Can I View My Paypal Login Activity in 2024?

Suppose you have a PayPal account and wish to view the PayPal login activity to know the suspicious activities and information of all login activities of the Account, then this article gives a complete guide to PayPal and clearly explains the steps to view the PayPal Login Activity.

One of the popular online payment services is PayPal; it is widely used worldwide and ideally allows the user to send or receive money globally. To maintain a high level of account security, PayPal will allow the user to change their PayPal Password; you must keep the password strong and unique.

It offers full account security and Two-Factor Authentication, aka 2FA, which is an extra protection layer of the Account; you must review the login activities of the PayPal account with the help of the PayPal login reviewing feature.


So you will know the chronological list of login details of the Account, and efficiently track the suspicious login activity in the PayPal account. PayPal is highly safe and secure; the user can freely set up a PayPal account on the device. This is a great online payment provider that perfectly deals with money.

People must know the PayPal login activity to understand the suspicious activities of the Account. So go through the article and read the steps thoroughly to understand “how to view the PayPal login activity” and other helpful details to access the Account.

How Does PayPal Work?

Paypal services are intermediary services between the user and bank like Google Pay and Apple Pay. Actually, PayPal allows you to add bank account details to their system only once, and then all the transactions are held via PayPal without going to the bank.

  • The received transactions are added to the PayPal account and accessed at points of sale or transferred to the bank account. It takes a few minutes and sometimes takes a few days.
  • It provides simple money transfers for personal usage like checks, cashing, debit/credit cards, and e-check services.
  • Gives various services at reasonable rates for business purposes without having long-term contracts.
  • You can freely set up a PayPal account; it gives sellers purchase resolution and protection.
  • Users can freely log in to their PayPal Accounts.

How to Set Up PayPal?

You can set up PayPal, which requires the correct information to set up the Account; follow the below steps to set up the Account to see the PayPal login activities.

  • Navigate to the official site of PayPal on the browser.
  • Then, tap on Sign Up for Free on PayPal.


  • Select the Individual Account or PayPal Business Account as you wish and tap on the Next option.
  • Here we are selecting the Individual Account option.


  • Give the Mobile Number and tap on the Next option.


  • Type the Verification code that is sent to the mobile number for the verification process.
  • You must enter the email and the password and tap the Next button.


  • In their particular fields, give the details like address, name, date of birth, address lines, and PIN code.
  • Then tick the box and tap on Agree and Create Account.


  • Type the card details and tap on the Link Card option.


  • The user must link the bank directly to the PayPal account.
  • Once you create the Account, then select Go to your Account to go to the dashboard of the newly created PayPal account.

The Necessity of Tracking the Login Activity on PayPal:

Usually, PayPal will track the login activity, the necessity to follow the login activity is to maintain the Account safe from fraud and hackers; by monitoring the login activity, PayPal will quickly identify the unknown Activity on the Account and protect the funds on the Account. It utilizes the information to enhance its security systems to avoid future attacks.

Can One PayPal Account Have Multiple Logins?

The Single PayPal account has multiple logins. This is helpful for families or businesses who wish to share the One PayPal account, but it has individual login information.

To set up multiple logins on the PayPal account, you must move to the Security & Privacy section and tap on the Manage logins link; then, the user can add and remove the login information with others. Remember, every user must have an individual PayPal balance and transaction history.

How to Review PayPal Account Login Activity?

Follow the below steps to review the PayPal Account Login Activity.

  • First of all, Launch the PayPal.
  • Log in with the necessary credentials.


  • Now, select the Cogwheel or Settings icon shown on the screen’s top right corner.


  • In the Paypal settings section, move to the Security tab.
  • Tap on the Update option that precedes the Auto-login option.
  • Select Enable to turn on Auto-login on all devices.
  • Tap on Turn On PayPal One Touch to confirm the process.
  • Again the user must tap the Update option shown on the Security tab.
  • Search and tap on Manage your logins to review the login activity.
  • It shows the pop-up where the user must view all the recent login details.


  • It also shows the login details and the browser and operating system used for logging in with the date and time.

How to Hide the Activity Login on a PayPal Account?

It is impossible to hide the activity log on PayPal, but the user can turn off the option. To do this, the user must follow some simple steps mentioned below.

  • Go to the Auto-login menu.
  • Then tap Turn Off preceding the particular device to hide the login activity.

How to See PayPal Login History?

To see the PayPal login history for 2024, you need to follow some instructions.

  • On PayPal, move to the Settings menu.


  • Select the Security tab, and tap Auto-Login to see the login history.

How to See PayPal Transaction History?

To view the PayPal Transaction History, the user must follow the below simple steps.

  • Launch the PayPal account.
  • Then enter the login details.


  • Please tap on the My PayPal option at the top of the screen.
  • Move to the Activity and then choose Statements which is available on the right of the screen.
  • If the user wishes to review the transactions for a particular type of data shown on the screen, then the user can easily do it.

These steps are also helpful in checking the transaction history of unusual Activity in the PayPal account.

Tips to Avoid Suspicious Activities In PayPal Account:

Suppose the user notices suspicious activities in the PayPal account, particularly on data and time. In that case, the user must tap the Remove link to turn off the current session. Make sure don’t forget to change the password of the Paypal account. Sometimes, the login issues in the PayPal account are due to technical or security issues.

How to Check the My PayPal Account Settings?

