Top & Best Free Online Video Editors For Beginners in 2024

Want to create Videos with a free online video editor with no watermark? Then you must try out the best Online Video Editors given below. Most facilitated apps perform better than qualified and qualitative apps. These Video editors are Completely safe and secure. You can use them easily without any extra software, and you can use them online.

Here we can find or discover multiple online video editors for a simple, clean, and easy job. The main motto of these Online Video editors is to provide or make our Video editing work simple. Most of the time, every online app will play an important role in smart updates for regularities.

Let’s start with the big fun and entertainment of the positive reviews and checking, researching, and finding free Online Video makers on different platforms. These online apps can help you filter and add crazy effects to personal photos, and videos, audio voices, and along with that, their main aim is to provide a good beginner video editor for personal use.

What Can You Do with Online Video Editors?

Online video editor apps are trying to do the transformation. Can you hear the word transformation? This means you can imagine your picture as heroin, a star, a celebrity, or any favourite picture with makeup looking. Instantly, the usage of the app is completely trending now.

First, navigate to the online video editing platform, next take the picture from the gallery, and apply the effects to your favourite filters. You can also make it visible to everyone to get rewards for your postings.

Try Out Online Video Editors For Free

Online video editors are web-based tools that allow users to edit and create videos through a web browser without needing specialized software or hardware. You can design the best Videos with the help of these Online Video makers that too without any prior video editing experience. Here are some examples of free video editing websites and online video makers.

#1. Wideo

Wideo is open-source, professional, simple, and effective, allowing you to create animated videos and presentations in minutes. With the help of built-in templates, you can create professional videos for internal communication, marketing, social media networks, and much more.


Let’s learn how to create videos; first of all, choose a template that you like from the stock of built-in templates within the Wideo, choose footage from the thousands of stock footage or drag and drop graphics directly from the Wideo library, then convert it to mp4 or export it. Wideo allows you to share your created videos directly to social media networks and YouTube.

Pros & Cons

  • Built-in templates help you to create professional videos for internal communication, marketing, social media, and much more.
  • Allows you to choose templates manually, drag and drop graphics from the video library, and share directly to YouTube and Facebook streaming apps.
  • Supports sharing relevant business news and metrics of your company through engaging and easy-making videos.
  • Allows you to upload your videos or get thousands of stock videos from the Wideo library.
  • The latest updates are not available.
  • While using the Wideo Commercial ads will annoy you.


You can use this video-making application tool to promote your business by messaging relevant news about your company through engaging and easy-making videos. Using several built-in demo templates, you can show how your app works to the customers to get their trust indirectly.

You don’t need to spend hours creating videos or thousands; use Wideo to create videos using templates and finish them within 5 minutes. This is the best video cutter online; you can download it from the link below.

#2. Fastreel Video Editor

Fastreel Video Editor is an online video editor application tool supporting various video file formats, including MP4, MOV, PNG, JPEG, WMV, AVI, and GIF. The tool offers online templates; with them, you can create videos to promote your business easily and get trust instantly.


It Introduces lots of built-in tools, including Reversing a video, resizing a video, cropping a video, muting a video, looping a video, rotating a video, converting images to a video, adding text to a video, adding filters to a video, flipping a video, merging videos, adding watermarks to a video, and much more.

Pros & Cons

  • Use online templates to edit them, and allows you to make videos using photos or other clips.
  • Support conversion files, edit photos and record screens.
  • Use built-in customizable templates to create professional videos instantly for internal communication, marketing, education, and social media networks.
  • Does not support multiple platforms.
  • Does not work offline.


The app has nearly 23 standalone functions like crop, convert video, compress, and do many operations with just a few mouse clicks. It doesn’t require technical knowledge and design skills to create a stand-out video manually.

Don’t require app downloads and installations, and you can use online templates through the Fastreel online website to manipulate your videos.

#3. PowToon

PowToon is a video cutter online which is an open-source software application tool that allows you to create presentations and jaw-dropping videos with the help of hundreds of templates, animation characters, soundtracks, video backgrounds, and much more.


This PowToon is used by nearly 100 percent of 500 Fortune companies worldwide, including Microsoft, Google, IBM, DELL, Cisco, and more.

It is the leading online video editor application tool and is popular worldwide; it lets you create presentations or animated videos to communicate with your entire team through short videos created for you. Allows you to promote your business in the market by showing your company info in videos to get the trust of various categories of people.

Pros & Cons

  • Allows you to communicate with your entire team through short videos and animation as well.
  • Allows you to create professional videos for education, marketing, internal communication, and training & development.
  • You don’t need technical knowledge or design skills to create animated videos.
  • The latest updates are unavailable for PowToon.
  • Don’t have many templates.
  • Does not work offline at all.


