How to Customize App Icons On iPhone Home Screen?

The latest iOS will come with the default customizing options of the home screen, and you can easily customize and change the app icons on iOS and be allowed to add custom app icons to the home screen with the help of the Shortcuts app. Restoring the default app icons and images that you select allows you to organize and customize the home screen easily. Not only customize, but you can also personalize or hide apps. Here in this article, I am going to show you Change App Icons On your iPhone.

There are two ways to change the App icons on iPhone one is using the Apple Shortcuts app, and another one is you can download a third-party app to change the icons or to make a custom appearance for the home screen.

The reason behind the changing of the iPhone’s app icons is that some people are not interested in using some icons, so they wish to change them. For that type of person, this article is the best place to get complete steps to change app icons on an iPhone. Here in this article, you can also learn How to Turn ON Find My iPhone.

How to Change App Icons On iPhone?

Initially, the device must have the Apple Shortcuts app; if the device doesn’t have the app, then download the app from the App Store. With the help of the Shortcuts app, you can easily set any image as an app icon. It is a custom app icon, and its functions act as a shortcut for the related app in the App Library; you need to click on the custom icon to launch the app and access it.

With the help of the Shortcuts app, you can easily change the app icons on your iPhone. Shortcuts app is one of the best apps and is difficult to access.

  • On iOS, open the Shortcuts app.


  • Then click on the + icon shown in the right corner of the screen.

Click on Plus icon

  • Select the Add Action.

Select Add Action

  • With the help of the text field, you can find the Open app.

Select Open App

  • Choose Open App.
  • Click on Choose.

Choose Photo

  • You must search the app as you wish to change the icon and click on it.

Search the app

  • Select three dots shown on the right corner of the screen.
  • Click on Add to Home Screen.

Add to Home Screen

  • You must select the placeholder app icon.
  • In the drop-down menu, tap on Take Photo, Choose Photo, or Choose File which is completely based on the location of the replacement app icon image.

Select Any One

  • You can rename the app as you wish in the text field shown on the home screen.
  • Click on Add.
  • You must click on Done then the shortcut is created.

Click on Done

  • Go back to the home screen.

How to Disable Notifications on the Shortcuts app?

First, the user must create the newly created shortcut; below are the steps to disable notifications on the Shortcuts app.

  • Move to Settings on iOS.
  • Then click on Screen Time and go to See All Activity.
  • Navigate to the bottom and then click on the shortcut. If it is not selected, choose the previous day, then choose the Shortcuts, and then turn off the Notifications.

How to change shortcut colors and icons on iOS?

The latest shortcuts app comes with a shortcut icon and 15 colors, so you can easily customize and organize the shortcut’s appearance; usually, the rectangle in the shortcuts collection is used for changing the color.

Follow the below steps to change the shortcut colors and icons on iOS.

  • On iOS, launch the Shortcuts app.
  • Then click on the three dots icon on the shortcut to change.
  • You must select the icon preceding the shortcut name and follow the steps below.
  1. To change the color of the shortcut, you must click on Colour Swatch.
  2. To modify the shortcuts glyph icon, click on an icon.
  • Finally, click on Done to save the changes.

You can also add the shortcut to the Home Screen on iOS take a photo from the photo library and put it as an icon.

Where I can find and Download the iPhone App Icons?

There is no need to pay for any app icon package if you have a Pinterest and Google image search. If you wish to get so many options, you can freely download the iPhone app icons and purchase premium packs online. Icons 8 is the best site, with a huge collection of free icons, including a specific section, especially for iOS-friendly designs.

How to Delete Shortcuts Banner for Custom Icon Shortcuts?

Follow the below steps to delete the shortcut notification.

  • On iOS, launch the Shortcuts app.
  • Now click on the + icon that is shown in the right corner.
  • You must find out for the Show Notifications Shortcut, choose it, and click the Done option.
  • In the My Shortcuts screen, tap on the three dots option then the shortcut is created with the custom icon.
  • Click on the Search option.
  • You must find the Run Shortcut, add it, and choose the fainted Shortcut button.
  • In the Shortcut, Choose the Show Notification; then drag and drop the Run Show Notification Shortcut and place it on the Open app Action.
  • At last, click on Done.
  • After that, In the Screen Time Settings, you must turn off the notifications of the shortcuts app.

What are the best places to find the app icons for the iPhone Home Screen?

Some third-party websites for sharing the icon packs for the iPhone home screen are

  1. Etsy
  2. Third-party PNG sites, namely Flaticon or Icons8

Final Conclusion:

This article explained all the steps to Change App Icons On an iPhone. With the help of the Shortcuts app, you can easily change the app icons and customize the app color as you wish. Don’t forget to share the article with others; Sharing is caring. I hope you get the topic; this helps change the app icons on iPhone. Thank You for your Attention.

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