How to Cancel Regal Unlimited Subscription

Regal offers a subscription pass called Regal Unlimited; it allows users to watch movies unlimitedly anytime and anywhere. This is the best place for people who wish to watch movies in theaters. It gives various movie options, and you can reserve seats for yourself. While using this, the user can experience that they are in theaters. If you are not interested in Subscription anymore, then know How to Cancel Regal Unlimited Subscription.

It provides various benefits and also gives concessions in ticket prices; the user can also be allowed to save their favorite snacks, which will improve the movie-watching experience.


Tickets are available in the app; show the ticket on your mobile whenever you go to the theater. At a discount price, you watch a lot of movies. You can initially checks the participating theaters near you and then watches movies.

It offers discounts or concession prices on tickets so that you can save money, and the user can also win credits or reward points and get concessions on purchasing snacks in theaters; using the credits, you can get snacks for free. This is based on the credits you get.

Remember to get the subscription; suppose your age is above 16, or you must have the permission of your parent or guardian. Also, provide your profile picture so Regal will recognize you whenever you visit the theater.

Pros & Cons:

  • There are no cut-off dates.
  • It offers movies, so you can watch unlimited times as you wish.
  • This app is mobile-friendly.
  • It gives credits or reward points so the user can reserve a seat.
  • You can get tickets directly on the app.
  • For premium seating or theaters, the surcharges are not involved.
  • Without the same subscription, It isn’t easy to make reservations if the user goes with a friend.
  • You can’t cancel the subscription if you enroll in the one-year subscription; you must pay at least $216.

Regal Unlimited Subscription Cost

Regal Unlimited Subscription offers three tiers, which are based on user accessibility.

  • Unlimited Plan: It costs $18 monthly and includes tax or an annual fee of $216.
  • Unlimited Plus Plan: It costs $21 per month along with tax or a yearly fee of $252
  • Unlimited All-access Plan: Per month, it costs $23.5 and tax or a yearly fee of $282.


How to Get Regal Unlimited Subscription?

If you doubt How to Use Regal Unlimited in the app, follow the steps below.

  • Initially, download and install the Regal app.
  • Then select any subscription you wish; click on the Regal Unlimited Banner.
  • You must follow the instructions and enter the required details for the subscription.
  • Pay according to the monthly plan prices or take a full subscription.

What is Regal Unlimited 90-Day Trial?

Regal Unlimited offers a 90-day trial to new subscribers; you can get this trial on the app, by simply signing into the Regal account and selecting the 90-day trial plan. Before getting this trial, you must have a year-long commitment with the Regal, and then you can enjoy the trial benefits.

If you’re not interested in this commitment, switch to a yearly plan offering a 12-month subscription. You can take the 90-day subscription trial and cancel it after the end of the subscription. You can cancel the subscription via app, email, and phone call.

Reasons Behind the Cancellation of  Regal Unlimited Subscription

  • For premium seating or theaters, the surcharges are not involved.
  • Regularly Unable to access the service.
  • For watching premium format movies, you must pay an extra surcharge.
  • Financial issues.
  • The local Regal theaters are not close to you but far away.
  • People are interested in watching the latest movies on other streaming services Or searching for better alternatives to Regal.
  • They are not properly used.

Points to Remember While Cancelling the Regal Unlimited Subscription:

The user must remember some points before canceling the subscription. They are;

  • Regal didn’t cancel the initial subscription period.
  • The user must pay a full subscription fee for at least one year.
  • If the person leaves the US permanently due to medical conditions, they excuse you, or you cannot go to theatres due to a health condition.
  • If the person cancels the subscription, he is not allowed for another subscription plan until six months after the end of the cancellation.

Things to Consider Before Cancellation:

  • You must consider the cancellation notice period of the subscription and wait before the end of the subscription.
  • Check the bank or credit card statement for other recurring charges.
  • You must give feedback on why you’re canceling the subscription, and give some words about the app; if you face any inconvenience, feel free to share it with the company so they can rectify it. This will help to enhance the service in the future.