If you are from the education side, create topics or lessons in short videos so students can easily acquire knowledge. Lots of built templates, animation characters, video backgrounds, and soundtracks that let you add them to your video creation bring a unique experimental way to deliver the info. Get the download link from the official website, and the app is free of cost for all your devices.

#4. HippoVideo

HippoVideo is an open-source multi-platform online video editing software application that supports various platforms. It creates professional videos for Internal communication, marketing, and social media networks in less than 5 minutes. Record and create videos to send them from your social media networks, including Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, SalesForce, and more directly.


You can improve your business by sending videos to viewers and turning them into leads. The app comes up with built-in products and a standalone that are useful for recovering business needs or functions in your organization.

This is how you can improve your business by creating personalized video messages. Introduces built-in custom videos for your business marketing to turn viewers into leads.

Pros & Cons

  • Record and create videos, then send them from your email inbox directly to others.
  • Supports over 30 intuitive integrations, including tools like Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, SalesForce, and more.
  • Supports all types of businesses of any size respectively.
  • Using custom videos, you can create custom demos to turn viewers into your side.
  • Not as many templates.
  • Not a freeware online tool needs to be upgraded.


Using three simple steps, you can create custom videos and get a personal experience; in the first step, Record and personalize video messages and attach interactive elements such as forms and links.

In the second step, send created videos from your LinkedIn, Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, and more that you have already used directly to others and other tools. In the third step, track the videos and open them up; now make clicks to improve engagement, then close your sales.

#5. Online Video Cutter

Online Video Cutter is an open-source, free online video editor that does not require any app downloads and installations to trim video and cut video of any format, respectively. On this web application, you can tap the open file, which will direct you to the directory, or drag and drop video files.


The app is useful for trimming and cutting any portion of the video easily and changing frame proportions. Supports rotating videos at 90 degrees 180 degrees, or 270 degrees, which can be useful when you shoot a video in landscape mode or portray the scene.

You can upload your video file to trim & cut, and after that, you can choose the output video format and quality manually.

Pros & Cons

  • You can cut a small video file and do not require any installations because it is a web-based tool.
  • Allows you to crop any video portion easily or change frame proportions.
  • Supports any video file format; if it fails to open any video file, then that can be damaged, or the file is too complex.
  • Does not support all platforms.
  • Did not support video creation offline.


You cannot find complicated controls and can use every feature with just one or two clicks. The app provides guaranteed security which means your videos are not sent or saved to their servers, and videos can be removed in a few hours, so you can only access them, and no one can go without you. Supports video files up to 4 GB and allows you to cut your video files straight away in your browser.

#6. FlexClip

FlexClip is an online creation and video editing tool to make a new creation easily. Ensure your device has an active internet connection to access bundles of unlimited templates. Allows you to create videos for marketing, family, social media networks, brand, and other purposes.


Trusted by popular businesses including YouTube, Dropbox, Google, Microsoft, Storyblocks, Unsplash, and more worldwide. You will get versatile and flexible features, including adding animated text easily, logos, recording voices, music, and colour grading, and allowing you to export high-quality videos for social media networks.

Pros & Cons

  • Allows you to create videos for marketing, family, social media networks, brand, and any other purposes.
  • Introduces built-in thousands of templates, more than 3 million elements and animated text, and more than 4M stock assets.
  • Access more than 4 million high-quality videos, photos, and royalty-free music from the FlexClip library.
  • Does not support all platforms.
  • Does not work offline.


You don’t require video editing experience; FlexClip lets everyone create videos easily and instantly with its intuitive interface. With the help of a video editor, you can trim, cut, and customize a video or go with pro clips from the FlexClip library for various editing.

Using the movie maker tool, you can create a stunning movie for special events, festivals, business, and social media platforms precisely as well. Download this free video maker online application from the below link.

#7. Kizoa

Kizoa is a free online video editor tool trusted by popular businesses, including IBM, Microsoft, Dropbox, CNBC, P&G, and more. The web application has more than 5,000 built-in templates that allow you to create powerful advertisements, movies, introductions, promos, events, parties, festivals, business promotions, and more.


With the help of an online audio editor, you can easily edit audio from any video file and apply it to any video file with just one click. It helps you create videos, edit, give comments, and share those videos with your team members, friends, or family members precisely.

Pros & Cons

  • Allows you to make stunning videos and create slideshows and movies with Kizoa.
  • Allows you to edit audio from the video file and apply it to any video with one click.
  • Create videos, edit them, give comments, and share videos with your friends or team members together.
  • Introduces more than 50 artificial intelligence-powered themes and allows you to create text-based video content in just 3 steps.
  • Sign-up must be required to access Kizoa.


