

Select Delete Account option

How to Hide Plenty of Fish (POF) Profile?

Without deleting the POF account permanently, the user temporarily stops the service, i.e., hides the Plenty of Fish Profile; while hiding the Profile, the user still uses the account, but the public Profile is removed from the app along with the site, so others didn’t view or connect with you.

In the hidden stage, the user didn’t continue the conversation, and Every iOS or Android user didn’t notice the option to hide the Profile; you cannot do it on the phone and sign in through the POF site.

1. Using POF Site:

  • On the Web browser, launch Plenty of Fish.
  • Then sign into the account.

Log into POF account

  • Select My Profile which is shown on the drop-down menu at the top of the screen, and tap My Profile.
  • Go to the Profile Visibility section on the right side and tap Hide Profile.

Hide Profile

2. Using the POF app:

  • Launch the POF app.
  • Then click on the Profile icon.
  • Select the Manage Account.
  • Navigate to the Profile Visibility.
  • Finally, click on the Hide Profile option.

Stop Deleting Go For Editing the POF Profile

If the user is not interested and hasn’t gotten any meetings or visits or facing issues with outdated information, try to update the Profile; the latest Profile will attract many connections to get more dates.

#1. Steps to Edit POF profile using PC or Laptop:

Follow the below steps carefully

  • First of all, you must log in to Plenty of Fish.

Log into POF account

  • Then click on the My Profile which is shown in the right corner of the screen, and select Edit Profile.
  • Go through the list of options for updating the Profile.

Go to My Profile option

  • After completing the steps, the user must tap the Save Changes option.

Click on Save Changes

#2. Steps to Edit POF profile using iPhone or Android

  • Launch a mobile browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or a default browser.
  • Then visit and log into the account.

POF account login

  • Click on My Profile and select the Edit profile option on the drop-down menu list.
  • You must update the options as you wish and tap on Save Changes.

How to Cancel the Plenty of Fish Subscription?

Any time the user can cancel the subscription to Plenty of Fish, the subscription fee is not apart. The user can enjoy the subscription advantages until the end; it doesn’t refund if they do not use the subscription.

Uninstalling the POF app didn’t cancel the subscription automatically, and the user still charges whenever they are on auto-renewal. It doesn’t give partial refunds or prorated subscriptions; if the user can cancel the POF Premium, then the user still uses the upgraded features until the end of the subscription.

Follow the below steps to cancel the Plenty of Fish subscription.

  • First, launch the Plenty of Fish account page and sign in to the account.
  • Tap on the Premium that is shown at the top of the page.
  • Select Click here to let your upgrade expire.

Below we explain the steps to cancel the subscription on iPhone or Android.

On iPhone:

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone.


  • Then click on the Apple ID name.


  • Select Subscriptions.


  • Go to Plenty of Fish subscription, navigate to the bottom, and click Cancel Subscription.

On Android:

  • On Android, launch the Google Play Store app.

Go to Play Store

  • Then click on the profile picture shown in the right corner of the screen.

Go to Profile icon

  • Move to Payment & Subscriptions and then click on Subscriptions.
  • Click on Plenty of Fish subscription, go to the bottom, and tap Cancel Subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Is It Possible to reactivate the deleted POF account?

No, It is impossible to reactivate the deleted POF account, there are no options for steps to reactivate the account, and the POF teams delete the account from the spam or community guidelines violations.

2. What if someone finds me by searching my username?

Other users can find your account by searching your username; this is only applicable to paid accounts. If the user has an active paid subscription to POF, it displays the search bar; then, the user can search for any other user on the platform.

3. Is it possible to cancel the account without logging in?

If the user forgets the login information, click the Forgot Password link on the sign-in page. The user can launch the email client, find out the Plenty of Fish, and sign up with the service; then, it sends the confirmation email. You must check whether the address sent is correct to recover the account for cancellation. If the user doesn’t remember anything, then contact POF support.

Final Conclusion:

Well, Dating Lovers who wish to get more genuine profiles to get more dates and connections, meetings, or visits then Delete the POF first and search for Plenty of Fish alternatives. Here in this article, I have given the working steps to delete the Plenty of Fish account, and follow the steps to increase the profile and match rates to get more connections and dates.

The Final conclusion it is quite easy to Delete a Plenty of Fish account, I Hope this article is helpful to you; remember to share the article with others. Thank you for spending your valuable time with Us.

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