Ways to Cancel Regal Unlimited Subscription

If you’re not interested in watching movies in the Regal Unlimited subscription, cancel the subscription. Regal always welcomes users to cancel their Regal Unlimited Membership as they wish.

There are three ways to cancel the Regal Unlimited Subscription: app, email, and phone call.

Cancel Regal Unlimited Via Regal App:

  • First, navigate to the Google Play Store or App Store on the device.
  • On the search bar, enter Regal Cinemas and install the app.
  • You must log in to the Regal Unlimited account with the necessary credentials.
  • Switch to My Account section.


  • Then click on My Subscription.
  • Select Cancel My Subscription.
  • Again, tap on Cancel to confirm the action.

Via Email:

  • You must go to the default email app that is assigned to the Regal account.
  • Then click on the Compose button.


  • Enter the Regal Customer support official email address, i.e., on the recipient.
  • In the Subject type Request to Cancel My Regal Unlimited Subscription.
  • Next, explain why you’re canceling the subscription and enter some details related to the account, like user ID, phone number, etc.
  • After that, click on Send.


  • Wait until the support team responds to your email; after canceling the subscription, the team will send a confirmation mail to the Regal account.

Cancel Regal Unlimited Using Phone Number

If you’re not interested in contacting through app or email, then contact Regal Customer Support or Regal Unlimited Customer Service; make a call with your registered mobile number to the support helpline number, i.e., 1-(888)-462-7342 and ask them to cancel the subscription. Remember you must contact them between 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday they follow Eastern Time.


Confirm the cancellation process; whether you’re temporarily pausing the subscription, they will freeze your account for later use. Another one is If you resubscribe from the service or not.

After canceling the subscription, you can watch the remaining movies you’ve missed, access the unused discounts, find the best alternative to Regal, and enjoy while watching movies.

Also, Remember you must be careful about some things after cancellation, i.e., Final Statement, check the statement regarding the charges or refund, and keep the statement for future use.

You can also ask customer service whether your data is deleted or not after cancellation. This is for keeping the Data Privacy of the user.

How to Cancel Regal Tickets?

With the help of the Regal Cinemas app or contact customer support, the user can cancel the Regal Tickets. An hour before the show time, if the user cancels the tickets, it offers a refund.

How to Remove the Payment Method on the Regal App?

  1. Open the Regal app.
  2. Then, you must log in to the account.
  3. Click on the avatar icon.
  4. Go to the Manage Payment Methods section.
  5. Click on Payment Method, select the particular payment, and remove it.

Alternatives of Regal Unlimited:

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Is it possible to add people to Regal Unlimited Subscription?

The user with the Regal Unlimited Pass can then add 5 Regal Unlimited subscribers; if the added person has a different subscription plan, then the user must pay all the fees and surcharges for and all taxes related to that person.

2. Can I get a refund When I Cancel My Regal Unlimited Subscription?

The user can get a refund whenever they cancel the Regal Unlimited subscription. It will remove the subscription pass and all reservations on the app.

After cancellation, the user can get a refund on all premium seating surcharges, Premium Format Surcharges, and Restricted Theater Surcharges. You don’t get a refund on convenience fees after the cancellation.

3. How to Fix Regal Unlimited Not Working Issue?

If you’re facing the Regal Unlimited Not Working issue, follow the steps below to fix it.

  1. Update the Regal app.
  2. Clear Browser Cache.
  3. Switch to a Different Platform.
  4. Contact the Customer Support.

Final Conclusion:

I Conclude the topic, i.e., How to Cancel Regal Unlimited Subscription. You can easily cancel the subscription any time you wish; there are three ways to cancel the subscription: using the app, email, and customer support, you can do it.

Regal Unlimited offers many movie rewards and credits with no cut-off showtimes. Before canceling the subscription, consider some points, remember some things, and do some important things after cancellation. Everything is detailed and explained in this article go through it.

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