If you have text content and want to create a video to that text content, you can do that within three simple steps. It helps you to create stunning and powerful videos, slideshows, and more with Kizoa; with the help of AI-powered more than 50 themes, you can create text-based video content easily.

You don’t require downloads and installations to create ads, promos, movies, festivals, etc. Using this web tool you can promote your business worldwide uniquely and instantly.

#8. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is an online video editing web application tool. By signing up for the Clipchamp account, you can easily edit your videos or other videos online that bring quality video to your hands. Trusted by popular businesses including Google, Microsoft, DELL, Deloitte, Zendesk, COMCAST, and more.


Using this video editing web application, you can save money on storage, save time on uploads, and create a complete video file from scratch.

Built-in templates help you to create ads, wedding videos, festivals, corporate slideshows, events, birthday parties, and more. The web application comes with an extensive audio and video stock library so that if you have a video file but do not have audio along with it, then use the stock library, and you can choose whatever audio suits your video as well.

Pros & Cons

  • Use the Clipchamp video editor to create awesome videos straightaway.
  • You can save time on uploads, create a complete video from scratch, or save money on storage.
  • Built-in templates help you to create ads, wedding videos, festivals, corporate slideshows, events, birthday parties, and more.
  • Comes with an extensive audio and video stock library that lets you add audio to a video file.
  • Not a freeware tool needs to upgrade.


You can upload any video file of any format that belongs to your family, birthday party videos, events, social media platform videos, and other videos, then start editing videos straightaway with the help of our video cutter tool. It lets you convert, compress, record, collect, and create videos in locked file format.

#9. Video Toolbox

Video Toolbox is an online video editing web application that supports multiple platforms for video editing with the help of built-in tools. You can add watermarks, text, and more for special effects to your videos. It supports processing your video files up to 1500 MB and does not support when it exceeds the limit.


You can video edit your videos or other videos by just dragging and dropping your video files on the Video Toolbox interface. Analyses your video files after uploading and displays detailed information about bitrate, Codec, resolution, frame rate, and more.

Pros & Cons

  • It has the capability of processing video files up to 1500 MB.
  • Supports all popular video formats, including FLV, 3GP, AMV, AVI, ASF, MP4, M4V, MOV, MKV, RM, MPEG, MPG, WMV, VOB, and more.
  • Add some special effects to your video files, like watermarks and text.
  • Allows you to determine the start and end point of the video to cut.
  • Sign up with the Video Toolbox account must be required.
  • You can not create videos at all.


You can easily determine the start and end point of the video file cut. With the help of the demux feature, you can extract video, audio, and subtitles from a file easily.

Supports video files recorded from your mobile phone, webcam, or any other movie device. You can take screenshots and snapshots to create thumbnails for your video clips. Does not require any downloads and installations to access this web application.

#10. Renderforest Video Maker

Randerforest Video Maker is an online web application that is full of design tools, including animations, high-quality videos, presentations, logos, SMM graphics, mockups, and a professional website.


Make sure that it is not suitable for video editing; it helps you create business and product logos, company models, animations, presentations, and videos to promote your business all over the world. Its library has Lots of high-quality videos for users to make presentations to promote your product and grow your business needs.

Pros & Cons

  • Allows you to promote your business presence using explainer animations, music visualizations, intros, outros, promotional videos, and much more.
  • Create and design powerful websites for your business to grow, enhance traffic with SEO tools, and host on your servers.
  • It can cover all your design needs with logos, mockups, presentations, printables, and promo graphics.
  • Allows you to create powerful, stunning products and company models to expand your business worldwide.
  • Not as many templates.
  • Do not have a video editing tool.


If you are running a small business scale or large business scale and you want to promote your business and its products by yourself without consulting professional advertisers, then use this Randerforest Video Maker web application; it lets you create animations for your mockups that reach customer’s expectations and satisfy them uniquely as well.

This is the best web application to promote your business or school presentations, college promotions, company products, etc. Create and design powerful websites for your business to grow, enhance traffic with SEO tools, and host on your servers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which is the best online video editor?

Veed is the number one app when coming up with qualified features compared to premium apps.

2. Which is the top-ranked easy online video editor?

Veed is the top-ranked, easy online video editor app.

3. For what purpose are online video editors used?

To simplify our job and contribute to the animation, effects, transitions, and multifilters, including the font styles. All together under one path to giving the nice looking of original videos.

Final Conclusion:

Online Video Editors allows you to Easily upload video footage with the edited video clips using the timeline, trim, or cut and split clips until you have highlighted the key parts of your footage. This all together to assemble your full story.

Export and share; once you share any audio or video, it will be generated by the online video workers completely digitally for free with no watermark. Wideo is one of the best free Online Video Editors. It supports multiple different file types, including the mp4 file, and the video can be edited directly in the browser from any device.

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