Working Methods to Delete Unwanted Page In Word

Warm Welcome, Geeks, Well! In some cases, we can’t be able to delete the Blank Page, especially in our Microsoft Word. If this is the case, here are some quick solutions. Therefore without getting late, let’s get started. The methods which are mentioned here are experimental and well-researched.

Sometimes there is a blank page in the middle of the Word document or at the end which you can’t able to delete due to some reasons. This problem frequently occurs when you are creating content on Microsoft Word. If you want to print the written document when you are facing this problem, you can do it, by selecting the needed pages only. But it doesn’t solve the exact problem right?, so read more to know How to remove a blank page in Word.

Methods to Delete Blank Page In Word

Well, it’s not a hard task to delete a blank page in Microsoft Word. In general, there are many effective ways to delete it, and some of the methods are discussed below. Moreover, In some cases, we can’t be able to remove the blank Page easily. It needs several steps to clear the solution. Have a look.

#1. Delete the Selected Blank Page

  • First, select the respected Page and click on the delete option.
  • This is the easy method to delete any Page, even the blank Page in your Microsoft Word.
  • Moreover, if you find it difficult to delete the blank Page, kindly follow the methods below.

#2. Use the BackSpace Button until It Deletes the Page

  • Well, if you have 2 pages, for example, Page 1 and page 2, and if you want to delete page 2, follow the steps.
  • First, make your cursor on the top of page 2 and click on the backspace until it deletes the page.
  • So with this quick Method, We can delete more pages as you opted for.
  • In addition to that, we can also use it to make this operation. Well, you need to make the cursor at the bottom end of Page 1, and now it’s time to click the delete button.

#3. Using the Navigation Panel to Remove the Blank Page

  • Well, if the first method makes a move, try this alternate method.
  • First, navigate directly to the view option at the menu bar and now click on the Navigation Pane represented in the show box.
  • After that, move towards the pages and kindly click on them. Now, for instance, you may find a certain number of pages you have listed so far.
  • Furthermore, if you want to delete click the backspace key to complete the operation. If you want to delete two or more pages at a time, select the pages using the control button, and click on the backspace to delete it successfully.
  • However, with this simple technique, we can delete more pages at a time with just a click on them.

#4. By using the Paragraph Icon

  • Moreover, we can use some other tools to delete the blank page.
  • So we must click on the paragraph icon, usually in the home interface.
  • Now click on it; for instance, you may find the icon representing a paragraph on each page.
  • Moreover, you may notice a paragraph icon on the blank page. Well, this is the reason why we can’t be able to delete the blank page.
  • To make this happen, kindly press the paragraph icon, which is then presented on the blank page, and click the delete option.
  • Now we can see the successful deletion of the page.
  • Now if you want to move back to the original position, click on the paragraph icon again, which is situated in the home interface.
  • Therefore your document is ready as new.

#5. Pressing the Control Button and G Key at the Same Time

  • Try an alternate method to delete your blank Page in Microsoft Word as follows. First, you have to click on the View option, which is present in the menu bar.
  • After that Navigate to multiple places and click on them.
  • For instance, you will never notice you are listed on pages presented in your current document. Furthermore, select the page on which you want to delete it.
  • Now kindly press the control button and G key at the same time. Moreover, you may find a dialogue box opened in a small interface after making that move.
  • Now carefully type the following text as mentioned: \Page.
  • Furthermore, after entering the text, you can note a complete selection of that respective page.
  • Now click on the close button so that the interface will get minimized, and It’s time to click on the delete button.
  • As far as considered, you may notice the successful deletion of the page.
  • Moreover, you can do this operation for other pages to delete it.

#6. By Clicking on Control, Shift, and End Buttons at a Time

  • There is a situation where we get a list of bank pages at the end of a document.
  • Now, in this case, you have to click on the Control, Shift, and End buttons at a time.
  • You have to make cursors on the First Blank Page, which is in series.
  • Now after making that more, you have to tap on the delete button to eliminate all the blank pages at a time.
  • Moreover, after successfully making the above steps, if you still find any last piece of the blank page, kindly follow the below step.
  • Make your cursor at the top of the blank page, and kindly click the backspace button.
  • On the other hand, you can even move your cursor to the last but one-page endpoint and click on the delete button.
  • So by using these methods, we can delete a band page in a single account or series.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Can we delete all blank pages at once?

Yes, you can make a move. First, go to the View option, tap on the navigation pane, and choose Pages as your final option. Now you can see a list of pages present in your document. Click on it using the control button and press delete.

2. Why can’t able to delete the blank Page?

Well, it’s because no unknown paragraph is mentioned on the Page. Well, if you click the paragraph icon, you can notice it. So as not to delete the page, we need to delete the paragraph first; this is why we cannot delete the Page.

3. How to Delete a page in Docs?

The user can easily delete the Google Docs page with the help of the delete key

  1. Launch the Google Docs document.
  2. Then move to the Page you wish to delete.
  3. Now you must press and hold down the mouse cursor that is nearer and available on the top of the page.
  4. Next, drag down over the complete Page it is present on the last line of the text.
  5. After that, click on Delete or Backspace.
  6. Finally, it deletes the Page.

Final Conclusion:

Finally, these are some basic methods to delete a blank Page in your Microsoft Word successfully. In addition to that, if you have any other interesting methods, you can comment or contact us to share. Kindly share the article with all your mates for maximum reach.

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