Follow the below steps to check the PayPal Account Settings.

  • Log into the PayPal account.
  • Then tap on the Gear icon that is shown on the right.
  • Choose Settings.


  • The user can see the account information, payment settings, and security settings.
  • Also, change the password and email address and manage the notification preferences.

Is It Possible to View the PayPal Login Activity?

The user can view the PayPal login activity simply by logging into the PayPal account and then moving to the Security & Privacy section; It also allows the user to view the list of recent login attempts that are made on the Account along with the date, time, and location of every login.

If the user notices any unknown login attempts, change the password and contact PayPal customer support to avoid it.

Is It Possible to View the PayPal App Login Activity?

PayPal is also available in the App; the user can see the PayPal login activity on the App by just launching the PayPal app and then clicking on the Security tab, there the user can view a list of all login activities along with the IP address they used for logging If you found any suspicious activity then click on Report option and the PayPal will detect the issue.

What to Do If I See the Unusual PayPal Login Activity?

When the Unusual Paypal login activity occurs on your account, then change the password and contact customer support to see the uncommon PayPal Login Activity. Then they can detect the issue and help the user to maintain a secure account and see suspicious Activity.

To keep the PayPal account secure, the user must enable the facial recognition feature. So only the user can log into the Account; stealing the Face ID information is challenging to get into the PayPal account.

How to Stop Someone From Using My PayPal Account?

Without your permission, if someone is using a PayPal account, you need to follow these steps and stop it.

  • Initially, log into the PayPal account.
  • Then move to the Security section.
  • Below the Login and Password, tap on the Change Password.
  • You must create a new password and use it to log into the Account.
  • Please move to the Profile section, tap on My Profile Below Security, and tap on Update.

How to Find Someone on PayPal?

You can easily find someone on PayPal by simply searching for the name or email address; if the user doesn’t know the person’s name, you need to search by the email address to find the Account.

How to Change Details on PayPal Account?

To change the PayPal account details, the user must log into the Account, tap on the Profile tab, and then update the name, address, phone number, and other information; after changing the details, don’t forget to save the changes.

Some PayPal Scams You Must Know:

The PayPal user must have an awareness of some PayPal Scams they are

  • Hacked account Scam:

This scam happens when someone acts to PayPal and says that the Account is hacked and asks for the login information; remember, PayPal never asks for the user login information through email or phone.

  • Promotional Offer Scam:

This will happen when someone provides a promotional offer like a gift card or cash rebate in exchange for the login information; they can also send a fake email.

To prevent this scam, the user must not give anyone the password or personal information; if they are from PayPal, they only log into the PayPal account from the official PayPal site. If you get an email from PayPal, then don’t tap any links in the email.

  • Phishing Scam:

This scam happens when someone acts to be from PayPal and emails the user with a link to a fake PayPal site, they also ask the user to give the login information on the site, so it was helpful to them to steal the PayPal account.

  • You have received a money scam:

This scam happens when someone emails the user or texts a message that says you have received money via PayPal and they ask the user to tap on the link to get the money the link redirects the user to a fake PayPal site, where it asks the user to give the login information.

If the user can enter the login information then the scammers will get the information and use it to steal money from the account.

  • Fake Charity Scam:

This scam is caused by someone acting to be from a charity and they asked to donate money using PayPal, they send a fake PayPal email to get the donation from PayPal, Before sending the money, the user must check If they’re donating to a legitimate charity.

Is It Possible to Share the PayPal With My Husband?

If your main motto is to share the Paypal with your Husband, then you have to make him a secondary user. To do so follow the below steps;

  • First of all, simply login to your PayPal account.
  • Now Tap open the Profile Tab which is just below the Accounts section.
  • Here you have to click on the Add New User.
  • Now you have to enter all your husband’s information and click on the Add user option.
  • After adding, both have access to the account in order to make the payments using PayPal.

Is It Possible to Open a PayPal Account for My Child?

The thing is with the help of the child’s name and date of birth along with the parent’s own email address and phone number the parent can create a PayPal account.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Can two people be allowed to log into PayPal?

No, it is not possible, If two persons log into the same account then automatically one person is logged out.

2. How to prevent PayPal from Automatically Logging Me In?

To stop PayPal from automatically logging then you must disable the Auto-login option.

3. How to Delete a PayPal Business Account?

Using a single account for multiple purposes will lead to many issues. If the user has the same account and shares it with another one it leads to issues, so convert the business account to a personal account. Try to delete the business account you can easily delete the account.

4. How do you log out of PayPal on all devices?

In PayPal, there is no direct option to Log out of PayPal from all devices at a time, the user can change the password to log out of PayPal from all the devices that you’re logged in, To perform this the user must move to the Security & Privacy section of the PayPal account and change the password, After changing the password the automatically PayPal will log out from all the devices that use the old password.

5. Is It Possible to lock the PayPal Account?

It is easy to lock the PayPal account, just move to the Security section and then tap on the Change link that precedes the Password Strength below the Login and Password heading, Navigate to the bottom of the page, the user must check the box i.e Lock my account with a password, Give the new password in the space and tap on the Update option.

Final Conclusion:

This article will help to clear the doubts regarding how to view the login activity of the PayPal account and also tells the complete information of PayPal and discuss the steps to set up the PayPal account. Hope you get the topic to review the login activity of your PayPal account, Don’t forget to share the article with others, Thank you for spending your valuable time with Us.

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